The Deceased

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What is the remembrance page?

The ShadowClan Rememberance Page is where we add a little section for each deceased ShadowClan member. The sections also have spaces for current Clan cats to leave little messages about their thoughts on that Clan member. Rude comments about that Clan member will not be tolerated. Now, let's get to the cats!



Stonestar was a very large grey and black Maine Coon with gleaming green eyes. He had a large scar going over one of his eyes. He was the leader from 2012-2016. He will always be remembered as the loving and caring leader of ShadowClan.




Firefoot/star was a large and broad-shouldered ginger tabby tom. He had glowing green eyes, and was a deputy from 2012-2016. He retired and became an elder in mid 2016. He died from saving Willowtail from a group of dogs, but he drowned in the river while doing so.

  • Firefoot and his sister Dusktail


I feel deep regrets and sadness for the death of this wonderful cat which I knew for a short time, yet I bonded and had many great memories with. Rest in peace Firefoot. - Darkheart



Willowtail was a russet colored she-cat with bright green eyes, black markings, and a white underbelly. She was the deputy and one of the earliest members of Shadowclan. She died of old age in late2016. She will always be a greatly honored cat of Shadowclan.



Greysong was a sleek and strong grey tabby she-cat with glowing green eyes. She died of starvation and disease.



Darkshadow was a midnight black tuxedo tom. He had white patches on his chest, toes, muzzle, and tail tip. Darkshadow had icy blue eyes, reflecting his heart. He was a dark and corrupted cat. He was slain by Tigerfur.



Whitepaw was a pure white she-cat with calm blue eyes. She had a long fluffy tail and slender paws. her mother was Willowtail, and father Froststorm. She was a medicine cat in training, and died of unknown causes.



Bramblekit was a kit of Stonestar and Dusktail. The two adopted the little brown she-cat with blue eyes when she was young. No one really knows how she died.



Briartail is a light brown tom with several dark splotches and blue eyes. While on a patrol showing a new cat around the territory, Swiftwind wandered onto the Thunderpath. Briartail pushed him out of the way of a monster, getting hit instead.
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Slateclaw was a loyal elite warrior of Shadowclan. He was a grey blind tom with white stripes. He had a mate named Scarpelt, two sons and a daughter; Emeraldpaw, Boulderpaw, and Jaypaw. He was killed by trespasser on ShadowClan's territory.



A loyal caring warrior. We mourn the person who played him. The person was named Dylan and sadly passed away in a car accident. We will miss him forever.

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Rest in peace, Dylan.



Brokenstar was a large bengal she-cat with black splotches on her fur and blue eyes. She was leader from 2016-2017. She could be dark at times, but she will always be a cherished leader and remembered as a loving friend. She was killed in a mudslide saving Dawnstar and Rainwind. <3

  • Brokenstar
  • Brokenstar chillin in the snow



Lightningstorm/star was a massive gray she-cat with dark gray lightning stripes across her fur with red eyes. She was leader with Brokenstar from 2016-2017 and stepped down a few weeks before her death. She will be remembered for her kindness & bravery. She died from battle wounds/blood loss, may Lightning rest in peace. <3

  • Darkstar & Lightningstorm/star
  • Lightningstar/storm
  • SwiftwindXLightningstar



Flickernose was an orange tom with blue eyes. His siblings were Blazeclaw and Suntail. He was an uncle to Darkfur's kits and a God Father to Viperstrike's kits. He had joined ShadowClan with his siblings after abandonment by his mother, having grown up alone in the wild. All three cats quickly excelled, Flickernsoe specifically in medicinal remedies and herbs. He became the head medicine cat after Hopesong died, and even trained an apprentice. 

Flickernose died after being exiled from ShadowClan, having fought wtih Tigerfur, the current deputy. He peacefully lived the rest of his life alone as a rogue before drowning in a river. 

Flickernose is not in StarClan. He was given a second chance; reincarnated into Flickerbird, a warrior of ShadowClan. Flickerbird has excelled himself as a hunter and fighter, and is doing well.



