Note: We are not accepting any more Queens that are having youth. That being said we are not accepting any more youth.

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Alone, cold, and hungry, you lie down under a spiky, prickly, bare bush to rest for the night. As you slowly slip into a deep slumber, dreams come to you, hazy and bright. Voices sound close by, and you turn your head blindly, trying to reach them and decipher what they're saying. You feel alone and helpless, and wish to wake up from your seemingly endless sleep - your dreams slowly turn from incomprehensible to dark and foreboding. Now, you shiver with fear as a cold wind whips at your fur, blasting into your eardrums and shaking through your whole frame. Terrified, you shut your eyes, wishing that you had the strength or the energy to wake up. You are encapsulated inside of your dreams; there is no escape, and you can't get out. The wind tears at your fur and you feel cold; collapsing, you let out a cry of anguish, not knowing where you are or what is happening to you. The furious wind screams louder as the nightmare intensifies, and then - soft, damp grass slides beneath you, and sunlight soaks into your cold fur. Opening your eyes, you drink in the new sight hungrily - you're in the middle of a softly-lit clearing, surrounded by large boulders that are shrouded with thick green moss. Diamond-like lights twinkle on every surface and a member of StarClan stands a few tail-lengths in front of you, her fur shimmering with an ethereal light. You watch, awestruck and stunned, as she approaches you, her bright eyes warm; you are still shocked from the deliberate transfer from the nightmare to the dream, and can still feel the terror wearing off. The aesthetic feline begins speaking, breaking you out of your thoughts.

"StarClan has a message to give you, young warrior." The she-cat's tone was gentle, and you suddenly felt safe and sound; you wished that you could just let go of everything that you had seen and joined the starry cats that roamed the night skies. As if seeing your thoughts, the she-cat shook her head.

"No, don't even think about that. You have many seasons ahead of you, and it's not your time to join us. For now, though, you must carry out this duty." Your fur suddenly ruffled nervously, and you wondered what you had to do. She stepped closer, and now you could make out the tortoiseshell hue of her pelt - semi-transparent, with white splotches that adorned her beautiful coat. Her tone grew serious, and her eyes trapped your attention, making you focus on her and nothing else. "You need to find Onyx and Icestar, and leave the place that you think is safe." She held the stare a moment longer, and then the ground abruptly dropped beneath your paws.

Awakening in the morning, you still couldn't shake off the feeling that you had had the oddest dream. Your mind was fuzzy, and, as you stepped out from the cover of the bush, you slowly began to remember the beautiful feline and the message that she had brought you. With a shiver, you remembered the nightmare of the cold mountaintop, but you brushed it away with relative ease. You had to find those felines. Lapping at your pelt, you prepared for another day of walking mindlessly, for you had nowhere to go - everything you loved was gone, and your Clan had abandoned you. Getting up with a sigh, you began your journey.

Walking took days. On the first day, you kept going strong: resting at the edge of a quiet lake; you oriented yourself and planned to head south. The second and third days, you walked without stopping; but on the fourth day, you grew tired. On the fifth day, your pads began to split. On the sixth, your legs finally gave out, and you crumpled to the ground in a senseless heap. And on the seventh, after a whole week of traveling, you were finally starving.

Helplessness and pain encompassed your thoughts, and you had nowhere to go; the urgent feeling that you'd had the last few days had slowly worn off, and now all you felt was exhaustion and self-pity. You stopped to think about the whole situation, putting a break on your tireless thoughts. You were somewhere in the forest alone, and you hadn't eaten in what felt like a moon. Your stomach felt sick, and you weren't hungry in the least - a strong feeling of hopelessness washed over you, and you bit back a cry. How could this be happening? You had to find these felines - they were your only hope of survival in the harsh wilderness. Your will to live was extremely low, and your confidence was almost whittled away by nightfall as you lay there, prone, on the ground. Screeches echoed through the night, and paw-steps sounded very close to your ear - you didn't care if it was a predator or prey - you were ready to die regardless. The hooting of owls carried on the night wind, and you fell into a distant state of being half-awake and half-asleep. You'd given up a day ago, and now you were just waiting to join the ranks of StarClan. You closed your eyes and felt the life slipping out of you slowly, like how the sunlight slides below the horizon at the end of every day. StarClan would welcome you with open paws, and you'd be safe, warm, and happy at last.

