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Thorin Sleepythorinboy

  • Operator: Ravensx
  • Condition: Active\Alive
  • Gender: Male
  • Age: 60 Moons
  • Species: Aardwolf
  • Residence: Eternal Dreamers
  • Rank: Oracle [Leader]
  • Orientation: Lawful Neutral
  • Sexuality: Unknown
  • Spouse: Autumn

Thorin: Normally a dwarf's name, it originates from the verb að þora, meaning "to dare"

  • Thorin had a tendency to wander past the boundaries his guardians set, and expressed bold behavior towards larger companions despite his originally weak figure and small size.
  • Although the name comes from Scandinavian origins and Thorin was brought up else where with no snow, his parents heard many tales of places of ice and named their daring son after one of the stories, hoping he would someday visit the strange land.


Thorin is a light tan aardwolf, with a dark face mask and stripe markings. The markings are found along his back, tail and paws. His ears are noticeably large with a pointed tip. He has soft fur that is short in length and thick. About the size of an average house cat, Thorin has thin limbs and a fluffy, medium length tail. He has dark hazel eyes, which seem to vary in shade depending on the lighting.

  • ♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦ = #BFAC88: Overall
  • ♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦ = #283025: Stripes
  • ♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦☼♦ = #1A170D: Nose


Personality Type: “The Defender” (ISFJ-A)

  • Passionate, Observant, Paternal
  • Adventurous, Merciful, Civil
  • Impulsive, Skittish, Short-Tempered

Though skittish and attentive, Thorin has a passionate nature and sense for adventure. He utilizes this to gain the favor of many, and cares deeply about his duties and family. However, influenced from his competitive brother and intimidating peers, Thorin developed an intense yearning to justify himself. His fiery persistence for protecting himself sometimes leads to rash actions, although he tries to control himself.

Current Thoughts/Emotions

  • 😒 😔
  • ".."


  • Evenings
  • Fall
  • Stargazing
  • Mentoring
  • Family time
  • Storytelling


  • Being unproductive
  • Disrespect
  • Conflict
  • Being pranked
  • Daytime
  • Sleep/Nightmares


  • Mate: Autumn
  • Parents: Throkkok and Perdita
  • Brother: Tassilo
  • Sons: Inferno, Void, Keno
  • Daughters: Chrysanthemum, Hope
Note: Only listing family he frequently roleplayed with or served a large role