"We will protect one another until the final breath."
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Camp: Adrenaliine Status: Disbanded Founded: June 9th, 2018.
Territory: Balloosh Alignment: Neutral-Realmed Founder [AJ]: Adrenaliine
Species: Felines Tag: Green & Turtle Member Count: 27/40



























·Pinkiepie1g (Failed Trial: 8/12/18)

·Happycathangouut (Failed Trial: 8/12/18)

·Fleetingheart (Failed Trial: 8/07/18)

·Dragonx75 (Failed Trial: 8/10/18)

·Ribbon (Failed Trial: 8/15/18)

·ChiefSeattle (Disrespect/Failed Trial: 12/15/18)





"Mako!" The young tomcat called out, but it was thought to be too late. The Maine Coon of CoralClan had plunged into the river to save his friend whom had in reality never fallen in, a mere prank within the rivalry between the two males had lead the large tom plummeting into the makeshift river of rubbage and murky, swirling waters created by the flood.

Mako was a river-bound tomcat who loved the water and excelled in swimming and hunting fish, but not even he was strong enough to stay afloat for as long as he had trying to find First Base, the tomcat whom had tricked him into the assumption he had been swallowed by the waves. The brown hued tomcat was carried downstream beneath the surface, smashing against wreckage, and the trees the flood weaved through. The area grew dark, his eyes beginning to shut as water filled his lungs, until a sudden light filled his gaze, it called out to him.

"Your time is not over, young one. Stay strong, keep alert. Never stop trying, Mako.."

He did not recognize the voice, but those were the last words he heard until he snapped, abruptly forcing his indigo gaze to lift, revealing he had been washed ashore a strange land upon the sand. He remembered the words spoken, keeping them in mind as he weakly rushed to his paws, and began off into the unknown lands to begin rebuilding a home.

Rules & Regulations


Respect is key. Respect one another, accept one another no matter differences, and just be nice. Remember that this is an LGBT+ accepting community. Don't like it? Leave. Homophobia, discrimination, etc is NOT TOLERATED. Though if between close friends, cynical humor like calling one another "gay" is flexible.


Logic is crucial to a functioning clan. A kit cannot kill a fish, nor can a grown cat fly or kill a vulture by lunging at it from a tree, it's just illogical. Remember the size, persona, and skills of your OC and take them into account when roleplaying.


Activity is also an important rule, like it is in any clan. It is the reason groups die so quickly, hence I'd like for each member to attend at least 3+ Roleplay Sessions a week. We have multiple per day so it shouldn't be difficult.

Second OCs

You must be in TC for 3 days before you make a second OC, and cannot bring in another for 2-3 weeks.


The trial lasts a week after joining TurtleClan, if you leave within this time you will be added to the ban list for a month.

The Warrior Code

The Warrior Code although flexible, must be abided and disobeying is punishable. Rules such as "Medicine Cats may not have mates" do not apply, but those such as "A kit must be six moons of age to become an apprentice" are heavily applied and are not flexible.

To check out The Warrior Code, click ME



Forecast Sun. Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Sat.
Temp. 14°C 9°C 5°C 10°C 11°C 19°C 12°C
Weather 🌦 🌫 🌥 ⛅️ 🌤 ☀️


Leaders [x1]
The leader is the head of the Clan. They aid the felines of their group through thick and thin. A leader must train at least one apprentice, and are expected to follow the Warrior Code.
Pixel Name User Gender Mate Apprentice Lives
Erebusbbbbb Erebus Nøxious Male - - 9/9
Deputies [x2]
Deputies are the second in command, they take control of the clan when the leader dies or steps down. The two deputies work together when the leader cannot attend a roleplay. Although competitors to become leader next, they are expected to be kind and mature.
Pixel Name User Gender Mate Apprentice Heir to..
- - - - - - Makostar
- - - - - - -
Medicine Cat [x2]
The medicine cat is the healer of the clan, they care for every member of the clan and help keep everyone healthy. They may not participate in sparring, wars, etc.. But despite the Warrior Code, they may have a mate.
Pixel Name User Gender Mate Apprentice
BluepawPixel Blueblossom Gracedia Male - -
- - - - - -
Medicine Cat Apprentice [x2]
Like the Medicine Cat, the Medicine Apprentice is learning the ways of healing through herbs with their mentor. The Leader and Medicine Cat decide when a Medicine Apprentice is ready to travel to the Moonpool and become a full fledged Medicine Cat.
Pixel Name User Gender Mentor Training Progress
- - - - - -
- - - - - -
Elite Warriors [x4]
Elite Warriors are the clan's best. They are responsible, mature, and brave. They have earned their rank, and are most likely to become the next deputies.
Pixel Name User Gender Mate Apprentice
IconsZeroXP42 Dandelionwish Swim670 Female - -
Rosetail pixel Rosetail Unicorn38309 Male - -
Warriors make up majority of the clan, they hunt to feed the clan, and protect every feline in TC with their lives. Warriors also train the next generation of the clan, passing on the knowledge they learned in their lifetime.
Pixel Name User Gender Mate Apprentice
Whiskersmydude Whiskermoon Xslashpawsx Male - Featherpaw
Juniperheart Juniperheart Leahpaw4 Female - -
Duckwaddle pixel Duckwaddle Meiyyy Male - -
Sorrelpath bb Sorrelpath Miny115 Female - Magpiepaw
Heronwhisper pixel Heronwhisper Dragonfan20 Female - Horizonpaw
SilvertuftPixel Silvertuft Prettyghost2007 Female - -
IconsZeroXP4 (1) Bananafur Solstizvce Female - Quickpaw
JayriverPixel Jayriver Minecraftgirl100 Female - -
AspenflowerPixel Aspenflower Jrocks3649 Female - -
WhitecloudPixel Whitecloud Jammer7v6tyz Female - -
IconsZeroXP15 Valleyrunner Valleyrunner Circulatory Female - -
HiddenforestPixel (1) Hiddenforest Vaporeon47 Male - -
TurtleClan-Dappledfern-Pixel Dappledfern Sleepstxrs Female - -


