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Imperial of Domesticated Canines
Canis Rufus L.
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Marigold (Mother)
Ichor (Father)
Mud (Littermate)
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Ochre is a red wolf of unusually dark complexion, his pelt appearing black though its telltale red and brown hues are visible in direct lighting. He is still young in his adulthood, but the stress of leading an Empire has caused speckles of grey to appear in his thick pelt. Though large for his species, Ochre is a small wolf with a lithe and agile frame which he uses to his advantage. His eyes are his namesake colour, a glowing yellow-ochre that pierces through others. The Imperial has little notable scars but for those along his forearms and across his ears, particularly a pale scar that stretches from the inside of his left ear and veers to the right, where a small nick is visible. Ochre's ears more hypersensitive to sound, more so than normal, though the rest of his senses are otherwise typical for a wolf of his caliber.

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Ochre is used to doing the hard tasks, being the disliked one. He trusts no one but is loyal to a fault. The Imperial favors himself in acting collected during times of panic or confusion. In reality, he has a teasing personality that likes to play with his opponents, he may not be the first to jump into violence but he is the first to shed blood. Ochre prides himself on his strong mentality but open mind, enjoying hearing from others and thoughtful, constructive conversation. When faced with the opposite he becomes easily irritated and snappish. However, he always tries to be neutral and diplomatic to everyone, even if that does come across as dull and serious all the time. He cares greatly for the Empire ever since becoming an Imperial and is cautious of any threats, dangers, or enemies. Ochre often thinks before acting and is known to easily gain classified information from mysterious sources.


Others' Perception: Ochre is a strict leader who is quick to enforce the rules. He's known for putting his feelings aside to deal with issues and is willing to distance himself from others to get the job done. For this Ochre has been regarded as one of the harsher leaders of the Forsaken Empire. Due to his quickness to react and strong presence in organizing he has also been called controlling and manipulative.

Perception of Others: Ochre doesn't tend to spend a lot of time judging others. As a general rule, he leaves them alone if they do the same to them. He is aware of the way that other variables can make people act in a certain way and how there is more to a person than the way they initially appear and is careful to keep this in mind. However, his paranoia can cause him to be suspicious of others and refer to them coldly.

Mental Status: Ochre experiences a lot of internal conflict due to the circumstances of his appointment. Since someone he considered close accused him of being untrustworthy after he was designated as one of the new Imperials, he has never been the same. Though subtle, his mentality changed: initially headstrong and self-assured, Ochre became more conscious of how others viewed him and hesitant when facing important decisions. Due to the amount of responsibility and stress his places on himself he views it as walking a very fine line, afraid of messing up, slipping, and disappointing people.

Philosophy: It is Ochre's belief that everyone deserves basic respect as a living creature. However, his trust is incredibly hard to earn. Once he devotes himself towards something Ochre does so entirely and does not stop until his deed is finished to the best of his ability. He believes in the power of honesty, transparency, and communication. Those three things are vital to him and the best way to easily gain his scorn is from withholding information and/or attempting to deceive him.

Attitude: Ochre keeps his temper in check, but every once in a while the tension snaps and he lashes out. When it happens he's destructive, quick, and efficient. His gathered and hidden knowledge shows when he attacks, aiming for the places that hurt the hardest. Afterward, apologies are dealt with where they are due but never with any false remorse. To those who he feels deserve it, Ochre leaves them in the decay.

Introversion: Due to his origins Ochre's fundamental characteristics are being elusive and quiet. He regards everyone with basic respect, but little trust.

Modesty: Though he is affectionate and enjoys the physical presence of others, Ochre takes compliments and praise badly. However, though the Imperial dislikes being praised he still appreciates being recognized and thanked.

Confidence: Though he tries to avoid the superiority that comes with his position as an Imperial, Ochre is unapologetic when he uses it, though only when necessary. Although Ochre carries on his duties as an Imperial with confidence the red wolf is incredibly insecure.

Quietness: By nurture, Ochre will always be silent, even though the Imperial is ever without thoughts or words for the occasion.

Cautious: Ochre has always been careful, it was vital to his survival during his time as a rogue before coming to the Empire. However, since becoming an Imperial his cautiousness has developed to border-line paranoia.

Notes: Ochre has a habit of moving his ears as subtle forms of expression. Usually, they move unconsciously in a twitch or flicker, often when things are quiet. He is a watcher and observes that and those around him carefully.

