Today was the First Day of Getting cats to Join the clan.

We have not gotton any cats so far and it is 5:30pm. We are planning to advertise soon. The clan was made Friday night 23rd, 2016. We where hoping to get some cats in over night but there was no luck. We have a total of three cats so far. Are enemys are bearclan and sageclan. The reason they are enemeys is becouse of the bad History we have Had with them. Are alliences so far is moonclan (official) and nightclan. Please check them out if you want. The reason we are alience with Them is becouse of they helped us with are clan page becouse we where new to it. We also have another cat that helped us. Her user name is velocityy. Please go check her out also in the comments. If you would want to join or make an allience then please go on are clan page or go to my message wall. If you chose to go on the my message wall there will be some applications/forms. If you chose to go on to the clan page please read throught the rules and the dress code before filling out any applications/forms. The Joining/allience forms are At the way bottom bye comments. Please fill that out and put it in the comments. We will test you after being accepted to the clan (incase you are a spy form bear clan). If your application was denied then please wait untill next week to fill out another application. If I told you specific Information to fix somthing on you application/form then do it. I am not you leader I am you deputy! Thank you for taking your time to read this Blog!


                                                                                                                             Falling clan