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OC Gender Male
OC's Breed American Shorthair
Age 42 Moons
Species Cat
Mate Leafsong (desceased)
Rank One of The Leaders of Tsunamiclan
Kits Hazelkit and Greykit (desceased)
Theme Song Wait For It - Hamilton
Clan Tsunamiclan



Other Features
Dark green eyes A light brown pelt with numerous black spots with one black spot around his right eye. He has only a stub for a tail as it was torn off when he was an apprentice Has a large scar along his back.




Amberpelt, Kestrelswoop-deceased, Cascadingleap-deceased, Thunderfang-left, Windsong-left, Wolffur-left, Skyberry, Aspenstar, Flurrypelt, Rosefawn-left, Silversong, Deerstar, Hawkfrost-deceased, Dizzygaze


The rest of the clan :3



Many moons ago a she-cat warrior of Thunderclan was exiled for killing a cat with kittypet blood. This she-cat's name was Spottedpelt a cat with a blonde pelt with numerous black spots with a large black spot around her right eye. Spottedpelt wasn't used to surviving without the help of a clan around her, so she quickly tried to find another rogue to assist her survival. This rogue was called Frost. Frost become mates with Spottedpelt believing it was for love when the truth was Spottedpelt was using him as a survival tool. Eventually, Spottedpelt and Frost had a litter of two kits, Hazel and Pine. Spottedpelt was ashamed of having kits with a rogue and would often neglect the kits and not allow them milk. As Pine and Hazel grew up, Spottedpelt's aggression towards them grew. Not only did she verbally abuse them, she also attempted to drown them in a river numerous times. When Pine was living as a rogue he and his brother Hazel learned some knowledge of medicine in case they injured themselves. Pine and Hazel learned these skills from their father. Spottedpelt's cruelty carried on until Hazel eventually grew desperate and left his family. Pine stayed with his father and mother for longer until Spottedpelt and Frost had a large fight. These two cats had had many fights with each other in the past but this was the worst. Spottedpelt was fed up with caring for Pine and wanted to just get rid of him. Frost on the other hand strongly argued against this. Eventually, Spottedpelt left Frost, finding no use for him anymore. Frost couldn't take care of Pine on his own so he left him at a nearby twoleg place in the hopes that he would be found by them. Pine didn't want to become a kittypet and followed his father's scent desperately. Pine followed his father's scent and tracks for awhile but never found him. It was middle leaf-bare and pine was sleeping in a log when a strong snowstorm hit. The terror rose in the 5 moon old kit as he cried in fear. Pine saw out of the snowstorm a light. Fearful and desperate he ran towards the light eventually finding himself on the soft sand of a beach. He looks up to see two large cats in the distance (Kestrelstar and Cascadingstar). Pine had found himself a home....