Papayapassion Twiggo Male - -


Littletuft y143 Male - -
Apprentices are the next generation of Warriors. They learn under the guidance of their mentors how to hunt, fight, swim, climb, etc.

This rank is currently closed.

Pixel Name User Gender Mentor Progress
Larkpaw pixel Larkpaw Starblaze876 Female - 10%
MagpiepawPixel Magpiepaw Mclaus Male Sorrelpath 10%
HorizonwaterPixel Horizonpaw Hibiscuis Female Heronwhisper 10%
FeatherpawPixel Featherpaw Møønpaw94 Female Whiskermoon 10%
Quickpawpixel Quickpaw Smattoni Male Bananafur 15%
Queens are the mothers of the kits, they take care of them until they are six moons old and able to leave the nursery as an apprentice. Queens can also be male.
Pixel Name User Gender Mate Offspring
Moondapple pixel Moondapple Laurelcrown Male - Origamikit, Lavenderkit, Snowkit, (Adoptive)
- - - - - -
Kits are the youth of the clan. They are looked after by queens in the nursery until they reach the age of six moons old. Kits are to be treated with great care, as they are the next generation of the clan.
Pixel Name User Gender Parent
Imageedit 1 7501786109 Origamikit Magicalbeasts Female Moondapple
Lavender39iur2q Lavenderkit Sleepyspirits Female Moondapple
- Snowkit Roar1127 Female Moondapple
Elders are clan cats who have retired from their clan duties after many moons of serving their clan faithfully. They do not have to catch their own prey or attend patrols, but their wisdom and counsel is not to be questioned.
Pixel Name User Gender Reason
- - - - -
Name User Clan Duration Reason
Spottedsnout Millydeerss N/A 1 Week Friends + PJ
Specklefreckle Mieneke N/A 1 Week PJ + Friends
Papayapassion Twiggo N/A 1 Week Friends
Paris Silverzz ElmClan 1 Week Friends
Shearwater Cutekoalabear77 ReefClan 1 Week -
N/A xxstitchx N/A 5 Days Friends
- - - - -


Symbol Leader(s) Lead User(s) Alignment Relation
- - - - -
Symbol Leader(s) Lead User(s) Alignment Relation
- - - - -

Territory Attributes

Camp The Grove
Danger Level: 1/5

TurtleClan camp is an open clearing, surrounded by dense forestry and a gentle river. Filled with an array of prey, the forest is as well filled with dangers, though the dense wall of vegetation protects camp to a degree.

Danger Level: 3/5

The Grove, also know as the forest has an awkward amount of potholes and marshy sections the deeper within, as well as a thin river running diagonally across at the midsection. Following this river leads to what TurtleClan calls its moonpool. In the Grove you may find; mice, voles, rabbits, small lizards, garden snakes, frogs, turtles, as well as dangerous creatures such as; snapping turtles, alligators on rare occasions, and foxes.

The Great Lake The Moonpool
Danger Level: 1.6/5

The Great Lake is a massive body of fresh, beautiful waters that surrounds TurtleClan's island, other than the small islands panted about the lake, their home is untouchable by any feline. The Great Lakes hold home to the most prominent creature in the area; Turtles. Felines must remain cautious by the waters, as the further out, the deeper the water and stronger the current. In The Great Lake, you may find: salmon, trout, sunfish, minnows, seaweed, freshwater oysters, and plentiful amounts of Freshwater Turtles. Dangers may include: harsh currents, floods, and territorial turtles and fish.

Danger Level: 2.5/5

The Moonpool is most commonly found by following a small, thin stream that gradually intervenes beneath slabs of rock until expanding beneath and reaching a wall of crag. Around the wall of crag is a humid pool of water, with a stubby waterfall that was once the stream flowing within. The pool is warmer in temperature and has become the clan's Moonpool based on it's peculiar properties and distant location.


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Before I get beat with the chancletas by the Art Crew; Credits for the banner goes to the anime series; Naruto ;)). Pixel Bases and the coding done entirely by myself.