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(For both Medics and Warriors in training) This guide is supposed to help Shadowclan mentors of all kind who are struggling to find the right things teach their apprentice which is extremely understandable. Even though this page was designed for Shadowclan, any group may use this page as a reference. Please do not edit the page unless you are given permission or are an editor for Shadowclan.

A special thanks to- Cancerous2 and LightningPelt7 for the page layout and design!

Warrior Apprentices

Warrior apprentices are taught to hunt, fight, and are expected to honor the cats who are older and are of higher ranking. We have separated the training for apprentices into three levels to simplify things. Mentors, you must keep in mind that you should take into account of the apprentice's actual abilities and not just their age when deciding which level is most suitable for them.

Level One: Novice Training

(for 6-8 moons)

These apprentices are inexperienced and are not given much field duties. Instead, they are usually doing chores such as cleaning the dens, Feeding/cleaning/ caring for the elders, building walls, and running errands for high ranking cats. They begin to do fitness exercises to prepare their bodies for more advanced skills and they are taught the basics of hunting and Fighting. 

Apprentices who are in this age group are not  to participate it important patrols or attacks. They are not mature enough and lack the expereance/knowledge to perform under extremely high pressure and dangerous situations.  -Tour of the Territory-

This is usually done on the first day of training. Mentors will take their apprentices out onto the territory for a thorough tour. They are to be shown what prey lurks in which section of the lands, where our borders are, and most importantly what dangers can be found in our land.  =This gives the apprentices an opportunity to see the entire land and become more familiar with it. 

-The Warrior Code-

Mentors should be sure to infuse a deep respect and understanding of the code because it is the framework of a warrior's life. Being taught at a young age is extremely important. Explain why each rule in the code exists and how it is important to follow it. 

(Find a copy of the code here: The Warrior Code)

-Level One Hunting-

Learning how to track

Apprentices must learn how to recognize the scent of the following:

•Other Shadowclan cats


•Dangerous predators.

•Enemies/ cats from outside of Shadowclan.

They also must be taught follow the clues that are left behind to find them.

Learning how to stay silent

This is an extremely important topic. If your apprentice does not know how to use quiet pawsteps, there is no chance of them getting prey. Make sure they understand the hunting crouches and how to blend in with their surroundings. Your apprentice should also know to halt whenever prey turns towards them. 

Learning Basic hunting tactics


-Level One Fighting-

Increasing fitness level

You should have your apprentice regularly practice running, jumping, and climbing ( Perhaps even swimming). You can take them on a long hike or have them complete obstacle courses, whichever you prefer. During harsh times, apprentices will not be given the chance to rest and will have to hunt/fight for an extended amount of time. They must build up their stamina to be prepared for that.

Learning weak spots

Show your trainee what areas of their bodies are vulnerable and how to defend them properly. A harsh bite to the back of a cat's neck is lethal. The throat that has several important veins with a windpipe and if it gets damaged it could mean death. Legs/paws are extremely important, without them you would not be able to maneuver properly. Losing both of your eyes might give your apprentice an early trip to the elder's den(depending on how strong your other senses are).  A cat's underside is also a very sensitive place to go for as well. Finally, if you strike beneath the tail of a foe, it could cause extreme pain, and the aftermath of it is dreadful.

Level Two: Moderate Training

Learning basic attacks/tactis

Teach your apprentice simple battle and self-defense moves. See 'Basic Moves ' to find easy attack methods that will fit your apprentice's level. Please remember to not let your apprentice practice their new moves on you or any other feline yet, instead have them use a log or something similar to attack.

(for 8-10 moons)

Apprentices who are at the Moderate stage of their training are not quite ready for dangerous work yet but they are expected to be able to hunt and attend safe, standard, patrols. This state of training usually focuses on mastering hunting skills and becoming more experienced with combat. Apprentices still are expected to do chores but not as much as a Novice.

- Level Two Hunting-

Mastering the basics

Your apprentice should constantly practice all of the hunting skills they learned as a Novice by having them hunt every day. It helps them polish their mistakes and become as comfortable as possible with it.

Learning Distinctive Hunting Skills

Teach your apprentice the ways to use different kinds of terrain that are in Shadowclan's territory. You should show them what parts of the territory have certain kinds of prey/predators and how to find/avoid them. Have them practice navigating through the lands like swimming through the streams, climbing on rocks, walking through swampy areas, balancing on branches, running through the forest during a storm/ the night, etc.

