r e b e l l i n g w i n g
"my heart tells my brain what to do sometimes"
current name | rebellingwing
roleplayer | nightships
status | alive/active
created | 10/15/16
activity | 100%
Rebellingwing art

by SydneyMR

assosiation | sageclan
sexuality | heterosexual
sex | cisgender male
current rank | elder
age | 47 moons


apperance summary:
Rebellingwing is a handsome, attractive, muscular, heavy-built, tall tom with dark brown paws, tail-tip, muzzle and ears. The rest of his body is coated in a creamy brown color.
Rebellingwing has old wounds on his stomach, and on the back of his neck from old battles and typical warrior duties.
Rebellingwing also has many scars on his hind leg that was left twisted and unusable from a mistake during a hawk hunt.
overall health: 
Rebellingwing is currently a SageClan elder due to a severe leg injury that has left him crippled and unable to perform his duties.
Rebellingwing smells mostly of his territory, Sageclan's marshes, as he spends a lot of time in the place and usually carries a noticable scent of his mate.
breed | birman
positive traits: 
Brave - Confident - Approachable - Affectionate
Rebellingwings traits make him an overall easy and fun tom to be around. Many cats look up to him not only for his authority, but his confidence, bravery, and constant affection towards others, never allowing anyone to forget how much he loves them.
neutral traits:
Emotional - Flirtacious - Clingy - Over-protective
Neutral traits with Rebellingwing can go one way or another. Traits involving his emotions, protectiveness, and clinginess are things seen by those closest to him. His emotions can fly high with rage, or low with misery in the darkest of times, and when around his mate he grows attached, never wanting to be seperated from her, making him over-protective, a trait that is both positive and negative.
negative traits:
Insecure - Short-tempered - Unforgiving - Stubborn
Although Rebelling is confident, he does have traits that drag him down, especially his insecurities. His short-temper is usually caused by his frustrations which eventually makes him unforgiving and stubborn.


relation - name - %
father - bramblethorn - 0%
"He was the worst thing that had happened to me at the time. Another obstacle in life, not someone who would encourage me to do great things, like a normal father. He tormented me, did.. horrible things to me. I don't wish to ever speak to him again. I've only really told Warstar about him." 
mother - mousetail - 100%
"She was a gift from Starclan. She fell in love to my father, my fake, horrible father. He tricked her into a horrible life that she couldn't escape. She stuck with him through it all, not running away, a loyal warrior to Sageclan. I think she didn't want my siblings and I, but she raised us to be good cats. I couldn't thank her more. If i was raised by my father alone, I don't think I would be how I am today."
brother - eagleflight - 100%
"My brother. My best friend. He's amazing. He's been with me through my entire life, up and downs. I couldn't ask for a better person to talk to, to walk with, to patrol with, to lead with. I chose him to be my Deputy, not only because he's my brother, but because he's a great, strong powerful leader."
nephew - cincostrike - 70%
"I was younger when he died. He was battling different battles than me, that Warstar and I were unaware of at the time. I always saw him as an apprentice, until he died. Then he seemed like the warrior, and is known with the warrior name he deserved."
nephew - fallingsun - 50%
"He's a little off. He's a good warrior, always on task, always serious and mature.. but always a little off. I'm sure he's a great warrior. I should talk to him more."
nephew - mudpaw - 50%
"He's a typical apprentice. Bubbly, kind, lots of energy. Eager to become a warrior. He's going to become a good warrior, I can see it now, and I can't lie when I see potential in him."
niece - willowfrost - 50%
"The bossiest, nicest, sweetest warrior all in one. I couldn't  have been more kindly kicked out of Warstars den as when she snapped at me."
niece - risingmoon - 50%
"I have to admit, I was always jealous that she took up so much of Warstar's time. Despite that, she was a nice apprentice, successful and confident, and an even better warrior. I admit, I trust her judgement when she reports about patrols and voices her opinion."
niece - shrikecry - 50%
"I don't know her too well, but he's a great warrior. A proud member of Sageclan that I'll trust to organize patrols every now and then."
niece - goldenkit - 0%
"She was too young to develop a personality, but her father dragged her away with him when he was exiled from Sageclan. I hope she's okay, but I don't know anything about her."
son - skypaw - 100%
"My apprentice.. my son. He doesn't know he's my son, but he's a little snappy apprentice, and I love him so much, and he doesn't even know my love and affection for him. He'll be a great warrior, a senior warrior maybe. He may not trust me as much as I trust him, but I would give him anything and tell him anything.. I wish he knew I was his father."
daughter - faithpaw - 100%
"She's nice, a little snappy like her brother. I trust Eagleflight to train her into the best Warrior Sageclan will ever see. I wish she knew how much I loved her, because I really do. She's the best thing i've ever known. I love my kits so much.. I'm not sure how much longer I can go with them not knowing I'm their father."
daughter - hopepaw - 100%
A quiet, reserved she-cat like her mother. Perfectly quiet and mature, even at a young age. I see her mother in her so much, their personalities identical when they were apprentices. She'll be a great medicine cat. I see so much in her. I wish she knew I was her father, that I loved her so much."  
brother-in-law - ragingstorm - 0%
"He tormented my sister, and then me, and then brought me into that alley... I wish I didn't know him."
brother-in-law - leo - 0% "He hurt my mate, and I will never forgive him, and I will never forget the moment I laid my claws on his throat."
sister-in-law - shadinghope - 10%
"She was a friendly cat... at first."
sister-in-law - scorchedthorn - 80%
"She was the sweetest cat you'll ever meet, with a horrible mate, but.. I was too young to be too close to her, besides a normal warrior relationship."
brother-in-law - sunblaze - 0% "A traitor to Sageclan is to be forgotten forever."
relation - name - status - %
friend - owl - 90%
"I didn't realize how badly I needed someone to talk to till I sat down and interacted with this feline. I feel as if I rant to him a little too much, but I still love him. He's a great warrior of Sageclan, but I can tell he's had a rough life."
friend - ferretskip - 80%
"I trust her to do many things an authority should do, but I believe honestly that she might be able to do my job better then i can. I have only respect for Ferretskip, she's really a good cat."