Pinestar had lived within Horizonclan as an apprentice. He would often get cruel insults for his rogue heritage from some of the apprentices during his training and times in the apprentice's den. But there was still a good amount of clan members who respected him for his skills in hunting within the trees and his quick thinking and initiative. He managed to befriend the deputy Frostfur and the warriors Tigerpelt, Willowpool (who was his mentor) and a young kit who would often try to distract him from his training called Goldenkit. But he was very close to the medicine cat apprentice, Leafpaw who became one due to an injury she had on her back leg he would visit her every day. Soon Pinepaw began to have strange dreams revolving around a large pine tree that was near the kit pool in camp but he would often see cats running away in horror from a mysterious creature that he would never be able to see except for its yellow eyes before it managed to savagely attack Pinepaw. He would often talk with Leafpaw and Frostfur of the frequent dreams and they both concluded that these were dreams sent from Starclan. This was proven further when Pinepaw saw a ghostly figure of a cat who kept repeating "the jaws will snap and shatter the mighty pine but it shall not fall it shall stand tall" the cat disappeared into a bright light before Pinepaw saw the yellow eyes once more and was attacked by the same mysterious creature. As these dreams continued Pinepaw kept training believing that he would have to face a dangerous threat one day. He would often try to tell Kestrelstar and Cascadingstar of his dreams but he knew that it would be hard to convince them without the hard evidence needed from a medicine cat. Pinepaw would often try to climb the large pine tree near the kit pool as he always felt a draw to it and would watch the waves and the horizon. One day during a patrol Pinepaw and Leafpaw discovered a horrific sight. It was the corpse of a deer. Its throat was torn out and the deer had numerous other bite marks along its body. Leafpaw tried to identify the bite marks of the deer when they returned to camp. She said the marks were heavily similar to a dog but then discovered it was to large for a dogs bite marks. His dreams kept going until the clan went away for a gathering with another clan leaving only Pinepaw, Leafpaw, and Frostfur in camp. The camp was enduring a fairly destructive storm. Suddenly there was a rapid pounding of paws and a vicious snarling noise. Pinepaw immediately recognized the sounds from his dream and spun around to see a huge wolf padding towards him from the forest its ears flattened as it bared its teeth growling savagely. Its fur was a dark grey and its eyes were a gleaming yellow. Pinepaw's tail lashed at his side as he realized that this was the threat that Starclan was warning him of and he must face it alone. He managed to draw the ravenous wolf away from Leafpaw and Frostfur. He bolted through the forest the wolf directly behind him. He led the wolf into a clearing where the kit pool and the pine tree was. Then he and the wolf began to fight. Pinepaw knew that he had a huge disadvantage against a wolf so he kept desperately trying to avoid the wolves savage snapping jaws. Pinepaw managed to get onto the wolves back and savagely clawed into its eye and tore one eye out. The wolf howled in pain and whirled around clamping its jaws down onto Pinepaw's tail before it tore the tail off with immense force. Pinepaw's heart was racing with adrenaline as he realized what happened. The wolf was distracted by the tail in its jaws and Pinepaw immediately looked around the area for any use of the terrain for an advantage. He soon saw that the huge pine tree had been weakened by the storm and could fall if pressure was placed on it. Pinepaw mustering up all the strength he had left rushed forward tackling the wolf knocking it into the tree. He scrambled away as the tree crashed down upon the wolf. Pinepaw stood up and padded over to the wolfs corpse beneath the tree. Then Pinepaw fainted due to blood loss. Leafpaw managed to bring Pinepaw back to the medicine cats den where she managed to save his life. The clan returned and Pinepaw explained what had happened to Cascadingstar and Kestrelstar. After the wolf attack, Pinepaw and Leafpaw became more close to one and other as Leafpaw would often try help Pinepaw adapt to having no tail and trying to find his balance. Leafpaw eventually wanted to pursue becoming a warrior apprentice even with her injury on her back leg. After this event Pinepaw carried on his training and eventually he had his warrior ceremony where he was given the name Pinebreeze.

Time passes in Horizonclan since Pinebreeze's warrior ceremony he befriended more cats such as Hazewhisker, Nightclaw, Wolfspirit and Windsong and numerous clan members had left or had died. Frostfur and Cascadingstar were apart of those who had died. Frostfur had died after falling from a cliffside into the crashing waves below. Cascadingstar had lost his last life due to a rogue attack on a patrol. There had been many other events such as a huge storm that brought the clans camp to ruins. But from this event, Pinebreeze had met Amberpelt who was alongside him as the clan had to stay on the higher grounds of camp to evade the flood. Pinebreeze carried on with his normal warrior duties under the guise of the new deputy Whitestorm who would obsess over his rogue heritage and would often demean him for those reasons. But Pinebreeze still carried on trying to not let her insults get to him. Eventually, a horrific event took place where Whitestorm was nearly murdered by a she-cat called Dawnpelt who tried to kill her because of her obsession over her kits thinking Whitestorm and many other clan members were a threat to them. She was exiled from the clan because of this and Whitestorm was too injured to carry on her duties as the deputy. Kestrelstar then decided to have a new leader and deputy because of this. She chose Ripplestrike to become the new leader giving him the name Ripplestar and decided to make Pinebreeze the new deputy. After Pinebreeze became deputy Nightclaw was murdered by a rogue as she tried to protect the nursery from an attack. Her mate Hazewhisker ended up ending his life after the misery of losing his mate Nightclaw. Pinestars only comfort through his time of grief after his friend's deaths was Leafsong. During this time Pinebreeze had become mates with Leafsong and they soon had a litter of kits who were Hazelkit and Greykit. Pinebreeze was overjoyed and would visit his mate Leafsong within the nursery and would talk with her and play with their kits. But a couple moons later Leafsong had left the nursery to try and find some prey for the other queens and kits in the nursery. Suddenly she was brutally attacked by a rogue called Rust who had attacked and killed numerous other cats in the clan. Pinebreeze heard the screaming and ran out to find his mate lying in blood with a gash in her neck. She spent her last moments telling Pinebreeze to take care of their kits and that she loved him. Leafsong's cries had woken up the whole camp who came out to investigate and watched helplessly as Pinebreeze cried out in sorrow at the death of his mate. They managed to lead Pinebreeze back to camp after burying Leafsong. Pinebreeze after the death of his mate shut himself away from his clan members and barely showed emotion and would hide away in the warrior's den alone. He would only open up to those who he trusted and his kits. He became more hostile to newcomers and was much more distrusting. Another tragedy struck when his two kits wandered out of their den and were killed by the same rogue leaving a bloody mess. Pinebreeze couldn't take it anymore and completely shut himself away from his clan members. He would only think of the deaths caused by the rogue rust. He soon left camp one night and tracked down where rust was. He then murdered rust in a brutal way to avenge the death of his mate and kits and his other clan members. He left the body a mangled mess before leaving to return to camp. He still shut himself away from his clan members before eventually deciding that there was no use dwelling on the past and he must focus on the present and protect and help those who were still alive around him. And eventually, Kestrelstar resigned her position of leader after many more moons to become an elder and Pinebreeze had become the new leader alongside Ripplestar and journeyed to the moonpool with the medicine cat Cinderpelt to get his nine lives. After this ceremony, he was given the name Pinestar.

