When you play the game of stars... you either win or die.


Current Name: Warstar

  • War: A prefix given due to birth
  • Heart: A suffix given for her loving yet hard insides.

Previous Name(s): Warkit, Warpaw, Warheart

Nickname(s): War, Mama Warstar, Love, Beautiful

Gender Identity: Cisgender She-cat

Gender Pronouns: She/her

Voice: Daenerys Tagarayen- GOT



Warstar PLAIN

Birth Date & Place: December 10th, SageClan Camp

Created: 2013-2014

Status: Alive

Sex: Female

Current Age: 60 Moons

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Current Residence: SageClan

Current Rank: Leader

Zodiac: Sagittarius

Element: Fire 🔥



1. Courage- Given by Ghostgaze [Lost from blood loss during kitting]

2. Forgiveness- Given by Sparrowsong [Lost due to smoke inhalation in forest fire]

3. Compassion- Given by Mothlight [Lost from blunt force trauma in rock fall]

4. Selflessness- Given by Mousetail [Lost due to Death Disease]

5. Faith- Given by Aspenkit [Lost from a raccoon defeat when protecting brothers kits]

6. Justice- Given by Palepaw

7. Love- Given by Palepetal

8. Wisdom- Given by Koisplash

9. War & Peace- Given by Sagestar



Warstar transparent
    = Base
    = Markings
    = Markings 2
    = Markings 3
    = Markings 4
    = Secondary
    = Eyes
    = Ears
    = Nose
    = Tongue
    = Pawpads

Appearance Summary: Warstar is a beautiful snow white and dappled tortoiseshell she-cat. She has stunning icy blue eyes and is tall compared to most she-cats with a bony, broad build.

Height/Length/Weight: 9.3 Inches (At shoulder)/2.5 Feet (Nose to tail-tip)/8.5 lbs

Physical Build: Warstar has a pure-bloodfed SageClan cats build, being tall, muscular with broad-shoulders, and long-fur. However, she's quite thin compared to other cats, tending not to eat as much as others, making most of her weight muscle.

Facial Features: Flawlessly symmetrical dappled and pale patterns run around her forehead, along her eye lids and cheeks, with a perfectly constructed alabaster painted muzzle.

Body Features: A fluffy dappled tail with an alabaster coating beneath and chocolate brown paws. She has a slim white underbelly and chest, where you can feel her ribs not far beneath the flesh.

Coat: A snow white underbelly and chest, with a mainly dark chocolate colored coat and paler symmetrical dapples along her neck, back, and sides. Her fur is extremely soft and fluffy to the touch, being luxurious and well groomed, for its rare for it to be reckless.

Scars: Long, deep claw marks run down her back, yet hidden beneath her sleek fur coat. Multiple scars remain hidden around her nape, chest and underbelly, only being revealed when the fur is groomed in the opposite direction to view skin.

Scent: A creamy mix of roses, winter pines, and Coalmask




Brave - Calm - Charming - Loving - Loyal - Passionate - Patient

Summary: Warstars calmness, charm, loyalty, bravery, and patience are undoubtable qualities. Her courage can be quite reckless when it comes to protecting her beloved clanmates. She doesn't hesitate to defend those she loves or fail to show her endless care towards others, loving them more than herself. She's reserved, calm, and a courteous she-cat and manages to find goodness in others where cats may not be able to see it, making her quite merciful.



Assertive - Emotional - Flirtacious - Forgiving  - Mysterious - Reserved - Selfless

Summary: Warstar is quite the mystery at first glance, seeming to be a reserved, emotionless, and quite intimidating she-cat. As she grew up, she learned letting few in was the best for her own good, but it's never stopped her from being selfless or having strong ambitions. She doesn't mind a playful flirt either, wrapping cats around her paw and sometime using it to her advantage.



Depressive - Impulsive - Manipulative - Over-attached -Self-deprecating - Stubborn

Summary: For the most part, Warstar is able to keep her composure, but when she has bad intentions or is pushed to the edge, there will be a dramatic result. This can include her impulsiveness, stubbornness, or proceeding to be manipulative. She can lash out in any way, driving others away, or make others to do what she wants. Warstar can also turn onto a different path, being depressive and self-deprecating with self-blame, usually hiding in her den to get away from the outside world.



