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ShadowClan was a Clan like no other....

They had darkness in their hearts and frost in their souls. They dwelled in a territory that lacked prey and was not suitable for any cat. ShadowClan cats were starving, while the Clans nearby were thriving with prey. ShadowClan grew cold and bitter over time and wanted so badly to flourish that they gained a thirst for violence and war. They even blindly followed any leader who offered them success. Brokenstar and Tigerstar, now legends from moons ago, were the very embodiment of the Clan’s twisted way of thinking.

But that's not the whole story...

There were a few cats in the Shadows who were different. Felines who were set apart from their peers; that still had good judgment and wished for peace. What happened to these mysterious cats? They were branded crazy by their Clanmates and shunned by their own Clan. So they separated. Lead by a feline by the name of Darkwing. These cats broke away from ShadowClan to build their own version, one that would strive for the balance and peace that they desired.

Where did these cats go? None of the original Clans would ever know.

They disappeared, for StarClan had a mysterious fate for them. One day while traveling, Darkwing and her group became entrapped in a strange two-leg monster. The monster carried them far away from the homelands, barring them from ever returning. The monster released them in a foreign land, a place that no ShadowClan cat had ever heard of. A land where danger was just around the corner and inhabited by strange prey that had never been seen before.

Darkwing and her group were not alone.

The land was cluttered with many cats and even Clans. But these Clans were not like the original ones of Fourtrees. They were chaotic and frail. Clans would be built up one day and gone within a moon. Resources became scarce and cats became selfish and prideful; they often brutally fought for land, prey, and glory. Because of this, the ShadowClan members had to put all of their strength, courage, and ingenuity together to survive. At first, they tried to assimilate to the other felines, but it brought them no success. The cats began to starve more than ever, and their options were quickly being exhausted.

They had to think of a solution, or it would be over for these wanderers...

Thankfully, one member did think of that solution. Stonefur, the second-in-command of the group, discovered a stretch of land that no feline dared to walk on. It was called Drava.

It was filled with many other resources, along with species of prey, but it also contained many, many dangers, making it almost unreachable by anyone. With nothing else to do except starve to death, the group decided to enter this place as a last resort. It was not easy, and cats of ShadowClan died while experimenting with this dark land. Soon, with time and trials, the felines figured out strategies, hunting tactics, and battle skills to cope with the dangers. StarClan followed this new ShadowClan and anointed Darkwing leader and Stonefur deputy.

Even though their story had only begun, ShadowClan could tell that this was the rise of a new life.




Current Leader(s)
Member Count
Felis Catus
(Feral Cat)
Tag Color
Religion StarClan
Roleplay Type Descriptive Traditional
Member List

39 Total

1. Jujutheeverything13

2. Eagle27751

3. Rozlyn3656

4. CodingKitten

5. Horsecrazy1328

6. Evergreengamer

7. Wolfy58744

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38. TMNT71238

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33. Audmaxmoll

34. Midnightgamerz0

35. Hounddog456

36. Eternalwavez

37. Yonahak28

38. Happypanda1328

39. Wølfipie

Black List

1. wafflesbutter/Harassment/Forever 2. gingertail21/Harassment/Forever

3. Jetts44/Harassment/Forever


5. bluewolf458/Leaving Too Many Times/Forever



·Out of Character Rules·

These are the rules you must follow that you must follow when making an OC. There are also expectations of how you should behave socially (when not in character) in this Clan.

1. We only allow four OCs per member. Multiple OCs per each account is overwhelming, so we've decided to cut it down to four OCs per person. You must also try to use those four OCs equally. There is no point in making a character that you are not going to use. 

2. Respect all members of ShadowClan. If you fail to respect your Leaders, severe punishment will follow your actions accordingly, but all members of ShadowClan should be treated politely whether you like them or not.

3. Please refrain from starting arguments with other members. We may have some opinions in our mind that we'd like to share, but by all means, Please do not start arguments. If you don't have anything nice to say, then don't say it at all. If you are in the middle of an argument, all you have to do is wrap it up and walk away. Arguing will break friendships and tear this clan apart. If you want to be in this clan, you must have patience with others. Be easygoing and try not to argue, for that starts drama. Just walk away, it's all you have to do. If the person keeps pestering, report them to a leader. If you started the argument, please try not to get your point though. This does not mean you should report anyone who politely disagrees with you.

5. Just please don't be stupid. Whenever you type, use your head and keep in mind of the feelings of others. Look before you leap and make sure your words are informed, careful, and considerate. If you are upset or angry, don't say anything. Take a break and come back to the situation later once you have calmed down again. We communicate on the computer, you have been given the gift of being able to think through and change your words before you send them, take advantage of that second chance! And remember, just because something is not against the rules does not mean you should do it. In order to be in this clan, you must have some social responsibility.

6. No Doubleclanning. Doubleclanning is forbidden in ShadowClan. If this is discovered from you, there will be no hesitation in exile. Exceptions are if you are in any of our side group roleplays.

7. Do not Powerplay. Powerplaying includes but is not limited to using any other language than English, fake anatomy, ignoring another players' moves, using unrealistic moves, and having unnatural abilities without a reason. This is not tolerated in any form here and you can be punished for it.

8. You are expected to be active in ShadowClan. If you join ShadowClan, make an effort to at least attend roleplay once a week with us for at least an hour. If you are inactive for two weeks without an excuse, you will be removed from the clan. You can join back once more if you agree to be more active, though. Make sure you inform us when you are going to be inactive!

9. Don't go crazy with the drama. Drama can be a big part of roleplay, but it can also tear it down. When roleplaying please use common sense when planning a dramatic event. For an example, if a queen is having kits, don't randomly make your OC catch a case of a green cough and almost die while the medic is busy with the queen. Unnecessary drama is pointless and can turn roleplay stale. So please try to only start drama to aid in moving or creating a plot. Before having major drama such as becoming a queen or killing off your character, please ask one of the leaders first.