You woke up in a bedding of soft moss and weaved grass, your paws chilled but your pelt warm. The scents of many different species wafted around your (dog, cat, or wolf) You wondered vaguely if you were in StarClan but then realized that that wouldn't have been possible. You could still feel the chill of winter, and hear the gentle patter of rain outside. Your ears caught on faint meows, and you slowly opened your eyes, blinking backwater, and sleep. Twisting around in the nest, you groped for something to get traction on. Hauling yourself up, you looked around, feeling totally discombobulated and frightened. Fear heightened your senses as your nose twitched, catching the scents of dozens of wary felines. Suddenly startled, you turned around. A long-furred alabaster husky stood before you, her bright blue eyes gleaming in the half-light that seeped through the cracks in the den, which was made of bent twigs and tightly-woven grass. A jet-black feline stood beside her, his fur nearly blending into the shadows inside of the shelter. The two looked like complete opposites but appeared to be closer than the eye could see. The white canine opened her mouth to speak, her eyes reflecting in the dim light.

"How about we kill you?" Her voice was slightly annoyed, but the other feline shook his dark head. His olive-toned optics shone, contrasting with the female's azure blue ones. "No, Icestar," he meowed firmly as he surveyed you carefully. His eyes were warmer and more kind than the other feline's, but his stature concealed all emotions like a hidden secret. "We won't kill you. We will spare your life and hope for you to help us." You stared at him for a moment, your brain processing what he had just said. A distant memory popped into your mind, and you took hold of it - it was of the StarClan cat, and the dream that had sent you wandering all those days ago. She had told you to find two cats named Onyx and Icestar, and here they were. Maybe you would have a chance to live safely, with these cats, in their new Clan. Hope filled you, and you let out a weak purr of gratitude. The male flicked his tail and nodded at Icestar, who shook her furry head as though to clear it. "Fine, you can stay. We'll take care of you and watch over you, and, once you make a final decision, we'll accept you." Icestar's tone was still frigid, but had warmed; the ebony feline introduced himself as Onyx, and Icestar just nodded to you and padded out of the den. You'd get a chance to live, and you'd be safe, warm, and cozy in your new Clan. Everything would be okay from now on, and you wouldn't have to worry about survival or be terrified every day of your life. You could finally rest at ease, and you couldn't help but purr, feeling as though you actually belonged.

You had a home, a family, and finally felt like you were loved.

Welcome to OrchidClan, ________.


Founders Username033 & kaibones
Founded 12/23/17
Status Semi-Active & Recruiting
Orientation Light
Current Leaders Longstar & Icestar
Badge Purple w/ flower
Members 32
Species Cats, Dogs, & Wolves
Roleplay Style Traditional & Advanced
Accepted Names Rogue & Clan Names
OC Limit 4
Server Ural
Camp Location Kaibones' Den


¤ kaibones

¤ Ravenwing2261

¤ Jellyblossom101

¤ tacos12119

¤ Koodie

¤ 1hthh

¤ Boogie5296

¤ coollilly0

¤ Shadow37190

¤ aubie178

¤ Honeycustered24

¤ awesomedragon890

¤ Wildspirit1000

¤ RodgerTheWolf13

¤ Mcfluffiest

¤ Granger39

¤ Candy7780

¤ Werewolf360

¤ penguinjrm


¤ Catpet306|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ Sophia88pet|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ Sonour|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ ameliac229|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ Pewdiepieloves715|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ Granny60|Can Return: Never|Left more than 3 times

¤ Nonmemberswordsrock|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ JennaR146|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ Misticmoonstone|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ nicewolfey|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

¤ Kittiezrthebest|Can Return: When more active|Inactive

Naming Your OC


¤ We want everyone to be unique with their OC's. The first step is a prefix. Please don't use any of the names from the prefix list down below. No cat can have the same name in OrchidClan.