friend - nimblejaw - 80%"

I sometimes talk Warstars ear off about how good at climbing that cat is. She's just good at everything, really. She's a great authority, not afraid to snap at stupid, young warriors not doing what they're told." 


friend - brokensong - 80%

"Although he's no longer an authority, I don't think a better cat could be my Brothers mate. I love him so much, because he loves my brother so much. Really, I have so many reasons to thank him."

relation - name - status - %
mate - warstar - 100%
"Warstar. The love of my life. I had a silly crush on her as an apprentice, always following her around. Soon, this stupid crush grew into a passion, and I realized I loved her. That's when she left with her mate, Pinefall, and had kits. It broke my heart when she left, but it hurt even more when I realized what she'd been doing away from Sageclan. While everyone was being upset that she had left and betrayed the code, I couldn't bring myself to be angry, and continued to be her friend along with Eagleflight. I always loved her, and I always will. I couldn't ask for a better leader."
old friend - crane - 2%
"She was a friend, an escape from a life around me, while I was captured in an Alley, starving. She was kind, nice.. almost a replacement for my mate. I say this, but I never thought of her as a mate. Just a friend. When I escaped, I didn't think she'd come following after me. Making mistakes that I know she didn't want to make. I suppose I never guessed anything would go wrong. It did."



"Would you like to live on with me?" -Rebellingwing asking Warstar to be his mate

"Do you love me? I love you.. I promise.. I love you with all of my heart and soul.. but.. do you love me?" -Rebellingwing to Warstar during his jealousy against Doveheart

"Are you sore? Can you walk? Does it hurt? I'd do anything to take those wounds off your back." -Rebellingwing fussing over Warstar

"If you ever die, I want to be by your side, trying to ease anything bad you feel... perhaps we'll both get our wish." -Rebellingwing to Warstar about death

"I love you so much.. I cannot put it into words. I hope you understand that.." -Rebellingwing to Warstar

"I can't hear anything when I look at you, you're just so beautiful," -Rebellingwing admiring Warstar

"I love you, and I'll always love you, and only you." -Rebellingwing to Warstar

"Whatever happens.. whatever is ahead, just know that I'll never stop loving you." -Rebellingwing to Warstar after Berrypaws death.