Moderate hunting tactics

Do not forget to use the element of surprise when you hunt. Prey is smarter than you think, and some can detect danger or tension almost as well as you can. Teach your apprentice to never move if their target is looking at them. Make sure to remind them to keep their tail low, and watch where you are stepping. Don't let your tail brush or budge plants behind you. Carefully manuever your tail in a slow, stealthy motion around the plants if you're in a thick forest, for example. Once you approach your target, finally pounce. Use your claws to catch the prey, not kill it. You use your powerful jaws to crush your prey's neck or spine. Never let go once you have it in your grasp, and don't be fooled if an animal plays dead. Once it dies within your grasp, you have caught your prey!

- Level Two Fightning-

Learning Practical Battle Tactics

Teach your apprentice more battle and self-defense moves. See 'Battle Moves ' to find moderate attack methods that will fit your apprentice's level. Show them how to organize these moves into combinations so they can battle more effectively. 


Your apprentice is now at the age where it can put the new skills they learned into action. Try to get your apprentice to spar with another apprentice at least once a week. Here are some tips to make sure you and your apprentice are sparring safely and effectively.

•'Make sure the area you are using to battle in is clear of dangerous objects like sharp rocks or potholes

•You should only use 'soft paws' (claws sheathed) when sparring to prevent injury

If any of the cats begin showing a mild amount of weariness, take a break. Don't push your apprentice past its limit .

•'It is fine for your apprentice to be a little upset but they should be a good sport if they lose a battle and must accept advice from a mentor or any other cat who is of higher ranking.

 'Your apprentice must 'be honest about their actions and the actions of the other cat sparring them.

•'If they do win, however, they can not rub it in the competitor's face. Instead they should stay calm, be respectful, and appreciate the other opponent's effort and skill. 

•Once the opponent has surrendered or has been defeated, your apprentice must immediately let up and stop attacking the other feline. If the apprentice continues being aggressive towards the defeated opponent after being warned, they will be given a mild punishment. 

Shadowclan respects cats who have some integrity.

Level Three: Expert Training

(for 10-12 moons)

These older apprentices will not be doing many young apprentice duties or chores, instead they will be hunting, fighting, their warrior test along with the other Shadowclan cats. They will be perfecting their skills along with learning new, more challenging, skills. They will be working extra hard to earn their warrior title. Cats who are at this level are generally most experienced wise, and trusted apprentices.

-History Lessons-

Learning about who your clan was before you came along is very significant and it should be taught to everyone in the clan. Yes this was also taught by a queen when the apprentice was younger. But now that the feline is older they can understand the tales from a deeper and more mature perspective. You can tell stories to your apprentice about any important feline who played a major role in Shadowclan good or bad, even yourself ( Or a different group, depending on the cat). You can even tell the apprentice about a valuable lesson you learned when you were younger. The cats can be cannon or non-cannon.

- Level Three Hunting-

Hunting Patrols

Growing hunting skills comes mainly from practicing and going on patrols is one of the best ways to do just that. Apprentices at this level should be included in patrols as regularly as an average Shadowclan warrior and the apprentice should also count as a completely functional member of the party. You should gradually start letting your apprentice attend hunting patrols without you so they can get used hunting without their mentor over-looking them.

Advanced Hunting tactics

Teach your apprentice how to catch the life-threatening kinds of prey such as rats, adders, and birds of prey.


- Level Three Fighting-


Learning how to work with other is necessary for battles/patrols especially if you are fighting larger cats or dangerous predators like badgers or foxes. Teach them any situations or fighting moves you can think of and try to get them as comfortable as possible with the methods.

The Warrior Test

Part One: The Warrior Code

(This can be the easiest or hardest part of the test depending on how well your memory is. The leader will have the apprentice recite the code by memory.  Shadowclan believes that roleplayers will perform better if they actually know the warrior code so to make sure that the apprentice is not cheating by finding a copy of the code at the last minute, the apprentice will be given a time limit.)

(Find a copy of the code here: The Warrior Code)

Part Two: Hunting

The apprentice is taken out by the leader and their mentor to the hunting area that has the best prey at the time. The apprentice is then allowed to go hunt on a command from the leader. The apprentice is then to hunt until the leader says that they have seen enough or the apprentice has caught more than they can carry. The second part is that the apprentice needs to show hunting with a partner. After that, the apprentice is allowed to return to camp to rest before finishing their last part of training.

Part Two: Fighting. 

