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Training guide with texts 1


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What's the last thing you remember?

Your paws scraping hopelessly on the harsh rocks. Your own yowl as you fell to the ground below. Harsh and hostile faces blurry above you. You fell, and fell, and fell. You'd heard that a Clan lived on the other side of the Thunderpath, and you'd tried to get to them, but you didn't make it. Now, surely, you couldn't be safe..

Where are you now?

You're in a small den, and a tom is pressing cobwebs to your gaping wounds. A medicine cat? Beside him stood two dark, ominous figures. The leaders of this Clan, whoever they are, you guess

"There. They should be fine, Dawnstar." he meows the medicine cat peacefully. There was gentleness in his clear voice, not like the healers you've known or heard of. This is no ordinary medicine cat. This is no ordinary Clan.

Who are these cats?

The leaders make eye contact with you. One is a brown, stalwart she-cat with a white underbelly, muzzle, paws, and clear blue eyes. The other leader is a massive, dark red russet she-cat with a white underbelly and pink scars running along her pelt. Their harsh gazes are piercing, and so strong that you want to shrink back. There's something strange about this place and you know it.

"We are ShadowClan, and you have trespassed on our territory." the brown she-cat tells you firmly. You flatten your ears and lower your head, avoiding eye contact with the cats. "Please spare me." you mew quietly. They turn to face the medicine cat.

"Please, StarClan, help me."

"What do you think?" the russet she-cat meows to the orange and white tom who had cured you and brought you back to health. The tom freezes and turns his emerald green eyes towards you. His eyes soften, and you can tell he is showing you sympathy, maybe mercy. After a few moments, he then looks toward the massive leader. "This cat seems... different from the trespassers we normally see on our territory. We should spare them from their punishments... if they join us." the tom finally meows. Both cats turn back towards you.

There is something odd about this place, so why do you feel this irresistible pull towards ShadowClan?

The russet leader flicks her ear and narrows her pupils, turning them into slits, as if she is analyzing your thoughts.

"Will you join ShadowClan?"

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Founded February of 2012
Current Leader(s) Dawnstar & Darkstar
Status Active
Recruting Yes
Member Count 60+

Felis Catus

(Feral Cat)

Camp slyfox454
Orientation Neutral
Tag Colour Black

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Format: MM/DD/YY

General Updates

Watermist has been promoted from "Warrior" to "Elite Warrior". Congratulations!

Shadepelt has been promoted from "Elite Warrior" to "Deputy". Congratulations!

New Members

Mosskit (Alisonab) has joined our ranks. Welcome!

New Warriors/Apprentices

Deceased or Vacated

New Alliances

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ShadowClan is located in Evergreen, Colorado.

Current Season


Monday Cloudy. 43º | 33º
Tuesday Cloudy. 39º | 24º
Wednesday Sunny. 52º | 25º
Thursday Partly cloudy. 49º | 32º
Friday Partly cloudy. 58º | 32º
Saturday Partly cloudy. 54º | 28º
Sunday Partly cloudy.  52º | 34º
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In every Clan there are rules we must follow. These are here to help us stay organized. Read them over carefully, for if you break one, you will be punished. It may be severe, or it may be small. It depends on what rule you break.

●Warrior Code●

The Warrior Code is a set of 16 rules placed here by our ancestors long long ago. These rules are to be taken seriously. If you fail to follow these rules and break one, the leaders and deputies will decide your punishment. Need a refresher of The Code? Read here

OC Limit

Multiple oc's per each account is getting overwhelming, so we've decided to cut it down to 3 oc's per person. If you have more than 3 oc's right now, please choose your most vital ones, or we will choose for you. You must also use those three oc's equally. There is no point in making an oc that you will never use.


If you fail to respect your Leaders, severe punishment will follow your actions accordingly. These felines have fought hard to gain their ranks, your life should respect them.

Double Grouping

Double Grouping is forbidden in ShadowClan. If this is discovered from you, there will be no hesitation in exile. Exceptions are if you are in any of our side roleplays.

●Stress & Pestering●

Most certainly do not put stress on your Leaders. Your Leaders already have enough on their list, and don't need your stress on top of that. Do not pester them to do clan, as they have lives outside of Animal jam.


Power playing includes but is not limited to using any other language than English, fake anatomy, ignoring another enemies moves, and claiming to have powers ESPECIALLY without a backstory.This is not tolerated in any form here and you can be punished for it.