10. If you decide to leave Shadowclan, please let us know!

11. Do not beg or pester the leaders for a high rank. Do not pester the high ranks in the clan as an attempt to get that rank you want or to be relieved of a punishment. It only makes matters worse. The leaders are humans too and they have a lot on their plate already. Don't make their jobs harder.

12. During roleplay please stay in character. Chattering disrupts roleplay and keeps the others who are trying to roleplay, from enjoying themselves. But if you must say something OOC(out of character) make sure you let the other players know. Please also make sure your OOC does not leak into IC( In Character) or vice versa. This includes grudges between other members, the knowledge that your character should not know, and everything between that.

13. While roleplaying understand that there may be consequences for your actions. Just like real life every action may or may not have a consequence. This just means don't be surprised if you are given one for breaking an IC rule. Let's say you disagree with your leader's choice/action and decide to attack or humiliate him/her, you should expect to probably get a torn ear or beaten up. Maybe you decide to make your character challenge a member who is physically stronger than your OC, expect to get pounded. You are free to do whatever you wish IC, but prepare to face the aftermath and make sure you react realistically (if your character gets attacked by a stronger OC, don't magically make your character stronger than him/her)

14. Suicide Roleplays are not permitted. Some members are sensitive to these sorts of topics and we also have younger members. 

15.  Roleplays/Backstories Involving Rape/Incest are not Allowed. Just as stated above, members are sensitive to these kinds of things and we have younger members who do not understand these topics well. Even implied instances of this is not allowed. We want Shadowclan to be a safe clan for a variety of members.

16.Once you are accepted into Shadowclan, change your tag color(if you are a member) to black. It represents your loyalty to the clan. You should keep your badge color black at all times. 

17. Starting a family takes time. When you join, you can't have an official mate during your 3-5 day trial, and you cannot have kittens and/or be on a queen's list after you attend a week or 2 of roleplaying. The reasons are self-explanatory.

18. Tell us what your favorite dessert is at the bottom of your form. I know this sounds weird, but this proves that you actually read our rules instead of just saying "yes" in the form.

19. You are responsible for your account's safety! We have an issue with people breaking rules, vandalizing, posting things they shouldn't be posting, and when confronted, they blame their siblings or friends. Many use this method to get out of trouble. This rule is to put a stop to it. From now on, if you commit any wrongdoings, you will be punished, regardless if your sibling got into your account and did it or not. Note: To avoid this, don't allow your device to save your passwords, and never tell anyone your wiki/Animal Jam password.

·Page Commenting Rules·

These are the rules that you should follow when posting in the comment section of all of the Shadowclan pages.

1. Do not spam the page. Wait until your post has been buried near the bottom of the page with new comments before reposting. If you want to add an extra detail to your post you can simply edit the original and insert it (by adding 'Edit: I forgot to mention' or something similar)

2. Please reply to your original post instead of creating a new comment every time. This will keep the comment section clean and organized which will help members be able to reply to you correctly.

3. Do not post comments about 'shipping'. If you want to share things regarding your character's romance, post it on the shipping page. An exception would be to quickly request for an editor to fill in or remove the 'mate' section for your character.

4. Only post clan related things! If something does not have to do with Shadowclan or roleplay, it does not belong in the comment section. We do have a thread for non-clan related stuff! You can find it here: Shadowclans' Random Stuff

5. DO NOT rant or report someone on the page. Quietly jag or message the leaders privately on their wall. When you comment things like that on the page it could worsen the situation and give the issue too much attention. After the issue has been settled, drop it and don't rant/complain about it on the page or to other members. Being upset does not give you the right to start drama.

6. Comments that are inappropriate, offensive, or too dramatic will be asked to be edited. It could even be asked to be deleted by a mod if the case is severe enough. If you are having personal issues irl and would like support or help from us, please message the leaders or a member of the support team (a work in progress) on their wall and they will be glad to assist you in any way you need. But things like that do not belong on the page and will not be on the page. You will find privately asking members to assist you emotionally more effective than posting publicly on the page.

7. If you see a conflicted comment that needs to be deleted and it looks like the commenter needs help: Try not to reply. Instead, screenshot the comment, message it to the leaders, ask a moderator of AJCW to delete it. Then the leaders will message the person and try to help, give advice, or comfort them. If the leaders are not reachable, send a message to another high ranking member, ask for someone who is a friend of the poster (or someone who seems mature enough to handle the situation), or message them yourself.

·Character Creation Guidelines·

These are here to help you create a both fun and realistic oc. While describing your character in the joining form, take a second look at these rules to make sure you have the right idea.

'1. We only accept clan names:'Feel free to have your character join as a loner but remember in roleplay your character will be given a warrior name.

2.Make sure your character's name is realistic and not already taken. Your name does not specifically have to have a prefix or suffix from the book but it must at least but be something that is possible for warrior cats to know about (usually names revolve around the cat's appearance or the wilderness) If you need some help deciding on a name for an OC here are a list of name options from the books: Silverpelt.comAlso make sure to scan through the hierarchy to make sure your prefix is not the same as anyone else.

3. Your animal jam appearance must meet typical animal jam roleplayer standards. Though we are not overly picky we do not want any "unnatural" items worn on roleplayers such as sneakers or headphones. This also means you must use the appropiate avatar (non member wolves for adults, Foxes/bunnies for apprentices, and bunnies for kits)

4. Remember that your AJ appearance should not be used as a description. When describing your OC please do not simply say something like "A brown she-cat with green eyes and moon shaped stripes". While in roleplay your avatar appears that way, it is not realistic. Instead, use real-life cats as a reference when describing your OC's appearance.

5. Make sure your character has both positive and negative physical traits. Your character cannot be perfect in all ways! If your OC is large and muscular then it will be slower and less stealthy, on the other hand, if your character is smaller and slender, they will be less strong.