  • Winter
  • Coalmask's Scent
  • Doves (As prey)
  • Swimming
  • Sound of the Stone Stream


  • Summer
  • Heat & Humidity
  • Wasps & Bees
  • Intolerance for others differences
  • Disloyalty



-Lead and protect her clan to be the best leader she can possibly be

-Protect and serve her clanmates as a leader and loyal warrior

-Protect and give her mate a happy life

-Give her kits a happy life while protecting their reputations



Current Physical Health: After recently losing a life, Warstar is now in a healthy physical state

Physical Disorders/Disabilities: None

Strongest Skills: Warstars strongest skills include her defense, accuracy, and reflexes. She's able to use her broad and muscular figure as an advantage towards other cats to make defense easier.

Weaknesses: Agility and speed are not Warstars strongest skill due to her larger figure. She's unable to move quickly or swiftly with her broad body, often being more clumsy than agile or fast.

Points of Weakness: Underbelly, Throat, Back, Eyes

Previous Conditions: Past fevers, fatal scarring along back, Birth complications, Concussion, Death disease

Current Conditions: None


Defense: 9/10

Reflexes: 8/10

Accuracy: 9/10

Strength: 8/10

Agility: 3/10

Stamina: 5/10

Speed: 4/10

Balance: 4/10

Stealth: 5/10

Hunting: 6/10

Swimming: 7/10

Climbing: 6/10



Current Mental Health: Warstar has slowly developed Clinical Depression throughout her life along with having it as a hereditary link on her mothers side of the family. Although her mental health has improved with support, she still shows signs involving mood swings, hopelessness, anger outbursts, guilt, withdrawal from others, and troubled decision-making.

Mental Disorders/Disabilities: Clinical Depression


-Thanatophobia (The fear of loss)

-Lockiophobia (The fear of baring kits)

-Athazagoraphobia (The fear of being forgotten)


Leadership: 9/10

Ambition: 9/10

Intelligence: 8/10

Wisdom: 9/10

Sociability: 3/10

Sensitivity: 6/10

Emotional Strength: 9/10

Mental Strength: 5/10

Herbal Knowledge: 3/10



= Deceased

? = Unknown

Father(s): Ghostgaze (✗)

Uncles on Fathers Side: None

Aunts on Fathers Side: Koisplash (✗)

Cousins on Fathers Side: Unknown

Mother(s): Sagestar (Biological) (✗) & Dappledwing (Nursed) (✗)

Uncles on Mothers Side: Copper (?), Breeze (?), Goldenwater (?)

Aunts on Mothers Side: Azure (?)

Cousins on Mothers Side: Redstar (✗)

Brother(s): Breezesong & Ragingstorm (✗)

Sister(s): None

Nephew(s): Cincostrike (✗), Fallingsun, Mudfern (Adopted), Falconkit (✗), Gingerkit & Foxkit

Neice(s): Willowfrost, Bittercloud, Rosekit (✗), Ghostkit & Sunkit

Son(s) of First Litter: Aspenkit (✗), Spiderkit (✗), & Spiritkit (✗)

Daughter(s) of First Litter: Palepaw (✗)

Son(s) of Second Litter: Skyrunner

Daughter(s) of Second Litter: Faithleap & Hopeflicker


[Relation - Name - Status - Trust %]

Father - Ghostgaze - Deceased - 98%

"Sagestar may regret being your mother, but I'll never regret being your father." -Ghostgaze to Warheart, Breezesong, & Ragingstorm

"Dad, you were one of the only things I had growing up and I wish I appreciated you more. You played as both a mother and a father, and still wore a smile on your face even while Sagestar hid in the den like a coward. I'll never understand how you still managed to love our mother while she did the worst to not only us, but you. You had so many she-cats on your tail, yet you were so loyal, I'll never stop admiring that. Dear StarClan, you even threw away your life for someone like her. I just wish the falling rocks didn't take you away, I hope you can see how much Breezesong resembles you."

Mother - Sagestar - Deceased - 55%

"Don't get too attached, the more cats you love, the weaker you are." -Sagestar to Warpaw

"Sagestar, you proved Dappledwing's point and I'll never know why you treated us the way you did. You'd think every mother would shower their kits from the moment they were born, but my brothers and I never experienced that kind of love from you. When Dappledwing told me that not every mother can love their young, I thought it was nonsense until I experienced your neglect. My brothers and I would believe what other kits said, about her not loving us. You were complicated, and I find it hard to call you my mother, even though you later found some love for my us, it was fake... You couldn't forgive me for the mistakes I made, but maybe that I can understand."