The apprentice is required to fight with the leader or another warrior. The apprentice is to try as best as they can to take down their opponent till a deputy calls the end. They will fight with no pauses. then the leader will analyze the test along with the mentor. If the apprentice passes they will be congratulated and allowed to go rest or celebrate. The ceremony will be made at sunset of that day. If they do not pass the things they need work on what can be improved.

Apprentices don't need to redo the entire test, just the part they failed at.

After The Test

If the apprentice passes the evaluation the leader will immediately have a clan meeting. (Keep in mind that if the apprentice has chosen a warrior name for their character they can tell you before the meeting Out of Character) The leader will give the apprentice a ceremony and after the feline's new name is announced the roleplayer can switch to the full-grown wolf avatar. After that, the newly made warrior must sit vigil for one night.  Congratulations, you have trained your first apprentice!

●Battle Tips and Tactics●

When battling there are three things that you should always keep in mind.

Distance, Strength, and Health

Distance: Keeping distance between you and your enemy, getting too close at the wrong time could lead to defeat.

Strength: Strength is a big factor in battle, you always must consider how strong you or your opponent is. This information decides what kind of moves and strategy you will use.

Health: Health is also a large factor in the art of battling, your health does and can decide what moves you will do, defensive or offensive.


( Guide: '★= Novice' '★★=Moderate' '★★★=Expert')

Frontpaw Attack Methods

(Keep in mind that this just means that your front paws are most effective in these moves, you still might have to use your back paws or even your teeth. )

Front paw blow- Keep your claws sheathed and slam your front paws on your attackers head.

Move difficulty-

Frontpaw strike- Keep your claws unsheathed as you slice them through your opponent's head or body.

Move difficulty-

Belly rake - Slide under your attacker or the person you are attacking and with claws unsheathed slice them through their belly. This can also work when you are pinned.

Move difficulty-★★

Belly rake- Slide under your attacker or the person you are attacking and with claws unsheathed slice them through their belly. This can also work when you are pinned.

Move difficulty-★★

Rear-up to Slash-If an opponent is coming at you from the air, stand up on your hind legs and slash them with your claws

Move difficulty-★★

Leap-and-hold- This is used for smaller cats against bigger, heavier cats. Keep your claws unsheathed as you leap onto your attacker's back, digging your claws into their shoulder. Watch out of the drop-and-roll!

Move difficulty-★★

Underbelly Slash- Dart under your enemy's underbelly, slashing at the back of their forepaws. When they twist, emerge from the other side and back the way you had come. Hook your unsheathed claws in their fur and drag them down.

Move difficulty-★★

Half-Turn Belly Rake- Flip on your side, sliding under your opponent's belly and rake it. Then swiftly roll over onto all fours our from under your opponent 

Move difficulty-★★

Backpaw Attack Methods (Keep in mind that this just means that your back paws are most effective in these moves, you still might have to use your front paws or even your teeth. ) 

Back kick- The back kick is a simple move. Catch the attacker or the person you are attacking behind you, after doing so lash out your back legs, keep all the weight still on your front paws. Move difficulty-

Upright Lock- Used when the opponent is weak, go up on your hind legs and slam your claws down on them.

Move difficulty-

Spin Hind Kick- Flicker your hind legs into the air while spinning around on your forepaws, then rear up and rake at the person you are attacking's with your claws before tucking away your head and performing a roll forward.

Move difficulty-

Biting Attack Methods

Scruff shake- Keep a strong grip on your attacker's scruff, shaking them harshly and violently until they can not fight back. After doing this throw them down to the ground or tree. This move is usually used for hunting small prey such as rats but if your enemy is smaller than you, it can be effective. 

Move difficulty-

Tail yank- Grap your attacker's tail, yanking it towards you. This should unbalance them and throw them to the ground

Move difficulty-

Teeth Grip- Hold your fangs into one of your attacker's body parts- neck, scruff, tail, ear etc. - and hold them there. Keep your claws free to attack/fight.

Move difficulty-★(can be up to★ depending on where you are attacking)

Killing bite- This is used as a last resort. Lock your jaws against the back of your attacker's neck and put a lot of pressure. This can also be counted as disgraceful.

Move difficulty-★★.

Counter-Attacks and Defense Methods

Attack Crouch- Crouch down low, leaping up onto your enemy.

Move difficulty-

Shoulder Drop- Grab your opponents shoulders and slam them to the ground.

Move difficulty-

Roll over- Avoid an enemies swip or bite, also used to get an attacker off your back.

Move difficulty-

Duck and Twist- If an enemy is coming at you, duck down and roll to the side, leaping up to your paws.

