Canon Couples

Shadestar x Pantherflame = Shadeflame, Pantherstar

Shipdust X Tigerstrike = Tigerdust, Shipstrike, Tip

Pebbleshine X Aurasound = Pebblesound, Aurashine, Apple

SharpGlare X WisdomSeeker= Sharpseeker, Wisdomglare, Wish

Slyfoot X Bumblebee = Slybee, Bumblefoot

Sandwind X Riverwhisper =Sandwhisper, Riverwind

Honeystep X Sageheart= Honeyheart, Sagestep

Petalwing X Chancedream = Petaldream, Chancewing

Coyotecry X Dovewing = Coyotewing, Dovecry

Owlheart X Pearshine = Owlshine, Pearheart 

Raspberrycloud X Softtail=Raspberrytail, Softcloud, Raft 

Stumblestep X Creekwhisper = Creekstep, Stumblewhisper, Crumble 

Fernbreeze x Bluestride=Bluebreeze, Fernstride

Sparrowheart x Thunderstorm=Sparrowstorm, Thunderheart

Stumblestep x Creekwhisper=Stumblewhisker, Creekstep

Deerspring X Diremoon = Direspring, Deermoon


Have a croosh in the Clan? Feel free to add it here. Tell who you are, or keep it anonymous ;)

I've heard :x Whispers :x Emberpelt has a croosh on Lightfall

Someone crooshes on crow

Tigerfur has a croosh :):), but is still damaged from his last relationship


A certain someone may have a teeny weeny crush on Autumn step...

Sly's a bumbling fool over somebody ;)

Petal's loved some cat for quite awhile. She still does

Softtail is developing feelings for a certain fruit, what will she do?

Coyotecry is howling for a certain she-cat ;)

No matter what her mother says, someone will always and forever crush on Crescentpaw.

She will always have a special place in his heart

Shadow has a eensy teensy crush on a certain tom-cat

Pearshine's heart longs for a certain tom...

Owlpaw likes Crescentpaw

Snowskip is in love ;)

Creampaw is falling for a wonderful tom

Creekwhisper can't decide between Anttalon or Stumblestep

Stumblestep is conflicted

Flickerpaw(soon to be Warrior by the time you read this) Has a crush on Leatherpaw :)

Venomwing is feeling very guilty over how she treated a certain tom.

Hopepaw has a preferance to a certain cat, but won't admit it. ;)

Hope Ships

Post ships that you support/want to sail!

Halfpaw X Reefpaw- Back to You- ??

Darkshadow X Firefoot - Hot In Here So Take Off All Your Clothes

HOLLYFUR X DUSKPELT You'll never guess who put this = Shape of Fireflies

Blankpaw X Streampaw = Set me on fire

Acornpaw x Foxpaw = cough

Coalpaw X Thornpaw= Corn

Ashpaw X Crescentpaw= Cash

Crow X Venom = <33 

Willow x Lion 


Write a little message to that special someone<3 Sign it or keep it anonymous. :D

"well... I don't know how to start this, but uhm... When I look at you, I see such a beautiful independent she-cat... you're amazing, but you just can't see it... your something I'd never deserve, though I try... I'd hope we'd become something more sooner or later.. because I'll stick around and wait aslong as you want, if it means I get to be around you..kit'lover ;)"

~Anonymous to Dapple'cloud^

Oh dear... I don't really know how or what to say to express how much I care for you. I've always admired you from afar, but you never seemed to notice. How caring you are, how protective you are, it makes my heart melt. Watching you care for your clan like nothing else mattered in the world made me fall for you even more. I understand we'll never be together, that we have no chance, but I'm always willing to stand up for you, and be there for you when nobody else will.

~Anonymous to OakStar

So I don't know you too well just yet, but I can feel it's fate to be with you, Cloudstripe. You're very kind and protective and I like that in someone. I know it sounds weird but I feel like I've met you before ShadowClan. Odd I know, but it just feels like that. Anywho, I like you and I hope you feel the same way c:

~Anoymous To Cloudstripe~

"Dovewing, Every time I look at you... I see something beautiful. Something amazing. Something beyond my beliefs. You are so kind, and I immediately fell for you. Stick around, please. I'd like to see you again."

~ Beestrike to Dovewing

"Haha. I know I'll never be even close to you, Brokenstar. Would you change your ways for me? I don't think anyone would..."

