NAME | Turtlenose

FORMER NAMES | Turtle, Turtlepaw

NICKNAMES | Turty/Tutty/Tuts

SPECIES | Feline/Felis Catus

GENDER | Female/She-cat

SEXUALITY | Bisexual

AGE |  200 Moons (16 Years + 8 Moons)

RANK | Shaman (Temporarily)

FORMER RANKS | Kittypet/Barn cat, Shaman Novice, Matriarch, Shaman, Necromancer


GROUP | Hollowclan


PARAMOUNTS | Shadow & Peregrine

RELIGION | The Hollowed Ancestores

MENTOR | Baron

ABYSS' | Fate (F), Flickerpaw

USERNAME | Mrbrusselspot

STATUS | Active

ROLEPLAY | Traditional


MOTHER | Enchanted [Kittypet] (Deceased)

FATHER | Smog [Loner] (Deceased)

BROTHERS | Grey & Mouse (Both Deceased)

SISTERS | Juniper, Nighttail & Doespeck (All Deceased)

OLDER SISTERS | Wolfpelt & Rose (Both Deceased)

OLDER BROTHER | Bolt (Deceased)



DAUGHTERS | Autumn & Ace {Stillborn}  (1st Litter) SymphonyMelody & Kiwani (2nd Litter)

SONS | Cricketchirp (1st Litter)  Vei (2nd Litter) 

GRANDFATHERS | Crowfeather {Paternal} & Prince {Maternal}

GRANDMOTHERS | Feathertail {Paternal} & Minty {Maternal}

GRANDDAUGHTERS | Mirrorkit, Eclipse {Sitllborn} & Harmony {Melody & Shadow}

GRANDSONS | Violin/Vio {Melody & Shadow}

SON IN LAW | Shadow [Melody]

FORMER SONS IN LAW |  Conqueror [Symphony]

DAUGHTER IN LAW | Verglas [Cricketchirp]

FORMER BROTHERS IN LAW |  Conqueror [Wolfpelt] Bramble [Doespeck] Duskmoon [Nighttail]

AUNT | Storm [Loner]

COUSINS | Violetblaze [F]

NIECES |  Moonkit, Transparency, Willowsong {Duskmoon & Nighttail} Vermillion, Ocean, Calypso, Artemis & Cloud {Conqueror & Wolfpelt] Primrose {Doespeck & Bramble}

NEPHEWS | December & King {Duskmoon & Nighttail} Nightmare {Adopted - Conqueror & Wolfpelt}



Turtlenose has an extremely unsual appearance, as she has a split face, half bright ginger and half pitch black. The ret of her body is made up of dapples and stripes, all the same ginger and black colours, but with some various brown shades and very tiny bits of white mixed in in places. Her stomach is mostly browny ginger, while the top and base color is mainly ginger and black. Her fur is thin and short haired, but very sleek and shiny.


Turtlenose is a slender, thin framed she-cat, but still has a fair amount of muscle, and is not delicate and unable to defend herself. She has short, very tufted ears, and a half tail, much shorted than average. She also has a long snout, fitting in with her long, lithe frame, making it easier to slip around and be quiet. She is light on her paws, which are small and nimble, she has long legs, and is reasonably tall, but very slim.


Turtlenose has a a small scar on her back leg, just reaching from the base of the tail, down to her femur muscle.

She has three clawed puncture marks on the right hand side of her neck from her Childhood.

She has a series of cuts from claws on her ears from various skirmishes. 




Turkish angora - 50% {Mother}

Bombay - 10% {Father}

Japanese bobtail - 30% {Father}

Snowshoe - 10% {Father}


Turtlenose's eyes are a bright, pretty shade of very light teal green. The shade of green is extremely light, and with a tinge of blue, to make a teal or turquoise color. They are very round in shape and have large black pupils. Also if you look very close at them, you can start to see speckles of golden yellow flecked around his iris.


 Turtlenose's tail is incredibly shorter than average, and although it is not quite a stub, it is very short, only half the length of an average tail. Her tail is a blend of the gingers and blacks in her pelt, as well as hints of various browner shades that make up her tail, and the fur is sleek, yet thin and short haired.


 Turtlenose's markings are unusual, because of her odd face and pelt. She has a pitch black face on one side, and bright ginger on the other. On her ginger side, there are a couple of blackish brown markings, only to the side and around her ears of her face, and she has flecks of white all over her body, but they are mostly covered by her ginger, black and sometimes brown stripes, dapples and patches that cover her entire body. Her tail is a burr of all these colours, but mostly brown and ginger, like her stomach.


Turtlenose's scent is mainly a musky smell of a mesh of herbs, however she has a faint scent of wildflowers and freshwater; her natural scent.



Arrogant|| Loud || Competitive || Excitable || Outgoing || Impertinent || Rude || Impatient || Cold-hearted || Bold || Anxious || Welcoming || Sarcastic || Paranoid


Playful || Blunt || Competitive || Excitable || Caring || Antisocial || Impatient || Friendly || Stoic || Grumpy || Forgiving || Bold || Sarcastic


Rude || Paranoid |

Current Status




MOOD | Hopeful


EXCITED TO | Teach Flickerpaw



Exploring Interaction with other Groups Swimming
Sleeping Smoke/Fumes Inter-clan fighting
Wildflowers Infected wounds Unexpected changes
Teaching Most young cats Bees/Wasps
Complaining about everything Meeting new cats Being replaced


--Credit to XxQuailxX--



Prey: Water vole

Time of day: Sunrise/Midday

Season: Autumn/Leaffall

Weather: Sunny

Activity: Healing, Sunbathing & Swimming

Cat: All of HollowClan!

