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"Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favorite."



1. Do NOT edit this page unless you are an assigned editor.

2.Only members of Shadeclan may add ships.

3. Do not ship kits, for obvious reasons.

4. Only apprentices and up may be shipped.

5. If a cat already has a mate, do not ship them; they are loyal to their mate.

6.The crush notes are for notes to crushes only; notes not matching that specification will be taken down immediately.

7. You can not ship a medicine cat/ medicine cat apprentice. They have sworn their lives to Starclan's work, and are loyal to it; any medicine cat related ships will be taken down.

8. Members of Shadeclan can be shipped with cats outside of the clan.


Lion❤Jaywing = Jaylion/Lionjay

Sparrow❤Tigerstrike = Tarrow/Siger

Splashfur❤Sprucewing = Spluce/Sprash

Newt'step❤Bearclaw = Newtclaw/Bearstep



Apprentice Notes

To: Torrentpaw

Note: I know its you, Torrentpaw. I have the same feelings, I love every single second i spend with you, because it feels like an eternity. It hurts me to think about you and me being seperated and its hard enough going anywhere without you. You help me when i feel like nothing and make me feel like everything, you deserve better than me but just know, I love you.

From: Orchidpaw


To: SpArr0w pAw

I-i.... sparrow....your,l-like m-m-my b-b-best friend...I n-never t-t-hought i w-would fall                f-for you! Y-you h-have s-s-so much c-courage! I-i unders-stand if... y-you d-d-d-d-on't                   like m-me back....B-but I l-l-like y-you...

From:  pfffffffffffffffft



Orchidpaw.... we have been like, best friends for a couple of moons now.                                     But I have diffrent feelings. You are like the sun in the darkness, catnip in greencough,      slow wind when I need to stay calm, or more, a cat that I love. It's fine if you think diffrently, I just love you.

From: Anonymous


To: Faepaw

H-hi, Faepaw...

Ever since i met you, that first time in the apprentice's den, you've been kind to me. You've looked over my crooked jaw. 

You're the sweetest, most intelligent, funniest, and most beautiful she-cat in the world.

I-i mean, i've got no chance beside any other tom in the clan, but...

I love you, Faepaw.

Do you love me?

From: Dullpaw


To: Cedarpaw

Hey Cedarpaw, I uh....I really like you and I hope we can be more then friends. I know Orangepaw likes you too and you kinda like him but..... I really like you and I hope we have a future. Your so smart,funny,kind and beautiful. It's easy to understand why he loves you too. So...uh..I am gonna get to the point... I-I love you Cedarpaw.

From: Duskpaw


To: Duskpaw

hi duskpaw.. thanks you or being so nice to me, you really are a great cat, i hope you dont have reservations for somebody else..  i hope this can go further than just a friendship <3

From: Cedarpaw


To: ...Raspberrypaw...

Aha... Oh my... I never thought I'd fall for someone like you... so quickly t-too! But...I can't get my mind off of you and it hurts my heart just to think you might fall for another she-cat. Aha...haha... I don't want to be a weight on y-you, so I'll j-just keep my f-feelings to myself... that w-way I can't g-get hurt..! Right? B-but I... like you.. a lot...

From: Anonymous!


Warrior & Up Notes


To: Mr.bEaR cLaW

BearClaw, even though we just met, i kinda like you, sorry i scared you from the tree,

i like you, your sweet kind and respectful, thanks for giving me a tour <3

From: NewtSteP


To: Greystar

I don't really know how to say it... But I like you. You're the most charming, strong,

loyal she-cat I've ever met. And even if you don't reciprocate these feelings,

I would like you to know. In my eyes, you hold the stars in the sky, and keep

the world beautiful... I hope one day I'll have the guts to tell you in person how I feel.  

From: Sincerly, Someone




You are the kindest, strongest, boldest tom I've ever met..... Dang it, I have a crush on              you <3 I truly want to spend every minute with you, even the minutes in Starclan!

I am yours forever, and that'll never change! <33

From: coff Spruce :3


To: Sprucewing

Hey Sprucewing, I know I am a little intense sometimes but... I really love you.                          Your so beautiful that you don't need to live twice to know it. I'd fight all of starclan                   for you, I'd burn in the dark forest for you,I'd die for you. I can't wait until your a warrior,          our future lies ahead

From:OOf. Everybody should know this.


To: ❤Insert name here

Insert name here is cute, kind, brave, funny, oh...

and is also reading this sentence.❤


Your ❤favorite❤ page editor,

because everyone likes to feel loved; because everyone is:3





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