~ Anonymous to Brokenstar

"My beloved, my love for you is not measurable by words. The stars themselves look down upon us in awe of our relationship. No other she-cat that will ever spawn onto this earth will I hold as close to my heart as you, My beautiful love."

-Suntail to Darkfur

"Oh man, I don't even know what to say now. I promised myself that I would never love again, after all that has happened, but things changed when I saw you. It was like a beautiful rose, nice and elegant, that I finally realized I had been missing all my life. You are understanding, kind, not to mention a great warrior and clanmate. Fighting side by side with you gives me joy like nothing else. You were my shoulder to cry on when I needed it most, my hero, my other half. You always find a way to cheer me up, and make me feel beautiful every day. Every cat deserves to have somebody like you, but I somehow got the luckiest. I don't know where I would be or what I would be doing without you. I would probably still be in my den, crying about all my worries. You are all I could ever ask for in a mate, and I love you to silverpelt and back. I hope our love continues to bloom, as we create more memories, fight side by side, and maybe even raise a family. You are an excellent father to my kits, and you are the coolest dad any kit could ask for. Never forget my love for you, you are talented, kind, compassionate, not to mention amazing in every shape and form, Never leave me, my love. <3 xoxo <3"

~ Lightningstorm to Swiftwind

"The moment I saw you Suntail, I knew I fell in love once again. We came so far, yet so quick and look where we are. We became general and elite together, we had 5 wonderful kits together! I'm glad I have you as a mate, no one can ever replace you! I know I sound cheesy, but it is true and I swear my dead body I will always love you until the end of StarClan. Thank you for everything <3"

~ Darkfur to Suntail

"Brokenstar, I know I am not good enough for you, but I will always love you. I know you probably don't like me, but I like you. Please don't hate me. I know I have done many bad things. I know I have nothing left, but please don't hate me. I love you, Brokenstar

~Anonymous to Brokenstar

"Dovewing, please... I'm sorry. I love you so, so much. I was wrong to leave the Clan; I never should have. I don't know why I thought I could leave you, because I can't. I thought I still had chances with you. When you started getting upset, I felt you didn't want me anymore. When news got around that OakFrost had something to do with it... I lost it. Our Kits will be beautiful and I want to live with you until I die. I'm sorry. So sorry. I hope you can forgive me."

~ BeeStrike to DoveWing

"I guess even though we aren't a thing I still have a crush for you Swiftwind..... the cat I am will remain a secret because I'm too embarrassed to say this, plus I know you will never be mine. I accept we will never be together but I will always love and protect you. Even in death I will love until I fade from starclan."

~ Anonymous to Swiftwind

" Dovewing, when I joined Shadowclan, I felt like I wouldn't be accepted and be forever alone. But that day I met you, I really felt someone special for you. You were so caring and funny. That's when I realized, '' That's the one for me. " I knew that someday I would make it work, and it did. I am so greatful to finally be with someone as beatiful, funny, and caring as you Dovewing. Thank you for being here with me. "

-Cloverleaf to Dovewing

I cannot describe how much I love you because no word in the dictionary can express it. I will always be here with you even if you hurt, leave me, or be with another cat because I will always be here to support you and encourage you to choose what your heart follows. Maybe you won't read this because I know you are busy sometimes, but if you are, I thank you for caring for me and thinking of me. Watermist, I want you to know that I am here for you, not to criticize you in ANY way. If something is upsetting you, I don't want you to be afraid or too shy to tell me, I'm not one of those people that secretly judge or think of you as weird, I'm completely different. Even though I don't give a lot of good hints that I want to be more than this, to be closer than distant, I want to be with you for as long as you want. I will be here to help you, protect you, have kits with you, grow old and happy with you, cheer you up, and give you company. I'll never forget you

~Anonymous to Watermist

Gosh.. I can't believe I'm writing this, I mean how could someone ever love a scrawny klutz like me. But to be honest Sly. On that one day when you jumped into my life, my heart became flustered. You are always by my side. I thank you for that. I hope one day you realize how much you mean to me and that we are meant to be. I have never thought that I would fall in love, but I was wrong!