A very protective and quiet elite warrior, Rainwind was a dark Russian blue she-cat with amber eyes. For many moons she served her clan, despite all her great deeds Rainwind’s mind didn’t take pride nor let her ego go big. Instead depression and fear overcame her, as over time she would leave the clan to find a tribe where she had a family. She had taken Fangstrike’s oldest daughter with her, thus making her beliveas the white odd eyes kitten’s mother At the time of her kits’ birth, their mother was starting to weaken from age. As the young grew, so did her Love for them until eventually she would travel with her oldest and most adventurous kit, Dampearth. Nearing the Shadowclan border one day, the duo would have to cross a bridge. Everything went smoothly, until they reached the end.



Fangstrike was a russet red she-cat with a bobbed tail, grey underbelly, grey ankle fur, white forehead, white paws, and forest green eyes. The middle daughter of Darkstar and Suntail’s first litter, this bobtail feline always followed the call of adventure. Eventually becoming mate to Rainfeather, she had four kits named Sharpkit, Arctickit, Juniperkit, and Bluebellkit. Leaving them to the clan at their barely weaned age, Fang left to the edge of Shadowclan territory after regretting her decision. Watching them grow, the rogue had her second litter during this time. Yet they were born with disabilities from her being sick at the time of their birth. Naming them Claw and Riverwisp, she finally had the chance to raise kits. They grew quickly, causing her grief of leaving behind her first litter grow. After River’s disappearance, Fang sent Claw to live with the clan. One night Claw, Juniper, and Sharp had taken a walk together. Two badgers had attacked them, causing Claw and Juniper to be injured. With one already dead, Sharp was about to be torn apart by the remaining raging badger from a cheapshot. Yet Fang intervened, leaving the badger halfblind but at a cost. In retaliation the badger had bitten deeply into her neck, thus leaving its mark before it’s escape. Saying her goodbyes to all of her Kits present, her final moments she spoke softly saying she would finally be with Rainfeather again. This event left Junipertail, Clawmark, and Sharpglare greatly distraught. Upon arriving in Starclan, they decreed she had redeemed herself and will be welcomed among the ancestors.

  • Fangstrike
  • Fangstrike vs. The Badger
  • Fangstrike by Cashewsss
  • Fangstrike x Rainfeather
  • Fangstrike and her family
  • Fangstrike and her aunt Blazeclaw
  • Fangkit and Rustkit
  • Fangstrike by Finchboi




Played by the user Uncomplicated, Turtletail was a pretty calico with bright emerald green eyes. She was the mate of Briartail and the mother of Beestrike, the ShadowClan medicine cat. She was well known in the clan for her bright and cheerful attitude, and her constant willingness to assist others in any task they need assistance with. Turtletail had some mental issues that she was able to always keep at bay until the sudden death of her mate, Briartail, when her son was a young apprentice. She ended up having a strange dream where StarClan cats told her she was needed in StarClan, and, believing it, she used Yew Berries to find her way into the heavens. Beestrike's daughter, Turtlekit, who died under the claws of a badger, was not her actual reincarnation, but there are plans to send her back down again when the time is right, to find a way to make her way back into the clan like she once was, like a gentle stream through the rocks. Until then, she is happily in StarClan with her mate and only son, who, after leaving ShadowClan, was attacked by a group of rouges. They are now one happy family in the Stars.




Played by the jammer eagle27751, Celticstar was the leader of Shadowclan Shadestar promoted to lead beside her. He was a great leader who helped her out, supported her in times of need, and kept her company. He was a huge Norwegian Forest Cat with beautiful emerald eyes, and a unique Irish accent. He was always protective of his children and dearly cared for them. Unfortunately, a bolt of lightning took all of this gentle giant's lives away, and now he forever rests with his daughter Mistpaw, and his sister Leafstorm in Starclan. ______________________________________________________________________________________________________

Our Deceased


Cat who are no longer with us and now reside in StarClan or The Place of No Stars. We miss you all dearly.

Name Username Former Mate Cause of Death Description


Catsanddogs58104 Nightscar

Saved Willowtail from dogs, drowned.

Massive flame colored tom with fern green eyes. American short-hair.