6. Make sure your character has both positive and negative personality traits. Just as stated in the rule above, your cat cannot be Miss Pretty Perfect. Try to give your character an equal amount of flaws and qualities. On your joining, form include at least 5 negative and 5 positive traits for your character. (Ex. My OC is a good listener, intelligent, honest, self-reliant, and disciplined but on the other hand, he is shy, closed-minded, accidentally offensive, untrusting, and picky.) Having a well-balanced character makes roleplay more interesting and fun for the roleplayer and the clan.

7. We do not allow insanely dark characters. Having an OC who craves nothing but blood in violence is not only unrealistic but doesn't make sense. A well-organized clan would not allow an obviously dangerous, selfish, troublemaker into their camp. Your character can be an antagonist but at least make them have motives behind their actions and that they can typically behave non-violent around other members.

8. You can have an OC with a mental disorder (depression, Anxieties, Bi-polar, etc.) as long as you clearly understand the disorder. See 'Character Restrictions' for more information

9. Try to give your character a goal/motivation of some sort. Good characters want and need things. They should be motivated with desire to fulfil their requirementsFixing Grammar. The conflict can be external, internal, or social(an internal goal could be a fear that they wish to break and an external goal could be a skill they wish to learn and a social goal could be making friends with a certain someone) During roleplay sessions you can try to have your character attempt complete these goals. This will keep the story going and give you something to do.

·Mild Punishments·

These are rules that your character must follow while roleplaying. If you decide for your OC to break one of these rules, they will receive an in-character punishment.

1. You must follow the Warrior Code at all times. The Warrior Code is a set of 16 rules placed here by our ancestors a long ago. These rules are to be taken seriously and to be treated with respect.

2. Apprentices may not have a mate or kits. They are too young and having a mate will distract them from the most important thing they should be focusing on; training to become a warrior.

3. Medicines can have a mate but it could become prohibited if it seems to distract them from their work.

4. Kits may not leave camp without the supervision of a trusted adult.

6. Newly-made Apprentices should not take part in important patrols or battles (if possible). When apprentices begin training they lack the knowledge and the experience necessary to react properly. Large mistakes could put the lives of other patrol members at risk.

7. Apprentices cannot leave camp alone and they must be accompanied by an experienced warrior to go to the dangerous parts of the territory.

8. No member of Shadowclan shall disrespect Starclan. It is fine to not believe in or have other beliefs, but it is considered disrespectful to loudly protest against the belief of StarClan, especially during important ceremonies, gatherings, and meetings. Many members of Shadowclan are thankful for the good fortune the clan of the stars has brought to them.

9. In order to become a medicine cat, you must believe in, understand, and have a good relationship with StarClan. As a Clan who places their trust and faith in StarClan, the cats believe that a medicine cat could not properly obtain prophecies, warnings, and omens without believing in and understanding StarClan. They also believe that cats who are deeply rooted in StarClan are given more 'luck' with healing tricky wounds and illnesses than those who don't.



·Mild Punishments·

These are the lighter punishments that are given for minor things. Actions that typically are given mild punishments includes but is not limited to:

-Ignoring Minor Orders/OOC/IC--

-Behaving rudely to fellow clan-mates and members with high ranks/OOC/IC-

-Minor yet harmful gossip. (if reported)/OOC/IC-

-Goofing off instead of roleplaying during roleplay/OOC/IC-

-Disrupting others OOC during roleplay/OOC-

-Any form of excessive role play or behavior that causes others to feel unsafe or uncomfortable/OOC/IC-

Punishments that are typically given for these actions include but is not limited to:

1. Verbal Warning/OOC/ICOCs per member. This is more of a reminder than a punishment. Approximately 1-2 warnings are given to a member before they are given a more severe punishment. If you are given a warning please apologize and plan on not repeating those actions again.

2. Camp Chores/IC. If you are given this punishment, report to a high ranking member or a medicine cat and they will give you tasks to complete. Some examples of camp chores are: replacing the den beds with fresh leaves, going out in the forest to gather food and supplies, helping the elders, helping the medicine cats by gathering herbs from the territory, picking ticks off of the elders, rolling up debris from the camp floor, and building the walls.

3. Temporarily kicked out of camp/OOC/ If you happen to be given this punishment, exit the clan den immediately or else you will be locked out by force. The leaders will tell you exactly how many days/hours you must spend before returning to camp.

5. Bound to camp/IC This means you will not be permitted to exit Shadowclan's camp for any reason. If the case is severe enough, you may even have to be supervised by a high ranking member or warrior. During this time you will expected to complete Camp chores (see above)

6. Treated Like a Kitten(or apprentice)/IC This punishment embarrassing than harsh. Members who are given this punishment will be demoted to the rank of a kitten (or apprentice). They might even have to sleep in the nursery or apprentice den if the leaders find it appropriate.

·Intermediate Punishments·

These punishments are harsher than Mild Punishments, but more soft than Severe Punishments. Actions that are typically given Intermediate punishments includes but is not limited to :

-Ignoring Minor Orders/OOC/IC--

-Constant disrespect even after multiple warnings and mild punishments/OOC/IC-

-Fighting with another clan member of the same rank/OOC/IC-

-Constantly ignoring direct orders/IC-

-Disrupting others OOC during roleplay/OOC-

-Eating Prey before Queens, Elders, and Kittens/IC-

-Continuously goofing off even after multiple warnings and mild punishments/OOC-

-Excessive Foul Language(including Warriors terms like "Foxdung")/IC-

-Defacing Clan Camp or Territory/IC-

-Starting unwanted drama/IC/OOC-

-Hunting Outside of Territory/IC-

-Stealing herbs, Food, or any other property/IC-

-Killing prey for sport/IC-

Punishments that are typically given for these actions include but is not limited to:

1. Temporarily Exiled/OOC/ICOCs per member. If A member is temporarily exiled from camp, they are not permitted to attend roleplay sessions,(if OOC) comment on the clan page or sub-pages, chat on threads and our discord server. You will be given a time for when you can return, your exile can last a couple of weeks to even months, depending on what the leaders find appropriate

2. Public Humiliation/OOC/ICA member who is given this punishment will be humiliated in front of the entire clan. What that member has done will be announced publicly along with their punishment.

