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But loyalty isn't rooted in friendship. It's much stronger than that by far. It comes from being born and raised under the same sky, from walking the same path as our ancestors, and from sharing the warrior code. With this life I commit you to upholding the warrior code, whatever challenges you might face. This is the wisdom of our ancestors, all our traditions distilled. Trust the code to lead you along the right path." "We are friendly, but not weak. We are powerful, but not aggressive." "Those who underestimate us are exterminated. Those who respect us are spared." "We are daring like the thunder, we are strong like the earth, we are swift, like the wind. We. Are. Nightclan."

Founded - 7-22-14
Founder - Darkstar
Roleplay - Descriptive Realm-Nuetral
Status - Active Recruitment - Open
Tags - black + Any Species - Felis Catus a few Canis Lupis


Camp - Nightdragon2006

Member Count
  1. Nightdragon2006,
  2. .icepheonix419,
  3. .cows147,
  4. lighteningshadow12,
  5. Avery8,
  6. jaissyjet,
  7. .majorcat0188,
  8. .angrybubbles71,
  9. .Amythystwishes,
  10. .warriorcatawesome12,
  11. thedoomdragon,
  12. Prettyghost2007,
  13. flowerlover68,
  14. swirlmix1984,
  15. jammer9820v,
  16. .sillybaylee123,
  17. 10sugarlove,
  18. .tig3rll,
  19. cboyd,
  20. vampres123,
  21. .cloudy551,
  22. peeky135,
  23. aligirl2024,
  24. tinkerbell603,
  25. vibsyfang,
  26. shadowfire1212,
  27. endlesstranquility,
  28. dusk119,
  29. serenah7, and
  30. raaaaaaaar158,
Black List
  1. Horsegal305



Your worn out paws thundered across the hard ground, you can feel your pursuers warm breath down your neck. You take the risk and look back immediately regretting it. A Light gray tabby she-cat, blue-back tomcat, and a grey tabby tom were right behind you! You put on a burst of speed, but it was too late. The she-cat tackled you to the ground. You struggle to get up and defend yourself. The blue-black tomcat hisses and claws your nose. You growl and try to get up again then notice large white paws in front of you. You look up to see a tall imposing white shecat. Behind her were two more cats, a black and white wolf and a gray tabby she-cat. They all looked at you coldly. You closed your eyes and trembled before them, waiting for their sharp claws to pierce your pelt and rip it apart. " I am Fallstar" the white shecat said, with a strong voice. Fallstar's tail pointed at the light gray tabby she-cat. "This is Ghoststar." Ghoststar, the blue black tom, and the wolf stepped up. "This is Gnarledclaw, a warrior of ours, and Leaffire One of our deputies" Longstar said as they dipped their heads. Shardstar walked over to the tan tabby she cat. "This is Mouseshine." she grinned at you. Fallstar pointed at the grey tabby tom with her long tail. "This is Riverfall." Riverfall dipped his head. Fallstar helped you up, then asked, "Would you like to join Nightclan?"

Your eyes widened in bewilderment. Just a moment before it seemed like they were going to kill you and now they wanted you to join their clan! Realizing they were waiting for you response you eagerly accepted. "Before we take you to our camp, what is your name?" questioned Fallstar <username>She nodded and motioned you to follow. They brought you to their camp and pushed through a bramble wall, disappearing from sight.

You pushed through the bramble wall surrounding their camp and looked around in awe. There were cats everywhere! kits chasing leaves and tackling each other while their mothers watched nearby. Apprentices cleaning out the old moss from the nursery. Warriors going in and out of camp some carrying moss, others prey. You glanced at a den, and saw a reddish brown tabby she-cat with pine green eyes taking a thorn out of a tuxedo kit's paw.

That night as you curled up in your new moss nest you thought about all the cats you had met.

Fallstar Ghoststar Leaffire Shadecreek

Riverfall Silentfall Pinesplash Sagefern Whitefang Lynxsoul

Inkwish Nightsplash Gnarledclaw Strawberryleaf 

Cardinaltalon, Feather, Jaystorm, Honeylight, Ferndapple

Stormflight, Darkstorm, and many others

(written by VidsbyFang)

<><><><><><> News


Owlkit and Bluekit have joined the Clan! 4-2-18

Juniperberry and Emberblaze have joined the Clan as mates! Congratulations! 4-8-18

Willowsplash has fallen off a cliff, may StarClan guide her path. 4-11-18

Blackkit has joined the ranks of NightClan. Congratultaions! 4-11-18

Bearkit has eaten deathberries and committed suicide. May StarClan light his path. 4-14-18

Ghostpool has surprisingly given birth to Lightningkit, Dustkit, and Icykit, but wishes the details of the birth to remain secret. 4-14-18

Honeylight and Sagefern are now mates, congrats! 4-16-18

We have gone to war with the Darkforest. May StarClan light our paths. 4-16-18

Nightclan has won back their home but many cats have lost their lives in the battle,(Lillyleap, Spruceheart, Runningkit, Dovestrike, Gatorwhisker, Featherdash and Juniperberry) 4-20-18

Yellowpup and Blackkit are now apprentices- 2-29-18

The camp has started to flood, Many cats have gone missing and the whole camp seems at this rate will be taken over.- 2-30-18

Shardstar has been murdered. May StarClan light his path. 5-4-18

Ghoststar has become our new Co-Leader. Congradulations. 5-4-18

Shadecreek is our new Co-Deputy. Congradulations. 5-4-18

Leaffire has been murdered. Fallstar is a queen. May StarClan walk with him and Congratulations widowed she-cat. 5-31-18