Many moons after Pinebreeze was made into a leader, he befriended numerous other cats such as Skyberry, Rosefawn, Aspenflight, Moonclaw, and Featherstream. Another warrior was made into a leader was a she-cat called Echostar. Pinestar carried on with his leadership duties as normal until a brutal event that brought the clans camp to ruins. A huge fire had struck the camp after Echostar had her kits. Pinestar had helped the clan escape to the fishing island near camp helping carry the kits over the water and helping any cats who were running behind. After everyone had escaped the fire the leaders ended up having to lead the clan out of their home to find a new territory. The clan had first arrived in a forest and Pinestar had led a small patrol with Skyberry and Stormpaw into the forest to hopefully find some prey for the rest of the clan. Whilst hunting they noticed sounds around them before getting savagely attacked by two rogues killing Stormpaw instantly. Pinestar ordered Skyberry to run and get help from the rest of the clan while he fought the two rogues. He wasn't able to fight the two cats at once and was killed loosing his first life. Skyberry returned with some more cats to help Pinestar but they were too late to stop him from losing a life. Pinestar was enraged and upset over the death of a fellow clan member and wanted to stay and get revenge on the two rogues but was convinced to leave the forest to carry on the journey by the medicine cat Cinderpelt. They carried on the journey through numerous areas such as twolegplace and another forest as well as a large mountainous area. They eventually reached their new territory where they set up their new camp. Life carried on as normal until Horizonclan fell on hard times once more when numerous clan members began to leave due to a huge amount of distrust and hatred spread throughout the clan by the other two leaders Ripplestar and Echostar. Some cats had died also leaving Pinestar distraught. Pinestar had tried his hardest to keep the clan going but now the cruelty and paranoia had spread rapidly throughout the clan. Pinestar eventually decided to leave Horizonclan for a fresh start and for the hopes of leading a better life with other cats who had left Horizonclan for the same reasons.

After Pinestar left Horizonclan and became a rogue he decided to try and find the other cats who had left. He had traveled within the forest for a long time and during this lonely time period, Pinestar had found some of the old areas he and his family used to live within and would just rest in these areas remembering his old life as a rogue. He eventually found a small group of rogues who were living close to these areas where Pinestar discovered from staying with these rogues for a small time that his mother Spottedpelt had died many moons ago due to a tree that fell upon her and she died swiftly after. Pinestar left the group of rogues to attempt to still try and track down the other Horizonclan members. Pinestar had eventually discovered where the other Horizonclan cats who had left were living. Aspenflight was leading this group of cats and Pinestar was given a leading position alongside her. There were a couple other cats in the area where Pinestar hadn't recognized. There was a she-cat with a lightish brown pelt called Deershadow and another she-cat called Silversong. After catching up with his old clan members, Pinestar and aspenflight and Deershadow had decided to find a new territory and to create their own clan. They left the forest and traveled across the land until eventually discovering a large cliffside territory and another forest and beach. They decided to make Deershadow and aspenflight the new leaders of the clan and also allowed Pinestar to keep his position as a leader. They also made Skyberry and Silversong into the new deputies. After aspenflight and Deershadow became leaders they were given their nine lives and their new names. Deerstar, aspenstar, and Pinestar decided to call their new clan Tsunamiclan which is now where Pinestar resides.

  • Pinestar in real life
  • Hazelkit and Greykit
  • Leafsong, Pinestar's mate
  • Spottedpelt Pinestar's mother
  • Frost Pinestar's father
  • Hazel Pinestar's brother
  • Pinestar drawn by kasuistry
  • Pine(Pinestar as a kit)
  • Pinepaw
  • Pinestar sketch drawn by phantomcrinkle
  • Pinestar drawn by phantomcrinkles
  • Pinestar with a tail drawn by grousemoon
  • Pinestar drawn by comme vous
  • Leafsongs death drawn by Phantomcrinkles
  • Pinestar drawn by me
  • Pinestar drawn by Mysteryjello
  • Pinestar silhouette drawn by Mysteryjello




-Pinestar is a very caring tom who always tries to be there for his clanmates and tries to comfort them when times are rough.

