Whispersong is a lithe white and gray she-cat with short fur. She has dark mauve colored eyes that brings her white and gray pelt out. She was born in Willowclan to Shimmerheart and Spiderclaw with her littermate, Emberheart. After her father's little secret and her mother's disappearance, Whisperpaw and Emberpaw were left alone. This didn't stop the two lively apprentice to stop being happy. After her sister's sudden sickness, Whisperpaw determinedly trudged forwards without her sister. When Emberpaw became better, Whisperpaw continued training with her. After finishing her training, she became known as Whispersong alongside Emberheart and Dustcloud. After Willowclan disbanded, she went and found a place as deputy in Firclan. She then mentored an apprentice but Firclan disbanded. She then found her place in Sparrowclan. Will it be the perfect clan for her? 
Originator (aj) Fadedhollowgraphic
Originator (ajcw) CripplingStones
Status Alive/Actice
Breed 87% Abyssinian cat; 13% Domestic short-haired cat
Gender Female
Orientation Neutral
Residence Sparrowclan 
Rank Senior Warrior
Mentor(s)/Apprentice(s) Robinmoon/N/A
Age 39 moons
Theme What about us
Past, Present, Possible Names Whisperkit, Whisperpaw, Whispersong, Whisperstar


Whispersong is the average height of a she cat with a petite build. She is slim with thin white and smokey gray fur. Whispersong's fur is well kept and groomed daily. The smokey gray is a strip from the top of her head, leading down to her tail. She has slim legs and tiny paws. Her eye color is a dark mauve and her scerla is a lighter mauve. 
Whisper isnt very loud and softspoken though she tends to do stupid things at times without thinking. She always keeps the littlest of problems on her mind. When Whispersong talks, her voice is stern when giving orders but soft when talking in a conversation. 

Bulletpink.gif //Slight Crush

Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif //Crush

Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif //Love ---------------------------------

Bulletred.gif //Trust

Bulletred.gifBulletred.gif //Envy

Bulletred.gifBulletred.gifBulletred.gif //Regret

Bulletorange.gif //Like

Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif //Respect

Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif //Idolize


Bulletyellow.gif //Slight curiosity

Bulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gif //Major curiosity

Bulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gif //Interested

Yellowgreenbullet.png //Shy

Yellowgreenbullet.pngYellowgreenbullet.png //Nervous

Yellowgreenbullet.pngYellowgreenbullet.pngYellowgreenbullet.png //Discomfort


Bulletgreen.gif //Acquaintance

Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif //Friend

Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif //Close friend

Turquoisebullet.png //Unease

Turquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.png //Disgust

Turquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.png //Aversion


Bulletblue.gif //Wants to get to know

Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif //Misses

Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif //Can't bear without

Bulletpurple.gif //Relatives

Bulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif //Family

Bulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif //Joint at the hip


Bulletwhite.gif //Slightly suspicious

BulletwhiteBulletwhite.gif //Very suspicious

Bulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gif //Distrusts

Bulletblack.gif //Annoyed by

Bulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif //Dislike

Bulletblack.gifBulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif //Hate


Dead-0.png //Dead

Question-0.png //Missing/Status Unknown

Rose.gif //Family

Heart-1.gif //Mate

Roseblack.gif //Fling/Ex-Mate

Format adapted by Apricate

Name/Percent/Bullet/Rank Shimmerheart[NPC]/50%/Rose.gif|Question-0.png|Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif/Mother Will you come back one day? Spiderclaw[NPC]/20%/Rose.gif|Dead-0.png|Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif|Bulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gif/Father Why'd you hurt mother the way you did? EmberHeart[Hiya24]/100%/Rose.gif| Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif

Wait what? H-how are you back?!?! I thought I lost you!


Name/Percent/Bullet/Rank Ashfoot[Walkingpearl]/20%/Bulletblue.gif|Bulletgreen.gif|Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif/Acquantaince Oh I hope one day you'll come back Wanderheart[Rhythem]/100%/ Bulletblue.gif|Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif|Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif|Bulletred.gif|Heart-1.gif/Mate

I'm in a loss of words. You're always there for me and makes me smile. I love you is only three words but to me, it's a million.

Stormstrike[Wolves9329]/100%/Bulletblue.gif|Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif|Bulletred.gif/Close friend </span>

He's so nice and was one of the first people to talk to me </span> </span>

Dustcloud[Xorchidmist]/100%/ Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif|Bulletred.gif/Best friend </span> </span>

Cleverclaw[Countcoolpaw67816]/100%/Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif|Bulletred.gif </span> </span>

Cats don't really like you but you're fine to me </span> </span>

Petalwing[Amethystpetals]/100%/Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif|Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif|Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletred.gif/Close friend </span> </span>

Deputy or not, I still respect you </span> </span>

Bluepaw[Aneli11]/70%/ Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletblue.gif|Bulletred.gif/Friend </span> </span>

You're so funny and chill to hang out with </span> </span>

Ryestar[Attiecat22]/60%/Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif|Bulletblue.gif/Leader </span> </span> </span>











You have to take on so much responsibility. At least you're a chill leader











Opalmoon[Parøx]/100%/Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif|Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif| Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif| Bulletred.gif/Close friend











How do I put it? You're just... Amazing! You've always been there and I'm grateful for that. Thank you











  Butterflywing[Wolfpaw6014]/100%/Bulletorange.gif|Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif|Bulletblue.gif|Bulletred.gif/Best friend











You're magnificent! Like woah, you're one of the most unique cat I've ever met.











Tell me to add u if you're not on here!





























Sexuality: Heterosexual Past Crush(s): Cleverclaw,Dustcloud, Current crush: Wanderheart Past Mate: N/A Current Mate: Wanderheart Turn-ons Physical: Whispersong always seems to notice toms with light pelts such as cream, white, silver, and tan. They're more noticeable to Whispersong. She also seems to pay more attention to cats with copper, blues, and brown eye color. She doesn't know why but she does. Whispersong is also more attracted to toms with medium to short hair. Mental: Whispersong likes toms who aren't really clingy and let her have some time without him. She also likes toms who are humorous, cheerful, and doesn't do everything for Whisper. She doesn't enjoy it when a tom helps her out with things that are very simple to do. Turn-offs

Physical: Whispersong always happens to pass by cats with pelts with one color to them. She mostly doesn't notice pure black cats rather than pure white cats. She also doesn't really realize the eye colors that almost match the tom's pelt. Whispersong also doesn't like thick fur because she can't really see all of the tom's other features.

Mental: Whispersong doesn't like self-centered cats who think they're "flawless." She doesn't really like arrogant cats who think that they are always right. She also doesn't like clingy toms either. Other than that, she can cope with basically anything else.

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