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•Canon Couples•



Shipdust X Tigerstrike = Tigerdust, Shipstrike, Tip

Owlheart X Pearshine = Owlshine, Pearheart

Raspberrycloud X Softtail = Raspberrytail, Softcloud, Raft 

Crescentmoon X Ashheart = Crescentheart, Ashmoon, Cash

Sailstorm X Hopelight = Saillight, Hopestorm, Hail/Soap

Prideleap X Mochaflower = Prideflower, Mochaleap, Pocha

Bramblestrike X Ghostwing = Bramblewing, Ghoststrike, Gamble

Puddlesea X Riverwish = Riversea, Puddlewish, Riddle


•Crush Admittance•


Have a croosh in the Clan? Feel free to add it here. Tell who you are, or keep it anonymous ;)

Cardinalpaw likes one of her best friends


•Hope Ships•


Post ships that you support/want to sail!

Tawny X Crimson = Trimson

Briar X Bear = Brear

Poppy X Milk = Mop

Tiny X Puff = Puny

Squirrel X Swift




Write a little message to that special someone <3 Sign it or keep it anonymous. :D

Why would I ever settle for anything less? Look at me. Look at you. Look at us. I love you.

~Anonymous to Anonymous...

I really like you. I really, really like you. Maybe you will notice me one day? Just a thought, Tigerfur. If any of you are reading this, tell Tigerfur to read it, I couldn't tell him myself. I know I'm a new addition to the Clan, but I can't help but be attracted to you. When I know more about your personality... I'll add to this message. Until then- talk to you later, hottie!

~Anonymous to Tigerfur

So I've liked you for a really long time but never had the chance to say it because well, I'm awkward. Ever since I left, I felt torn apart and even more nervous. It was like a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing, however I came back. And I can see you again. Every single day. What can I say, I'm blessed and happy. I love you!

~Petalwing to Chancedream

From the day I met you, I felt that you were special. Like no other cat. I couldn't get you off of my mind, no matter the distance. And I still can't! The way you smile makes me fill with joy, and it is all I can think of. You could be a galaxy away, but we would still be right next to each other, there for each other. I'm sorry I am so awkward, I just can’t put into words how much you mean to me.

~Chancedream to Petalwing

"You showed me something that I've never known before: that a heart full of love for somebody else is worth more than anything. And now, I promise, I'll do whatever I can to protect that-- to protect you, hon."

-Slyfoot to Bumblebee

I only just recently met you, but you’re so kind, sweet, and handsome... I just can’t help but feel attracted to you. I know neither of us are exactly normal, but I don’t care. I love you so much, Strangecry. There might be other shecats that you see, but I... I only see you... and it will always be that way. When we touched for the first time... when you helplessly leaned into me, scared... I wanted to feel that way forever.. your fur pressed up against mine, knowing you were safe, safe from them, because I was there... always.'

~ Anonymous to Strangecry

"I'm gonna be honest, I have a thing for pale sassy she-cats so when I saw you I thought I was dreaming. I knew from the moment we climbed that tree together that I loved you more than anything else in the world, and that I would fight five thousand badgers for you. You cared for me when I had the disease from the raccoon, and you've always been there to tease me about my age. I can't wait to have kits with you"

Honeystep to Sageheart

I remember looking at you from my nest over to yours and I thought you were the most prettiest she cat. I was to scared to you my feelings but I made it obvious so I wouldn't have to say it. I don't know why Moonshadow kept me away from you but after that horrible battle with Moon's mate, you already knew. I'm so sorry for doing the most stupidest and embarrassing things in the past but I've changed now and I'll do it for you. I like you Ashpaw and I always will until we walk with our warrior ancestors in Starclan.

~To Ashpaw

You know I love you and I always have since that first tree climbing its okay that you suck at climbing them but thats where we fell in love first you have captured my heart with your sweetness and mature attitude you would rather talk things out then battle and you keep me grounded Honeystep I hope we stay as Honeyheart for ever all the way to starclan and even there im counting on you to keep me from attacking everyone that gets on my nervse and to help me raise our kits even if you are an old rock ill always be by your side Honeystep even if you ont want me there

~Sageheart to Honeystep

Kiwiberry, I think you have an idea of how I feel about you, but I just want to tell you how I admire you even more. When I first saw you, and told you that you caught my eye, it wasn't a lie, nor joking around. You really did, and you still do to this day. When I went to confess to you, I could hear my own heartbeat, and anxiety fluttered through my soul. And when you found me, hurt and bitter, you didn't care. You helped me even though I was such a jerk to you. That is another way I know you will stick by me for as long as we are around. I can promise you that every time you are hurt or in need, physically or mentally, I will be at your side. As a mate, and as a best friend.