Move difficulty-

Play dead- When your attacker is pinning you down holdng you by the neck, this could count as a tough situation. Stop struggling and stop moving, play dead. You're attacker will now think you are dead, loosening their grip and this is when you attack.

Move difficulty-

Jump and pin- Leap backward, bouncing off a hard surface like a wall or a tree and landing on your opponent.

Move difficulty-

Hold And Enemy Collapse- Leap onto an enemy's back, hold their head to the ground with your forepaws, using your hind paws to knock their hind legs out under them. This makes your enemy collapse to the ground.

Move difficulty-

Shadowclan's Special Methods

Night Ambush- Hide in the shadows of the night with your patrol and your enemy spotted. Make sure your scent isn't drifting toward the attackers. Wait for the leader of the patrol to give the Attack Tail Signal. Strike your enemy fast and hard; the enemy will be caught off-guard with a battle at night. Cut off all your enemy's escape routes, encircling them with your patrol. If they try to attack, battle again. If they do not, let them through with a warning.

Move difficulty-

Wolve's Bane poisoning- (Originally thought of by Shadowclan's former enemy clan, Stoneclan) Wolf's bane is an extremely poisonous flower that can be found in the thickest parts of the forest. Shadowclan cats have been known for turning flowers into a paste and coating the tips of their claws with it. They then quickly attack an enemy and inject the poison into them by puncturing their skin with their coated claws. Usually, this move results in a quick death for the enemy. HOWEVER, the cat who also used the poison on their claws will also eventually become intoxicated and also die due to the fact that the poison leaks through claws inside paws. This move can kill enemies in one strike but it is also a suicide attack. It is never to be used. 

Move difficulty-Dont use this move.

Other special Methods

Arched Back- Used to make your enemy vent out anger.

Move difficulty-

Fluffing out fur- Intimidation method used to make yourself look big and muscular.

Move difficulty-

Tucking in the Tail- This does take pratice, to balance without your tail. You tuck your tail under your legs, so your enemy doesn't grap your tail.

Move difficulty-

Badger Defense- Leap over the badge, turn your back legs and rake your claws on the badger's back. Then sink your teeth into the badger's leg, remember this is only used for fighting badgers! Move difficulty-

Partner fighting(Tag teaming)- Both warriors, or apprentices, are to protect each other back to back. They are to fend off attackers from behind and on either side.

Move difficulty-

Training Games

Capture the Feather

This game is like Capture the Flag. Each team will be given a feather to guard. You need to steal other teams feathers while guarding your own.

You start out in different lands (Forest of Plenty, Sodden Swamp, etc, ), or in camp depending on how many people are on. That will be the area where your feather will be guarded at. It will be placed in the center of the land. Like I said before other teams will try and steal your feather. If you touch another team member on your land, they will have to sit down and wait for a member of their team to come and touch them to be able to move again. After they are "saved" by their teammate they have to go back to their land before coming onto your land again.

If you manage to take the feather your team wins that round.

Hunger Games

In this game, you are divided into teams and spar for your life. You can choose to wait it out or to hunt for other cats. You can not use the friend finder to easily find your opponent. That will have you sitting out of the round. You have to search for other cats by going through the lands on foot. This also means not using the map. You will start at the center of camp and move your way from there.

If there is an argument between teams on whether they killed you or not, you and that team will just pretend like the fight that killed you had never happened and play it out again.

Tree Top Battles

In this challenge, you are all on your own. The goal is to get to the top a huge tree first. You can make alliances with other cats to agree to help each other get to the top first. But remember only one cat can win. Or you can sneak around and go it alone. All kinds of combat are used in this kind of battle. But one wrong move can send you tumbling down a few branches.

When or if you manage to knock another cat off the tree, they must go down at least five branches. They don't necessarily have to go all the way down the tree. You can kill in this battle, but remember, fighting in a tree is way different than fighting on the ground.

Hide and go Sneak

In this game you will try to sneak past a cat. (It will be the night for the purposes of this game) You will need to blend into the shadows and disappear. You can go by the trees, or by the ground, or whatever means possible to get passed them. If they see you, then you are out. If you are the cat who is trying to catch the ones sneaking past you, you can't just say you see every cat. You have to look at what they do and find a way to see them. This is to help see in the night and sneak around. After all, what would Shadowclan be if we could not hide in the Shadows?


Do you have a game idea that you think will be beneficial to the clan? Great! Put it in the comments below!

Do you have a question about one of the games listed? You can also put that in the comments and we will try to answer it as best we can.