You must be active here in ShadowClan. If you don't want to be forgotten, you must be on often. The leader must be notified if you will be gone for multiple days, and for how long. At the rate we are currently growing, it can be hard to keep track of who's on vacation or who has gotten bored and decided to leave without notifying someone. So make sure you notify the leader of a vacation.


Drama can be a big part of Clanning, but it can also be the worst thing about it. Most clans do evolve around drama, but most drama is very subtle and doesn't affect the entire clan. Still here at Shadowclan, we don't like drama of mostly any kind. That is why we only allow 2 events of drama per week. This includes on the game and on the wiki. We need to remember that drama can and will stress people out and/or cause more issues than thought of.


-No spamming (wait at least 7 hours for someone to respond to your message before making a new one)

-Do NOT post comments about shipping, or anything related! If you want to post something about shipping, or any couple line-arts, post it on our shipping page! ( ShadowClan (Rosepaw16)/Shipping )

- Only comment Clan related things (we have a forum for things that do not have anything to do with Shadowclan Shadowclan's Random forum )

- Do not rant on the page or report someone! That only makes matters worse, instead you should privately message the leaders on their wall.


Verbal Warning

A verbal warning consequence isn't major and is frequently given for those who make minor mistakes. You will just speak face to face about where you've done wrong and clear up any nonsense. We will give you about two warnings and if you ignore them and continue your behavior we will begin to give you punishments. Try not to think of this as a punishment instead think of this as a chance to redeem yourself.

Extra Chores

If you do not listen to your leader's verbal warnings then you will be forced to 'clean up' the camp. This means you will have to make the structures of the walls of the camp stronger, collecting herbs for a medic, assisting a queen in the nursery, cleaning out dens or whatever is needed to be done. Sometimes you will be asked to do these things even if you did not do anything wrong

Public Humiliation

Public humiliation comes after verbal warning. A public humiliation will be something wrong you have done that gets mentioned in front of your peers.

Bound to Camp

This often happens if you act reckless and kit-like outside or within our camp. You will be forced to stay within the camp area. You will be expected to guard the camp during this amount of time and you will not be able to attend gatherings. This punishment can run anywhere from a day to a full moon.

'Treated like an apprentice'

If you act like an immature kit you will certainly be treated like one. For a temporary amount of time you will be treated like a trainee. You will have to have a warrior supervise you when you hunt or train and you will have to sleep in the apprentice den for a night. You will still be able to keep your warrior name though and you will not be given any type of ceremony once you get your rank back.(this rule applies for actual ShadowClan apprentices too but you will be lowered to the rank of a kitten instead of an apprentice.)

Torn Ear &/or Tail

We bay be on the neutral side of things, but if the case is severe enough, we will not hesitate in tearing your ear or tail clean off. It will often be done in front of your fellow clan members, and be committed by the deputy.


Depending on your actions, you could be demoted from your current rank you have. This will last as long as our leaders choose. If demoted to an apprentice, you will be given a mentor to punish you for your actions and teach you what it truly means to be a warrior here in ShadowClan once again


We exile people for only a several reasons, and they are mainly for out of character actions. This includes Double-Grouping.


Death is the darkest punishment, and will happen within roleplay. It may often be a full-clan mauling. You will be torn at and picked apart by your fellow clan members. And after the deed is done, you may never return to ShadowClan.



Main Territory

Location: TBA

Overview: ShadowClan's territory is primarily evergreen forest. Bordered by rivers, ShadowClan utilizes both the forest and the river to their advantage, mastering the skills of hunting in the forest and hunting in water. In the forest, primarily, ShadowClan finds squirrels, lizards, frogs, and a few rodents.

170216A 109 RiverInForest 1080p

Swallowing Shores

Location: Wafflesbutter's Den

Overview: Swallowing Shores is on the border between ElmClan and ShadowClan. Here, there is a large patch of catmint, extremely valuable to both clans.


Rugged Moor

Location: Codingkitten

Overview: Rugged Moor is on the corner of ShadowClan and WindClan territories, on the edge of clan territory itself. It is a rocky, dangerous moor that marks the beginning of the journey to the Moonpool.

Coding credit to Quail of ElmClan!

