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"Snow is like kindness, it beautifies everything it touches."
Name; SnowClan Founders; Sis81759 & Beanieboo999 Founding Date; 11.19.17
Leaders; Cottonstar & Buckstar Identification; White Snow Leopard Species; Felis Catus
Character Max; 5 Camp Den; Taylordfairy Servers; Selkirk & Kilimanjaro



Doubleclanning and group-jumping are strictly forbidden. If you are caught double canning you will be asked to leave that group. If you don't leave the group you will be permanently exiled; Group-jumping is the practice of joining then leaving a group. If you are found doing this you will be permanently exiled.


Powerplaying is annoying, unfair, and unrealistic. Simply, please don't do it! Nobody likes a power player. This also includes having a Mary-Sue/magical OCs,  and unrealistic roleplaying.


Your OC's can have conflicts with each other, that makes things interesting! But keep these things inside roleplay. Treat all of your clanmates as you would like to be. Tell Cottonstar, Buckstar or Featherstone if there's a specific problem you're having with another member.


Hey, discord's great! But keep in mind this is ANIMAL JAM clans wiki! We're meant to mainly roleplay on AJ. Discord is meant for chatting and the SECOND choice for roleplaying if you can't get on animal jam, or if there's already a roleplay going on! (Same goes for the rp-thread on the wiki. )


Drama is necessary in roleplay! It makes things much more interesting! But keep it at a limit. Constant drama is annoying, frustrating, and stressful. If you're noticed causing unneeded drama outside of plots, you'll be given a small warning.


You must keep your oc for at least 2 weeks before killing it. And you may only kill one oc every 3 days. This is to make less work for the editors and to prevent more OCS from dying. You can break this rule if it's for a plot and you have permission from the higher ranks


This one is simple. You can't have the same prefix as another cat in the clan. It can get super confusing!


You must attend at least one of the animal jam a week. If you repeatedly don't show up, then you'll be given a few warnings. If you're going on a trip, or have an important school project, or life is just getting super busy, let us know in the comments! If there's another issue with having trouble to get on AJ often enough, talk to Rowanstar, Nightstar, or Featherstone.


Leafpuddle - Hope454


























1.Puppykittypuppy\Leaving within a day 


Cleared every month!

11/19/18 - We celebrate Snowclan's first birthday!

11/22/18-11/27/18 - We celebrate Thanksgiving! However, our leaders Rowanstar and Nightstar have left Snowclan hoping for a change. We wish our best to our newly promoted leaders, Cottonstar and Buckstar! Congratulations.



Leader 【2/2】 Deputy 【1/1】
ClosedLeaders are the highest rank in the clan- whatever they say is the warrior code. They've received nine lives, and are undoubtedly strong both mentally and physically, so messing with them is not an option. Leader's are also the ones who give news and ceremonies to their clan. =❄️ ClosedDeputies are the second in command, so along with the leaders, whatever they say is warrior code. They are picked by their leader, and if they aren't around, deputies take over the position non-permanently and if the leaders die, they become them. They also help assemble patrols and fighting quarters.
Name Gender Username Mate App.
❄️Buckstar Male aestheticmail Cottonstar ---
❄️Cottonstar Male Toxicdragon Buckstar ---
Featherstone Female Lilyheartbear45 --- Breezepaw

Medicine Cat 【5/5】 Medicine Cat App. 【3/3】
Closed(Spot reserved for Mintpaw, Gingercloud temporary Queen) Medicine cats is a highly crucial part to the clan. Not only do they treat cats with their wounds, sicknesses, emotions, etc., they also get signs from StarClan. They are usually the ones who receive signals, prophecies, and future references. In this clan, medicine cats may have mates, but if they keep them from their responsibilities they will be asked to either stop their relationship or step down. ClosedMedicine cat apprentices are apprentices 6 moons and older who have been picked individually by StarClan and their leaders to train and become Medicine cats. Though they are getting instructed, they don't take on huge challenges or take massive responsibilities when it comes down to the cat who is in a deathly situation (of course if they have to). These cats must be organized and have great memories in order to keep up with all of the different herbs, what to treat wounds with etc.
Name Gender Username Mate
Dawnleaf Female Violet5rose ---
Doehoof Male Hopefulfishes Briarheart
Olalla Female Aestheticmail ---
Name Gender Username Moons
Mintpaw Female Sarcasto 12.25
Sharppaw Male Wizzledrizzle 8.25
Finchpaw Female Lillyheartbear45 8

