SnowClan: Shipping

SnowClan is one of many LGBT+ accepting communities. We ship/approve of relationships between OCs of all gender identities and sexualities. Remember this before commenting anything that could be taken as homophobic, transphobic, etc.. Feel free to post any joke ships, new couples, crushes, or anything related to romance in Snowclan.



Rowanstar 💙 Nightstar = Remote Forced National Soccer

Greystorm 💙 Frozenbreeze = Frozenstorm

Dewwhisker 💙 Koisplash= Koiwhisker

Doehoof 💙 Brairheart= Brairhoof

Elk 💙 Lostsoul= Elksoul


Prairiepaw 💙 Breezepaw

Breezepaw 💙 Prairiepaw

Dawnfeather 💙 Leafpuddle

Whispkit 💙 Rockkit

Sharppaw 💙 Badgerpaw

Badgerpaw 💙 Sharppaw

Mountainridge 💙 Dogsplash

Jaystorm 💙 Ravenfrost


Love Letters/Confessions

Dear Name,

This is a confession to you that has something meaningful written here from the writers' character's perspective

Sincerely, Name or Anonymous.

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