3. Forced to hold a foul tasting(but not poisonous) herb in mouth/IC/ This Punishment is given to members who have a dirty mouth IC( for warrior cat swears such as Fox dung, Ratfur, Turtlescum) If an individual continuously says inappropriate words (especially in front of kittens, visitors, or high ranking members) they will have to taste a horrible tasting herb for a certain amount of time( usually citrus flavored fruits).

5. Bound to camp/IC This means you will not be permitted to exit Shadowclan's camp for any reason. If the case is severe enough, you may even have to be supervised by a high ranking member or warrior. During this time you will expected to complete Camp chores (see above)

6. Temporary Bone Cleaner Rank/IC When members are given the bone cleaner rank, they are not permitted to attend important meetings or ceremonies. They must eat whatever scraps are left after everyone has eaten(hence the name 'bonecleaner). These felines spend their times cleaning dens, keeping pesty creatures out of camp, building den walls, or doing other services that are fit for apprentices. They must also sleep in an uncomfortable den made of stone during the nights.

·Severe Punishments· These are the darkest, most severe punishments that the clan has. Actions that typically are given severe punishments includes but is not limited to:

-Behaving rudely to a fellow clan mate and members with high ranks even after several punishments and warnings/OOC/IC--

-Physically attacking a clan member(especially a leader, medic, kit, elder, and queen)/IC-

-Incessant Bullying./OOC/IC-

-Immensely harmful Gossip(or slander)/OOC/IC-

-Vandalism of Page/OOC-

-Domestic violence/IC-


Punishments that are typically given for these actions include but is not limited to:

1. Physical Punishment/IC This is mainly given if you have committed something severe such as physically attacking a high rank, kitten, or anyone in general. If you are given a physical punishment, there is a list of many choices that the leaders can choose to do to you. The choices range from a simple whack to the head to being beaten senseless by your clan mates, depending how severe your actions are.

2. Permanent Bone Cleaner Rank/IC If a member is permanently given the bone cleaner-rank, they will be given a noticeable permanent scar on their pelt, and they will be forced to complete the duties of a typical Bone-cleaner for the rest of their days in Shadowclan. 

3. Exile/IC/OOC This rank is given to the most severe actions. It's quick and easy. If you are exiled, you are permanently banned from Shadowclan. You will be added to the blacklist, and you will never be allowed to return. An announcement will be posted on the page about your banishment so everyone is notified. You can be exiled for out of clan things such as double clanning, incessant bullying, harmful gossip, page vandalism, extortion, threatening, and harassment. This goes for severe in-clan actions as well.

4. Death/IC We may be a neutral-realmed clan, but depending on the severity of the in-clan circumstance, you will be given the Death punishment. There is a possible chance you'll be given this rank if you attack a clan member more than once without a good reason, especially kittens, queens, elders, and high ranks, extortion, threatening to harm the clan via roleplay, and any other attempts to lead the clan to harm including leading patrols to ambushes, etc. Once the leader(s) announce your punishment, the clan will surround you. You will get a chance to say your last words. After that, the leader will show a signal to attack. The entire clan will pounce at you, bite and tear you to pieces. After the deed is done, you shall never return to Shadowclan.




•Summary of Territory•

Server - Drava

-The Forest of Plenty-

Location: Sarepia Forest

The majority of ShadowClan's large territory is thick, dark, forests made of pine, keeping the camp hidden from plain sight all year long. The forest is so thick and perplexing that many outsiders find great difficulty mazing through it which can keep the unwanted company away from ShadowClan's base. The ground is layered with tall plants and moss, which is an extra hiding and ambushing place for Shadowclan cats. Dangers include bears, owls, poison ivy, wolves, badgers, raccoons, and bobcats. Other animals that aren't really considered threats and should be left alone, but should be taken as a possible danger if encountered include moose, deer, foxes, skunks, mushrooms, and caribou. Prey includes chipmunks, voles, mice, roaches, earthworms, termites, ravens, woodpeckers, fireflies, dragonflies, snails, and rabbits.

-Clayrun River-

Location: Temple of Zios

The Clayrun River is a large river that borders the south-eastern part of the camp. Because this section of the territory is moist, it is a great place to hunt for creatures like mud snakes, dragonflies, lizards, praying mantises, and frogs but it is mainly hunted on for fish, needlefish, water striders, and other aquatic animals. All Shadowclan members are warned to steer clear of the old stone two-leg building and to be cautious of the water, it has been known to sometimes become unsafe to swim or walk in due to the nasty two-leg trash that sometimes makes its way into the shores. The dangers include vine snakes, pythons, hibiscus flowers, and monitor lizards. The plants include catmint, fennel, goatweed, mallow, watermint, willow leaves, celandine, coltsfoot, feverfew, pitcher plants, and so many more herbs. Moss, dandelions, and wild garlic grow everywhere in New Leaf. Other animals include muskrats, boxing turtles, and beavers. Don't be surprised if you see a wild horse or two coming for a drink!

-Sodden Swamp-

Location: Balloosh

The Sodden Swamp is a waterlogged, woody, murky area. It borders the upper left part of the Territory. The water is not drinkable because it has mud and possibly deadly parasites inside the water. The plants here aren't lush, but there are some species that tolerate waterlogged soil such as goatweed, water  lilies, lichen, and cattail. Alder Bark, Ivy Leaf, marsh marigold, lilies, horsetail, and foxglove. The main dangers here include leeches, mosquitos, and snakes. The prey includes reptiles and amphibians such as toads.