Elite 【3/3】 Warrior 【23/∞】
ClosedElite warriors are the wise, more experienced group out of the others. They are picked decisively by their leader and are given a huge role to play. These warriors organize different patrols, give higher ranks advice, and help with a conflict between cats. =♦️ OpenWarriors take up the majority of the clan. They have fewer responsibilities, though some train apprentices, go on patrols, and have mates. If they are caught disobeying the warrior code and given enough warnings, they will be exiled and not welcomed back.

Name Gender Username Mate App.
♦️Dewwhisker Male Sarcasto Koisplash ---
♦️Spidercrest Female C0smicwings Beau ---
♦️Flamestripe Male Violet5rose --- Blossompaw
Dawnfeather Female Wizzledrizzle --- Obsidian
Fograinbow Female Lilyheartbear45 --- Badgerpaw
Icecloud Male Thegametrex --- ---
Chancestep Male Windyivywolf --- ---
Dogsplash Male Sarcasto --- ---
Mountainridge Female Pinkpie45 --- ---
Wavestorm Male Jpa47916 --- Dovepaw
Wigglefish Male Windyivywolf --- ---
Wrengaze Female Chaøstrained --- ---
Rayfeather Female Quirkyria --- ---
Solarheart Female Darkdove --- ---
Charredchime Female Windyivywolf --- ---
Cloud Male Hopefulfishes --- ---
Willowheart Female Lbear5 --- ---
palehaven male Toxicdragon spit ---
Thornfrost Male Toxicdragon Willowweb ---
Beau Male toxicdragon Spidercrest ---
Willowweb Female c0smicwings Thornfrost ---
Spit Male Aestheticmail Palehaven ---
Apprentice 【17/20】
OpenApprentices are cats 6 moons and older who have just gotten out of their kittenhood. They are trained by warriors, learning how to do hunting and fighting techniques, introduced to the territory, and usually, go on patrols. If they are on the younger side, they should definitely not leave camp without warrior-supervision, but if they're older and can take care of themselves, they may. Apprentices must be loyal and great at listening or they will simply not be the best asset to the clan.

Name Gender Username Mentor Moons
Breezepaw Female Taylordfairy Featherstone 8.25
Badgerpaw Male Violet5Rose Fograinbow 8.25
Obsidian Female Horsegal305 Dawnfeather 10.5
Blossompaw Female Taylordfairy Flamestripe 8
Dovepaw Female Cutefluffycatmeow Wavestorm 13.25
Tuckedpaw Male Hopefulfishes --- 10.75
Thistlepaw Female Hopefulfishes --- 7.5
Sprinklepaw Female Dreamscanbecomereal --- 8.75
Flower Male Wizzledrzzle --- 7.25
Ashpaw Male Quirkyria --- ---
Primrosepaw Female Horsegal305 --- 6.75
Flintpaw Male Wizzledrizzle --- 6.75
Bubblepaw Female Darkdove --- 6.25
Queen 【4/5】 Kitten 【12/15】
ClosedQueens are she-cats expecting/taking care of kits. Unless they are permanent, when their kittens have reached an apprentice, they must leave the nursery and take on their warrior duties again. Queens are considerably nurturing and fine cats, though this doesn't count for all. OpenKittens are like the babies of the clan. They can't hunt, fight, or heal and haven't fully developed their main personality yet. Tending to be handfuls, they may NOT leave camp unless a queen or warrior is with them. If they do, then there will be consequences. (If a * is by a kit, it means that they are adopted.)
Name Gender Username Mate Kittens
Ambersky Female Taylordfairy --- Juniperkit*
Briarheart Female Horsegal305 Doehoof Primrosekit, Flintkit
Koisplash Female C0smicwings Dewwhisker Larchkit, Ripplekit, Breamkit
Gingercloud Female Taylordfairy --- Owlkit, Halokit*
Lostsoul Female Toxicdragon --- Marigoldkit*

