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The Darkest Nights Produce The Brightest Stars
Name| Novasky
Roleplayer| Codingkitten
Sexuality| Heterosexual Scent| Vanilla and rock
Past Names| Novakit, Novapaw Possible Future Names| Novastar
Birth Date| December 22nd/4 Years Gender| Female
Theme Song|  Lane Boy by Twenty One Pilots Voice| New York Accent
Status| Alive
Group| ShadowClan (Jujutheeverything13)


Full Personality: Novasky is a natural born leader. She often says her ideas on how to make a situation better and she is very good at remaining calm during arguments. She is good at backing her statements up with facts, though she believes that everyone's opinion should be heard and respected. Novasky loves to be in control, though she can be a control freak at times. However, she is not the best at communication and is socially awkward. 

Personality Type: ENFJ, -A/-T (Protagonist)




Temperature- 22°Celsius/72°Fahrenheit

Time of Day- Midnight

Season- Spring

Food- Mouse

Location- Sunny Rocks

Herb- Honey

Scent- Vanilla


Temperature- 0°Celsius/32°Fahrenheit

Time of Day- Noon

Season- Summer

Food- Bird

Location- Wet Grass

Herb- Poppyseeds

Scent- Mouse Bile


Stars- Novasky's favorite thing to do in her downtime is to lay down on the grass and look at the stars because it comforts her.

Night- Novasky loves the nighttime because the stars are vividly out and she can clearly see them.

Heat- Warmth is one of Nova's favorite things because it makes her feel comfortable and cozy.

Sun- She loves the sun because it brings warmth and energy to her and her clan.

Moon- As much as Nova loves the sun, she also loves the moonshine and how it gives the perfect amount of light to the stars.


Snow- Novasky hates the texture, taste, and tempature of snow because it is usually rough and freezing.

Cold- As much as Nova loves the night, she hates the cold because it makes her feel uncomfortable.

Ice- Nova hates the ice because it is cold and when it melts it makes her fur soggy and cold.

Leaf-bare- She hates leaf-bare because of the cold nights and days.

Water- She hates water because it makes her fur soggy and uncomfortable to move.

Change- Nova isn't a big fan of change and she would love for everything to just be simple and stay the same.

Positive Characteristics





Negative Characteristics

Control Freak




Neutral Characteristics




Devil's Advocate

Socially Awkward


Not being able to fulfill her role as Deputy or Leader

Losing her closest friends


Detailed Description: Novasky is a tortoiseshell she-cat with a jet black pelt. She has many speckles of light orange throughout her pelt. She has delicate, soft fur that shines in the sunlight. She has bold, green eyes, filled with determination. Nova has a black nose with an orange stripe going vertical along the right side of her muzzle. Her body shape is a bit smaller than the average cat with her weighing 6.8 pounds. She is 17 inches long, including her tail, and 7 inches tall and she has a fairly long tail for her body size. The insides of her ears are a light orange, matching her markings. Novasky has a bit shorter legs because of her small body, meaning she cannot run super fast, though she has somewhat of a natural muscular build. Overall, Novasky is a slim she-cat with soft fur and a flexible body.

Pelt Texture: Soft

Pelt Thickness: Thin

Height: 7 In.

Weight: 6.8 Lbs.

Length: 17 In.

Eye Color: Amber

Paw Color: Black

Paw Size: Small

Claw Length: Average

Claw Color: Grey

Tail Length: Long

Tail Color: Black

Tail Design: Light Orange Splotches

Belly Color: Black

Ear Color: Black

Ear Design: Light Orange Splotches

Nose Color: Black

Nose Design: Light Orange Stripe

Head Color: Black

Head Design: Light Orange Splotches

Back Color: Black

Back Design: Light Orange Splotches

Leg Color: Black

Leg Design: Light Orange Splotches

Scars: None





    =Inside the Ear



5 Is Average
Hunting 9/10
Fighting 7/10
Herbs 8/10
Swimming 4/10
Catching Fish 1/10
Strength 7/10
Speed 6/10
Climbing 7/10
Scent 7/10
Hearing 10/10
Vision 8/10
Taste 10/10
Feeling 9/10

Place Where She Is Most Efficient (Hunting)

Forest, Daylight

Place Where She Is Least Efficient (Hunting)

Open Areas, Daylight

Place Where She Is Most Efficient (Fighting)

Forest, Nighttime

Place Where She Is Least Efficient (Fighting)

