With the storm destroying the beautiful things around us, I wonder how long they will take to recover, and if we're damaged like they are, will we ever recover?


Current Name: Songbird

  • Song: A prefix given after her mothers lullabies and her voice
  • Bird: A warriors suffix

Previous Name(s): Song

Nickname(s): Birdy, Song

Gender Identity: Cisgender She-cat

Gender Pronouns: She/her

Voice: Rose Quartz- Steven Universe



Birth Date & Place: January 24th, Twoleg Home

Created: 2018

Status: Alive

Sex: Female

Current Age: 24 Moons

Sexual Orientation: Polysexual

Breed: Turkish Angora

Current Residence: SageClan

Former Residence: Kittypet

Current Rank: Warrior

Zodiac: Aquarius

Element: Air



    = Coat
    = Eyes
    = Nose
    = Tongue
    = Pawpads

Appearance Summary: Songbird is an elegant, long-legged she-cat with big sky blue eyes and a fluffy alabaster coat. She's a tall she-cat with a slim, graceful figure and a long tail.

Height/Length/Weight: 9.5 Inches (At shoulder)/2.8 Feet (From nose to tail-tip)/9.8 Pounds

Physical Build: Songbird has a healthy figure that is a bit on the thinner side. She has a fair amount of muscle but long limbs that make her taller than most she-cats.

Facial Features: Songbird has a round, clean face, a soft pink nose and her large dark blue eyes that stick her out of the crowd.

Body Features: Being known to have long legs, Songbird also has a longer fluffy tail. Due to being on the slimmer side, bones including mainly her shoulders and limbs stick out from beneath her coat despite being healthy.

Coat: Songbird is a pure white she-cat with some parts of her coat that may appear creamy. Her fur is soft to the touch and on a longer side, some parts of her coat appearing to look like feathers rather than fur.

Scars: Minor scarring around her belly and chest from past battles

Scent: The clean oak scent of the Woodland trees




Calm - Charismatic - Faithful - Intelligent - Motherly - Observant

Summary: Songbird is known to be a calm and charming she-cat who finds it easy to make conversation, being a naturally loving she-cat who takes care of others as if they are her family. She is very faithful and imaginative, being a smart she-cat who always takes in her surroundings simply by observing and letting her mind wander.



Curious - Dreamy - Maternal - Quiet - Soft - Whimsical

Summary: Tending to be observant, Songbird is a curious she-cat who finds enjoyment in the world around her and figuring out what things are and why things happen. She has a huge imagination and lets her dreams guide her, making her whimsical and a soft she-cat who prefers to love than fight, making her more quiet rather than loud.



Clumsy - Odd - Over-imaginative - Quirky - Secretive - Vulnerable

Summary: Due to having long legs, Songbird can tend to be clumsy and trip over her own limbs at times. She can be seen as an odd and quirky she-cat with a large imagination, often rambling about her thoughts and dreams. However, she can tend to keep many dark thoughts beneath her skin and never let them out, her emotions making her vulnerable and weak when poked the wrong way.



  • Newleaf
  • Mudferns scent
  • The Woodlands
  • Blackbirds
  • Climbing & Running


  • Leaf-bare
  • Swimming
  • Storms
  • Disrespect and discrimation towards cats for their birthplace



-Serve and protect her clan to be the best warrior she can possibly be ♩



Current Physical Health: Songbird's health is currently at a low due to suffering from an unknown illness that had spread over her clan

Physical Disorders/Disabilities: None

Strongest Skills: Songbird's strongest skills comes from her climbing, stamina, agility, and speed. Her slim body makes her a swift she-cat unlike most SageClan cats, giving her a great advantage to fight against enemies for her clan that have different skills.

Weaknesses: Unfortunately, due to not being a pure-blooded SageClan cat, Songbirds strength and skill in swimming are low.