Prefixes In Use

¤ A: Asha, Aura, Amber, Apple, Ash, Ace

¤ B: Broken, Birch, Blaze

¤ C: Cry, Coconut, Clay

¤ D: Dawn, Dusk, Dusty, Diamond, Dark

¤ E:

¤ F: Fern, Forest, Frost, Freckle

¤ G: Glint, Grain

¤ H: Hollow

¤ I: Ice, Ivy

¤ J: Jay

¤ K:

¤ L: Lily, Long, Lunar, Lost

¤ M: Maple, Mango, Masked, Moss, Midnight

¤ N: 

¤ O: Oak

¤ P: Pebbles, Prime, Primrose, Poppy, Pickle

¤ Q: Quail

¤ R: Rye, Rose, River, Rubble, Rock

¤ S: Spotted, Shattered, Snow, Song, Sun

¤ T: Tawny, Thistle, Turtle

¤ U:

¤ V: Vine

¤ W: Wild, Whistle

¤ X:

¤ Y:

¤ Z:



¤ Respect everyone. We are a clan, and we are one.

¤ You are only allowed to leave OrchidClan twice. Once you leave your second time, you will be banished from OrchidClan for a short period of time.

¤ Activity is the key to every clan. We don't expect you to be on every second of the day, but please try to get on twice a week at the least.

¤ Powerplaying will not be tolerated in OrchidClan. We do have fun and games, but when its time for roleplay, please be serious about it.

¤ When it comes time for roleplay, please don't use text-talk. Instead of using "u" please use "you".

¤ Please don't start drama. The leaders have enough on their plate and don't have time for drama.

¤ No serious injuries or deaths without an approval of a leader or a plot form, that is accepted by a leader. This also goes along with drama. Serious meaning fox attacks, deathberries, etc.

¤ No editing the page without permission from the leaders. It could mess up the code. If we catch you, you will receive a warning and then a punishment. Please only edit if you have permission from the leaders.

¤ Cats can only be mates with cats, dogs can only be mates with dogs, and wolves can only be mates with wolves. This is just so we don't have any weird hybrids kitten dog-wolf born.




¤ Apprentice chores for a moon

¤ Sleep outside for a moon

¤ Eat last for your rank


¤ Hold back all ceremonies

¤ Demotion of your rank

¤ Not allowed to attend a gathering or ceremony


¤ Fight a leader

¤ Fight a deputy

¤ Exiled

¤ Death

Roleplay Schedule



2:00 to 4:00 2:00 to 4:00 2:00 to 4:00 2:00 to 4:00 2:00 to 7:00 All Day All Day



3:00 to 5:00

3:00 to 5:00 3:00 to 5:00 3:00 to 5:00 3:00 to 8:00 All Day All Day


4:00 to 6:00 4:00 to 6:00 4:00 to 6:00 4:00 to 6:00 4:00 to 9:00 All Day All Day


5:00 to 7:00 5:00 to 7:00 5:00 to 7:00 5:00 to 7:00 5:00 to 10:00 All Day All Day

Current Plots
Plot Name



Clan News

We Welcome

We Will Miss




Group Name
Tag Color
SilencedClan Mothstar (valentinlove)/Genjistar (scarletava) - Neutral Tigris, Alps, Culoga  scarletava's Den Gold w/ Phantom


Group Name
Tag Color
- - - - - - - -


Leader (2/2) (27 Moons or Older) Deputy (2/2) (20 Moons or Older)
The symbol for this ranking is: 🌟

- (Leaders)

The symbol for this ranking is: 🌠

- (Deputies)

OC Name
🌟 Longstar 1hthh M Lavenderblaze - Tabby 30 9/9
🌟 Icestar kaibones F - - White Husky 39 7/9
🌠 Frecklenose Koodie M Finch (Deceased) - Maine Coon 25 Longstar
🌠 Pebbles Aubie178 F Scamp (Deceased) Lostpaw Husky 18 Icestar
Senior Warriors (0/3) (32 Moons or Older) Senior Hunters (0/3) (32 Moons or Older)
The symbol for this ranking is: 🛡️

- (Senior Warriors)

The symbol for this ranking is: 🦆

- (Senior Warriors)