"No! Let me help him! I can save him, believe me!" -Rebellingwings desperation over saving Doveheart

"I could've gotten her, but I caught myself up in my pitiful fears. You are a great mentor. You are a great cat. You are great leader. And I am grateful." -Rebellingwing to Warstar after Berrypaws death

"I don't deserve you. Why don't you hate me? All I do is push you, push you to your breaking point. Yell at me, hate me, please Warstar, hate me!" -Rebellingwing arguing with Warstar

"I don't want him to hurt Sageclan. I don't want him to hurt you." -Rebellingwing to Warstar over the suspicion for Radiantclaw

"I need to kill him. I need to have his blood under my paws. I can't let anyone else hurt him first, because I want him to suffer, because he made you suffer." -Rebellingwing talking about Leo to Warstar

"Don't touch her, don't you ever touch her. You've broken some things, you've done some disgusting things, but you won't break her. You're useless, horrible, and already broken." -Rebellingwing's confrontation with Leo

"It was just drowning. Simple. Terrifying." -Rebellingwing talking about his nightmares and fear of water

"Maybe I'll see you again in the stars," -Rebellingwing to Crane at her death

"No! I don't like this cat!"- Rebellingwing arguing against liking Crane

"I wouldn't h-hurt you, I want us to be a family, I just want us to be happy... I... can't-" -Rebellingwing crying to Warstar over wanting to keep their kits

"I love you, I know you're strong, I know you know what you're doing. You can do this.." -Rebellingwing to Warstar at her kitting

"No, it's not okay. I'm bad, I'm really bad... it hurts me when you say you haven't been good enough because you've been perfect, doing nothing wrong, and I wreck havoc among everything beautiful, including you. Yet you still stand here so beautiful and strong, and you won't get mad at me, just at yourself when you shouldn't and there's no reason!" -Rebellingwing arguing to Warstar

"I mean, I have lots of fun in the high-rock with Warstar." -Rebellingwing joking with Eagleflight

"What if she woke up? You don't know her like I do- she will do whatever it does to make her clan happy- no matter what her state of health. If she got up now and was still exhausted, she'd go hunt until she found something!"- Rebellingwing scolding Eagleflight about nearly waking Warstar

"I won't forget you... I love you and I always will love you. I'm your father little one, I promise, I really am..." -Rebellingwing and Warstar saying goodbye to their kits

"I won't let him touch you. He will never touch you again... I will kill him." -Rebellingwing to Warstar about Leo and the assault

"Not all warriors act like warriors," -Rebellingwing ranting to Owl

"I would've enjoyed sitting on the highrock more, If I knew I'd never sit on it again," -Rebellingwing to Warstar after his injury

"What I lost is my ability to give my heart and soul into our clan," -Rebellingwing to Warstar after his injury.


-Help his clan

-Have a family with his mate

-Make his mate and family happy

-Be a good father

-Let his kits know he's their father

-Socialize with more members of his clan

-Become useful in his clan again, despite his injuries.

-Have a relationship with his kits.

-Have a relationship with the other kits of the clan, now that he's an elder.




-Mocking birds

-Warstars Scent

-The Woodlands & Highrock


-Sleeping & Cuddling

-The Stone Stream




-Heat & Humidity


-Dogs & Twolegs

-The Stone Stream


-The Forest

Bramblethorn was born into a rogue's family, which was struggling to find food while his mother was too weak to find food. As soon as his father taught him how to hunt and he could walk on his own, and eat prey, he seemed to be ready to leave. Of course, he waited a bit longer, but then he made his move at night, escaping the large family of rogues that looked more like a gang of alley cats then a family. Bramblethorn, with the current name of Bramble, didn't seem to miss his family, when he ran into his life long friend 'Mouse". She was a thick-coated kittypet, who was a bit alluring and sweet at the time, a bit clueless to the world around her. Soon enough, she stopped showing up during the days where they met. For a moon they didn't speak, until he spotted her in a marsh when he was traveling again. She was stronger and more lean now, yet she seemed less plump as a usual kittypet. After a long, disheartening conversation, he learned that she was a founder of clan now, one of her close friends Sagestar being the leader. They clicked soon again, and when she brought him to their camp, Sagestar didn't seem to mind welcoming any cat that was Mousetails friend. As soon as he became a member of the clan, she was expecting kits. Then, came Rebellingwing, Eagleflight and Croweye. While Bramblethorn was ready to name them as soon as they were laying at Mousetails side, Mousetail forced him to wait, naming them from their personalities. Rebellingkit, the most dangerous and risk-taking kit, always the first to make plans to escape the warm nursery. Eagle, watching over his brothers and being the sweetest of the three. And Crow, the most like his mother, staying at her side like a crow on its branch, cawing out in need. They grew, and that's when Mousetail realzied she didn't become mates with the person she'd fell in love with. He became mean, abusive, and tortured his kits, making Rebellingwing suffer. When his father and parents died, Rebellingpaw was depressed. He had been harassed by his father, but his mother loved her children. Loved them more than she loved anytihng in life at the time. Rebellingpaw was mentored by Ghostgaze, and tried to ignore his grieve and guilt over his mothers death, and grew very close to Eaglepaw and Warpaw, flirting a lot with Warpaw, yet nonetheless being best friends with the two. As he grew into a warrior, he grew more attached to Warheart, and along his early years of life. He grew more friendly when Warheart became leader, and when he was promoted, it meant everything to him. He was very kind and popular around the clan, and would still consider himself to be even today.
Rebellingwings prefix, rebelling, means everything to him. His mother forced his father not to give them rushed names, waiting for their personalities to develop the tiniest bit. Rebellingwing was always excited, energetic and daring, always the first to urge the other kits out of the nursery on "secret missions" or start games of hunting 'mice' or fresh-kill. When his mother died, he was only beginning to understand how much his name meant to him, and cherished it forever onward. 
A traditional warrior sufix.