Nurser - Dappledwing - Deceased - 85%

"Unfortunately not all mothers can love their kits. Oh dear, I wish someone as young as you didn't have to know that." -Dappledwing to Warpaw & Breezepaw

"Oh Dappledwing, may StarClan rest your soul. I can't imagine what strength it took to take me and my brothers as your own after losing your own children. We cannot thank you enough, you didn't just nurse us, you mothered us."

Mentor & Aunt - Koisplash - Deceased - 75%

"Your mother is a complicated and loveless she-cat, but I'm here for you as well as your father." -Koisplash to Warpaw

"Koisplash, you were always sweet to me, but I'm unsure if it was out of kindness or just pity. I know you and Ghostgaze didn't get along because of how infatuated Ghostgaze was with a loveless she-cat. You were just looking out for him and I'd do the same if Breezesong was in the same position. I know you didn't really notice me until I was placed under your wing, plus I was the smallest of the litter so maybe you were disappointed at first. Eventually, it seemed as if you got used to it... maybe even cared for me."

Brother - Breezesong - Alive - 98%

"It doesn't matter where you go, I'll be there for you. All we have is each other now and we can't lose that." -Breezesong to Warheart

"I feel as if we've been close ever since we opened our eyes. When Ghostgaze wasn't around to protect us, you were the first to stand up for me. I don't understand how you managed to forgive me for my most mouse-brained mistakes. You didn't even have to try to empathize with me, you just really understood and never pitied me. I hope you know that every day I see our father in you. If only I could give you the stars to repay you for everything you've done for me. You deserve so much better, I don't think I'd be here if it weren't for you."

Brother - Ragingstorm - Deceased - 0%

"I'll take what is mine and I don't care if I have to shed the blood of my blood for it." -Ragingstorm to Warheart

"We were never close, and we never will be. There was just always something crawling under your skin, even when we were our kits. Ever since we became apprentices you just became... distant. Maybe it was because of how Sagestar mentored you, but at the same time there was always some hunger in your eyes that I'll never understand. Why did you always shut me out? I thought you were dead, when you faked your death at the stream, and after the things you had done to me and those I love, I wish you had died then! I still can't believe you were cold enough to do the things you did, but you got what you deserve. Sometime I replay your final night where I ordered you execution in my head over and over... Rebellingwing and Nimblejaw gave you what you truly deserved."

Cousin - Redstar - Deceased - 90%

"When Pinefall and I had run away together, you were the one that took us in, providing us a home until we left. I didn't know we were related, you were just a leader to me. At times I have to admit, I was afraid of you, but you were someone I could look up to. I have to say, Pinefall was never fond of you, and he had clung to me at the time. I can hardly believe how you helped me open up, and I can't thank you enough for keeping someone as stupid and young as me and Pinefall in your home, letting us start and end our family. I hope StarClan welcomed you into the stars, even after some of the things you did. "

Nephew - Cincostrike - Deceased - 79%

"Thank you for being the mother I didn't have..." -Cincostrike to Warstar

"Kits are supposed to be born and live in serenity, feel safe, feel loved. Cinco, I'm sorry you didn't have those things, I'm sorry my brother just used you against me. I would've done anything to make you happy, it wasn't your fault!. All I wanted was to be there for you and keep you safe as if you were my own kit. I didn't care if Ragingstorm was trying to use you to hurt me. Even as a warrior, I always saw you as a kit, almost like the son I didn't have at the time. In the end, I should've known that you would never be safe from your father, even in my paws. I'm still sorry, I hope to hold you in the stars."

Nephew - Fallingsun - Alive - 47%

"You always keep to himself, sometime you remind me of your biological father, but you've also learned to be protective and loyal, much like both of your mothers. I know that when the time comes you'll be reckless to save your clanmates. I cannot apologize enough for the loss of the she-cats that cared for you, but I can only tell you that they loved you more than anything and I think you already know that."

Nephew - Mudfern - Alive - 80%

"You'll always be my favorite aunt, Warstar! I'm glad to be apart of your family." -Mudfern to Warstar

"You are absolutely the sweetest tom in the world. Your fathers love you more than anything and I watched you grow up from the shy little brown tom to the handsome warrior you are now. I have so much faith in you, Eagleflight has taught you so well. You have his courage, Brokensongs spirit, and both of their hearts.."