Location: Kimbara Outback

The Carrionplace is a small, dry, area just South of the camp. It is rarely visited because there is nothing useful there except for some carcasses. Unless the clan is starving, that is the place they go to feast on the carcasses, but first, chasing off the vultures and buzzards is a hassle, and fresh carcasses are rare. There aren't many herbs except for a few dandelions, and burdock root. The dangers there are eagles, hawks, rats, and many other dangerous predators that are attracted by the smell, The carcasses can possibly carry bacteria that can lead to diseases, so unless starvation is present, it's best to avoid this place.

-Narrow Canyons-

Location: Coral Canyons

This area borders the upper right of the territory. The Narrow Canyons is a large canyon with a stream between it, and it protects Shadowclan very well. With its high rocks, intruders are going to have an unpleasant trip climbing and trying not to slip. The plants here include dandelions and Larrea. The dangers here include peregrine falcons, coyotes, mountain lions, rattlesnakes, black widow spiders, and scorpions. Other animals include elk, turkey vultures, condors, bighorn sheep, and wild turkeys. Prey includes baby turkeys, carcasses, lizards, and cardinals.

-Mistcap Mountains-

Location: Mt. Shiveer

The cold Mistcap Mountains border the entire upper left of Shadowclan territory. The Mistcap Mountains are widely stretched and they are extremely tall. Unless it's a flying bird, no animal can cross those mountains with ease. Only Shadowclan knows a safe, quick route through these mountains, and they are forbidden to tell it to other clans, or even mention it aloud. The route is a small tunnel cave inside the first left mountain that leads to outside Shadowclan's territory. The plants here include edible grasses, lamb's ear, poppies, juniper trees, and chaparral shrubs. The dangers obviously include slippery rocks, deep, unstable snow, lynx, reindeer, and Bighorn sheep. Other animals include bighorn sheep, antelope, yak, and mountain goats. The prey includes rabbits, hares, partridges, moths, and lemmings.

-The Great Tree-

Location: Appondale

This arid land is a claimed part of the territory that is used to collect herbs that live in hot, dry soil. The plants include bindweed, burdock root, burnet, chamomile, fennel, heather, heather nectar, lavender, rosemary blossoms, sorrel, thyme, blessed thistle, blueberries, eucalyptus leaves, ginger, goosegrass, oregano, and pawpaw trees. Some kinds of prey live here including ants and weaver birds.

-Sand Bluffs-

Location: Crystal Sands

The Sand Bluffs are a sandy, sunny place where cats usually go out to bask in the sun, or spend some time alone, even though it is rarely visited since some cats prefer to hide in the shadows. Prey includes crabs, lizards, saltwater pinfish, and birds. It is said that this land has a few Twolegs residing here, so during Sunhigh, it is avoided. Sunrise and Moonrise are the times to visit. 

•ShadowClan Traits•


Cats with  Shadowclan blood tend to have light but strong frames covered with medium to long fur lengths that can resist the cold winters. Their fur is usually in darker tones especially brown, grey, black, or sometimes even dark orange. They tend to have striped tabby markings with large green or yellow eyes. These cats are known to have larger paws with medium lengthed claws. Because they have to spend most of their energy hunting prey and maneuvering around/defending their large territory, the ShadowClan cats are rather slender yet they have a firm build. Large, sharply pointed ears, long whiskers, and lengthy tails are also an eye-catching trait that many ShadowClan cats have.


Unlike their ancestors, ShadowClan cats don't tend to have a thirst for violence or war, instead, they are rather reserved from other groups except for a few occasional allies, but even they behave rather secretive and untrusting. That is because Shadowclan has been betrayed by outside cats who they thought could be trusted many times.

However, that does not mean they are push-overs. If you try to trespass on their territory for any reason, these protective felines may attack you without proper questioning. The clan is also very fond of the age of their clan, their history, intelligence, and successes; they make sure everyone around them knows of it. Their pride can be taken to the extreme when they unfairly disrespect others simply because they are not in ShadowClan. Along with that ShadowClan is immensely intellectual, uptight, dignified, and close-knit together like a family should be.


Because of their lighter frames and longer legs, ShadowClan cats are able to move quickly yet silently. Finding ways to hide from enemies or stalk prey is a specialty of ShadowClan. These cats have better night vision than most and their large ears easily pick up the softest sounds. They are very sure-footed and are able to move through tough paths without stumbling. The ShadowClan cats also are great hunters. The cats, however, are not the best swimmers or fighters but usually, their intelligence can make up for that.


•Character Restrictions•


This is a list of disabilities that are limited to prevent having an overload of disabled cats. Nobody is allowed to pass the amount given and must have permission before giving your oc one of these traits. Please do not ask for us to give you an open spot after a disability has reached its limit, we cannot make any exceptions.

Albino 1/2
Complete Blindness 3/3
Partial Blindness 0/3
Complete Deafness 0/1
Sectorial Hetercromia 1/1
Full Heterochromia 1/3
Male Calico 1/2
ADHD 1/2
Short-Term Memory 0/2
Amnesia: 0/3
OCD 0/2
Depression 1/3
Bipolarism 3/3
Split Personality 0/2
Amputated 2/2
Paralysis 0/3
Allergies 1/3
Mateless Queens 1/2
Special 1/3
Reincarnations 1/3
Rogue Mates 2/2




Leaders >>1/2<<

The Leader is the highest rank in the Clan. They are wise, intelligent, brave, and do everything in their power to help the Clan thrive. The leaders of the Clan are given 9 lives from StarClan and are known to have longer lives than most felines so that they can guide their Clan for many moons. As the commander of the entire Clan, they deserve the utmost respect.

Name Username Mate Lives Gender Apprentice


Jujutheeverything13 Pantherflame 8/9 Female


  • Shadestar

Deputies >>2/2<<

These felines are the second in command powers of the Clan. They are like leaders in training or backups for when the leaders are unable to perform their duties for any reason. The deputies also are expected to take charge when the leaders step down or pass away. Just like the leaders, the deputies are to be respected.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice


Rozlyn3656 Female - -


Codingkitten Female - -

  • Rainstorm
  • Novasky

Head Medicine Cat >>1/1<<

This rank is temporarily closed.