-Anonymous to Slyfoot-

Hey man. thanks for always bein a bro. Our bromance is pretty legit. Love, your windex cleaner

-Anonymous to Tigerfur-

Gosh where do I start? Ever since I was five moons old I looked up to you. I wanted to be like you. I wish I was brave enough to tell you all the reasons I like you. And you probably don't see me as shy, but I can't no matter how hard I try. One day, I hope you like me back, and maybe we can become mates one day. But if you choose someone over me I wouldn't judge you I'd be happy for you. Even though on the inside I'd be crying my heart out.

- Breezepaw to Anonymous

Roses are Thorny..

Violets aren't Blue..

I suck at poetry!

So please be mine!

~Silversplash to Snowsky~

Berry, The world I love and need is right here. And I need my world healthy and alive. Because I can't live without my world. My world has an atmosphere. Which I need to breathe, see, eat, drink, etc. My world makes me feel safe. And, Berry. You are my world.

~Koi to Berry

"I thought I didn't feel- y'know, that way about, well... about you; I always considered you to just be my best friend. And I love that of course, but, why is it that now I think I might like... something more?

Why can't I even admit that to myself?"

~Anonymous to Windblaze

Bella, the moment I saw you I felt like life finally had a meaning to it. I can't help but smile whenever I see you, even if it's from afar. I love you with my entire being and I really don't know what I would do if anything happened to you. I love how you're sensitive and kind, but also your adorable attitude. You've taught me so much in the short time that I've been here in Shadowclan; you taught me how to love again, that I don't always have to be serious and that it's okay to goof off at times. When you accepted me as your mate, I couldn't even breath. When I'm with you, I feel as though I could take on any cat. I always want to be by your side, no matter what happens. I promise to take care of you and protect you until the day I go to starclan, and even then I'll watch over you and wait for you. I love you.

~Larkcall to Bellasong

"You'll always be my brother."

-Slyfoot to Reedstorm

Shadestar, Whether You Like It Or Not, I Still Love You. I Loved You Since The Day I Joined, Even Before That. I Loved You. I'm Not Sure How To Feel... Hurt Or Broken-Hearted. I Still Love You. It's A Never-Ending Circle. I Feel Hurt And Betrayed, I Do Know. People Have To Move On... I Get It. You Don't Need Me Anymore.

-Anonymous To Shadepelt

Water, please move on. Don't make it so hard for yourself. I came to help you but you pushed me away. If you want this pain to stop I suggest talking to me. I have the key to clear things out, but I believe you will move on. I believe in you. Please do not leave messages like this again, thank you. I understand how you're feeling. I love you too, but you made this choice, Water. You said it yourself, something along the lines of "I hope you find a better mate than me" on your leaving message. You let me go, you knew what was going to happen. Please don't make yourself regret this, you made this choice for a reason. Remember it. I'm sure you will feel much better and free moving on. It's the best thing to do, and it takes time. But please don't add more time to the process. That'll make the pain last. I hope you take this message as advice for heartbreak. I care for you, don't do anything stupid now, I guess this is Farewell? I'm sure you don't need me anymore as well.

Love, Shadestar

Dear future soulmate, you're the only one I see with all these cats around. I don't know if you love me back or if you even know I feel like this. I think of you everyday because I can't tell you about my feelings in reality. But being with you is enough to boost up my heart.

~ Anonymous to Pebblepaw

you are my universe. how blind was I when i was wallowing away after dawn left. How stupid was I to not really notice you were there for me. you always supported me and you helped me move on from a girl who didn't even give the slightest to me. I always loved and admired you for your strength and courage and I admit i was part of the team that pushed to make you deputy, no matter how much i wanted to. I was so honored to be chosen as a leader with you, not because getting to help you, but because i can now really give back all you have given to me and i hope i can continue to show how grateful i am to you. i am damaged from countless tragedies but you never gave up and i will never give up on you.

-Oakstar to Shadestar

Dear Oakstar, I have never been with a person so caring and kind. You are my sun and stars to me, you are my light to guide me and keep me comfortable. I love you so much Oakstar, and I will never stop until the end of time. You've always been there for me as well, and I will keep supporting you and encouraging you until you get tired and annoyed (3 lol. But Oak, I just want you to know, from the bottom to the top of my heart, I will always love you, even if you are at your hardest times. I will always be in your heart, from now until I die.

Much love, Shadestar. xoxo

Ever since I first saw you, I knew you would be the one for me. I have never thought any different, even since the day we met and Aura made us talk. I should have spoken to you without help, and I would've if I knew I would love you this much. I love you Stream.