OC Name
🛡️ - - - - - - -
🦆 - - - - - - -
Medics (3/3) (11 Moons or Older) Medic Apprentices (0/3) (6-11 Moons)
The symbol for this ranking is: 🌿

- (Medics)

The symbol for this ranking is: 🌱

- (Medic Apprentices)

OC Name
🌿 Ferntail Jellyblossom101 F - -  ? 15
🌿 Mapledawn 1hthh F - Hornet Calico 15
🌿 Honeystripe iiQueenGrace F - -  ? 12
🌱 - - - - - - -
Warriors (18/∞) (11 Moons or Older) Warrior Apprentices (4/10) (6-11 Moons)
The symbol for this ranking is: 💥

- (Warriors)

The symbol for this ranking is: 🔥

- (Warrior Apprentices)

OC Name
💥 Dustyclaw RodgerTheWolf13 M - -  ? 14
💥 Featherose oreolove8 F Frostfire - American Shorthair 14
💥 Mango Snowdeliciou38 F - - Wolf 22
💥 Kharnej iiQueenGrace F Mace - Russian Blue 28
💥 Lily coollilly0 F - -  ? 12
💥 Edge iiQueenGrace M Fraya - Cougar 30
💥 Frostfire coollilly0 M Featherose -  ? 17
💥 Forestfire Wildspirit1000 F - -  ? 16
💥 Diamondsplash fire8fly M Kinkajouheart - Tabby 12
💥 Juniperspring Oreolove8 F - - Dalamatian 30
💥 Hailstrike Granger39 F - - Red Wolf 17
💥 Rockslide Koodie M Wildflower - Bemilla 17
💥 Shadow Candy7780 F - Sorrow Husky 30
💥 Storm Candy7780 M - - Husky 30
💥 Brokensong awesomedragon890 F - -  ? 12
💥 Duskhawk Boogie5296 M - - Tabby 12
💥 Vinestrike Aubie178 M Dawnrunner - Russian Blue 12
💥 Soyleaf Wildspirit1000 F - - Norwegian Forest, Birman 12
💥 Dawnrunner kaibones F Vinestrike Amber Tabby 12
💥 Sai Atlantisssss M - - Tuxedo Cat 17
💥 Rhett Ravenwingg2261 M - - Thai x Nonpedigree Shorthair 26
💥 Sigma awesomedragon890 M - - Maine Coon 22
💥 Wolftail wolffnaf30 F - - Russian Blue 31
🔥 Jaypaw Jayfeatherthegreat M - - Silver Tabby 7
🔥 Amber fire8fly F Sorrow Dawnrunner Labrador Retriever 6
🔥 Sorrow Hugothecat123 M Amber Shadow German Shepherd 6
Hunters (25/∞) (11 Moons or Older) Hunter Apprentices (4/10) (6-11 Moons)
The symbol for this ranking is: 🐇

- (Hunters)

The symbol for this ranking is: 🐁

- (Hunter Apprentices)

OC Name
🐇 Aurafrost tacos12119 F Darkclaw (deceased) - Grey Tabby 16
🐇 Asha tacos12119 F - - Snow Leopard 27
🐇 Venomclaw boogie5296 M Sigma -  ? 19
🐇 Nightheart Honeycustered24 M - -  ? 13
🐇 Tawnyclaw Mcfluffiest M - - Tortoise Shell 15
🐇 Cry Wildspirit1000 F - - Dingo-Wolf 13
🐇 Primrosewing oreolove8 M - - Canadian Lynx 26
🐇 Maskedheart wowitsmecool M Crush: Raven - American Shorthair 42
🐇 Lavenderblaze Shadow37190 F Longstar - Smokey Maine Coon 12
🐇 Songrose 1hthh F - - Cheetah 19
🐇 Slatewhisker Shadow37190 M Cherryblossom - Bengal 23
🐇 Coconutsplash Ravenwing2261 F - - Javanese 21
🐇 Hydrangeascream Shadow37190 F - - Japanese Bobtail x Russian Blue 23
🐇 Snowshine Aubie178 F - - Persian 22
🐇 Mace Boogie5296 M Kharnej - Russian Blue 25
🐇 Glintfang Glintfang (Fandom User) F - - American Bobtail 18
🐇 Wildflower kaibones F Rockslide - Aegean 12
🐇 Thistlefang wowitsmecool M - -  ? 12
🐁Halo Hugothecat123 F - - Snow Leopard 7
🐁Spiritpaw Foxgirl515 F - - Bengal 6
Mothers (4/5) (14 Moons or Older) Youth (13/15) (1-6 Moons)
The symbol for this ranking is: ❤️