  • "Two cats that walk the same broken path think they are alone. They Meet at crossroads and share their stories. They find out that they are exactly alike and they decide to support each other and walk not alone, but together." -Ivyflame
  • "Every time you eat, find someone you don't know very well, a new member or someone u just don't talk to often and share your prey with.become more like clan members."-Stonestar
  • Erin hunter Quote- " Fox dung! I'm a loyal Shadowclan cat. If I ever were made deputy or leader it would because I earned it, and my clan mates and star clan wished it."
  • Pity is for the helpless and you, are not helpless. Neither are you permanently damaged. The darkness can do what it will, but it cannot change you, it cannot touch your soul if you do not let it. ~Brokenstar
  • "Fear will always give you two options. Drop everyhting and run or face it and rise. The choice is yours." ~ Silverfur
  • "When life gives you a situation, don't say 'Why me' instead, say 'Try me!'" -Everyone!
  • "If I wake up... And feel no pain.. I'll think I'm D E A D"- Beartrot
  • Even the strongest cats have limits -Arrowhead
  • "Love is like life. It can be Heaven.. Or total Hell."-Beartrot/Halfkit
  • "Do not act Strong on the outside, For it is useless." -Firefoot
  • "Pain will teach you way more than pleasure ever will." -Arrowhead
  • "Power is neither good nor evil, but its user makes it so" -Willowtail
  • " A clan that doesn't share isn't a clan at all."- Unknown apprentice
  • " Loyalty is all your clan asks of you"- Unknown cat
  • "When in doubt, let your heart lead you forward, not back" -Willowtail
  • "When you feel like quiting..think about why you started in the first place."-Arrowhead
  • "If you dwell in the past, it can haunt you in the future,"- Lightningstar
  • "Life isn't about how popular you are, it's about having friends and having fun.'" '~Jaggedheart
  • " It's not just about one cats life, it's is about all lives in a Clan," ~Tigerfur
  • "I have always had a fire in my soul, and now im going to unleash it."~Lightningstar
  • "Don't let fear over come you, you over come the fear"~Shadowpelt
  • "We may not live to see our glory, but the tales we tell will."~Tigerfur
  • "For those who said I can't do it, well, watch me." -Briartail
  • "I would rather have a small clan with members that are loyal and selfless than a large clan of mousebrains."-Brokenstar
  • "Sometimes the one thing that is holding you back, is something you love" ~Lightningstar
  • "Being sad is apart of life, but staying sad for the rest of your life is not set in stone, it's a choice." ~Lightningstar
  • "Always stand up for what you believe in, even if others think your wrong." ~Blazeclaw
  • "Stay loyal, stay real, or stay away from me" ~Mistypaw
  • " You can't change your clan's attitude, you can only change yours " ~Soulkit
  • " Cats who make up their minds easily are the cats who fall, the cats who take risks to find the truth are the cats who rise. ~Soulkit
  • " Bad things don't happen for no reason. Just a reason we haven't yet figured out. " ~Blazeclaw
  • "Fighting is not about who is stronger, but who is smarter" ~Rainstorm
  • "A cat that is not willing to fight for what they want deserves what they get" ~Slyfoot
  • "You never know how much something means to you until you lose it forever."~Blazeclaw
  • "Your inner flames are something you alone can control. You can destroy the world around you, or you can protect your loved ones with a brilliant warmth that shines brighter than all of StarClan." ~Thistlepaw
  • " Being young doesn't mean that you have to sit around and do nothing. The only thing you can do is wait for your destiny that's only pawsteps away from you... and in that wait, live your life while it's still young." ~Larkkit
  • " Only the victors are allowed to live. This world is merciless like that. " ~Tigerfur
  • " An eye for an eye only makes the whole world blind. " ~Soulflight
  • "Sometimes strength is shown on the outside, with muscules, claws, and teeth. Other times strength is on the inside, experiencing something sad and embracing it, changing it to something happier." - Smallbreeze
Dress Code


Warrior (or any full-grown cat): Wolf

Apprentice: Fox or Bunny

Kit: Bunny


Screen Shot 2017-08-30 at 2.00.18 PM


Skull Helmet, Mech Angel Helmet, Fox Hat, Raccoon Hat, (Spring) Flower Crown, Head Flower, Nothing


Leaf Necklace, Spike Collar, Ribbon Scarf, Nothing


Sword, Spartan Armor, Elf Armor, Worn Blanket, Bow and Arrows, Nothing


Elf Bracelet, Spike Wristband, Leg Armor, Horned Leg Pads, Glove, Nothing


Elf Tail Armor, Feather Tail, Flower Tail, Nothing


Leader: Star

Deputy: Heart

Full Medicine Cat: Wing

Apprentice Medicine Cat: Leaf

General: Flower

Eilte Warrior: Lightning bolt

Warrior: Wolf

Apprentice: Paw

Kit: Bunny

Queen: Bird

Elder: Clover

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Tumblr inline nj8v8h5Z7x1rkc71t



[ Challengable by deputies ]

The Leader is the highest rank in the Clan. They are in command of the entire Clan. They deserve the utmost respect.