Feel free to drop questions and let Rebellingwing answer them!

1. Q: "How much do you love Warstar on a scale 1-10?"

A: "Is 110 a response? I love Warstar more than you could ever imagine. She's the one thing that wakes me up, keeps me on my paws. Warstar is my air, my breath. Believe me, I love her more then a 1-10 scale could describe." -Rebellingwing

2. Q: "When did you start loving Warstar?"

A: "It feels silly to say that I was a young warrior when I really started to love Warstar, but a stupid crush had formed a couple moons previous before I'd become a warrior. I've always loved her, really, I just didn't know it." -Rebellingwing

3. Q: "What is your favorite thing to do with Eagleflight?"

A: "My favorite thing to do with Eagleflight would have to be going on those long walks with him. Eagleflight is the kindest cat I've met through out my life, and he's always full of kind words. When I'm down, he drags me out to walk with him, and forces every word out of me, and makes it better. He's a sweetheart." -Rebellingwing

4. Q: "Who are your friends?" 

A: "My friends? Probably my family and mate. I'm a bit anxious to spread my wings sometimes, staying in my comfort level of talking to my close ones. I was much more energetic as an apprentice, and most of my closest friends as an apprentices have made their way to the stars, or are here with me now. The ones with me now happen to be my family, now." -Rebellingwing

5: Q: "What makes you like your friends?" 

A: "I choose my friends very carefully. I guess you could say I've developed a trust issue over the moons. I like all my friends either because they know how to lift me up, are always at my side or that they're just in general amazing cats. I guess you could say I'm picky, because I have amazing friends." -Rebellingwing

6. Q: "What was the scaries battle you've experienced?"

A: "I've been in plenty of battles, but my scariest must have been a patrol where we were forced to fight back with a fox with a small group of cats. I won't go into detail, but I gave it a big blow in the leg to have it limping away. Although, I must admit that I have a scar from the experience too." -Rebellingwing

7. Q: "How did you get your scars?" 

A: "I've got my scars through a life of being a warrior. I've been through plenty of patrol conflicts, badger and fox patrols, and normal warrior things to earn my scars." -Rebellingwing

8. Q: "What was Rebellingwings hardest decision in life?"

A: "My hardest decision in life had to be giving up my children. I wish I could've kept them, I still do. But for the good of my mate, and Sageclan, I just.. I had to give them away. I think it was more than just a decision, but something that prevented thoughts and sleep. I.. I still want my children." -Rebellingwing

9.Q:"Who was Rebellingwings closest friend as an apprentice?"

A: "I had a lot of friends as an apprentice, and I loved them all equally. Warpaw, Eaglepaw and Owlpaw. We were all best friends, and we were still close as warriors, but Owlmist kind of slipped away. Anyhow, those were my closest friends."

10. Q: "What was Rebellingwings biggest mistake in life?"

A: "Well.. I really don't like talking about it, but I'm sure my biggest mistake in life was not helping Berrypaw. She was so kind, so sweet and innocent, the ability to lead the clan, really, but when she was slipping into the stone-stream, I was so scared of that water... I'm so sorry, Berrypaw,"

11. Q: "What are you most proud of, Rebellingwing?"
A: "I'd have to say I'm most proud of my clan. Although both Warstar and I weren't alive when the clan was founded, I still feel the rush of pride when I realize I'm a future leader of Sageclan, that I will be known as a leader of this precious thing in my life.. Sageclan."
12. Q: "If you could change one thing in the past, what would it be?"
A: "I wouldn't have organized the hawk hunt. I wouldn't have jumped first. Either way, the result would have me as deputy.. although I really love my brother, I mourn for the position I lost, I just feel the need to be important to my clan, to help them.. and I can't anymore."


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