-Blankpaw to Streampaw

Dear Whiteblaze, I am so glad to have you. You are so fun to hang out with even through the tough times, you help me, you don't judge me, and your there for me when I need it the most. You're so forgiving for our past and my past mistakes. When I get down and get reminded of it, I start tearing myself apart, I can't forgive myself, I think and think that one day you just might cut our friendship. I remember that day we met like it was yesterday. I honestly thought you were cute when I first met you, your so trusting, funny, energetic, happy, and well, everything. I remember that day you asked me if I liked you, even if you don't remember it, it's important to me. I do secretly have feelings for you and I never really thought about it. When you convinced me to join and we were talking and we got the idea to be mates, I felt my face become warm. I'm scared that if you do read this that this might mess up everything. It's time I stand and take risks for once, that's the clan life. Even if this messes all of this up, I'm still gonna try and pick myself up even if I only manage to do it by a string, I'll always fight by your side.

The Anonymous petal, to Whiteblaze

Dear Hawkwind, I am so lucky to have you as a friend! When I first met you I wanted to get to know you better more than trees. When I am talking to you, you don't judge me and I really hope someday we can be more than friends. But I need to be who I am and take a risk. I really hope this doesn't mess up our friendship or anything. But like I said, I need to take risks. Maybe this Valentines Day it will happen.

Anonymous, to Hawkwind

”To my beloved Dovewing...Blimey! (My goodness) where do I begin with such a stunning and lovely cat like you. You’re always showing me that you’re a very know your onions (knowledgeable) cat, with a heart I fancy (like) as my property. When I first met you, I began to start feeling wonky (not right) that another cat was like me.... Coming to Shadowclan was a change for me, even so I was still gutted (devastated) with grief by the amount of losses I have suffered. Tha was until you became my friend then mate, now I’m a truly chuffed (proud) male that has such a bespoke (custom made) mate. Thank you for accepting me for who I am, not just judging me to be a daft cow (idiot) by my looks. I know it’s strange to be the mother of Spice, however I believe both of you will eventually find yourselves to be great family.”

<Wolftuft to Dovewing

Oh Auburnpatch how do I even begin to explain how grateful I am to have met you. I will never regret that awkward meeting we had in the forest. We have been through thick and thin together and so much more! Whenever I see you, you make me feel warm and fuzzy inside, like I am the only she-cat in the world. I will always be by your side.

-Silvermist to Auburnpatch

I really like you. I really, really like you. Maybe you will notice me one day? Just a thought, Tigerfur. If any of you are reading this, tell Tigerfur to read it, I couldn't tell him myself. I know I'm a new addition to the Clan, but I can't help but be attracted to you. When I know more about your personality... I'll add to this message. Until then- talk to you later, hottie!

~Anonymous to Tigerfur

So I've liked you for a really long time but never had the chance to say it because well, I'm awkward. Ever since I left, I felt torn apart and even more nervous. It was like a Romeo and Juliet kind of thing, however I came back. And I can see you again. Every single day. What can I say, I'm blessed and happy. Oh and I love you.

~Petalwing to Chancedream~

From the day I met you, I felt that you were special. Like no other cat. I couldn't get you off of my mind, no matter the distance. And I still can't! The way you smile makes me fill with joy, and it is all I can think of. You could be a galaxy away, but we would still be right next to each other, there for each other. I'm sorry I am so awkward, I just can’t put into words how much you mean to me.

I love you, Petal.

~Chancedream to Petalwing~

"Well, I certainly don't think either of us were expectin' this. When we first met, I didn't think that we'd even become friends, but I got this dumb little crush on ya, but then I almost lost you... I knew we had some sort of connection, but I s'pose it ran deeper than what we thought. But you showed me something that I've never known before: that a heart full of love for somebody else is worth more than anything."

-Slyfoot to Bumblebee

You are the sun that shines brightly throughout my day.

You are the gravity that holds me down in every way.

You are the moon that shimmers throughout my night.

You are stars that glimmer oh so bright.

You are the oxygen that keeps me alive.

You are my heart that beats inside.

You are the blood that flows through me.

You are the only guy I can see.

You have the voice of when a mockingbird sings.

You are my everything.

You are my one and only.

You stop me from being so lonely.

We plan our future as if we have a clue.

I never want to lose you.