Neice - Bittercloud - Alive - 60%

"You're another one of my brothers kits, his only daughter... I can see him in some ways with you, I try not to but I can't help it. Something in your eyes I guess, just makes me uneasy... Regardless, you've made Owl a happy tom and gave my clan two wonderful future warriors."

Niece - Willowfrost - Alive - 97%

"Death is final, but your lives hold possibilities." -Willowfrost to Warstar

"Willowfrost, you're not like any cat I know. You're wiser, stronger, and able to read everything I can't. I've admired you since the day you were born, and your father and I have been proud of you ever since you were named SageClans Medicine Cat Apprentice. Even though you no longer have that title, I'm still honored to call you the blood of my blood."

1st Litter Sons - Spiritkit, Spiderkit, & Aspenkit - Deceased - 90%

"Darlings I hope you know that your father and I tried our best... Pinefall and I were two foolish young cats who didn't know what love was and just did it. I didn't know I'd be baring his kits and we thought we could do it on our own. I wish I could've seen you kits open your eyes, speak, or at least breathe. Your father told me that nothing could've prevented this, but even now I still believe that my ignorance cost you your lives... I'm so sorry, I hope to meet you when I join the three of you in StarClan and find out what you could've been."

1st Litter Daughter - Palepaw - Deceased - 90%

"I'm sorry I didn't tell you Ragingstorm was alive.." -Palepaw to Warstar

"Palepaw, you were a survivor. You were one of the strongest apprentices I had known, living through so much and blessed me and your father when we lost your brothers. I was ready to bury you until you started wailing. I still remember that little cry, it brought tears to my eyes and I wish I could hear it just one more time so I could hold you. At the time, you were the last bit of joy I had. I never knew why you became so distant as an apprentice... but I found out why eventually. I'm so sorry I couldn't prevent him from taking you from me.."

Son - Skyrunner - Alive - 90%

"Skyrunner, you were a blessing, I never thought I'd be able to hold my own living son. I wish you know that you have my eyes, my coat, but your fathers marks. You've already become a strong warrior and I know you'll grow up to be even better. You have the strength to run across the earth, you've held it together even when your mentor crumbled. I just wish you knew how much we loved you, and Coalmask and I always will while you run for the sky."

Daughter - Faithleap - Alive - 90%

"You're an honorable leader, I aspire to be like that one day." -Faithleap to Warstar

"From your days in the nursery, you've been one of the happiest young cats I've met. Faithleap, you are an absolute joy to be around and it almost makes me smile. You were the first born looking like Rebellingwing, almost acting like the cat he pretended to be. Friendly, always bouncing around, smiling, laughing, I guess it just reminds me of what I used to know."

Daughter - Hopeflicker - Alive - 90%

"You're my favorite leader!" -Hopekit to Warstar

"Hopeflicker, you were the last born and a perfect mix of me and your father, but you was the largest and was in the end what took one of my lives, I would never blame you for such things though, every bit of that death was worth seeing you and your brother and sister. You're completely different, not happy like Faithleap or sassy like your brother. You've always been sensitive, cloud-minded, sometimes distant... in some ways I think I see myself in you. Thank StarClan you're a Medicine Cat."


Relationship Status: Single

Current Mate: None

Previous Mate(s): Pinefall (?), Rebellingwing (?)

Current Fling(s): None

Previous Fling(s): None

Currently Attracted To: None

Previously Attracted To: Pinefall (?), Rebellingwing (?)

Cats Currently Attracted To Warstar: Rebellingwing (?), Radiantclaw (✗), Pinefall (?), Owlmist (✗)

Cats Previously Attracted To Warstar: Doveheart (?), Leo (✗)

Shipping(s): Warwing (Warstar & Rebellingwing), Warmist (Warstar & Owlmist)

Experienced?: Yes

Fertility: 30%

Physical Candy Eye: Although Warstar doesn't pay too much attention to looks, she's attracted to fluffy felines she can either by dominant or submissive with. Deep and sharp eyes capture her attention, usually from someone who can draw her out of her shell and keep her interested.

Personality Candy Eye: Warstar is only drawn in by those who can approach her. She may love a challenge and playful flirting, but she refuses to chase after anyone. She's attracted to those who can empathize with her and be someone who has strength when she doesn't.