Being a level ahead of medicine cats, the Head Medicine Cat has more herb knowledge than regular medicine cats and has a stronger bond with Starclan. Head Medicine Cats are commonly chosen because they have been a successful medic longer than others. Their jobs aren't much different, but they are expected to manage the medicine den and take responsibility. Because they have worked hard to reach this arduous rank, they are given as much honor and respect as you would do to an elder. 

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Beesting Uncomplicated Male Lakeripple Poppypaw

  • Beesting

Medicine Cats >>3/3<<

This rank is closed.

Medicine cats are the healers of Shadowclan, known for their wisdom and their great knowledge in healing and Starclan. The leaders often look to the medicine cat for guidance during troubled times. Being the closest rank to Starclan the wise medicine cats are known to receive prophecies and interpret different signs from our ancestors.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Rowanheart Wolfy58744 Male - Milkpaw
Snowfur Blinn2007 Female - Tangledpaw
LakeRipple Horsecrazy1328 Female Beesting -

  • Rowanheart
  • Snowfur
  • LakeRipple

Medicine Cat Apprentices >>3/3<<

This Rank is closed.

Medicine cat apprentices are young felines were chosen (by the medicine cat) to succeed them when they go to Starclan. Unlike the Warrior apprentices the medicine cat apprentice doesn't spend much time learning to hunt or fight, instead, they memorize herbs, learn medicine procedures, and train to pick up certain signs and prophecies from Starclan.

Name Username Gender Mentor
Milkpaw Ninjagirl01 Male Rowanheart
Poppypaw Amethystpetals Female Beesting
Tangledpaw Llionstorm Female Snowfur

  • Olivepaw
  • Poppypaw
  • Tangledpaw

Generals >>2/2<<

The Generals are the most able-bodied felines in ShadowClan. They have been picked by the leaders to oversee the training of apprentices and make sure the warriors are in top shape. They lead training sessions and make sure the apprentices have respect for their mentor and higher ranks. Along with that the Generals are given the job to think of new training methods, fighting/hunting tactics, and are often called to help plan strategies for battles.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice


Wolfy58744 Female - -
Lionstorm Llionstorm Male Willowstream Cobrapaw

  • Silvermist
  • LionstormGo to Lionstorm

Elite Warriors >>6/6<<

The Elite Warriors are a step up from the average warriors. They have great knowledge in both hunting and fighting and have the field experience necessary to make smart choices in a conflict which is why they are often chosen to lead missions or patrols. Elite warriors are often given to the senior warriors as a token of gratitude for their service but they can also consist of the dedicated younger warriors too. These cats are to be treated with honor and respect as they have served the clan well.

Note: In order to qualify for this rank you must be active in roleplay and have been in the Clan for two months.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice


Ninjagirl01 Male - Suedepaw
Raspberrycloud MondoPastello Male Softtail -
Nightblaze Blinn2007 Male Marsfoot Weaselpaw
Petalwing Amethystpetals Female - Morningpaw
Ottersplash Cashewsss Female - -
CrimsonRain Gooseberryy Male - Bearpaw

  • Sharpglare
  • Raspberrycloud
  • Nightblaze
  • Petalwing
  • Ottersplash
  • CrimsonRain

Warriors >>53/Xx<<

The Warriors are full grown cats that make up the majority of the clan. They have been well trained to protect, provide, and feed the Clan. They are chosen to attend Gatherings and are called upon to train the apprentices. They should be treated with respect for their hard work.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Slyfoot Rozlyn3656 Male - -
Owlheart Rozlyn3656 Male Pearshine -
Chancedream Puppy86255 Male - -
Tigerstrike Jujutheeverything13 Male Shipdust -


Abigailbestgamer Female - -
Shipdust Lonelyxflowers Female Tigerstrike -
Pearshine Humanchild Male Owlheart -
Crow Wing Ninjagirl01 Male -


Pantherflame Eagle27751 Female Shadestar Pumapaw
Deerspring Gooseberyy Female - -
Shyblossom angelspacecat11 Female - -
Softtail Evergreengamer Female Raspberrycloud -
Leatherstrike Lonelysoftballplayer Female - -
Crescentmoon Evergreengamer Male Ashheart -
Tawnypelt Crazylizzy07 Female - -
Sootfeather TMNT71238 Female - -
Ashheart Rainxbows Female Crescentmoon -
Willowstream Kittys133 Female Lionstorm Hollypaw
Hopelight Jujutheeverything13 Female Sailstorm -
Mochaflower Amethystpetals Female Prideleap Leopardpaw
Prideleap Cashewsss Male Mochaflower Larkpaw
Sailstorm Evergreengamer Male Hopelight -
Lightningfoot Lonelysoftballplayer Female - -
Ambercrown Jammer55gf9 Female - Skypaw
Streamfrost Codingkitten Female - -
Bramblestrike Azo00 Male Ghostwing -
Ghostwing Kittybluee20 Female Bramblestrike Newtpaw
Feathersky Angelspacecat11 Female - Mossypaw
Hawksight Filthyy Male - Hollowpaw
Crushedice Humanchild Male - -
Koisplash Jammer55gf9 Female - Sesamepaw
Firestripe Eternalwavez Female - -
Duskstorm Kittys133 Male Goldenstag -
Echoleaf Happypanda12108 Female - -
Spottedstep Neptoones Female - -
Goldenstag Filthyy Male Duskstorm -
Blueorchid Cashewsss Male - -
Coaldust Lonelyxflowers Female - -
Jackalgaze Wølfipie Female - -
Lynxspot Thehallowed1 Female - -
Scorchstone Horsecrazy1328 Male - -
Wolfleap Tigerstrike86 Male - -
Briarthorn Crazylizzy Female - Faithpaw
Suedeflame Uncomplicated Male - -
Marsfoot Puppy86255 Female Nightblaze -
Puffcloud Gooseberyy Female - Hailpaw
Elkscream Eagle27751 Male - -
Sleetstep Rubixcubix Male - -
Bluebellwish Mondopastello Female - -
Rosethorn Rosethorn13 Female - -
Cricketstep FabulousHerbLore Male - -
Puddlesea Wølfipie Male - Sorrowpaw
Clearcoat Wølfipie Female - -
Fishface Wølfipie Male - Rabbitpaw
Copperflame Codingkitten Male - -
Riverwish Winterzserenity Female - -
Icypetal Rosethorn13 Male - -
Hazelmist Many3493 Female - -
Cardinalrose Lonelyxflowers Female - -
Cougarsnap Llionstorm Male - -
Oasispool Mondopastello Male - -

