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Welcome to The Tribe of Resting Souls, <insert name here>!

A tribe is more than a group, it's a family

Greetings and Welcome to the Tribe of Resting Souls. Our mission is not necessarily to create a clan, yet gather as one and enjoy the many reasons why Animal Jam is worth playing. Friends, Animals, And Trading. We offer help to all players with Journey Books, Trading Tips, and Spread good vibes within the website. Black cat png by camelfobia-d5jpxce

Founded 7-8-18
Founder Nekocielsenpai
Active Semi-Active
Open Yes
Name Badge Blue/Silver
Server Aldan

Anything you desire of course! Regular clan attire or your normal look is fine. If any items are unobtainable, I will provide only until supplies last. DO not abuse my kindness!

Members (1/20)
 Fellow Members of our Tribe
Name Username Active Rank Years of AJ
Neko Nekocielsenpai Yes Leader 6
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