-Pinestar is a fairly calm tom who can keep a level head in dire situations.

-Pinestar is quite intelligent and tactical.


-Pinestar can often be brutally honest at times which may cause problems.

-Pinestar can be fairly strong willed at times which can be an annoyance.


-Pinestar can often hide his own problems or pain because he often feels like he can be an annoyance to others.

-Pinestar can be quite harsh when needs be and is not the type of cat that would accept any cruelty from others too himself or his clan.





"He was one of the only good parts of my time as a rogue. I just hope he's ok now after he left."



"She thought of me as nothing but a pile of crowfood, why should I care for her."



"He was the best father I could ever ask for. I was devastated when he left me by twolegplace."



"She was all I could love.....I will never forget her, I hope she feels happier in starclan.."



"He was the bravest kit I have ever known, I couldn't have asked for a better son."



"Im so proud to have her as my own kit, I hope that her spirit finds rest in Starclan."



"She's an amazing friend and was always so nice and friendly,She had stuck with us through so much and im still...upset about her loss.."



"She's so intelligent and always knows what to say, its great to have her as a friend. Im proud to stand alongside her as a leader"



"She's so full of energy and is so upbeat its great to have her as a friend."



"She was always so enthusiastic and happy, I was sad when she left."



"She was my first ever apprentice. Im proud of her for training so hard to become such a fantastic warrior. I was sad when she left. I hope shes happier away from Horizonclan."



"He's incredibly enthusiastic and creative and im happy to be his friend Im still upset he decided to leave."



"Her loyalty can never be doubted and she was always intelligent and passionate I was incredibly upset at her choice to leave our clan once more."



"She is an intelligent and loyal member of Tsunamiclan and I'm proud to have her as one of our deputies."



"I miss her every single day....She didn't deserve what that savage greyscreech did to her.."



"She's so bombastic and in general is a blast to be around and im happy she joined Tsunamiclan after leaving Horizonclan."



"Flurrypelt is a loyal and tactical member of Tsunamiclan who always tries to be there for everyone and im glad to have him as a warrior in our clan."



"Hawkfrost may look at the more negative side of things at times but he's an incredible shaman and im proud to have him as our head shaman......i just wish he hadn't died.."



"Dizzygaze was my newest apprentice within Tsunamiclan and she's the most cheerful and happy cat i have ever seen even though she has issues with her eyes she still manages to push through so many obstacles and in proud to have her as a warrior in tsunamiclan."



"Honeyheart has always been a determined and loyal part of every clan i have been with her in and im incredibly happy she has decided to join tsunamiclan."



"He seems to be a bit full of himself at times from what i've seen of him but all in all i believe he is an admirable and loyal member of our clan."




Favourite prey: Hare.

Favourite season: Leaffall

Favourite pass time: Relaxing and lounging around camp and having a chat.

Dreams: Seeing his friends and family again when in a dream of starclan.


Least Favourite prey: Pheasant, too many feathers and can taste quite stringy.

Least Favourite season: Leafbare.

Least Favourite pass time: Having to stay cooped up in the shamans den when ill or injured.

Nightmares: Loosing any more of his friends or family or having his clan fall apart.



-Pinestars kit hazelkit was named after pinestars brother hazel.

-Hazel Is now living as a kittypet because he couldn't take the trauma that he experienced from living as a rouge and he decided to leave for a better life. He still misses pinestar and often wonders if he's okay.

-Pinestar got his nine lives from nightclaw,hazewhisker,frost,cascadingstar,frostfur,leafsong,willowpool,hazelkit and tigerpelt.

-Pinestar looks very similar to spottedpelts father who was the leader of thunderclan and was called bearstar who exiled spottedpelt for killing a cat with kittypet blood. This caused spottedpelt to hate pinestar more as he bared the resemblance of the person who betrayed her.

-Spottedpelt often tried to manipulate pinestar into killing from her position in the dark forest because of the death of his mate and kits when he was in Horizonclan but pinestar would never listen to her and she eventually gave up and left him alone.

-Pinestar has vowed to never have a mate again because he was too distraught over leafsongs death and the death of his kits and could never love anyone as much as her. He still misses her and thinks of her often.

-Pinestar can sometimes be a little clumsy at times due to not having a tail but he managed to learn how to keep his balance after training himself for many moons as an apprentice with the help of his mentor and leafsong when she was an apprentice.



Leadership [9/10] ★★★★★★★★★☆

Hunting [9/10] ★★★★★★★★★☆

Speed [6/10] ★★★★★★☆☆☆☆

Fighting [8/10] ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Climbing [5/10] ★★★★★☆☆☆☆☆

Swimming [8/10] ★★★★★★★★☆☆

Herbal [4/10] ★★★★☆☆☆☆☆☆