  • Suedeflame
  • Owlheart
  • Chancedream
  • Pearshine
  • Slyfoot
  • Crow Wing
  • Tawnypelt
  • Shyblossom
  • Crescentmoon
  • Leatherstrike
  • Hopelight
  • Sailstorm
  • Ambercrown (With splotches, a splotch on her left covering left eye and ear, and with an amber flowercrown)
  • Ashheart
  • Hawksight (But with Sapphire eyes)
  • Feathersky
  • Bramblestrike
  • KoiSplash (with scars on left back leg and green eyes)
  • Ghostwing
  • Sootfeather
  • Goldenstag
  • Jackalgaze
  • Blueorchid
  • Lynxspot (Bobtail )
  • Echoleaf
  • BluebellWish
  • Fishface
  • Puddlesea
  • Clearcoat
  • Hazelmist
  • Riverwish (With Blue Eyes)
  • Sleetstep

Apprentices >>27/Xx<<

Space can be limited, however, if there is a lack of warriors.

The Apprentices consist of kits that are six moons of age and older that are training to become warriors. They have personal mentors who teach them daily. Along with training sessions, the apprentices are required to do chores such as cleaning/fixing dens and feeding the queens/kits/elders. Apprentices are given little time to rest or play, they are expected to spend as much time as possible training to become the best they can be, physically and spiritually.

To Mentors: For Information regarding training and the warrior test, click here: Training Guide

Name Username Gender Mentor
Hollypaw Rainxbows Female Willowstream
Hollowpaw Abigailbestgamer Male Hawksight
Eveningpaw Azo00 Male -
Sesamepaw Humanchild Female Koisplash
Mossypaw Kittybluee20 Female Feathersky
Nebulapaw Hounddog456 Female -
Wasppaw Cashewsss Male -
Flintpaw Eternalwavez Male -
Bearpaw Lonelysoftballplayer Male CrimsonRain
Skypaw Angelspacecat11 Female Ambercrown
Newtpaw Puppy86255 Female -
Leopardpaw Rainxbows Female Mochaflower
Pumapaw Tmnt71238 Male Pantherflame
Mistypaw Midnightgamerz0 Female -
Whitepaw Filthyy Female -
Rabbitpaw Tigerstrike86 Male Fishface
Rockpaw Thehallowed1 Male -
Weaselpaw FabulousHerbLore Male Nightblaze
Cobrapaw Eagle27751 Male Lionstorm
Sorrowpaw Kittys133 Male Puddlesea
Morningpaw Mondopastello Male Petalwing
Butterflypaw - Female -
Hailpaw Blinn2007 Female Puffcloud
Faithpaw Kittys133 Female Briarthorn

  • Eveningpaw
  • Hollypaw
  • Flintpaw
  • LeopardpawGo to Leopardback
  • Pumapaw
  • Whitepaw
  • Rockpaw ( White toes )
  • Skypaw
  • Weaselpaw
  • Sorrowpaw
  • Hailpaw
  • Yarrowpaw

Queens >>5/6<<

Queens are she-cats who is nursing or expecting kits. Their main job is to take care of and raise their kits. Some queens decide to stay in the nursery after their kits are grown to help and teach other queens how to prepare/take care of their kittens.

To Warriors: If you planning to become a queen as well, refresh your mind on the rules, or if you just want to check on the Queen's Waiting List, go here for more information! Queen's Waiting List

Name Username Mate Kits Type
Softtail Evergreengamer Raspberrycloud - Permanent Queen
Ghostwing Kittybluee20 Bramblestrike Spiderkit, Harekit, Aspenkit Temporary Queen
Ottersplash Cashewsss Cootflash (Formerly) Acaciakit and Morningkit Temporary Queen
Marsfoot Puppy86255 Nightblaze Ripplekit, Ambushkit, and Cinderkit Temporary Queen
Mochaflower Amethystpetals Prideleap Vanillakit, Almondkit, Passionkit, Cottonkit Temporary Queen


This rank is temporarily closed.

Kits are the youngest members of the clan. They stay safely in the nursery until they are about 6 moons old. Though they do not have an official job the kits are usually seen playing, sleeping, learning history, or getting into trouble. We ask that you find a family as soon as you can so there are no kits without parents to care for them or join as a warrior first until you are able to do.

Name Username Gender Queen
Acaciakit Horsecrazy1328 Female Ottersplash
Ripplekit Eternalwavez Male Marsfoot
Ambushkit - Female Marsfoot
Cinderkit Jammer55gf9 Female Marsfoot
Spiderkit Llionstorm Male Ghostwing
Harekit Angelspacecat11 Male Ghostwing
Aspenkit Puppy86255 Female Ghostwing
Vanillakit Uncomplicated Male Mochaflower
Almondkit Azo00 Male Mochaflower
Passionkit Filthyy Female Mochaflower
Cottonkit Kittybluee20 Female Mochaflower

  • Acaciakit
  • Ripplekit
  • Cinderkit
  • Ambushkit
  • Spiderkit
  • Harekit
  • Aspenkit
  • Vanillakit
  • Almondkit
  • Passionkit
  • Cottonkit

Elders >>4/Xx<<

Retired felines who are too old or unable to continue their duties. They are taken care of by the entire clan but usually, the apprentices are in charge of seeking their needs. They must be given respect no matter how grumpy they can be for the time they have served ShadowClan.