Points of Weakness: Underbelly, limbs

Previous Conditions: Wounds

Current Conditions: Unknown illness


Defense: 5/10

Reflexes: 8/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Strength: 4/10

Agility: 9/10

Stamina: 8/10

Speed: 8/10

Balance: 8/10

Stealth: 9/10

Hunting: 8/10

Swimming: 2/10

Climbing: 8/10



Current Mental Health: Songbirds mental health is in good shape

Mental Disorders/Disabilities: None


-Thanatophobia (The fear of death)

-Scotophobia (The fear of the dark)

-Thanatophobia (The fear of loss)

-Pyrophobia (The fear of fire)


Leadership: 5/10

Ambition: 5/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Wisdom: 9/10

Sociability: 8/10

Sensitivity: 9/10

Emotional Strength: 2/10

Mental Strength: 4/10

Herbal Knowledge: 5/10



= Deceased

? = Unknown

Father(s): Blue (?)

Uncles on Fathers Side: None

Aunts on Fathers Side: None

Cousins on Fathers Side: None

Mother(s): Sasha (X)

Uncles on Mothers Side: None

Aunts on Mothers Side: None

Cousins on Mothers Side: None

Brother(s): Snow (X)

Sister(s): Lavender (?), Amber (X)

Nephew(s): None

Neice(s): None


[Relation - Name - Status - Trust %]

Father - Blue - Unknown - 50%

"Mother never told us about you too much, only that you were a brave tom cat with eyes like the ocean and fur like storm clouds. If she knew what happened to you, she never told us, but I can tell she loved you and only you."

Mother - Sasha - Deceased - 100%

"I hope I can love you all as much as your father loved me." -Sasha to her kits

"I remember seeing you as the most beautiful cat I had seen, with a coat as white as the snow and eyes that were like the stars the clan has taught me to be Silverpelt. We all looked up to you, followed you as if we were going to be kits together and that you would always be around. We didn't know any better, perhaps you didn't want to think about anything different either I wish you didn't have to leave painfully, and I hope I can be lucky to be with cats who love me as much as we loved you. I truly miss you."

Brother - Snow - Deceased - 100%

"If you're gonna live more, you gotta run through the ocean and play games with fire!" -Snow to Song

"I remember how Lavender and Amber would tease us as the two balls of snow in the litter. You were considered the odd ball with one eye of fire and one eye like water, it was strange but fascinating. You were reckless, careless, and I wish I could've been as adventurous as you were. I wish your adventures lasted longer."

Sister - Lavender - Unknown - 80%

"I know you're going to want to go out into the world, it seems as if you were made for it, but I cannot go down that road, I prefer the cozier life." -Lavender to Song after Sasha, Amber, and Snows death

"You were like our father, a beauty that wasn't made for the wild life, at least according to Sasha. I remember how the twolegs praised you and Amber as if you were both the most beautiful creatures alive, and I think you both knew it. Without Amber, you were lost, and I could see it behind your sapphire eyes. I sometime dream about how you're doing in your new home."

Sister - Amber - Deceased - 100%

"Family doesn't last forever, eh?" -Amber to Song and Lavender during her death

"You were Lavenders other half, the two of you being the twolegs accessories. You were full of life, you were full of fire and we all admired it. It was a shame to watch that die."



Relationship Status: Single

Current Mate: None

Previous Mate(s): None

Current Fling(s): None

Previous Fling(s): None

Currently Attracted To: Mudfern

Previously Attracted To: None

Cats Currently Attracted To Songbird: Mudfern

Cats Previously Attracted To Songbird: Quinn (?), Spottednose (?)

Shipping(s): None

Experienced?: No

Fertility: 100%

Physical Candy Eye: Songbird is quickly to drawn to darker-colored pelts and cats of all different shapes and sizes. She loves diversity and observing the beauty and flaws in others, and simply wants someone to love.

Personality Candy Eye: Being an imaginative she-cat, Songbird desires someone who she can share her dreams and thoughts with. She loves those who are thoughtful, ambitious, hard-working, and as peaceful as she is.

Turn Offs: Songbird can be quickly turned away by those who disloyal, unable to commit, narrow-minded, and violent.


-Long-term Relationship

-Family made from a long-term relationship (In progress)

-Joined Hearts


Friend - Quinn - Unknown - 50%

"I want to give you everything in return for the happiness you've brought me, please just stay..." -Quinn to Song

"Quinn, I still see you as one of my greatest friends, despite being the mystery you were. You were this beautiful she-cat with the night sky in your fur, showed me things I never explored before. You taught me fear and adventure, something I will always be grateful for, I just wish you understood that the feelings you had I couldn't return. I don't know why you did some of the things you did, maybe you didn't realize you were hurting cats, both emotionally and physically, even me. I hope you're happy and soon realize why I couldn't stay and why I couldn't love someone like you.."