Name Username Mate Lives Gender


Slyfox454 N/A 9/9 Female






  • Dawnstar
  • Darkstar



[ Unchallengeable ]

Second in charge after the leaders. They organize and/or lead patrols and training sessions. They become leader(s) if/when a current leader(s) pass away or step down.

Name Username Mate Gender
Rainstorm rozlyn3656 Waterfall Female
Shadepelt Jujutheeverything13 Watermist Female
  • Rainstorm
  • Shadepelt

Medicine Cat


[ Unchallengeable ]

Medicine cats are the healers of our clan. They treat injuries, diseases and ailments that members of the Clan receive. Medicine Cat apprentices are trained by Medicine Cats on herbs and injury treatment. Medicine Cat Apprentices must also do chores (organize and collect herbs, help Medicine Cats, etc.)

Name Username Mate Gender
Rustwhisker Bluebulbasaur Slyfoot Male


horsecrazy1328 Reedstorm Male


wolfy58744 N/A Male
Ferretpaw Blooming21354 N/A Female

  • Rustwhisker
  • LightStripe
  • RowanPaw



[ Challengable ]

These are warriors that have been picked to lead training sessions and/or think of new methods of fighting/hunting.

Name Username Mate Gender


Bluebulbasaur Darkstar Male


Wolfy58744 N/A Female

  • Suntail
  • Silvermist

Elite Warriors

[ Earned ]


The Elite Warriors are a step up from an average Warrior. They must show up to roleplay at least 2 times a week. They are cats who have been in the Clan for longer than 2 months and served well.

Name Username Mate Gender
Watermist Awannb Shadepelt Male
Blacktail Blooming21354 N/A Male

  • Swiftwind
  • Watermist



[ Earned ]

Full grown cats who protect, provide for and make up the main body of the Clan. Groups of warriors (usually around 3-4) will go on border and hunting patrols.

Name Username Mate Gender
Breezefeather Cmg06 N/A Female


Catsanddogs58104 N/A Male


Kkountz N/A Male
Slyfoot rozlyn3656 Rustwhisker Male
Waterfall Cookieslove15 Rainstorm Female
Fawnbreeze Wolfy58744 N/A Female
Ebonypelt Slyfox454 N/A Male


horsecrazy1328 CloverLeaf Female
Spidersilk Bluebulbasaur N/A Female
Moonbound carcar1216 N/A Female
Sailtail Catsanddogs58104 Onionwhisker Male
Toxicmorning Awannb Marsfoot Male
Dusktail Demonwolfpup N/A Female
Marsfoot Puppy86255 N/A Female
Hollyfur CarCar1216 N/A Female
Redstripe Fidget04 Crushing Male
Feathermist happypanda12107 N/A Female
Mudpelt pancakepancake123 N/A Male
Shatteredsky Rosepaw16 Swiftwind Female
Bearclaw Edlieksthings N/A Male
Sugarspice Wafflesbutter N/A Female
Blizzardtail Patrickmy N/A Female
Snowsky Supdog2100 N/A Male
Silversplash Gingertail21 N/A Female
Dewchirp Petalwing22 Ringsong Female
Mapleface Raeann917 N/A Female
Ivycloud Thecoloredflower111 N/A Female
Junipertail Jujutheeverything13 N/A Female
Sharpglare Ninjagirl01 N/A Male
Lunarsky Jammer55gf9 N/A Female
Windblaze Supdog2100 N/A Male
Owlheart Rozlyn3656 N/A Male
Berryfoot Wafflesbutter N/A Female
Larkcall Cookielovewaffle N/A Male
Ringsong Gingertail21 Dewchirp Male
Petalwing Petalwing22 N/A Female
Blazeclaw CodingKitten N/A Female
Hushsound Forevergone N/A Male
Sandwind Horsecrazy1328 N/A Male
Webfang Starburst4106 N/A Male
Newttail Tyrannosaurus N/A Male
  • Reedstorm
  • Moonbound
  • Sagefeather
  • Echosoul
  • Slyfoot
  • DoveWing
  • Spidersilk
  • Dusktail
  • Snowbird
  • Brokenmist
  • Onionwhisker
  • Feathermist
  • Blacktail
  • Shatteredsky
  • Ebonypelt
  • Snowsky
  • Dewchirp
  • Sparrowfeather
  • Junipertail
  • Mapleface
  • Ivycloud
  • Windblaze
  • Petalwing
  • Breezefeather
  • SandWind



[ Earned ]

Apprentices are the young cats (6+ moons) of ShadowClan that are trained to become warriors. They do different chores (feed elders and queens, clean out nests, etc.) and have daily training sessions, in which their mentor will train them certain things pertaining to hunting, combat or strategy.