~Snowskip to Kiwiberry

Why can't I choose between you two? Anttalon, we're so alike... Yet so different. We were both rogues, we're both easy to anger, we both love to hunt... Yet then again, there is you, Stumblestep. We are so different, yet I am falling for you. You are more of a happy go lucky tom, you make me smile and laugh... But no matter how many good qualities you both have, I cannot choose one, not yet, anyway.

-"Anonymous" (Kind of) to Anttalon and Stumblestep

I just want to say, thanks for being my best friend and now mate. I've always liked you since I got injured in that horrible attack. You were always there for me and understood my problems and same to you. After becoming a warrior, I grew feelings for you but I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid you liked someone else. I'm sorry for leaving camp without telling you but now I'm here to stay with you until the end. I trust you will protect me for seasons to come. I love you Raspberrycloud and I always will.

~Softtail to Raspberrycloud

Oh boy- here it goes. Ever since the moment I saw you I knew something felt different. The way my paws tingled and my fur grew hot. You do things to me, Creekwhisper. Things that are, frankly, completely new to me. Listen, I'm not sure if you feel the same for me or not. I know you like Anttalon and I don't blame you. He's great and you two are a lot alike. Though I hope that our differences will bring us together instead of apart. And yes, I'm aware that this is tacky. I just had to get my feelings out before it was too late.

-Stumblestep to Creekwhisper

I've liked you since we were apprentices. I think what really makes me smile is your soft but strong personality. I really love going on hunting trips with you too! I can always depend on you to be there for me, and I always feel comforted by your presence. I consider myself really lucky, and I hope we'll go on more adventures as time flies <3  (by the way frogs taste way better than mice :D)

~ Mochaflower to Prideleap

So, uh, I bet you know who this is. I guess I've always been interested in you a bit, had my eye on you. But then I felt it kinda went away for a while. Now, that feeling is back. I guess what I'm saying is I, um, 'l'ike you. You just make me feel less alone. I think you like me back, but if you don't this will be ten times more awkward than it already is and I'll feel weird about it and you'll feel weird about it... and there I go rambling again. You make me feel less alone, like I somehow matter in this world. So, yeah, there you go. The word is out. Now I'm more afraid then ever to have you disappear next. I'm not good at writing notes like these, so uh, sorry? I just have one more thing to say. Thank you, okay?

~Anonymous to Bramblestrike

Oh Starclan.. I don't know how to say this because I'm mad at you right now. I'm mad that you ran off when I said something, and then tried to apologize. I let my pride get in the way of my feelings, but I'm still mad you. I'm mad at your stupid, cute face. Your stupid, amazing personality.. You inspire me so much, and all I ever wanted was to just.. be with you. Why did you run away?

~LynxPaw to CrushedPaw

I don’t know where to start.. Ever since I met you, I felt different. Mentally. Just thinking about you makes me inwardly flustered. I can’t help but notice you from afar and keep sneaking glances of you. My heart flutters whenever I am around you. Your beautiful, stunning green eyes are always on me. It makes me incredibly nervous. You knew how to lighten my awful days and make me more open to others. I’m especially open to you. You’re so amusing and entertaining to me. Your adorable, hilarious laughs make me laugh. You were able to keep me moving forward and make me more determined in myself than I usually was, especially in battle and hunting training. If it weren’t for you, I wouldn’t be who I truly am now. You and I both relate in many things, and it makes me not so lonesome anymore. It’s like my heart opened up to you.. Literally. How are you so amazing? How are you so good at making me like you even more? I don’t understand how you do it. I will always be on your side whenever something bad happens. No matter what. That’s because.. Ghostpaw.. I, l-like you. And I like you a lot, more than just a friend.

~Anonymous Bramble to Ghostwing

Oh Hopelight, I was so stupid for not noticing how much you cared for me but now I do. I care for you too and I hope you know that. Even if someone tries to separate us, I'll always be there for you no matter what happens. I'm so grateful for having you in my life and I'll protect you from anything that tries to hurt you even if it means going to Starclan. I love you Hopelight, I don't care if anyone else says otherwise.