Self asset: Her beautiful mottled pelt

Colour: Dark blue

Place: The river, or in a sunny patch.

Scent: Pine needles & Freshwater

Le Favimadeamistake



--Credit to XxQuailxX--

Prey: Frogs or Shrews

Time of day: Dawn

Season: Winter

Weather: Snow

Activity: Cleaning ticks

Cat: Sam & Talon

Self asset: She is self conscious of her unusual split colored face.

Colour: Black & White

Place: The Moorland

Scent: Fire/Smoke


These are all the character's opinions, not my own.

Wolfpelt Aliciajammy (Formerely) Older Sister
Doespeck Blurredimage Sister
Nighttail TBD Sister
Autumn TBD Daughter
Cricketchirp Gløriøus Son
Symphony Aliciajammy (Formerely) Daughter
Melody xxBacongirlxx Daughter
Kiwani Wolft45 Daughter
Vei Wizard70 Son
Mirrorkit Goldenxheart Granddaughter
Harmony Aliciajammy Granddaughter
Violin Wizard70 Grandson
Shadow Jadarino Son in Law
Verglas Fluffytail9 Daughter in Law
Robintuft Pixie2013v Bestfriend
Bramble XxEpictimexX Bestfriend
Peregrine Pixie2013v Acquaintance
Dayna Pixie2013v Friend
Lei xxBacongirlxx Acquaintance
Domino Jadarino Friend
Rapidsplash Unicat0904 Acquaintance
Silver Unicat0904 Good Friend
Flickerpaw Aliciajammy Novice/Acquaintance
Shocks Thecoolwarriorcat Acquaintance
Lilac xxBacongirlxx Acquaintance
News n stuffedd

31/10/16 - Turtle has now joined HollowClan, lead by Apocalypse and Tigerstrike, and getting the name: Turtlepaw!

1/11/16 - Turtlepaw is the Shaman Novice, alongside Flamepaw, and their mentor is Baron!

6/11/16 - Unfortunately, Flamepaw left HollowClan, leaving Turtlepaw as the only Shaman Novice.

03/12/16 - Turtlepaw takes part in a Battle against Rising/FallingClan and although there we're not many injured cats she had to help afterwards, she devoted most of her time to protecting Nightmare; A Youth of the Clan.

04/12/16 - Turtlepaw is now 1 year old!

05/12/16 - Baron, Turtlepaw's mentor has left the Clan, leaving her without some of her training, however she is being helped with finishing off her Shaman training.

18/12/16 - Turtlepaw is now Turtlenose, a full Shaman of HollowClan!

22/12/16 - Baron has returned, and they are again the Shamans of HollowClan!

25/12/16 - It's her first Christmas! Baron worked up the nerve to ask her to be mates with him, and she excitedly accepted. She likes to believe he was her "Christmas Miracle".

02/01/17 - Turtlenose becomes a Mentor, of her step-daughter Fate. She is delighted to be mentoring her and adores her like a daughter.

10/03/17 - Doespeck, Turtlenose's sister says goodbye to her and HollowClan, before quietly departing in the dead of night, leaving Turtlenose to inform Conqueror afterwards.

17/03/17 - Nighttail, Turtlenose's sister drowns in a storm that takes HollowClan by surprise leaving Turtlenose heartbroken.

19/03/17 - Turtlenose discovers she is pregenant with Baron's kits, they are due in six moons.

31/03/17 - Turtlenose and Baron's kits are due in 2 Moons, they have found out she is having two kittens.

05/04/17 -Doespeck returns to HollowClan, and Turtlenose is beyond happy to have her sister back!

09/04/17 - Turtlenose has successfully kitted, and had one son, Cricketkit, and one daughter, Autumn. She and Baron are extremely proud of their two newborns.

20/06/17 -Turtlenose and Baron find out they are expecting a second litter and they are to be born in roughly 3 moons!

02/07/17 - Turtlenose and Baron's Second litter is born, and they are delighted to greet their new kits, three she-kits and a tom, into HollowClan; Symphony, Melody, Kiwani & Vei!

07/07/17 - Turtlenose and Baron decide their relationship isn't working out, and decide to end the romance, however they wish to remain the close friends they always were.

25/07/17 - Turtlenose's second litter, Symphony, Vei, Kiwani & Melody become Novices. Turtlenose couldn't be prouder of her four youngest kits.

16/07/17 - Symphony has become a Specter, and Turtlenose is extremely proud of her! Along with Shadow, a son/little brother figure to Turtlenose, and she's so happy for him as well! 

16/10/17 - Symphony has left HollowClan, along with Vei, Turtlenose is saddended by losing her kits, but she wishes them the best of luck with their future.

20/10/17 - Turtlenose hits her 100th moon! What an old dusty grandma :)

19/11/17 - Turtlenose's son, Vei, has returned to HollowClan, much to her delight!

05/01/18 - Turtlenose's daughter, Melody, has had four kittens with her mate, Shadow; Eclipse, Harmony, Mirrorkit and Violin! Turtlenose is incredibly proud of Melody, and her new grandkits!

06/06/18 - Turtlenose is given the new Shaman Novice, Flickerpaw, although Bramble will train her for the first two weeks while she recovers from carrion-poisoning. She is excited to have another Novice, and looks forward to training Flickerpaw.


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