Turn Offs: Warstar won't pay much attention to those who are weak, lazy, and unable to keep up and will typically turn away from those who are close-minded, judgemental, dishonest, arrogant, and those who just want a fling.


-Long-term Relationship

-Family made from a long-term relationship

-Joined Hearts


[Relation - Name - Status - Trust %]

Mate - Rebellingwing - Unknown - 100%

"Whatever happens... whatever is ahead, just know that I'll never stop loving you." -Rebellingwing to Warstar

"Rebellingwing, how do I start? You never realized that I had noticed you since I was an apprentice, you'd always look at me a certain way, noticed when I was down, or at least I thought you did. All this time, you had been pretending, and I was the prey to your slaughter. I thought you were like your brothers: kind, loving, charismatic, everything. I wish I saw what kind of cat you really were. It wasn't long until you became toxic, manipulative, pushy... I was scared, so I hid it, let you convince everyone we were this happy couple, even birthed kits for you, but even the children I couldn't keep. That's the only thing I don't regret... the kits."

Former Mate - Pinefall - Alive - 50%

"I'm sorry for everything, I just wanted us to be happy." -Pinefall to Warheart

"Pinefall I remember how we met when I was an apprentice on my own, I was confronting a rogue like a fool. You beat me, but were gentle about it, refusing to lay a claw on me. Before I knew it, I was wrapped around your paw, seeing you every chance I got. Did I think things would get so far? Of course not dear, but things happened and despite our temporary happiness, things crashed quickly. In the end, you realize that youth just makes you do the most foolish things. I'm sorry I dragged you along only to hurt you in the end... I hope you can forgive me friend."

Enemy - Radiantclaw - Deceased - 0%

"If I can't have you... nobody can." -Radiantclaw to Warstar

"In the beginning, you were just like anyone else. I knew you had tension with your daughter, Foxspirit, yet you still worked hard, had ambition. There was always something about you that was different. When Rebellingwing wasn't around, you were close to me, too close. I thought you and I were just friends, it took me a while to realize, he wanted more than that. He went as far as to fake Rebellingwings death, taking me when I was most vulnerable. I thought a simple rejection would drive you away, but my brother and everyone else was right about you.. I can't believe how willing you were to do anything to be with me. Pity, I'l never feel the same, I'm glad I ended your life and let you suffer the same pain and humiliation he caused me and everyone else."

Best Friend - Owlmist - Deceased - 100%

"It had just confirmed to me that in every way, you would love him more than you could ever love me... I couldn't have grown up with anyone else." -Owlmist to Warstar

"Owlmist you were my best friend, my enemy, someone I couldn't love. I grew up with you, and you were always someone who spoke their mind, sometime it'd drive me insane. When Rebellingwing and I got close, you just grew further and told me I was mouse-brained for being with someone like him, I hadn't seen you so angry when you found out Rebellingwing and I were having kits. Eventually I just pushed you away, pushed you out of my den, out of my life, at least for a while. I cried to Rebellingwing over it, nobody else knows that. I just wish I spent more time with you, but I'm glad I was there when you took your last breaths, I wouldn't want to be with anyone else."

Enemy - Leo - Deceased - 0%

"I'll never just disappear Warstar, you'll always be thinking of me." -Leo to Warstar

"You were nice when I first encountered you, witty, funny even. You were just some silly loner, or so I had thought. I regret trusting you, I regret being kind or even decent. I didn't think that you would do what you did. I can't even go out in the Woodlands on my own without remembering the disgusting things you had done to me. I didn't think a tom was capable of such things... I didn't want to live in that moment, those actions you did was something that was supposed to be made out of love, yet was twisted it to be your game. You called me your prey, wanted me to cry for you, wanted me to please him like I was your prisoner. I don't want to remember that time... even though your dead now, the memories still haunt me. I'm just glad Eagleflight took your life."

Former Friend - Doveheart - Unknown - 30%

"Doveheart you were so... sweet. I was oblivious at first, you were just small, skinny, weak, but worked harder than many. You were a good friend, but had tension with Rebellingwing that at the time I didn't understand. At some point I think you realized that my heart was Rebellingwings at the time and although you're gone, I'm glad you were happy with that tom cat, Starling before you left."



