PLEASE READ__> Stoneclan is not dead, the roleplays have been cancelled due to school and family issues. Roleplays will start soon! Timber/Doc hasn't had time to tell you guys this but don't worry. -Queen Luna, Healer of Stoneclan
Stoneclan Second Page, Healing and Backstories
All hail

"Stoneclan, Home to those with good souls but wounded hearts..."

-Timber Alpha of Stoneclan


Founder D0ctorclevergirl Roleplay Traditional Current Leader Timber
Founded 6.30.17 Orientation Neutral Status Active
Species Canis Lupis Server Non ATM Tag Grey + earth


UPDATE: Stoneclan will be Active really soon Im so sorry for the huge break, but I promise things will change and be different for the better of this clan and everyone involved. Thank you for your patience <3 -Timber



You enter a mysterious forest. Strange creatures and hybrids fill the environment. Suddenly you feel the air strangely change, and a quick flash of fur runs past you. You looks where the wolf had ran, and remains of what looks like sparkling black specs of light has been left behind in a trail. Curious, You follows the trail, and as you go deeper into the forest, you enter a darker part where barely any light reaches. A laugh suddenly rings around you from all directions, it sounds evil and crazy. "yOu sEeM SPecIaL... wE coULd uSe a WoLF lIkE yOu!" an eary voice whispers into your ear, but still you see nothing but darkness. You feel afraid and vulnerable as a different laugh cackles. You feel something tight wrap around your legs and climb up all around your body, pulling you deeper and deeper into the dark. You bite and kick as you struggle to escape. Just as you start to lose hope, a bright light appears near you. It appears to be a white orb with a star, but soon forms into a wolf. She was blue, but had bright stars covering her pelt and you feel strangely safe near her. "Do not worry young one, I wont let them harm you," the wolf said in a calming voice. With a touch of her paw, you was teleported into the same forest you entered in, this time near a river. "Wh-who are you?" you says thankfully and in shock. "I am Starla, Gemstone of The Spirits, I am one of the many rulers of this forest, it is known as the Oak forest" Her moss green eyes, and her pelt seemed to glow as she spoke. "The wolfs who tried to harm you are known as Vicki and Ivy, they are both a great threat to this forest... but enough about them," She continued as you listened, sitting by the river. "I see great potential in you.. do you have a home?" Starla asked as she stared at you. " No" is the only response you say. "Then follow this River.. do not be surprised if at first what you find in the end of it seems threatning... they won't harm you without good reason.." Starla says mysteriously. "What? Who?" you say, wanting to know more. "Follow this river," she repeated, "Follow it to your destiny.." Starla gives you a bright smile as she fades away, leaving similar white orbs of light like the wolf who ran by, where she once stood. Bewildered, you sniff the air then start following the River, wondering what her words meant. More wolf scents fill your nose as you walk farther along the river. Suddenly, there was a rustle in one of the bushes nearby. As you turn to look, a wolf jumps out from the bushes, pinning you down before you can react. Other wolfs follow, and they all surround you. "Why have you crossed our territory?!" The wolf who was holding you down growled. "I-Im sorry I didn't know this was your territory... s-starla told me to follow the River.." you stammered in Shock, hoping the wolf wouldn't harm you. "Starla?" some of the others wolf looked at eachother with wide eyes. "Don't harm them.. I think we should take them to Timber" one of the wolfs told the aggressive looking one. "hmph, fine. But I hope you aren't lying about Starla.." They said to you as they let you stand. " Follow us," one of the wolfs say in a nicer voice. The small patrol is still surrounding you as they lead you to an entrance hidden by the forest. You are amazed at the sight you see when you enter the camp. Pups are playing and wolfs are chatting, but what stuns them the most is the amazing ancient looking structures and flowers that fill the place. "Wait here," one wolf says as they run up stairs that appears to lead to more of the camp. You feel the eyes of the other members of the group stare right at them. The pups stopped playing and ran to their mothers, then whispering began between the wolves as they stare at you. Soon after you see a dark grey wolf run down the stairs. As she walks up to you, she examines you and then speaks, "I am Timber, Alpha of Stoneclan. My Beta claims that Starla has told you to come to our River and territory, is this true?" There was more whispering among the group of wolves. "Yes.." you say slowly at first but then begin to explain how starla saved you and about the river. Timber raises her paw and the whispering stops. " So, you are looking for a group or home?" she asks. You nod nervously. She looks at her beta, who gives her a slight nod.