- (Mothers)

The symbol for this ranking is: 🐾

- (Youth)

OC Name
❤️ Kinkajouheart Snowdeliciou38 F Diamondsplash Turtlekit Tabby 12
❤️ Fraya Foxgirl515 F Edge Grainkit, Solarkit, Lunarkit Cougar 29
❤️ Cherryblossom awesomedragon840 F Slatewhisker Applekit, Sumirekit,Shatteredkit, Claykit Japanese Bobtail 20
❤️ Featherose Oreolove8 F Frostfire Harveykit American Shorthair 20
🐾 Snowkit Mcfluffiest F - - American Shorthair 6
🐾 Turtlekit Koodie M Kinkajouheart & Diamondsplash - Tabby 0
🐾 Birchkit fire8fly M Dawnpaw & Vinepaw Driftkit & Vixenkit Tabby 3
🐾 Driftkit awesomedragon890 M Dawnpaw & Vinepaw Birchkit & Vixenkit Tabby 3
🐾 Solarkit - F Fraya, Edge Lunarkit, Grainkit Cougar 0
🐾 Lunarkit penguinjrm M Fraya, Edge Solarkit, Grainkit Cougar 0
🐾 Grainkit - F Fraya, Edge Solarkit, Lunarkit Cougar 0
🐾 Applekit Ravenwing2261 F Cherryblossom, Slatewhisker Sumirekit, Shatteredkit, Claykit Japanese Bobtail X Bengal 0
🐾 Sumirekit Candy7780 F Cherryblossom, Slatewhisker Applekit, Shatteredkit, Claykit Japanese Bobtail X Bengal 0
🐾 Shatteredkit Koodie M Cherryblossom, Slatewhisker Applekit, Sumirekit, Claykit Japanese Bobtail X Bengal 0
🐾 Claykit - M Cherryblossom, Slatewhisker Applekit, Sumirekit, Shatteredkit Japanese Bobtail X Bengal 0
🐾 Sunkit Jackkevll M - - American Shorthair 0
🐾 Harveykit Oreolove8 M Featherose, Frostfire - American Shorthair, Maine Coon 0
Elders (0/6) (45 Moons or Older) Visitors (4/10)
The symbol for this ranking is: 🦉

- (Elders)

The symbol for this ranking is: ☁️

- (Visitors)

OC Name
Mate/Current Clan
🦉 - - - - - -
☁️ Tallulah DauntedSouls M Paralysis Panther 2
☁️ Kate Discodramacat F - Great Dane 12
☁️ Cripplefoot skormfan164 M ShadeClan - 28
☁️ Ridge Neonhologram M DeerClan - 37
☁️ Malibu Username033 F - Aegean 16
☁️Shortnose|Darkeye|Goku Jammer2vfbq M Hollyclan 2x Maine Coon|Sphynx 59|26|68

Inactive List

This is a list of all those who are inactive. Inactive users are temporarily not active on AJ or on the Wiki. They aren't banished from the Clan, however - inactive users may return once they are able to. (this is if you decide to take a break from roleplaying)

Time Period
Elliekit/Spottedpelt Sarcastic03 Kit/Warrior Broken computer  A month or two
Aurafrost/Dakota/Asha tacos12119/angyrod1234 Hunter/Hunter/Warrior Not able to access AJ over the summer 6/18/18 or 6/19 until 9/10
Soypaw/Forestfire/Cry Wildspirit1000 Warrior Apprentice/Warrior/Hunter Personal  ?



