" You idiot, what are you doing in my territory? Drowning? "



Name Ashensky
Roleplayer Violet75982
Gender Male
Age 19 Moons
Breed Siberian
Allegiance BettaClan
Rank Commander
Status Active and Alive
Orientation Chaotic Neutral
Mate Pebblefrost
Apprentice Pigeonpaw



Back Story


Ashensky was born to a kittypet, Sunny, who took care of him lovingly, and at that point his name was Flake. He had a brother and a sister, his brother being Clove, and his sister named Lep. He played well with them and loved them dearly, as passionate about them as he was about his mother. He never knew his father's name, for his mother didn't care much for him and didn't like to talk about him. He begged his mother for what she knew about him however, and learned that his father was a rouge who had been caught slipping food from Sunny's home and once caught, banished from his group, where he then hid in the basement of Sunny's home for about a month until he learned she was preganate.

Once Flake reached an age where he was to be sold away from his mother and siblings, he was struck was incredible fear and distress. He was sold to another house, taken away from his family, developing anxiety and his bipolar disease. He was adopted by a nice family, and burried his sadness for a good potion of his time there. He only stayed for about a week until his owners left a window open. In a random burst of excited energy, he lept out and ran far into the forest, leaving his old corrupted life behind.

Flake struggled in the forest for 3 months, earnimg a scar on his left haunch due to a badger attack. Ravenous and desperate for a firm position in the forest, he came across the first clan he had ever seen, Bettaclan. He trained as a loyal apprentice with Chokestar, and accepted his Warrior prefix, Ashen. It was here he met his new friends, Wildblossom, Feathersong , Dustmask and Fleetrunner, as well as his crush Pebblefrost.

After a relentless month of training, Ashenpaw recived his full Warrior name, Ashensky! He flirted with Pebblefrost until, after a lot of shipping from the clan, she got pissed and suggested that they be official mates. He also recived his first apprentice Squirrelpaw.

Feathersong took over Chokestar's position as leader of Bettaclan becoming Featherstar. Ashensky was given the position of Commander with his best friend Dustmask! He was also given his second apprentice, Pigeonpaw. Pebblefrost was expecting his kits, and sure enough, within time they had four of them, Riverkit, Gingerkit, Puddlekit, and Reedkit. Gingerkit and Reedkit are the most attached to Ashensky.

Time Line


Flake was born to Sunny and a rouge.

He never meets his father, but spends kit-hood well taken care of and spends most of his days playing with his two siblings, Clove and Lep.

He's sold at two moons to a new home and escapes within a week.

He spends the rest of his kit-hood wandering the forest.

Association: Twoleg House, Rouge

Scars Gained: None

Cats Met: Clove, Lep, Sunny

Age Range: 0-6 moons


 Flake wanders the forest, getting attacked by a badger while doing so.
He finds Bettaclan camp, accepts his prefix Ashen, and trains with Chokestar while making friends.
He eventually trains enough to accept his Warrior name Ashensky.
Association: Rouge, Bettaclan Camp
Scars Gained: Scar on left haunch.
Cats Met: Bettaclan cats, Dustmask, Fleetrunner, Wildblossom, Pebblefrost, Feathersong.
Age Range: 6-10 moons

Bettaclan Warrior

Ashensky fights his way for approval from his fellow clanmates, he becomes skilled in combat.
He becomes close with Dustmask and Wildblossom, as well as developing a crush on Pebblefrost.
He becomes mates with Pebblefrost and swears his life to her.
Association: Bettaclan Camp
Scars Gained: None
Cats Met: Bettaclan members
Age Range: 10 - 18 moons

Bettaclan Commander

Feathersong becomes Featherstar and Ashensky gets the position Commander with his best friend Dustmask.
Pebblefrost has his kits, Riverkit, Reedkit, Puddlekit, and Gingerkit.
Association: Bettaclan Camp
Scars Gained: None
Cats Met: Riverkit, Reedkit, Gingerkit, Puddlekit
Age Range: 18 - Current

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Summary: Ashensky has an average weight for a tom, more on the skinnier side if anything. He's generally taller than most of his clanmates, and he's tail is long and lithe, with a fluff tipped end.

Breed: 21% American Shorthair, 88% Siberian Cat.