"Well, Welcome to Stoneclan, Insert name here"


Only the Alpha and the Healer may speak with the Spirits- You need permission to enter the Sacred Caves from Alpha or Healer.

No double grouping! Double grouping is joining multiple clans/groups which counts as being disloyal. StoneClan does not tolerate of this, if you do not follow this rule you will be Exiled. Exceptions CAN be made by the Alpha and but you will be made an Omega after re-joining the clan.

Try to be active. If you are not active, you will be kicked from Stoneclan. (exceptions can be made)

Respect the higher ranks! High ranks mainly include the Alpha, Beta and Healer. They work hard to keep the clan in organized and don't have time to deal with disrespect. If you show disrespect, You shall be punished. Punishments will be decided by Alpha.

Your top Priority is the clan and your duties. Ranks from Novice up should hunt when their duties are done, unless they take all day. (Hunters Hunt everyday)

Report anything in the clan to the Alpha and/or Beta that is important, this includes betrayals within clan or other information. Don't hide things from the clan that isn't too personal!

Please have player icons on, so you can hear when a Meeting is called in camp. This also helps so you can know everything that happens in the roleplay. (yelling for each other so you know when someone is coming )

Pups are not allowed to go into the Sacred Caves. They may only enter the healer's den with supervision.



▶Character may have powers BUT do not make them extremely overpowered!

▶OCs may not have healing powers! This is the healer's job, we do not want a bunch of healers or the roleplay will get messy!

Age system- 1 moon=1 month

▶OCs can have a semi-unrealstic color range, but nothing like bright pink or Rainbow


{1/1 Closed}

She or he is responsible for everything and everyone in the clan. Makes the Decisions during a fight, when orders are given other ranks must obey them. Usually leads in fights or battles.

{0/1 Open}

Protects the camp when Alpha is gone, organizes hunting and patrol groups. Helps Alpha make big decisions.
Name Username Gender Power(s) Mate Apprentice(s)
✫Timber D0ctorclevergirl Female Teleport/control water Clover Arrow

{0/1 Open}

Reports to the Alpha and Beta and sends messages to the clan. Eventually becomes Beta and helps with some decisions.

{1/1 Closed}

Heals the injured and/or sick. Collects herbs and gives wise advise.
Name Username Gender Power(s) Mate Apprentice(s)
Queen Luna imavase Female Shadeshift Max Dawn

{2/∞ OPEN}

Provides food for the clan and checks the territory daily.They must bring back food every time they leave camp.

{4/∞ OPEN}

At least 2 fighters must travel with a border patrol. They re-new territory markers and Protect the camp. Fighters report daily to the Beta and Alpha
Name Username Gender Power(s) Mate Apprentice(s)
✫Paw Sunwarrior13 Female
Blossom Lovesoftball91 Female
✫Yaki Misscutejoy3 Female
Shadow Iltsayl30 Female Withered water
Elm herealg20 Male

{3/∞ OPEN}

They train to become a hunter, fighter, or healer. Must do as there Mentor says and train at least once a day. Helps re-new bedding for clan. Must be at least 10 moons old.

{4/∞ OPEN}

They must stay within camp at all times. Must be 10 moons old to become a Novice. (Advances 1 moons every 2 clan meetings).
Name Username Gender Power(s) Mentor/Mother Mate/Age
✫Arrow Djmusichowl Male Timber Dawn
✫Dawn Princesposhgirl Female Can hear talking and sounds miles away Luna/Clover Flower Arrow/ 18 moons
✫Brook imavase Female
Star Stonewolf35 Female
Cyan pinktink88 Female
Fang Awesomewolf3678 Male
Winterpaw Mrshakeyas Female 7 moons
Nightmare Jammer78rrfgj Male 7 moons

{0/∞ OPEN}

Queens take care of the pups and are required to be with them at all times. Returns to being a Fighter or Hunter once pup(s) become Novice(s).