Name Username Mentor Gender
Lakepaw Kkountz Onionwhisker Male
Firepaw Catsanddogs58104 TBA Male
Ivypaw 8snowbunny8 Darkstar Female
Emberpaw Fussytut6 TBA Male
Lotuspaw cookielovewaffle Hollyfur Female
Batpaw Moreplease Shadepelt Male
Dustpaw Carcar1216 Dawnstar Male
Fawnpaw Ninjagirl01 Blacktail Female
Gingerpaw Chacobunny4 TBA Male
Charcoalpaw Jammer7br53 Lunarsky Male 
Pricklypaw Humanchild Darkstar Female
Eclipsepaw Many3493 Petalwing Female
Chancepaw Puppy86255 Oakfrost Male
Moonpaw happypanda12107 Silversplash Female
Flowerpaw Starburst4106 Suntail Female
Stormpaw c33674 TBA Male
Steampaw Codingkitten TBA Female

Warrior Test

Hunting: The apprentice will go to one part of the territory with their mentor and the leader running the test. They will hunt until the leader instructs them to stop. This portion of the test will showcase the hunting skills and techniques their mentor has taught them.

Battling: The apprentice will fight a Clan cat (that will be picked the time of this part of the test). They will do battle until the leader running the test tells them to stop, and decides whether the apprentice is ready to become a warrior or not. This portion of the test will showcase the combat moves and strategies their mentor has taught them.

NOTE: You are allowed to use claws during the fight, but injuries do not count. (ex. If your opponent claws your eye, you do not have to act as if you have a clawed eye after the test)

Apprentices don't need to redo the entire test, just the part they failed at.

Queens and Kits

[ Earned ]

Queens are she-cats that are expecting or have given birth to kits. They stay in the nursery with their kits until they become apprentices.


Kits are the youngest members of the Clan who stay in the nursery with their mothers until they are 6 moons old, which makes them ready to become apprentices.


Name Username Mate Gender
Darkstar Cookieslove15 Suntail Female
Dewchirp Petalwing22 Ringsong Female

Name Username Parents Gender


Horsecrazy1328 Needs to be apprenticed Female


Kkountz Needs to be apprenticed Male
Sootkit Cmg06 Needs to be apprenticed Male


Wolfy58744 Darkstar & Suntail Male


Patrickmy Darkstar & Suntail Male


Supdog2100 Darkstar & Suntail Female
Mothkit Bluebulbasaur Waiting to be used Female
Ashkit(unborn) Wafflesbutter Ringsong and Dewchirp Male
Bluekit(unborn) Humanchild Ringsong and Dewchirp Female
Featherkit(unborn) Codingkitten Ringsong and Dewchirp Female
Pebblekit(unborn) Carcar1216 Ringsong and Dewchirp Male



[ Earned ]

Retired warriors who have served their clan well. Must be respected and taken care of well. Apprentices are in charge of seeing to their needs.

Name Username Mate Gender
Raptorclaw catsanddogs58104 N/A Male
Treefall Ninjagirl01 N/A Male
Marshflower Bluebulbasaur N/A Female
Slightbranch Blooming21354 N/A Female
Birchflake eagle27751 N/A Male

Cats Outside of the Clan


Name Username Mate Gender
Tundrapelt <3 vlb123 N/A Female

The Punished


The Punished are those who have broken our rules/Warrior code and paying for it greatly.

Name Username Reason Gender
----- ------ ------ -------

●Roleplay Times

Please remember that this schedule will not always be followed perfectly and there may be days when Darkstar and Dawnstar are both not online (They do have lives outside of AJ). Shadowclan's deputy Rainstorm is also permitted to lead a roleplay session without the leaders if there are enough ShadowClan members online.

Note: Every Tuesday and Thursday, the deputy and generals will be leading training sessions during roleplay. These are not mandatory, but everyone should make an effort to go.

Both of the leaders use Eastern standard time.