[Relation - Name - Status - Trust %]

Friend - Nimblejaw - Deceased - 88%

"Never before have the clans seen a leader as selfless and compassionate as you. Even in the darkest of times, you will lead SageClan out of the shadows with your own light." -Nimblejaw to Warstar

"Nimblejaw you've always been an intelligent she-cat, worked hard, have proved your loyalty many times. You've also been the best step-mother to my neice and nephew, regardless of them being the son and daughter of Ragingstorm and for that I can't thank you enough. You've given the best advice.. I'm sorry I pushed you away so much, I was blessed to have you by my side. Thank you."

Mother-in-law - Mousetail - Deceased - 92%

"If I was your mother, I'd be proud dear." -Mousetail to Warheart

"You were one of the most selfless and compassionate she-cats I had ever met. You loved Eagleflight and Rebellingwing, and suffered for them. I can't thank you enough for caring for my brothers and I after Dappledwing was gone. I know Eagleflight still misses you... and I do too."

Best Friend & Brother-in-law - Eagleflight - Alive - 98%

"I've never wished for a sister because I had you." -Eagleflight to Warheart

"Oh dear friend, you've been there for me since Ragingstorm left, and you're the brother I wish I had. You've always been there for me. I remember our days playing as apprentices and watching you become a warrior before me, I always looked up to you. Thank you so much for sticking with me when I was pregnant just to make sure I was okay. I trusted you when the time came to help me deliver the kits. I may have lost a life, but I'm grateful for you.. I know you'll be here for the clan when I'm not."

Close Friend - Azureclaw - Unknown - 90%

"Dear, for a while you were my only friend, and I still consider you someone who has a place in my heart. You were like a monster to most, being this huge, terrifying she-cat but I suppose I was never really scared of you... you never gave me a reason to. I still remember meeting you along with Redstar when I was with Pinefall and I still remember that strong hatred you had for him, I didn't know why until later... Sure, you weren't the most faithful or moral cat, but I admired you in strange ways. I guess we just saw things in each other that we couldn't see in ourselves. I'll never admit it, but I miss you."

Friend & Sister-in-law - Tawny - Deceased - 78%

"It's she-cats like us who fall in the right love at the wrong time." -Tawny to Warheart

"Tawny, you were one of the sweetest she-cats I ever met, you were a foolish loner, but Breezesong loved you. I remember he always left to go see you and before we knew it, you expecting his kits! You were always kind and compassionate and I'm sorry that your motherly instinct was constantly looked down upon. Even though you're gone, I still see some of you in the daughter you left behind."

Friend & Sister-in-law - Russetwater - Alive - 75%

"I cannot thank you enough for accepting me and taking me in when nobody else would, and I thank you even more for allowing me to love your brother." -Russetwater to Warstar

"I'm glad you make my brother happy. I haven't seen him brighten up so much until he met you. You were so kind when I saw you as a loner, you were damaged but made everyone around you happier than ever. The way Breezesong looked at you was a way I had never seen before for any she-cat. He loves you so dearly and I can't thank you enough for lifting him up. You keep him healthy, happy, and alive, I just hope you keep it that way."

Enemy - Crane - Deceased - 0%

"You're the reason I've lost everything." -Crane to Warstar

"Rebellingwing had told me stories about you Crane, I thought you were nice, caring, adventerous, and maybe you were, at least until you met me. The way you looked at Rebellingwing, I knew you were madly infatuated with him, truthfully I loathed it, it tore at my heart. I was scared that he would love you over me, but he didn't, and that's what destroyed you. Am I sorry? I am, but not for Rebellingwings choice. I'm only sorry that this had a bad effect on you, but that was gone when you tried to kill my clanmates, kill me, and then the unborn kits of me and Rebellingwing. Even now, you continue to haunt my dreams... Just please don't touch my children."



"When cats play the game of stars, they either win or die." -Warstar in Rebellingwings Deputy Ceremony

"I won't let anyone hurt you, I promise.." -Warstar to Palepaw

"SageClan remembers." -Warstar to Radiantclaw at the Great Oak

"Not every cat will be nice, others will want to hurt you and one day you'll learn that." -Warstar to Palepaw during the Shadingwater incident

"Being in battle is like entering a game, a hunting match, where you won't know whether you are the hunter or the hunted. Death is everywhere, making the decision of who lives and who dies. You don't fight for yourself, but for your loved ones." -Warstar explaining the battle experience to Berrypaw

"You have no idea how to break me... I gave you mercy so I suggest you run before I change my mind." -Warstars confrontation with Leo