{1/∞ OPEN}

The title of Omega is given as punishment, depending on the severity you may remain an Omega for a long time. Other clan members should not respect the Omegas. They are NOT allowed to leave camp without another wolf. Must be watched at all times.
Name Username Gender Power(s) Apprentice Mate




Starla- Spirit Gaurdian of Timber, & is the Spirit Gemstone. Controls the spirit world and is like a god to most animals in the Oak forest

Crystal- Spirit Guardian Of: Icy

Clover Flower- Spirit Guardian Of: Dawn

Queen Moonbeam- Spirit Guardian Of: Queen Luna

Alas- Spirit Guardian of: Cresent and Timber


Fiona- Gemstone of Darkness

Reason of Evil: Controls all darkness and dark magic in the Oak forest, has hurt and killed many innocent souls, wants to rule the Oak forest

Whisper Feather- Sister of Clover Flower - Mate is Zoru - Reason of Evil- is insane, and loves to cause trouble, is helping Zoru take over the oak forest

Greely- Animal Jam Alpha

reason of evil: killed Queen Moonbeam, trapped Crystal in a necklace (is dead now), turned Jack evil (Jack turned back to good.)


Scar- Shadow Wolf Leader

Reason of Evil: burned down many villages, killed many families.

Zoru-Leader of Shadow Wolves

Reason of Evil: Is a threat to every good thing in this world, wants to take control or get rid of Stoneclan, is dangerous and has very skilled fire powers, is Also Timber's brother

Unknown- Shadow Wolf Beta

Reason of Evil: killed many wolves, trapped and murdered families

Lilac- Shadow Wolf

Reason of Evil: steals, tricks pups making them walking into traps

???- Water Wolf

reason of evil: Sometimes appears in the river in Stoneclan camp, and has tried to drown multiple members



Cedar- wolferyka1- wanted to be with friends also

Ember and shiver- littlestbassist & Eucaspirit- wanted to be with friends in another group

Starling- Withoutstars- Felt they didn't belong

Crystal- wolffiashadow - died wishing to be the spirit guardian of Stoneclan

Alas- munkhunk- died from a battle

Magic- died from sickness


Prince of Darkness- Leafy67836- Felt like they didn't belong and left/rejoined to many times

Peril- Munkhunk- Felt like they didn't belong and left/rejoined to many times

Speedy- Laughingjack52 - double clanning

Swift- swiftpaws88 - double clanning

Maple- Willowpaw166- Joined Nightclan

Neon- misscutejoy3- felt they didn't belong

River- beemunchkin- wished to be with her sister

Nightstar- Newty1212- not active

Group Leader Username Help
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
- - - -
Name Status Gender/User Mate
Clover Loner Male/ ThatCleverClover Timber
Fox Shadow Wolf loner Female Jack
Jack Loner Male Fox
Zoluka Phantom King Phantom Fortress Male Queen Moonbeam
Max Phantom Fortress Male Queen Luna
Temmie BetaClan (si63045) Temmieflakes1234 N/A




D0ctorclevergirl's den

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Hunting Grounds

Sarepia Forest

Used for hunting & gathering herbs.

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Herb Collection


Herbs can be found here.

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Clay Place

Coral Canyons

Used for collecting clay to secure camp walls.

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Moss Place

Temple of Zios

Find fresh/wet moss hear.

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Back Up Hunting Grounds


Hunting Grounds

Insert image here

Star Mountain

Mt. Shiver

A place to speak with the stars.

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*Click the tabs to open the information*


OC Name:


Rank- Roleplay Example: (Day to day life as the rank you wish to have. If you wish to be beta fill out a form but you will have an assessment in front of the Alpha same with third command)

Hunting Roleplay Example: (For all roles except pup)


(Short) Physical Description of the OC:

Reason for Joining:

Oc Powers? ( optional, but nothing too ridiculous):

Group Name:

Leader's Name:

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Reason for Alliance:

Promise of Assistance:

How often will you visit?:

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Reason for leaving

Last message/ goodbye

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  • Timber
  • Queen Luna
  • Dawn
  • Icypaw


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  • Shiver and Ember gif by Eucaspirit




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Waterfall Pixel Art-

Coding by- Kitty2


RP TIMES & Absentees

NOTE: These times are just baselines of when to start the RP, sometimes we may start a little before or after the time it says, no one has to be on the dot as long as you show up! Also if you will be ABSENT please state the reason, name/user and how long you will be out!

