Note- This page may be undergoing a revamp soon as I'm not sure how accurate it is to my character anymore.

Pintopelt is a twenty eight moon old Warrior of DewClan. She is the daughter of Coffee and Brightmeadow, a Kittypet and a DewClan Queen. She can often be described as optimistic, excitable and girly.

Her fur color is white with chocolate calico markings. She has a pink nose, pink paw-pads and turquoise colored eyes. She has an average build and short, downy fur. Her skills lie mostly in hunting and climbing, though she struggles with combat.

Pintopelt is very standard in terms of popularity and relationships. She doesn't know many cats with only a few close friends. She is considered an ambivert (a mix between introverted & extroverted traits), as it entirely depends on her mood whether or not she wants to socialize. She also has the tendency to develop crushes on a whim, although they rarely ever travel beyond that premise.

Her best friend is Bravespark. Pintopelt finds her energy rather contagious and that she adopts a more carefree attitude when around her.

Despite never making a huge effort to socialize, Pintopelt places great value on her reputation and appearance. She devotes a lot of time to maintaining her fur and her nest, and in general tries to appear tidy and responsible. She tends to run and hide from any potentially embarrassing situations.

Pintopelt was mentored by Cedarleap, a Warrior of DewClan. She has a strong bond with her mentor, and fortunately has not fallen into the typical trappings of a mentor-apprentice relationship wherein a cat is always seeking to show their best around their mentor, and although she is eager to impress him, she has no issues treating him as a friend when need be.

Pintopelt prefers Spring/Newleaf weather and environment. She is particularly fond of flowers and will often decorate her nest with different variants of roses.

Her least favorite season by far is Winter/Leafbare. Despite finding the scenery to be beautiful, she is not at all built to withstand the cold and finds it very hard to fall asleep during this time, leaving her feeling rather sluggish and occasionally moody compared to her typical, peppy attitude.

Due to her exceptional hunting skill, she does not have much difficulty surviving most places, and although she does not favor Leafbare her skill combined with a camouflaged pelt make her a near essential asset for her Clan during these months.

Pintopelt enjoys travelling, and often feels tempted to explore outside her Clan's territory, although she never has an opportunity to answer this call as she is always accompanied by other Warriors.

Pintopelt is the only child of Coffee and Brightmeadow. Coffee was a kittypet and Brightmeadow was A DewClan Warrior. They had eloped and met in secret on multiple occasions before she was born until Coffee's Twolegs had moved away and brought him with them. Brightmeadow became a Queen and raised Pintopelt in DewClan.

Brightmeadow would always tell Pintopelt about horses (Pintopelt herself being named for the piebald pattern often found on horses) from her experience with Coffee and spoke about how she hoped to show her daughter a real horse one day. Unfortunately, Brightmeadow died when Pintopelt was only five moons old. Pintopelt refuses to talk about her mother with anyone.

Pintopelt was made an Apprentice at seven moons (she had been held back for attempting to sneak out of camp) and began training with her mentor Cedarleap. She picked up hunting very well but had experienced difficulty in battle which left her struggling for quite awhile. Eventually she found a strategy that was effective at which point she excelled and was promoted to a Warrior within the moon.

Out of Character
Pintopelt is a character created by Yelpingfox. She was created on the 22nd of February 2018 in a DewClan signup form and has been active for nine months. Yelpingfox uses descriptive traditional style roleplay and mostly roleplays on forums rather than on Animal Jam, thus that is most likely where you will see Pintopelt in use.