Name Gender Username Moons Guardians
Brookkit Female Crystalreflectionz 2.25 TBD
Larchkit Male Sarcasto 4.25 Koisplash
Ripplekit Male Pinkpie45 4.25 Koisplash
Breamkit Female Toxicdragon 4.25 Koisplash
Halokit Male TBA 2 Gingercloud
Juniperkit Female Violet5rose 2.5 Ambersky
Owlkit Male Lilyheartbear45 1 Gingercloud
Marigoldkit Female Taylordfairy 2 Lostsoul
Elder 【0/∞】 Prisoner 【0/∞】
OpenElders are the wise and old of the clan who have retired from their duties, whether it was from a medicine cat to a warrior. They tell stories, mostly to the kittens, about their life experiences and journeys. When the clan is in need, elders are usually the ones to go to for guidance. OpenPrisoners who have been caught on the territory, or are hostile and need to be kept an eye on. They must be kept in dens where they cannot escape until release.
Name Gender Username Mate
--- ---- --- ---
Name Gender Username Reason
--- --- --- ---

Alliances 【7/∞】
OpenAllies are fellow groups that we forge a friendship with. We aid each other through difficult times.
Group Leader Realm Camp
Blazestar & Owlstar Neutral Bellajules8
Thunderstar & Foxstar Neutral CatandDoglover2824
Snowstar Neutral ???



OC Name:


AJ User:

Discord User:

Desired Rank:

Activity Status:

OC Personality and Appearance:

Age in Moons (Kits:0-5, Apprentices, 6-12):

Casual Roleplay Ex:

Fighting Ex:

Healing Ex:(Only do it if you wish to be a medicine cat!):

Hunting Ex:

Loyalty Oath:


Make sure that your role-play examples are at least two sentences long.

New OC

Oc Name:


AJ User:


Personality & Appearance:

Other OC's:

Age in Moons:


Plot Name:

Plot Summary:

When Will It Take Place:

People Participating:



Oc Name:

AJ User:

How long?:


Considering joining?:



OC Name:


AJ User:


Why are you leaving?:



Oc Name:

AJ Username:


Cause of death:

Last words(Optional):


Group Name/Link:

Group Leader:

Benefits For Snowclan:

Benefits For Your Clan:

Group Realm:



(This schedule is here mainly for Animal Jam Roleplays) Keep in mind that the roleplay schedule is not here to in any way limit our roleplay time, and anyone can feel free to give a roleplay calling at any time! If you're having any trouble figuring out what time we roleplay in your area, it's recommended to use this very helpful time zone converter. In roleplay, one moon is two weeks time irl. However, our seasons change at the same time as they are irl. Currently, it would be Leaf-Fall/Autumn, going into Leaf-Bare/Winter.

Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday
3-4 P.M. EST 6-7 P.M. EST 6-7 P.M. EST 6-7 P.M. EST 6-7 P.M. EST 6-7 P.M. EST 3-4 P.M. EST
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  • Fograinbow
  • Rowanstar
  • Badgerpaw
  • Spidercrest
  • Koisplash
  • Chancestep
  • Briarheart
  • Dawnfeather
  • Flamestripe
  • Copperpatch
  • Primrose
  • 8 Norwegian-Forest-Cat-1-750x426.jpg WaveStorm
  • Lemonpaw
  • Ravenfrost
  • Dovepaw
  • Ambersky
  • Blossompaw
  • Wigglefish
  • Solarheart
  • Cottonhollow
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