Mountain Daylight Time Eastern Daylight Time Pacific Daylight Time Central Daylight Time
Monday- 12:30pm Monday-2:30 Monday-11:30am Monday-1:30pm
Tuesday-12:30pm -Tuesday-2:30 Tuesday-11:30am Tuesday-1:30pm
Wednesday- Break/having fun Wednesday-Break/having fun Wednesday-Break/having fun Wednesday-Break/having fun
Thursday-12:30pm -Thursday-2:30 Thursday-11:30am Thursday-1:30
Friday-12:30pm -Friday-2:30pm Friday-11:30am Friday-1:30pm
Saturday- AnyTime Saturday-Anytime Saturday-Anytime Saturday-Anytime
Sunday- Break/having fun Sunday- Break/having fun Sunday- Break/having fun Sunday- Break/having fun
Absent Name User How long Reason
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Luna - She was a young phantom wolf that lived in the Fortess, her father was King Zoluka, the king of phantoms, her mother was the queen, her name was MoonBeam. Long ago when MoonBeam was a pup, she was friends with Greely. But he had feelings for her and she said she was in love with the Phantom Prince! Ever since then Greely hated phantoms and told jammers lies about them. A few years later he went to the Fortess. He killed most of the guards, when he made it to the bedroom, he saw someone wearing a black jacket. The first thing Greely did was killed it but after his sword went right through the body, he realized it was MoonBeam. Zoluka walked in the room seeing the blood and stared at Greely... Then the war between phantoms and jammers has began... Princess Luna missed her mother, she stills has the blood-stained spellbook that her mother had. MoonBeam loved magic and then taught it to her daughter before MoonBeam died. Luna started writing her own spells.

A few moons later his father came to her room. "Hello daughter, i have important news for you" her father said with a sad face. "What is it?" Luna asked. "You will be moving out, im sending you to Stoneclan". After he explained why Luna packed her stuff and began her journey.

She walked in the peaceful forest with one of the guards. "This is close as i can get, you are on your own now" the guard went back home as Luna walked the trail. She saw white roses up head so she walked closer till she saw a wolf walk to her. "Hello, I am Timber the leader of Stoneclan, are you joining here?" Timber asked Luna. "Yes, i am Luna"

Luna trained to become a healer but a few moons after she was a novice, her mentor disappeared and later was found dead near a river. No one knew how she died. Luna became head healer at a young age. She spent most of her time talking to the spirits, since now she can talk to her mother. One day some phantoms came to check on Luna. Alas was worried about Luna since thats where most of them been spotted. Luna had to tell the truth, about being part phantom. Alas then understood why Luna seemed "different." The beta told the alpha and then told everyone not to hurt a phantom or the pack would be attacked by hundreds of phantoms.

Ever since then, Princess Luna was the healer of Stoneclan and healed the injured while guilding the lost.

Timber- When Timber was very young, her and her brother were taken from their family. Trapped in cages their whole Childhood, the humans let them free and soon Timber and her brother both learned about their power. She was alone in the forest when her brother left to go get revenge on the humans, soon she met her future lover. They had 2 pups but it turns out he wasn't the wolf she thought he was. In anger a fight broke out between Timber, her Brother name Zoru ( when he returned), and Ein ( her lover ) one of the pups ended up dying for they got in the way. Timber was devistated and blamed herself. She locked Zoru away, and forced Ein to leave her life forever. Her and her pup were alone once again, the same night spirits sent her a dream about becoming a great leader. A leader of a pack Called Stoneclan, they said " Your purpose is greater than you think, you are here to help those in need, even if they don't Know it yet. You will Meet many wolfs, some good, some bad. But together you shall learn how to help eachother, those who have good souls but wounded hearts like you"

Now she is the Proud Alpha of Stoneclan.