Build: Ashensky is very lengthy and tall, his legs being the longest part of him next to his tail. His paws are small, and his face has a soft cuddly and warm aspect to it, giving him a gentle and kind look, although he's rambunctious and quite a handful.

Fur: He has long fluffy fur on his pelt, and his head paws and tail are adorned with a shorter silkier feeling fuzz. The very end of his tail has long wispy bits of white fur, making his resemble a lion. His pelt is a soft off-white, but he has patches of creamy peach colors as well.

Defining Features: Ashensky's defining features consist of his long pearly fangs and his unique ice blue eyes, as well as his tipped tail.

Scars: A gash on the inside of his left haunch thats almost always covered with fur.

Scent: An inviting aroma of pumpkin and drizled leaves, with a sweet minty foreground.



    = Base
    = Patches

    = Sclera
    = Iris
    = Pupil

Credits to Fubsy



Positive Traits: Cute | Playful | Comforting

Neutral Traits: Passionate | Energetic| Restless

Negative Traits: Bi-Polar | Anxious | Annoying

Summary on Positive Traits: Ashensky has good intentions (except when aggrivated) and his loving and innocent personality is found sweet and charming.

Summary on Neutral Traits: Though sometimes his restlessness and never ending energy can be a good thing, it can also annoy his fellow clan mates as well as it can be found aggrivating. Though the bad outweighs the good by a bit, his restless energy makes him down to do work in the middle of the night and early morning/night patrols.

Summary on Negative Traits: His energetic nature makes it seem like a chore to keep track of him for his friends. Usually he'll become better friends with cats that can act as his parent part time, or accept and indulge in his excitement. He can be seen as immature by others.

Book Characters Relating to Hes Personality: Greywing, Cloudstar, Sparkpaw

Skills & Stats


Learning Style: Taught by his mentor Chokestar.

Physical Health: Ashensky has generally decent physical health, he strives in strength and speed, but occassionally, due to his over excessive energy use, he'll feel tired out of nowhere.

Mental Health: Ashensky suffers from Bi-Polar Disease, as well as ADHD, and high concentrations of it.

Strengths: He's skilled in combat, especially when provoked. He can also be found exceptional in running and climbing.

Weaknesses: Swimming and talking about his past. (He's sensitive about his mother)

Fears: Afraid of water and his Bi-Polar Disease affecting anyone.


Be the best mate and father available and serve Bettaclan with his life.


Leadership 7/10
Defense 9/10
Offense 10/10
Speed 9/10
Hunting 7/10
Climbing 9/10
Swimming -1/10
Stamina 10/10
Intelligence 8/10
Stealth 3/10
Agility 10/10



Relationship Status: Taken

Mate: Pebblefrost

Ex-Mate(s): None

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Candy Eye: Mentally/Personality: Ashensky prefers cats who aren't too quick to give in. He also enjoys intellegence and having a mate who needs his comfort.

Candy Eye: Physically: Greyblue/Silver Pelts l Green/Amber Eyes l Lean Build

Turn Offs: Mentally: Cats who match his energy or unresponsive, dull, and quick to give in.

Experience: Experienced enough

Currently Attracted To: Pebblefrost

Shippings: Pebblefrost X Ashensky (Pebblesky, Ashenfrost), Wildblossom X Ashensky (Wildsky, Ashenblossom)

Cats Currently Attracted to Ashensky: Pebblefrost

Offspring: Riverkit , Reedkit, Puddlekit , Gingerkit

Other Relationships:

Sunny: Mother who he was taken from and tries not to think about.

Lep and Clove: His littermates that he was too small to properly remember.

Dustmask : His best friend that he trusts completely.

Featherstar : Leader whom he respects and loves.

Wildblossom: His good friend and suporter.

Pigeonpaw : Ashensky's apprentice that he hasn't yet got to know.

Fleetrunner : A good friend!

Blackheart: Bettaclan's medicine cat that Ashensky respects and would like to get to know.

Leaftrail: Another mutual friend.

Riverkit - His newborn daughter.

Puddlekit - His newborn daughter.

Gingerkit - Ashensky's son that is one of the most attached to him.

Reedkit - Another son, his favorite, but don't tell anyone.

Freckletuft - Ashensky respects and admires her, but can occassionally get irratated.



Season - Fall

Food - Rabbit

Scent - Rain

Color - Amber





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