Information Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Starting Time 6:00pm- 7:00pm 6:00pm- 7:00pm 6:00pm-7:00pm 6:00pm- 7:00pm 6:00pm- 7:00 pm 6:00pm- 7:00 pm 6:00pm- 7:00pm
Will Darkstar be online? Yes Yes No Yes Yes Yes Yes
Will Dawnstar be online? Maybe Yes Maybe No Yes Yes No

●Point System●

The Point System is where you are given points for all the good things you do in the clan. It can be as small as logging on for 5 minutes a day to being serious when no one else is. This starts at the begin of every new week and ends around Friday or Saturday. 


The person with the most points gets to be leader for 2 days.

The second person with the most points gets to pick the activities for 2 days.

The third person with the most points gets an art piece by Darkstar.

Ways to get points

1 point: Coming to a clan session/Doing the correct thing (Cleaning the dens, etc.)

2 points: Helping the medicine cat when they need a patrol/Being kind to others

3 points: Bringing back 3 pieces of prey or more/Going on a border patrol/Training a(n) apprentice(s)

4 points: Babysitting the kits/Consulting the leader about major plots (Death, kits etc.)

Point tally found here.


Plot thread

Dawnstar's plot

(Winter is approaching faster than usual and it's getting colder each day. It seems that more and more prey is dying from hypothermia)

How long will the plot last: Till Feb

Who will be involved?: Everyone (Unless someone wants to end or get their OC sick you still have time to get permission)

Eclipsepaw's plot

(Since it's going to be a very cold winter, here's what I thought: It's winter and everything is has frozen over, everyone is fighting whether to temporarily find another camp that has more food and supplies. Suddenly there's a huge avalanche, which covers the whole camp, some cats lose their life when the snow hits, but mostly everyone survives, but is injured. There's little that survives and the clan splits into two groups, one goes to travel to a shelter/nearby clan* to recover. The other group stays behind to salvage what's left and join them later)

When will this take place?: December the 1st

How long will it last?: 4 days

Who will be involved?: Everyone, Reedstorm (RIP) Raven (Maybe but still RIP)

We are in a Clan system called the Traditional Clan System, check it out!


Group Leader Leader Username Deputy Deputy Username
BearClan Sprucestar Dominospanda Wrenheart kiiro
ElmClan Oakstar vlhv321 Frostshine & Ivystep polarbear1331 &xdogeezpawzx


Group Leader Leader Username Deputy Deputy Username
--------- -------- -------- --------- ---------

●People of the Month●

Month of November!


Warrior of the month: Shadepelt is warrior of the month for working hard and trying to become the best version of herself. She has been very helpful and kind to every clanmate.

Hunter of the month:

Watermist was chosen as hunter of the month. He has been on many patrols for the clan. He also has brought back 3+ pieces of prey almost each time.

Helper of the month:

Rainstorm is helper of the month. She has been helpful to those in the clan and helped with many ideas in the clan. 


Joining Form

(We only accept Clan names )

(Make your appearance as descriptive as possible and make sure it is realistic too)

( If you are applying to be a warrior or an apprentice, make the example of you either hunting or fighting and make sure your example is more than a couple of sentences!)

(Run through the list of members to sure you the prefix of your name is not already taken!)






Desired rank:

Roleplay Example:

Why you wish to join:


Previous clans/packs/groups:

How did you find us?:

(Optional) Picture of your oc:

Have you read the rules?:

Alliance Form

We only accept groups that are feral cats and use traditional styled roleplay

You must have 15 or more members to be accepted

Leader's OC Name:

Leader's Username:

Deputy(s) OC Name:

Deputy(s) Username:

Member Count:

Founding Date:

Link To Page:

Reason For Alliance:

Visiting Form

Oc Name:



Why You Want To Visit:

Do You Have Any Friends In ShadowClan? If So Who?:

Do You Plan On Joining Anytime Soon?:


Do you like the clan page?

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How was your day?

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Please do not edit anything yourself (unless you have direct permission). Instead, ask an editor to do it However, any member of Shadowclan can edit/add their oc photo to the gallery slideshow as long as they know what they are doing and are extremely cautious.


Thumb 748d40af-9267-4d8c-9ec2-e74dde6e30bf Thumb c8a07641-74fb-4bda-bbc5-c3e4ad1967df

Cancerous2                    Dawnfur454


Thumb 9ecedb8c-5a25-42ef-85fe-25a86fab2c68


Others/People to credit for coding

Thumb e05ef462-8401-4071-a32b-269e59f70486

Willow-Tail Warrior

Thank you to ShatteredXFeather for the banner!