"I refuse to believe Ragingstorms alive, and if he is that he can come see me himself." -Warstars reaction to hearing about Ragingstorms appearance

"Im not fighting with you, I dont hurt my cats, but I get a say in who is my friend and who isn't." -Warstars argument with Owlmist

"Sometime I wish I had one life like everyone else." -Warstar to Eagleflight

"The only sickness Im carrying are your kits." -Warstar to Rebellingwing about conceiving his kits

"We're never going to experience being parents and he just wants our kits safe as much as I do, and with Radiantclaw and his rogues running about, the last thing we need is them finding out Im carrying kits. Only StarClan knows how things will turn out." -Warstar talking to Eagleflight about Rebellingwings irritable and depressive behavior

"I hope that you burn." -Warstar to Radiantclaw

"Stand down, for this is the last time you will ever be using your legs... For as long as I am your leader, crimes like yours shall never go unpunished." -Warstar to Radiantclaw at his execution

"I am ashamed of nothing, but let me tell you this; if you tell anyone whether it's one clanmate or a mouse about my kits, then you can expect Bittercloud to be weeping over your grave." -Warstar to Owl about her and Rebellingwings kits at the Willow.

"You have to promise me that you will never leave my side again, and that this secret will stay between us." -Warstar to Breezesong at his return

"I'll burn alive six more times before I see you get hurt." -Warstar to Breezesong

"You can love whoever you want as long as it makes you and the one you fall for happy. You cannot choose who you fall in love with." -Warstar to Mudfern about him and his mate Spottednose both loving Songbird.

"Do me one favor, I want you to get out of this den. However, I want you to stay outside and listen to exactly what you're going to be going through nine times while you're out there. Do you understand me?" -Warstar to Eagleflight after scolding him about disobeying her orders on attacking AdderClan

"I hope that StarClan has the heart to bless you with loving, breathing kits... Nobody deserves to have gone through what you two have suffered. Protect and love those kits as much as you love each other, and the clan will follow." -Warstar to Russetwater and Breezesong after the news of their expecting kits a while after their miscarriage

"He was... something." -Warstar to Rebellingwing about Adderstar

"We need to seperate everyone... StarClan knows this will spread like a wildfire." -Warstar to Eagleflight before seperating the diseased cats

"If it makes you feel any better, I'll make sure you're close enough to hear the birth of your children... not that you'll have to be that close to hear it." -Warstar to Breezesong about seeing his kits being born

"Don't be afraid of anything, I understand. I promise we will not tell anyone and we will figure this out." -Warstar to Frostfeather after finding out she was pregnant

"Breezesong, get your kits out of here!" -Warstars last words before losing her fifth life



Feel free to drop off questions in the comments that will be answered by the creator or Warstar.

1. Q: "Can Warstar be my ___?"

A: I'm open to giving Warstar any sort of relation to people, but it just depends. -Bella

2. Q: "Will you exile me, Mama Warstar?"

A: "Let's hope not," -Warstar

3. Q: "Why did your first litter die?"

A: "I was an inexperienced young mother with Pinefall, our kits ended up stillborn except for Palepaw who died later after being killed by rogues... Perhaps it was StarClan punishing us for breaking their laws." -Warstar

4. Q: "What were your first words?"

A: "Well if I had to remember, I suppose the earlier thing I can remember is seeing my brothers for the first time. I was the smallest and of course the last to open my eyes, I didn't talk much as a young cat, but oh boy, as a kit I can recall shouting everyones names as soon as I learned them." -Warstar

5. Q: "How did Warstar and Eagleflight become friends? What caused their friendship to grow?"

A: "Eagleflight was the first friend I made that wasn't related to me when I was an apprentice, but only until he left to the warriors den. Regardless, we stuck together and cared for each other while his brother flirted with me. I always loved him as my best friend, never made me feel alone, and when I fell in love with his brother, he has supported us the whole journey."  -Warstar

6. Q: "Who exactly was your trusted friend as an apprentice? Why?"

A: "Owlmist and Eagleflight were the two cats who were my closest friends as apprentices, but Eagleflight had left to the warriors den quickly. Owlmist stuck with me through it all, we grew up together and were both outcasts among everyone else so I guess that drew us together... I miss her and like she had said, I wouldn't have wanted to grown up with anyone else." -Warstar