Icypaw - When Alas had died, her star shot on to another being. The sister of Echo, the niece of Timber, the future life of Alas Lighting, rose Icypaw. Abandoned by Echo and her mother, Icypaw built a palace of ice and snow. As winter melted into summer, Icypaw lost everything. Her palace, her guards, and her sanity. She ran into the woods. She wanted to get rid of her misery and kill herself. She held her claws to her neck, thinking about sinking those sharp claws into her throat. Standing there putting her paw on Icypaw's arm was Timber. Icypaw followed Timber. Timber let Icypaw into StoneClan. Icypaw was a pup. This where she met Timber, her aunt. This is where she met her sister, Echo. This is where she met Winterpaw and Nightmare, pups in which decided Icypaw was going to become The Chosen One". This is where Icypaw met her destiny. But back in that palace were secrets. Icypaw's friends (Ray, Beam, and Moonpaw) wait there.

Nobody in StoneClan knew of something in her related to her powers. As she sat with Timber and Luna, she dipped her head into the water of the Sacred Caves, she rose with her eyes blank. Alas was her past life, somehow, some way, she was Alas. As she spoke to Timber and Luna they remembered all the moments they had shared with Alas. As Icypaw returned to her body, she could hear the thoughts of Alas, but why? Was she Alas? Was she connected to Alas? Could she bring Alas back? Nobody knew for sure, but someday they will find out the dark thing Icypaw can do with her dark powers.

Time flew by. Pups became novices. One day Icypaw and Nightmare were alone. Nightmare was Icypaw's love. Nightmare had told Icypaw to visit the void. Icypaw asked, "Are we going together?" Nightmare replied, "No. They'll kill me." Icypaw nodded and jumped into the portal. When Icypaw jumped in, she saw the Lord of Darknesss She asked for what she came to ask for. She bowed down to the lord. "Your majesty, where is Winterpaw?" Icypaw said. "She's in the mortal realm of course." The Lord of Darkness replied. "No she's not. Echo took over her body." Icypaw said. "Then Winterpaw is in the spirit timeline." The lord said.Icypaw looked down then spoke, "Just one more thing..." She looked back up at the Lord. "Do you have to kill Nightmare?" The lord looked down at her in surprise. "Yes. How do you know of this?"A tear ran down Icypaw's face. "He told me. Don't lay a claw on him!" Icypaw was filled with rage. She wanted to go back. She shouldn't have gone to the void. "I will have to" The Lord said. He got up and made a portal back. "Go home little girl. I will go with you. I have to do what I have to do."Icypaw was furious. "I know Ice and Darkness don't mix." She ignored what the lord had said and instead dug her claw into his chest using her magic. She turned him to ice and he slowly became dust and blew away. She went through the portal to home. Nightmare was there. He was coughing black."Oh no. What have I done?! I just killed the lord of darkness!!!! That's gonna kill Nightmare!"Icypaw ran over and held Nightmare in her paws. "No! Nightmare please live! Please.. Please live.." Icypaw cried and cried, yet Nightmare just started turning to black dust. "Go... away... TRAITOR..." Nightmare screamed. "SCREEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!" Nightmare just kept screaming. Icypaw put Nightmare down. She kept healing him with all her dark magic. Nothing worked. Icypaw felt so bad. Her mistakes leaded to her friend dying. Nightmare just lied there in a pile of dust and blood. After that moment, Icypaw never forgave herself. She never stopped talking and thinking about Nightmare. She was always cautious of what she did. She thinks before she does now. She is a caring novice.