Former Friend - Spottednose - Alive - 100%

"I thought you were my friend, I thought you cared about Mudfern and I... You didn't just break me, but your mate. Mudfern didn't deserve the things you did, but I can promise I will pick up the pieces you left behind. Not for you, but for the rest of us."

Crush - Mudfern - Alive - 100%

"I'm glad I got to know you, Songbird. My life wouldn't be the same without you." -Mudfern to Songbird

"Mudfern, one of my dearest friends. You didn't pay much attention to me at first, but there was always something about you I thought about. I would always see you with Spottednose, the two of you being inseperatable. I don't know what drew me in, I thought maybe it was just admiration that two toms could love each other so truly. Is it strange to love two cats at the same time and even stranger that there is a possibility that they may love you back...?"



Close friend - Faithleap - Alive - 95%

"She's cool, but I'm cooler." -Faithleap about Songbird

"Faithleap, you're... different from other cats and I suppose I admire it. You aren't naive at all, you could be considered a bit sharp, but I know there's a good heart. You're the perfect mixture of a social and reserved she-cat from what I've observed at least. I suppose when we met you were in a social stage, granting me the gift of kindness. I know if I ever need you I could trust you."

Friend - Cinderpelt - Alive - 70%

"You're more quiet, reminds me of my brother I suppose. You never seemed like the talking type Cinder, you were always around just quiet, and I have to admit I hesitated a little when I first met you. I didn't think anyone could get you talking, but I suppose it takes just a little courage to shake you a little huh?"



"The last thing I'm going to do is throw myself into the pit of death by going out there. Don't you suppose mother makes the rules for a reason?" -Song to Snow and Amber about going over the fence

"I swear sometime I think the bells on your collars are as loud as your egos." -Song to Lavender and Amber

"Mother will get better, she always does, and if she doesn't, then she will be taken somewhere that will make her feel better, so why worry?" -Song to Lavender about Sasha's sickness

"You don't have to keep trying to spare my feelings, just feel better, please?" -Song to Sasha during her death

"You know, I was hoping that if this day ever came that you'd go out quickly because of foolishness, not suffer for no reason... I'll miss you, you're the other half of our team of white fluff balls." -Song to Snow during his death

"I think we both know that her ends near, and for that I'm sorry that I can't spare your feelings as Sasha did." -Song to Lavender when Amber caught the sickness

"We never met Blue, but if I've learned anything from him in the stories Sasha told us, it's that there's a certain time where you have to let go of the things you hold dear to you in order to start something new. If you don't want to follow then I'll let you go." -Song to Lavender before leaving to the clans

"Thank you for taking me in, I've had clan cats judge me for the strap around my neck, but I know that you are those who follow you are much different." -Song to Warstar when being taken into SageClan

"My mother didn't get the long life she deserved... but she's taught me and my siblings one thing, and that's to hold those you love to you closest no matter what's going on in the world because you could lose them in a second." -Songbird to Spottednose

"I'm not one to get my paws wet, still can't stand the feeling of being soaked I suppose." -Songbird to Spottednose during the beginning of the storm

"I'm sure Weaselpaw will show up soon, and if he doesn't, then perhaps he found another path of life. None of this was your fault, if he goes down the wrong road, then it was meant to be, he could still be out there, you could have encouraged him towards a better life." -Songbird reassuring Mudfern about Weaselpaws disappearance

"With the storm destroying the beautiful things around us, I wonder how long they will take to recover, and if we're damaged like they are, will we ever recover?" -Songbirds thoughts during the storm thats flooding SageClans territory

"Mudfern, I'm so sorry... You did not deserve a cat like that, especially for a mate. Everything happens for a reason, and usually it's to give you a new start. His ending was your beginning." -Songbird consoling Mudfern on Spottednose's betrayal



Feel free to drop some questions for Songbird to answer!

1. Q: "If Songbird had the opportunity, who would she choose between her love interests?"

A: Due to the betrayal and leaving of Spottednose, Songbird has decided that her heart belongs to her dearest friend, Mudfern.

2. Q: "Does Songbird have a favorite song?"

A: She sure does!: (Link to the song!)