I want you to be my love, and I want to be yours

I want to be with you for the rest of my life.

~Owlpaw to Crescentpaw

I only just recently met you, but you’re so kind, sweet, and handsome... I just can’t help but feel attracted to you. I know neither of us are exactly normal, but I don’t care. I love you so much, Strangecry. There might be other shecats that you see, but I... I only see you... and it will always be that way. When we touched for the first time... when you helplessly leaned into me, scared... I wanted to feel that way forever.. your fur pressed up against mine, knowing you were safe, safe from them, because I was there... always.'

~ Anonymous to Strangecry

"I'm gonna be honest, I have a thing for pale sassy she-cats so when I saw you I thought I was dreaming. I knew from the moment we climbed that tree together that I loved you more than anything else in the world, and that I would fight five thousand badgers for you. You cared for me when I had the disease from the raccoon, and you've always been there to tease me about my age. I can't wait to have kits with you"

Honeystep to Sageheart

I remember that awkward meeting in the medicine cat den that one day. I took you to the river and we became close with each other. Then you helped me collect herbs and found my most favorite flower and asked me to be your mate. I always knew you were the one for me from the start. You were there for me during troubled times but suddenly you stopped talking to me. Its like you never existed. I wish you would see how heartbroken I am. I feel like my time is almost coming to end and when that time comes, I'll watch over you from Starclan. I love you Firebrick

~To Firebrick

I remember looking at you from my nest over to yours and I thought you were the most prettiest she cat. I was to scared to you my feelings but I made it obvious so I wouldn't have to say it. I don't know why Moonshadow kept me away from you but after that horrible battle with Moon's mate, you already knew. I'm so sorry for doing the most stupidest and embarrassing things in the past but I've changed now and I'll do it for you. I like you Ashpaw and I always will until we walk with our warrior ancestors in Starclan.

~To Ashpaw

You know I love you and I always have since that first tree climbing its okay that you suck at climbing them but thats where we fell in love first you have captured my heart with your sweetness and mature attitude you would rather talk things out then battle and you keep me grounded Honeystep I hope we stay as Honeyheart for ever all the way to starclan and even there im counting on you to keep me from attacking everyone that gets on my nervse and to help me raise our kits even if you are an old rock ill always be by your side Honeystep even if you ont want me there

~Sageheart to Honeystep

Kiwiberry, I think you have an idea of how I feel about you, but I just want to tell you how I admire you even more. When I first saw you, and told you that you caught my eye, it wasn't a lie, nor joking around. You really did, and you still do to this day. When I went to confess to you, I could hear my own heartbeat, and anxiety fluttered through my soul. And when you found me, hurt and bitter, you didn't care. You helped me even though I was such a jerk to you. That is another way I know you will stick by me for as long as we are around. I can promise you that every time you are hurt or in need, physically or mentally, I will be at your side. As a mate, and as a best friend.

~Snowskip to Kiwiberry

Why can't I choose between you two? Anttalon, we're so alike... Yet so different. We were both rogues, we're both easy to anger, we both love to hunt... Yet then again, there is you, Stumblestep. We are so different, yet I am falling for you. You are more of a happy go lucky tom, you make me smile and laugh... But no matter how many good qualities you both have, I cannot choose one, not yet, anyway.

-"Anonymous" (Kind of) to Anttalon and Stumblestep

Oh Stumblestep! I met you when I was just a kit. . You kept tripping and I just thought you were trying to do cool tricks. But no I was wrong. I did like you as a kit and I still do now! I know Im a apprentice but I will be a warrior just like you! I know I already told you. But here it is in print! I hope you like me back. You already know who this is by reading.

~Leatherpaw to Stumblestep

I just want to say, thanks for being my best friend and now mate. I've always liked you since I got injured in that horrible attack. You were always there for me and understood my problems and same to you. After becoming a warrior, I grew feelings for you but I didn't want to say anything because I was afraid you liked someone else. I'm sorry for leaving camp without telling you but now I'm here to stay with you until the end. I trust you will protect me for seasons to come. I love you Raspberrycloud and I always will.

~Softtail to Raspberrycloud

Oh boy- here it goes. Ever since the moment I saw you I knew something felt different. The way my paws tingled and my fur grew hot. You do things to me, Creekwhisper. Things that are, frankly, completely new to me. Listen, I'm not sure if you feel the same for me or not. I know you like Anttalon and I don't blame you. He's great and you two are a lot alike. Though I hope that our differences will bring us together instead of apart. And yes, I'm aware that this is tacky. I just had to get my feelings out before it was too late.