Dawn- Dawn used to live in a Rivelake Village where her mother organized groups such as fighting to protect their village. She was able to figure out which location to send them to attack. Dawn had happy memories there. She Loved to play in the gardens for she has always felt a connection with nature. Everyday she always saw another pup watching her from the same tree, She didn't mind. His name was Arrow, and when the other pups picked on him she was there to stand up for him. Then one morning the night after Dawn's mother ( CloverFlower ) sent out the plans to send a fighting group to defend their village from shadow wolves, someone was rapidly banging on their door. When her Mother opened, the families closest friend ran in and shut the door. She told Cloverflower that the whole Village was coming and they weren't happy, sure enough minutes later there were loud voices booming outside their door. Their friend told them that Cloverflower's plans didn't work and the village fighters got ambushed but she was sure that there was no flaw in the plans. Dawn and Cloverflower had to leave the Village secretly and never return. Dawn was only 5 moons when this happened. Shortly after they left, the shadow wolves attacked the Village but her and her mom had to learn how to be quiet, sneaky, and quick thinkers. Dawn had also developed an incredible sense of hearing far distances. As the years past Dawn came back to their village but everything was gone already. Soon some of the shadow wolves tracked them down. Dawn came home to see her mother dead on the floor. Based on her injuries this wasn't from natural cause, Dawn knew her mother was innocent and wondered why the shadow wolves were chasing them. She bursted out crying wishing she was there for her. Then Dawn say a note next to her mother that read " Don't think this is over, it isn't until every one in your blood line is Gone" Dawn was alone and scared until she came upon stoneclan and they welcomed her with open arms. After failing to help her mother, Dawn wanted to learn how to heal her clan and be the best Healer she can be.

Shortly after joining stoneclan, Arrow joined. She did not recognize him at first but after talking she realized she knew him from long ago. After that they enjoyed spending their spare time together and soon Arrow asked her to be his mate. Happily she said yes and they are happy together. They couldn't imagine a world without eachother.

*Nightmare*- Nightmare was a spirit in a team and the owner was lord of darkness. and lord of darkness's wife was lord of shadows. a army of spirit darkness. if someone survived in the void of darkness... one of the ones in the army would be there spirit to cause bad luck. winterpaw was the first one to survive in the void. than her spirit who causes bad luck was nightmare. than well winterpaws story began with a little bit of suffering. darkness spirits would be happy if there person would suffer.. Each time nightmare would hurt winterpaw... a darkness suffering scar would grow on winterpaw. but some darkness spirits can be good. or evil. Winterpaw thinks nightmare was... both. but she never says it to anyone. Later.. right after a mistake of icypaw ending the lord of darkness. which made nightmare end.. nightmare was losing some memory of icypaw and was coughing black, than he forgot everyone. and everything. Than. that was the time a spirit died. The other army of spirit darkness also ended. someone lied to icypaw about her being a lord. So she could come in. And all the lords would sent there army to kill her for a plan attack because she ended the king of the void. Lord of darkness. She's also called in the void ''The icy Murder'' The other lords never knew that she liked one of the spirit darkness. Later... Nightmare never comes back... but a mystery someone.. Enters into the world of stoneclan.. And acts like nightmare but like named spirit.. But now.. All the echo crystal pups that exist cant join any clan or anything.. now the mystery is left behind, But who knows someone of a echo crystal might join a other clan instead of stoneclan... ... WhErE Is NiGHtMaRE .

Arrow - He was once a normal pup, he had a family. He lived in a small village, his father taught him how to use a bow and arrow for protection. They thought phantoms are what they should be afraid of, but it wasn't. One day a pack of shadow wolves came and burn down the houses. Arrow's mom and died turning the attack. The second before his mom died she said, "Take my necklace, my spirit shall be inside of it, I will guide you,"

she took a breath and smiled at arrow, "You are special..."

The she died and Arrow ran off crying till a shadow wolf corner him. Arrow asked the shadowy wolf why he is attacking the village. The wolf said to him, "Because we want to take over and rule this world."

Then the wolf hit Arrow on his eye, which made him go blind. The wolf left thinking he would die from hunger or something. Arrow ran into the forest and bumped into two wolves. Their named were Luna and Timber. The two wolves noticed that Arrow is hurt and they took him to Stoneclan where he would be safe from shadow wolves. But the words still ring in his head today, but still doesn't understand what it meant.

"You are special..."

When Arrow walked into the camp he saw something familiar. It was a brown female wolf named Dawn, then he remembered his past once again. Dawn lived in the same village as he did! He remembered all the pups made fun of him because he was small for his age but Dawn didn't make fun of him. She stand up for Arrow. He never talked to her, he was just to shy. So he would sit by his childhood tree and watched Dawn watered and played in the gardens. But one day, she wasn't in her garden. Arrow gotten worried about Dawn and then a wolf walked up to him explaining what happened. Then, the whole village was being attacked. Once he gotten his extra arrows and his mother's necklace he ran to freedom... He realized that Dawn was alive and is okay! He never felt so happy before. A few days later he ran up to Dawn hugging her. "Why are you hugging me so tight?!" Dawn said coughing from the tight hug. Arrow noticed that she didn't remember him so he told her everything from his childhood till Dawn remembered. Everyday they spend talking to each other after their training.