Open Areas, Daytime


Loyalty: ShadowClan (Jujutheverything13)

Previous Groups: Loner

Ranks That She has Served: Loner, Kit, Apprentice, Warrior

Current Rank: Deputy

Apprentice: Mistpaw

Previous Apprentices: Nightpaw

Mentors: Coal, Icestorm


Kittypet: 0%

Rogue/Loner: 85%

Tribe: 2%

Clan Cat: 13%=

Windclan: 4%

Thunderclan: 1%

RiverClan: 0%

Shadowclan: 2%

Skyclan: 6%


Oc Name
Trust Rate
Shadestar Friend Alive 100%
Pantherlily Friend Alive 97%
Rainstorm Friend Alive 100%
Wisdomseeker Friend Alive 100%
Leafstorm Medicine Cat Alive 86%
Aurasound Medicine Cat Alive 89%
Gentleriver Medicine Cat and Friend Alive 98%
Rowanheart Medicine Cat Alive 89%
Strongpaw Medicine Cat Alive 98%
Silvermist Friend Alive 98%
Marsfoot Friend Alive 85%
Sootfeather Friend Alive 90%
Swiftberry Friend Alive 85%
Past Crush: NoneCurrent Crush: NonePast Mate: None

Current Mate: None

Kits: None

Turn Ons (Mental)

Novasky likes the type of tom that is kind and determined. She likes when she can joke around with someone and they won't be offended easily. She also likes toms who are blunt and honest because she gets annoyed when others bottle things in and are mad or upset for what feels like no reason.

Turn Offs (Mental)

Novasky hates when people are mad for no reason. She also doesn't like toms who are rude to her or other felines in general. She doesn't like when toms get offended from her sometimes brutally honest jokes. She also doesn't like when a tom is too childish and doesn't listen to anything serious.

Turn Ons (Physical)

Novasky is attracted to toms with dark pelts like dark brown or black. She also likes toms with soft and fluffy pelts and who have somewhat short hair. She loves dark eyes such as amber, brown, and blue.

Turn Offs (Physical)

Novasky doesn't like light colored pelts such as cream or orange, however, the oelt color is not her main interest. She doesn't mind light grey or white, but she prefers dark colored. She doesn't like light colored eyes such as lime green or yellow, or shaggy pelts. She doesn't like super long fur with knots because it is uncomfortable to lay next to.


Mother: Featherdrop

Father: Dustfur

Brothers: Lakeswirl, Rocktail

Sisters: Brindlehawk

Cousins: Unknown

Aunts: None

Uncles: None

Step Sisters: None

Step Brothers: None

Nieces: None

Nephews: None


Full Backstory:

Non-Played Character Bio

Basic Backstory:

Kit- Novasky grew up in a wolf pack, even though she was a cat. She learned how to hunt and fight like a canine, however, she always enjoyed being a cat and she never questioned her species. She made many friends in the wolf pack and she misses being with her pack, but she loves being alone and with her own species.

Apprentice- When Nova was an apprentice she left her wolf pack to be a loner. She wanted to know what it was like to live on her own or possibly with other cats. Within a moon she was found by a clan called CloudClan. She lived the rest of her apprentice life there, though she sometimes snuck out to visit her old wolf pack to say "hi". Her mentor was Icestorm, a beautiful, young, light blue, tabby she-cat, and she loved her.

Warrior- Novasky's life as a warrior was very short because she became deputy of her clan fairly quickly. When she became a warrior in CloudClan she stopped visiting her wolf pack. As much as she loved her clan, she left a few days after being promoted to begin a new life as a loner again. She was a loner for a few moons until she came accross a clan called ShadowClan. She came right as ShadowClan's old deputy, Blazeclaw, passed because of a gunshot, and she was promoted deputy from her determination.




"I can and I will and if you try to stop me you're a goner"

"Come on. Wake up and start trying, nobody got anywhere with crying"

“Some cats suck, but it is those cats who make us grow. So instead of hating them, thank them, because nobody who acts like they are all that and everything else never did anything worth while.  Their loss, not yours”

"Hate to break it to you, but life isn't sugar cubes and rainbows. People come and go. You can't force someone to stay in your clan or leave, so suck it up."

•Novasky's theme song is "Lane Boy" By Twenty One Pilots because she goes her own way and she tries not to let other people drive her•

•She was named after her mother looked up and saw a large star above her, knowing that StarClan had chosen the name "Nova" for her prefix•


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