Name Username Gender Mate Past Rank


8snowbunny8 Female - Warrior
Frostedstone Winterzserenity Male - Warrior
Shipdust Lonelyxflowers Female Tigerstrike Warrior & Queen
Tigerstrike Jujutheeverything13 Male Shipdust Warrior

  • Ivysong
  • Frostedstone

Bone Cleaners >>0/Xx<<

This rank is made up of cats who have caused major conflicts or have broken important laws. Sometimes the rank is given as a temporary punishment but other times it is permanent. Those who are given this rank for permanent or a noticeably long amount of time are given a scratched ear or a noticeable scar. Cats of this rank eat whatever scraps are left after everyone has eaten, they spend their time cleaning dens, taking care of elders, or doing other services that apprentices usually have and are not allowed to attend important meetings or ceremonies. They also must sleep in an uncomfortable den made of stone during the nights. Having this rank is both humiliating and dishonorable for Shadowclan cats and even if you are only given this rank for a short amount of time, you may find yourself having trouble living it down.

Note: This is also the rank that prisoners outside of the clan are given to.

Name Username Gender Mate Term


- - - -


- - - -

Excused From Roleplay

These are members who are currently inactive for a good reason that prevents them from being able to get on to roleplay.

Name Username Reason Expected Return Date
Sootfeather TMNT71238 Busy Activities January 1st
Asheart Rainxbows School December 16th
Raspberrycloud Mondopastello School December 1st
Koisplash Jammer55gf9 School April 1st

Cats outside of ShadowClan >>24/Xx<<

These are cats who are not official members of ShadowClan but are welcome to visit us with permission. They are to be treated as friends and are not to be challenged or treated like a trespasser.

Name Username Gender Current Group


Vlb123 Female Riverclan
Rushingwater Soph97 Male The Malladrite Constellation
Blossomheart Mfbelel Female None
Basilfur Cosoleco Female Skyfall
Silverclaw Cougarstar14 Male Thunderclan
Owltail Wigwam39 Male The Dawning Empire
Flamewind Mailybird254 Female Beetleclan
Wolftail Obiandkit2 Male None
Pebblepelt Horsegirl12632 Female Seaclan
Sieq Valentinlove Female Silencedclan
BlackShade Dragonsflamex - None
Nettle Catlovergirl79 Female None
Leafpaw Flowe1687 Female Roseclan
Lynxtail Cosoleco Male None
Raventail Ashclaw36 Female None
Daisypaw Amazingwolf5312 Female None
Cypress'Glide Empressspirit48 Male Elmclan
Greenleaf Rosy679 Female Hollyclan
Hazel Xwoflyx Female None
Caramelpaw Knightmare11575 Female None
Creekpaw Joselyn0926 Female Fallingclan
Coppersplash Moog1011 Male Eden's Interstice
Goldenpelt Crazykitten3 Female Lionclan
Croweye 1moon1spirit Male Fallingclan
Mistypaw Midnightgamez0 Female None
Sage Benera Female Lilyclan
Dusktail Demonwolfpup223 Male None
Leafheart Lunlunlewolfie Female None





Group Name Leader's name Username Orientation




ThunderClan Dawnstar and Ivystar Sarahseal1 and YuzukiYri Fluid
Rainclan Miststar Tigresskunk Fluid
Mossclan Blazestar and Orangestar Thehuntress5203 and Nastiia8 Fluid
Swiftclan Lynxstar and Fernstar Chica456 and Rikirocks Light
Sakuraclan Icestar Hellokitty567892 Light
Vineclan Daisystar Catgirl94303 Fluid
Lionclan Ashstar Spiret49 Light


Group Name

Leader's Name Username Orientation
- - - -
- - - -




Please remember that this schedule will not always be followed perfectly and there may be days when the leaders aren't online (They do have a life outside of AJ). However all members can roleplay at any time without the leaders as long as the roleplay does not involve a major plot or change (unless of course the leaders grant the roleplayers permission to do so). Sidegroups are hosted after roleplay hours in case there are some people online who want to continue role play.

This schedule is in EST (Eastern Standard Time). It is your responsibility to covert this time zone into your own.

Information Mon Tues Wed Thurs Fri Sat Sun
Time 7:00PM-8:00PM 7:00PM-8:00PM 7:00PM-8:00PM 7:00PM-8:00PM 7:00PM-8:00PM 6:00PM-7:00PM 6:00PM-7:00PM
Type Casual RP Casual RP Casual RP Training Day + Casual RP

Casual RP (Plot Opportunity or Celebration)

Get Together Moment, Casual RP Special Plot(s)
Will Shadestar be online? Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe Maybe




Creator Description Dates Open/Closed


Illness Undecided Open
MsBlue Injury/Whitecough Beginning of Leafbare Closed





Animal Jam Username:

'Why do you wish to join?:


Desired Rank:



Personality(5 positive traits and 5 negative):

Example of Roleplay:

Irl picture of Oc (optional):

Previous groups and why you left them:

Have you read all of our rules?:


Clan Name:

Page Link:

Leader's Username:

Leader's Name:

Deputy's Username:

Deputy's Name:

Member Count:

Founding Date:


Reason for alliance:


OC Name:


Reason for Departure:

How Can We Improve?:

What happens to your oc in roleplay?:

Messages (Do not be rude and call others out):

•Excused From Roleplay•
'(This is only for those who are going to be absent for 5 or more days).':

OC Name:


Reason (If personal no need to list why):

When should we expect you to come back?(Give a specific day; M/D/Y):

OC Name:



Reason for visiting:

Current Group(if any):

Do you agree to follow our rules while visiting?:

•Queen Reservation•


Queen Name/Username:

Mate Name/Username:

Amount of Kits(including adopted):

Kit Tryout link(if any):

Name/Usernames of kits:

Open to people who are not yet members of SC?:




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