"Will...Will you be my mate, Dawn?"

Dawn replied in joy. "Yes I will Arrow."

Every since then they loved each other hoping they would never lose each other.

Fox - She was born a shadow wolf, raised to be a shadow wolf, trained to be a shadow wolf. But Fox never listen, she didn't want to hurt anybody, so the shadow wolves kicked her out of their pack. She ran off deeper into the forest till one day she met Jack and Crystal. They were brother and sister, loners. She begged them to teach her how to be good and so they did teach her. Crystal didn't trust Fox but after a while she accepted Fox in their small loner pack. Jack and Fox became mates and thought nothing bad would ever happen but they were wrong. One day, Greely took Fox and Jack. He asked them, "Where is Shadow Wolf camp?"

Jack didn't know she was a shadow wolf till now. Fox may have been kicked out of her home but she didn't want to tell Greely where her camp was. Crystal found out and ran till she spotted Greely and she begged to let them free. Greely then cast a spell on her and that spell he did trapped Crystal in her brother's necklace. "If you wish for her to be free you must.."

He thought for a moment then an idea popped in his head. "Go find Princess Luna the phantom wolf princess."

Jack once met Luna and thought she was very nice and so he told Greely no. He was mad and cast a different spell on Jack which made him evil. Fox finally escaped and found Stoneclan and told them what happened and so they let her stay.

Jack - He was a normal wolf, he lived with Fox, his mate, and Crystal, his sister. One day he was kidnapped by Greely and asked him questions but Jack did not know the answers. Then Crystal walked in and was about to attack Greely. But he turned her into a necklace which Jack wore. Then Greely turn him evil. He killed Little, Luna's bff. He was about to attack Stoneclan but a spell stopped him. Finally one day the spell faded and he ripped out the pages of Luna's spell book. Fox, Dawn, and Luna cast spells on Jack to stop Greely from controlling him. Then Jack randomly ran to the cave and where the spirit stones laid, a fire appeared, and then a wolf walked out of the flames as Jack's necklace cracked into pieces. Out came his sister. "Hello brother, it is me, Crystal, I'm free at last. Thank you! I shall protect Stoneclan. I am now the spirit guardian!"

After that he said thank you to the healers and then disappeared. He made a deal with Greely, and now works for him.

Fang - When fire rose to the forests and blood was filling the rivers was when Fang was born. He and his three sisters were deep in the forest. They had a small town where everyone got along. His family was always brave and protecting. All the other wolf pups were more of couch kids, but Fang was an adventure boy. There was this one pup in his town who always looked down in the water. She had no friends, and she never socialized. One day Fang went over to go talk to her. "Hello! How are you today miss?" She looked up from the water and stared into Fang's dark blue eyes with her light green ones."I'm good... how are you?" She asked. Fang lost focus and just said, "You have beautiful eyes." The pup looked at Fang and said, "Thanks... Whats your name?" "It's Fang. What's yours?" "Lilly." Fang looked into the forest. He saw a fire. "FIRE!" Fang screamed. He grabbed Lilly's paw and ran into the distance. "Fang what are doing?!?!?!" Lilly screamed. "GETTING US TO SAFETY!" Fang yelled back at her. Fang stopped running. "We're safe here, but we need a fire." Lilly shivered. "You're insane to bring us out here!" She said. "I saved your life!" Fang snapped back at her while making a fire. Finally he made a fire and they kept warm. "Maybe i'll leave and go survive on my own." Fang said to Lilly. He ran off into the base of Stoneclan. He joined Stoneclan. He is now a pup learning to use a bow and arrow.