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Leadership: 7/10


Intelligence: 9.5/10


Socializing: 3.5/10


Fighting: 6.5/10


Agility: 9/10


Strength: 5.5/10


Stamina: 7/10


Hunting: 7.5/10


Climbing: 8/10


Stealth: 7.5/10


Swimming: 5/10


Herbs: 6/10


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The Imperial has a preference for colder temperatures and often ventures in the quiet of the Static Icelands alone. Even so, he favors the quiet company of others or soft intelligent conversations over the literal cold silence. He likes nothing more than moments of comfortable silence with someone else, just existing in the same space with someone he regards fondly. Despite his strict and detached attitude, Ochre also enjoys young ones, as they are excited about life and to learn new things.

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Though the most diplomatic of the Sovereignty, Ochre has little patience for others- particularly when they are noisy. He dislikes when others lie to him or conceal information. Least of all is his fondness for the self-absorbed, those who think only of themselves and refuse to take their punishments gracefully. The Imperial holds no favor for those who question unnecessarily or try to stir drama, finding the matter a waste of time and irritating. Due to the strict role he performs, Ochre hardly gets along with others and spares no time for those who judge him solely based on his actions as an Imperial.

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Mother: Marigold

Appearance: Marigold was an average female red wolf from which Ochre inherited his name-sake eyes.

Personality: Marigold was kind for a rogue, and Ichor often said it would be her downfall if she wasn't careful. She had a love of plants and helped whoever she should, no matter who they were. She was coy and quick, someone who often took the indirect route.

Trust Rating: 95%

Relation: Biological mother, presumed dead

Proximity: Though his mother, Ochre wasn't personally close to Marigold and remembers very little from her. It is no doubt that both he and his brother (Mud) were gifted with her consideration and quick wit, but aside from that and their eyes there is little Ochre has in common with his mother.

Note: Both Mud and Ochre assume that Marigold is dead, but in reality, she is well and healthy in a red wolf sanctuary.

Father: Ichor

Appearance: Ichor was a large, male red wolf whose most notable feature was the missing tip of his left ear.

Personality: Ichor was quiet, but spoke with a tone that commanded respect. He kept to himself, even with his sons, but was always softer around Marigold. Due to his intimidating appearance Ichor was often involved in fights that he didn't start or seek.

Trust Rating: 90%

Relation: Biological father, deceased

Proximity: Ichor taught Ochre everything he knows. In many ways, Ochre sees his father in himself. Though Ichor was his father, it was due to his teachings that he never trusted Ichor or Marigold fully, and even now is the root for Ochre's borderline paranoia.

Sibling(s): Mud

Appearance: Mud is a red wolf around the same size as Ochre, only appearing smaller due to his lankier frame. His pelt is often dusty or covered with dried mud, and is lighter in colour.

Personality: Mud has Marigold's enthusiasm for plants and healing, though is more so held by his vows as a Mystic to tend to others. Although he comes off friendly, Mud has a darker side to him that only Ochre truly understands.

Trust Rating: 100%

Relation: Littermate, younger brother

Proximity: Mud is the closest relationship Ochre has. Although they are still aloof by normal standards, Ochre and Mud have known each other all their lives and will always have each other's back. They often talk about matters of the Empire together, and sometimes mindless things as well. The two are very affectionate towards one another and are there whenever the other one needs them.

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Due to the difficulty in gaining his trust, Ochre considers no one his friend

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Mate: None

Crush: None

Squish: None

Former Mate(s): None

Ships: Ochre X Cheese (Joke)

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A short summary. Ochre was born in a litter of two, unusual for his breed, to Marigold and Ichor. Much of his childhood was spent running away from hunters who endangered his family. They traveled together and rarely stayed with other wolves.

He lost his father first, to a human trap. Marigold soon followed afterward, only moments later, after getting hit by a truck when trying to cross the road with him and his brother.

Afterward, the two brothers traveled North together until it became clear that Mud's interests were different from his and they split apart with different goals in life. Years later the two would reunite and seamlessly integrate themselves into the Empire.

As a Gladiator Ochre wasn't notable. His silent and quick, yet efficient, style of fighting didn't earn him much attention, nor was it meant to. However, he was an outspoken part of the Empire who always made his voice heard the few times he spoke, often on matters of great importance concerning diplomacy and politics.


Pup-hood: (Birth - Ichor's Death)

Ochre was the first born pup of Ichor and Marigold. When he was born it seemed that he inherited his father's cautiousness, being a quiet and observant pup during his early years. For this Ichor left him alone and Marigold often doted on him more than necessary, worried for his health compared to that of his younger brother's, Mud.

Adolescence: (Ichor's Death - Marigold's "Death")


Before the Empire: (Marigold's "Death" - Becoming Ochre)


The Search for Mud: (Becoming Ochre - Joining the Empire)


The Forsaken Empire: (Joining the Empire - Eclipse's Leave)


The Fall of an Era: (Eclipse's Leave)


Appointment: (Eclipse's Leave - Betrayal)


A New Reign: (Recovery - Present)


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