-Stumblestep to Creekwhisper

Joke Ships

Shipping people with inanimate objects or their worst enemy!

Tigerfur x Frostgaze

Firestar x Lemon Ice tea

Brokenstar x Lightningstar

Brokenstar x Lunch =Brunch

Silvermist X Her Socks

Faunawisp X Potato Chips = FaunaChips

Lightningstar X Lonliness= Depression 101

Tigerfur X Snape = The Mysterious Ticking Noise

Amberpaw x Chicken= Turkey

Tigerfur X Hetalia= World Party

Tiger's fist X someones face= ONE PUNCH!!

Darkfur x Darkfur x Darkfur = Trifur

Darkfur X Dawnspirit = Dawnfur/Darkspirit

DawnSpirit X DarkFur X SunTail = The love triangle


Tigerfur X Nukes = WW3


Tigerfur X Levi=The cleaning duo

Shadepelt X Moss = Mosspelt :0

Cherrymist x Tree = George Washington's Cherrytree :3

Slyfoot X Reedstorm = Bi guys

Suntail X Tigerfur = GerIta but with cats

Watermist X Pickle = Eternal Happiness

Rainstorm X The Deputy Assigned Time-Out Corner = Reed's OTP, Rain's NOTP

LightStripe x His Mood Swings = Its like a playground

Emberkit X Pickup Lines

Whitekit X Smexy Dancing

Breezepaw X whistle you= might just find yourself doing exercises for a week....

Windpaw x Happiness = An adorable innocent floof

Moonkit X Depression= A Jealous Kitty Who Changes Moods, But Hides It

Darkstar X her pens

Oakfrost X theology

Oakfrost X Yoga

Dewchirp X Mountain Dew

Owlpaw X Fairy Tales = Prince Charming

Slyfoot X Adder

Berry X Fairytail X Death Note = The finest of three-some's.

Owlpaw X Everyone = Silver's OTP

Ivycloud X Petalpaw = THE SHIPPING SQUAD

KoiPaw X FlowerPaw = Idk what this would be.

Pricklypaw X 12 Savage = 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, M's in my bank account

berry X Tokyo ghoul= Scary berry Scary berry Scary berry

Charcoalpaw X His future girlfriend = His imagination

Ring x Berry = Moldy Bread

Jayfire X anyone = Ivy's OTP

Dartstar X Dawnstar = A cat with a blow dart gun that shoots at enemies that come into camp

Ivy X The death note = The Ship note AKA if you don't make it cannon i'll write you in my death note

Bush X ravensong = the best otp to ever be on earth

Aura X Arizona= AURAzona

Blankpaw X Pebblepaw = aNgErEy

Leafstorm X plants?

LunarSky X Luna From MLP = whom every put this here is dead

Gentle x Loneliness = A broken heart like hers cants be fixed easily....

Novasky X Natsu = FITE ME GENTLE HE IS MINEEEEEEEEEEE and this should be in "Canon Couples"-fact

Softpaw X her expeditions= Softpaw the explorer!


Petal X Food = You have no idea what miracles lay ahead

Shypaw X Balloons = She's a cloud now

Leafstorm X her inhaler= stop inhaling kits

Sailkit X The Seven Seas

Icefang X Pierogis = *infinite slurping sounds*

Flicker x Reincarnations

Wolftuft x Rolling hills

CrimsonRain X WillowTree

Ship Songs

Frostgaze X Willowtail✞-

Little Do You Know - Alex & Sierra

Beartrot X Nightscar-

We Got Us - Daniel Skye

Darkshadow X Lightheart

Kill The Lights - Set It Off

Pebbleshine X Aurasound -

Would you be so kind?

Bumblebee X Slyfoot -

No Angels - Bastille

Firebrick X Leafstorm

A Million Dreams

Chancedream X Petalwing

Mindy Gledhill- I Do Adore (Lyrics)

Owlpaw X Crescentpaw

[1]Absolutely Smitten by Dodie

Pearshine X Owlheart

Seventeen - Heathers 

DappleCloud X Strangecry <3

Lost Boy - Ruth Boy


Anyone, Fam.