Clover ( Not the Spirit Clover flower, a different clover):

Clover was born in a human home. He was raised by his mother and his people along with his other siblings.The humans came home late most of the time, though one day the human brought Clover and his siblings to their work. Clover was unsure of where they were heading to but he was excited to finally explore outside his home. They sat in a room while the human went into some sort of lab. Clover was curious so he followed the human into the lab. Scents of other dogs filled his nose, and he was overwhelmed. As he peered around the corner he saw cages filled with dogs, Clover could sense that they were in fear. He watched as the Human went over to 2 wolf pups. They both had dark grey pelts. One with red eyes, the other with black. The one with black eyes, a girl, clover thought was very pretty. Clover kept watching as The human stuck something sharp on the pups shoulder. The pups yowled and suddenly the pup with black eyes had a blue pattern on their fur with horns, and now there eyes were blue. The other pup kept his red eyes but earned a red pattern similar to the other pups, and horns as well. Clover was shocked with fear. " what if we are next! "

His thoughts whirled in his head. He ran out of the room and explained to his family what he had witnessed. Of course, they thought he was overreacting and thought nothing of it. Clover began to look at the Human in a whole new way. Finally he got the courage to escape his human home. He asked for his family to join him but they didn't want to set foot in the forest. Clover said his goodbyes sadly and looked at his childhood home one more time before escaping. He ran into the uknown forest and found an abandoned treehouse. There he learned how to survive on his own. He was glad to not live in fear and hoped his family was ok. Moons past and he became a full grown wolf. Then one day as he was wondering near his tree house, he saw a familar wolf running aimlessly into the forest. Then she slowed down and sat by a tree crying. Cautiously, Clover walked over to her. He asked her if she was hurt and if she needed help. She nodded no for she could barely speak. Clover sat and talked to her. He soon learned That her Name was Timber and she was the Alpha of stoneclan. Everyday Timber would find time to come visit Him at his Treehouse, she had not told her clan about him yet. Clover realized she was the same wolf he saw when he was a pup at the lab. He let her talk out her feelings and they became good friends. Clover was there to make her laugh and smile. Soon Clover had deeper feelings towards Timber. He had Fallen in Love with her. Timber had the same feelings and they became mates. Now Clover visits the Clan and promises to be loyal, even if he is not officially in it.

Lilac: She was once a normal wolf, she loved to sing to her family, specially Clover. He loved listening to her songs, he can remember almost every word, they both had nicknames for each other, Lily Lilac and Little Clover. One day she got to go to the human's job with her family. She could smell others wolves but she didn't care much, she was to busy looking around. Clover ran off to see what the human was doing because he couldn't sit still.

He came back, he seemed very scared for some reason. "You okay Little Clover? You look like you just saw a ghost," Lilac said wondering what happened. He started talking about some needle thing that humans use to poke you in the shoulder with, makes you have strange patterns and horns. No one believed him, Lilac didn't understand what he meant. Clover ran off leaving her with their family. Later the human came back and took them home, but the human left one of the pups there, it was the oldest, Xander.

Moons later Lilac and a few other pups, and their parents, were left. Then they was brought to work again. Lilac was very sneaky so she followed the human to a lab. She saw many pups crying for help, needles on shelves. Lilac was scared to death, she ran to parents, hoping they would believe her. "If this is true, show me" her mom asked her nicely, to make Lilac a bit calmer. Mom followed Lilac and saw the same thing. In fear, they all ran away. They found a old dog house that was rotting away in the forest, so they stayed there.

One day, a strange wolf came to their new yet old house. It looked like one of the pups from the lab! He had a red patter with horns on his head. Next thing Lilac noticed, the place was on fire! She alerted everyone and they all ran out, Lilac came last. The wolf, Zoru, picked up Lilac and ran off. She never knew what happened to her family, not even knew where Clover went. She was thrown onto the ground with another wolf standing next to her, covered in scars. "Do we have a deal?" "Yes, Zoru, you may lead this pack of mine"

Lilac was forced to eat a strange black liquid, it didn't look like phantom goop, it seemed different. Lilac's light grey fur turned a dark shade of grey, she turned into a shadow wolf. Moons later, she was forced to be evil, yet she refused too. A shadow wolf came up to her and gave her a necklace. She couldn't take it off. It zapped her if she was doing something wrong, like being too nice.

Ever since then, she was brainwashed to be evil yet her song made her survive.

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Mates That exist

Dawn+Arrow= DARROW 4 LIFE

Timber+Clover= CLIMBER 4 EVER

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