(Place of no Stars)

Ni4376 N/A

Killed by Tigerfur in self defense

Midnight black tuxedo tom, white notably on his chest, muzzle, and paws. Chilling blue eyes.


Smartyjammer4325aj Scarpelt

Killed in fight with a tresspasser,

Gray tom with white stripes and blind eyes.

(Place of No Stars)

Unicorncastle Cinderstorm

Killed by Midnightpelt

A dark gray tom with black tabby stripes and amber eyes.


Talontail800 N/A

Poisoned by Moonblaze

A light brown patched tom-kit with bright amber eyes.


Wafflesbutter Dawnfur

Committed Suicide

Handsome jet-black tom with a snow-white underbelly, chest, paws and muzzle.


slyfox454 Midnightpelt

Crushed by rocks

A grey she-cat with white ears and white mussle.


loveisthecure N/A

Unknown Death

A tan she-cat with brown markings and blue eyes, She had immobile back legs.


Fidget04 Frostgaze

Died of old age

A russet colored She-cat with bright green eyes, black markings, and a white underbelly.



horsecrazy1328 Turtletail

Ran over by a monster whilst saving Swiftwind

A brown tom with blue eyes and darker stripes marking his face.



Uncomplicated Briartail

Committed Suicide with Yew to be with Briartail

A beautiful calico she-cat with emerald eyes



Horsecrazy1328 N/A

Saved Silvermist from a rogue attack

A unusually massive sand colored tom with a white muzzle and underbelly. He had daring green eye and a large scar down his forehead.

(Place of No Stars)

Codingkitten N/A

Killed by Red Cough

Jet-black muscular tom with dark grey spots and dull blue eyes.

JayKit (StarClan)

Cashewsss N/A

Killed/eaten by a badger

A very small milky white tom-kit with a light gray face, paws, tail tip, and ears. His eyes were a warm light blue.



Mintytxx N/A

Killed/eaten by a badger

A large light gray she-kit with black stripes/dots on her pelt and daunting amber eyes.



Ninjagirl01 N/A Died saving Dawnstar and Rainwind from a flood A Short fur white she-cat with grey-black bengal spots.



Rosepaw16 Swiftwind Died from battle wounds/blood loss A massive gray she-cat with dark gray lightning stripes across her pelt. Has many scars & dark red eyes.
Lavenderpaw (StarClan) Bluewolf458 N/A Died from unknown diease A small jet black she-cat with a white underbelly, paws, mark on her forehead, and creek green eyes.
Fangstrike (StarClan) Bluewolf458 Rainfeather Died saving Sharpglare from a badger A moderate-sized russet red she-cat with a bobbed tail, grey underbelly, grey ankle fur, white toes, white forehead stripe, a single white spot, and forest green eyes.
Ravenclaw (Starclan) Jujutheeverything13 N/A Killed by a wild black bear trying to fetch prey for the clan. A massive, intimidating, solid-black she-cat with light green eyes.
Junipertail (Starclan) Jujutheeverything13 N/A Killed by a loose dog, trying to protect the territory. A beloved, lush, vigorous calico with golden eyes who dearly loved her siblings.



thecoloredflower111 N/A Fell off a tree Firestar style. A cream shecat with gray markings and a white underbelly. She had dull blue eyes.
Mapleface (Starclan) Raeann917 N/A Crushed her ribcage when a tree fell on her, saved Aurapaw from the same fate. Small shecat with a cream pelt and ginger markings, dull blue eyes.



blinn2007 N/A She died defending the nursery from a fox attack. A gray female apprentice with a white underbelly and a lovely shade of green eyes.


Fussytut8 Icefang Died from accidentally eating deathberries. A tuxedo warrior with green eyes.


Evergreengamer Firebrick After hearing the death of her brother, she took her life with poisonous berries to join him in Starclan. A brown tabby medicine cat with a white underbelly and paws, and green eyes.


Theme Songs

Greysong- Drown - Tyler Joseph

Darkshadow- Hell and back

Turtletail - Lost boy - Ruth B

BriarTail- Alexander Hamilton

LionHeart- Infinitesimal

Scorchfire- Hasley - Control

Lightningstar- Bohemian Rhapsody and Alexander Hamilton