¤ OC Name:

¤ Username:

¤ Gender:

¤ Species & Breed:

¤ Desired Rank:

¤ Roleplay Example (2-4 Sentences, MUST pertain to your desired rank):

¤ Age:

¤ Mate/Crush:

¤ Description & Personality:

¤ Member?:

¤ Shared Account?:

¤ Can you access AJ?:

¤ Loyalty Oath:

¤ OC Picture:

Adding an OC

¤ OC Name:

¤ Username:

¤ Gender:

¤ Species & Breed:

¤ Desired Rank:

¤ Mate/Crush:

¤ Moons:

¤ Description & Personality:

¤ OC Picture:

Killing an OC 

¤ OC Name:

¤ Username:

¤ Rank:

¤ Witnesses:

¤ Residence (StarClan or Dark Forest):

¤ Kin:

¤ OC Picture:


¤ Plot Name:

¤ Plot Description:

¤ Species Involved (Names Please):

¤ Time & Date:

¤ Short or Long Term:


¤ Group Page w/ Link:

¤ Leader(s) OC Name and Username:

¤ Deputy(s) OC Name and Username:

¤ Reason for Alliance:

¤ Your Benefits:

¤ Our Benefits:

¤ Server/Territory:

¤ Member Count:

¤ Camp Location:

¤ Tag Color & Badge:

¤ Loyalty Oath:


¤ Group Page & Link:

¤ Leader(s) OC Name and Username:

¤ Deputy(s) OC name and Username:

¤ Reason for Rivalry:

¤ Server & Territory:

¤ Member Count:

¤ Tag Color & Badge:


¤ OC Name:

¤ Username:

¤ Gender:

¤ Moons:

¤ Species & Breed:

¤ Current Group:

¤ Reason:

¤ Do You Have Plans on Joining?:


¤ OC Name:

¤ Username:

¤ Rank:

¤ Why You're Leaving:

¤ Improvements:

¤ Times Left:

¤ Final Farewells:


¤ OC Name:

¤ Username:

¤ Rank:

¤ Reason (personal, sports, etc.):

¤ Time Period:

OC Gallery

Hint: scroll through it :)

  • Owlfeather (Medicine Cat)
  • Raven (Deputy)
  • Ferntail (Medicine Cat)
  • Thornpelt (Hunter)
  • Ashheart (Hunter)
  • Spottedpelt (Warrior)
  • Petal (Warrior Apprentice)
  • Aurafrost (Hunter)
  • Darkclaw (Hunter)
  • Prime (Warrior)
  • Elliekit (Youth)
  • Asha (Hunter)
  • Duskpaw and Dawnpaw *Twins* (Warrior Apprentices)
  • Blazekit (Youth)
  • Hazelpaw (Warrior Apprentice)
  • Sees Ghosts (Elder)
  • Midnight (Youth)
  • Patience (Hunter)
  • Longstar (Leader)
  • Frecklenose (Deputy)
  • Mudpaw (Medic Apprentice)
  • Lily (Warrior apprentice)
  • Avi (Warrior apprentice)
  • Larch (Warrior)
  • Yvonne (Hunter Apprentice)
  • Lavenderblaze (Hunter)
  • Aurora (Mother)
  • Nightheart (Hunter)
  • GoldenHeart (warrior)
  • DustyClaw (warrior)
  • Fraya (Warrior)
  • Halo (warrior apprentice)
  • Slatewhisker (Hunter)
  • Wildpaw (Hunter Apprentice)
  • Hydrangeascream (Hunter)
  • Mapledawn (Medicine Cat)
  • Hollypaw (Warrior Apprentice)
  • Acorntuft (Hunter)
  • Doepaw (Warrior Apprentice)
  • Silverleaf (Warrior)
  • Tigerstripe (Hunter)
  • Sorrow (Hunter apprentice)

Art Corner

CreditsBanner: AJ: Tacos12119 Wiki: Angyrod1234

Intro: AJ: Ravenwing2261 Wiki: Ravenwingg

Some of the Coding: Ravenwingg

We thank Icestar and Onyx for creating this Clan and making it great! OrchidClan honors their dedication and their hard work in keeping this Clan going. Thank you :3


Leader/Lead Coder Leader

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