~To Hopelight

Hey, Crimsonrain? I think I may have a small crush on you?! Oh no, I said that out loud!? Ugh, I'm sorry if I'm just taking up your time, while you could be doing something like eating or hunting. I just joined the Clan a few days ago, and I'm so sorry if it's not the time to be saying this, but from the moment I saw you under the tree, I felt dizzy. Not in a bad way though. Not bad at all... so, maybe, could you reply? I'm so sorry, it's just, I'm getting tongue-tied. Just, consider my thoughts. I'm going to eat some fresh-kill, see if that helps.

~Anonymous to Crimsonrain

I've never noticed, and I should have, but I have never been so impenitent and grateful to say yes when you confessed to me. Ever since that day, my entire life has changed. From a brash, impulsive Toyger that was so full of himself to a truly happy, sensible, and grateful mate, you have proved that your love is more powerful than the strongest wind on Earth. I am proud to say that I am happy to be your mate and a father. 

Much passion,

-Tigerstrike to Shipdust

Hey Fallenwind-I might like you a little bit?

I'm sorry to waste your time but I just wanted to come clean. I'm not sure if you feel the same way to me but, It's about a centimeter over the friend line. Just don't think about it as love. I just haven't felt this way in a while, and your sparkling green eyes remind me of the meadows I used to run in with my parents. You're an amazing cat to talk to, and I'd like to learn more about you! I'm lucky to have a friend like you.

~Unknown to Fallenwind

"Well, I've always wanted a family, haha! ...okay, not the time for jokes, I know, but you don't h-have to keep running from me. We can work things out together, babe. I want to be there for you through everything. I love you, Pearshine. Don't you feel the same way?"

-Owlheart to Pearshine


Ever since I met you-I knew it deep down inside you were the other half. I dedicate tomorrow to my one and only lover. You know why? It's because there will always be a tomorrow and you will always love me. Thank you for living me this much. Until that day I confessed, I will be the one for thousands and thousands of years, farther than the day I die.


Well, after Tinypaw disappeared, I felt really down. I thought that I'd just be feeling gloomy for a really long time, but you proved me wrong. You always just add a sparkle to my day, and seeing you happy is enough for my heart to shine brighter than the sun. And um, you might know who you are, but you don't have to force yourself to like me back! I really want you to be honest with your feelings, afterall, you probably like somebody else, and I'm really fine with that!

-Cardinalpaw to Anonymous

Dear Mothheart, I reject the offer of being your mate. First off, you asked me to be your mate on the first day we met which should already be ringing some alarms. Secondly, the reason you said you wanted be mates with me was because "you're lonely", I honestly think mates should be mates because they love each other, not to make somebody less lonely, there's a thing called friends for that. Also, I think you should know somebody to at least be friends with them, and you don't really know anything about me, all you know about me is that Shadestar is my mother and Crescentmoon is my brother. Lastly, I am not over my past mate's death, he even died while he tried to do something nice for me, and I have known him for more than 14 moons. So I sincerely reject you, I advice you to create friends first, and I'm not talking about your "guy friends" that you only greet.

~Coaldust to Mothheart

I don't know where to start, when I first met you, it was like magic. We have many of the same interests, you didn't think I was boring like I think I am, and we got each other. This sounds stupid, and maybe you think this too, but I just wanted to say that I may really like you? That's okay if you don't like me back though! I just your a wonderful cat, and besides my brothers and sister, the only one I can really talk too. Thank you for that.

-Riverwish to Anonymous


•Joke Ships•


Shipping people with things such as inanimate objects or their worst enemy!

Silvermist X Her Socks

Rainstorm X The Deputy Assigned Time-Out Corner = Reed's OTP, Rain's NOTP

Slyfoot X Adder

Ivycloud X Petalwing = THE SHIPPING SQUAD

Novasky X Natsu = FITE ME GENTLE HE IS MINEEEEEEEEEEE and this should be in "Canon Couples"-fact

Softpaw X her expeditions= Softpaw the explorer!

Petal X Birbs = You have no idea what miracles lay ahead

Sailkit X The Seven Seas

Crimsonrain X WillowTree

Pearshine/Payton X Juice 

Mocha X Frogs = :^)

Tawnypelt X Lag

Bramblepaw x Grapes

Tawny X Rooster = Tawster/Raster

Soft X "La Chancla"


Poppy x Ladybugs = yum

Bramble X Men

Faithkit X vanquishing thirsty toms = back off plebs

Puddlesea X Any water source


•Ship Theme Songs•


Pearshine X Owlheart

Seventeen - Heathers 


Sailstorm X Hopelight

Rewrite The Stars


Bramblestrike X Ghostwing

Love Like You - Rebecca Sugar


Anyone, fam. :3