Fallstar has birthed two kittens, Leafkit and Steamkit, sadly Steamkit was still born. 6-6-18

Shadecreek has been demoted to Elite Warrior, Jaystorm has been ranked up to Deputy, Inkwish is taking the Co. Deputy spot. 6-7-18

Sparrowkit has died. May he walk with StarClan. 6-7-18

Darkstorm, Tumblefoot, Duskshade, Honeylight, Ashwave & Ebonysoul are Elite Warriors, Congratulations! 6-7-18

<><><><><><> Prophecy

None Right now



  1. Follow the warrior code at all times.
  2. Do not Double Group. If caught, you'll be put on the Black List.
  3. Respect each and every member, from kit to leader.
  4. You are allowed to have a side group when NightClan is inactive. But you must quit as soon as we return. Unless that is if it is a side group created by a fellow Clan Member.
  5. Keep drama limited. You may have a little to start a roleplay, but don't just run off and fall off a cliff, or have a kit be taken/spotted by a hawk.
  6. Stay as realistic as possible. We do not want a green and pink cat walking into camp with dragon wings.
  7. You are allowed three OC's.
  8. Your roleplay must stay in the range of descriptive. You are allowed some/ little advanced, but keep it small.
  9. Your names should be Suffix + Prefix. Such as Shadefeather
  10. You must keep your tag color black.
  11. You may leave the clan twice. Leaving a third time will put you on the Black List.
  12. You are given a week long trial. Leaving during it will put you on the Black List for a month.

<><><><><><> Ranks

  • Fallstar
  • Ghoststar
Leader (2/2)

The Leader is the most important of the Clan. They deserve the upmost respect. Their word goes no matter what. The leaders decide, or take care of, conflicts within the clan and with other groups.

This rank is  closed.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Fallstar nightdragon2006 Female Leaffire -
Ghoststar Cows147 Female - Frostpaw


  • Jaystorm
  • Inkwish
Deputy (1/1) Co-Deputy (1/1)

The Deputy is Second in Command. They will sort out patrols, and act as the leader when they are gone. The Deputy becomes the leader once the current one dies. Lisen to them well.

Co-Deputy, They are the rank just below the Deputy and must follow all the Deputy orders. When the Deputy is ff they uphold the deputies

This rank is closed.

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Jaystorm Jaissyjet M Ashwave -
Inkwish Amythystwishes F Glaciertalon -


  • Sagefern
  • Fernpaw
  • Hollypaw
  • Mistpaw
Medicine Cat + Medicine Cat Apprentice (3/4)

The Medicine Cat are in charge of healing the clan. They have some privlages outside the clan due to their medical importancy. They also conserve with Starclan and read signs. They heal the wounded and sick.

The Medicine Cat Apprentice is six moons and older. They are training to be the Medicine Cat.

You may only have one Med OC

Medicine Cat is Open                                    Med Apprentice is open

Name Username Gender Rank Apprentice (Moons if apprentice)
Sagefern jaissyjet M  Head Medic


Hollystorm Amythystwishes Nonbinary Medic -
Misthaze Nightdragon2006 F Medic -
Apprentices- <> <> <> <>


  • Lynxsoul
  • Nightsplash
  • Thistlefur
  • Lakefrost
  • Silverclaw
  • Lillysong
  • Blazingblaze
  • Duskshade
  • Darkstorm
  • Emberrose
  • Darkfang
  • Bluesplash
  • Iceheart
  • applelight
  • Cardinaltalon
  • Echoeye
  • Runningwillow
  • Ferndapple
  • Tumblefoot
  • Slytail
  • Droptail
  • Seafreckle
  • Shadefeather
  • Stormflight
  • Thistletuft
  • Emberblaze
  • Honeylight
  • Shadowthorn
  • Amberblaze
  • Ashwave
  • Strikefang
  • Scorchface
  • Duskhorizen
  • Ebonysoul
  • redfur
  • Darkfoot
  • Ravenwing
  • Lullabymoon
  • Redbranch
  • Whitetail
 Elite Warrior (3/10)  Warrior (infinite)

The Elite warrior are above warrior rank and have earned this title due to being in the clan for a long period of time and experience. You may only have One OC in the Elite section.

The Warriors are the ones that take care of the clan needs and train the apprentices to become warriors. They make up the majority of the clan and are very important.

Elite is closed                                         Warrior is open

Name Username Gender Mate
Shadecreek Icepheonix419 F
Nightsplash Warriorcatawesome12 M -
Darkstorm Lightingshadow12 M Cardinaltalon
Tumblefoot swirlmix1984 M -
Duskshade swirlmix1984 F -
Honeylight Cows147 M Sagefern
Ashwave Lightingshadow12 F Jaystorm


<> <> <>
Lakefrost flowerlover68 F -
Silverclaws majoracats881 F Tabgledsoul
Droptail Angrybubbles71 M -
Applelight flowerlover68 F Fadeglow
Lillysong swirlmix1984 F -
Blazingberry Majoracats881 M -
Scorchface Jammer9820v M -
Seafreckle Angrybubbles71 M -
Emberrose 10sugarlove F
Echoeye T1g3rll F -
Cardinaltalon Cboyd F -
Ferndapple Jammer9820v F
Shadefeather Jaissyjet M -
Darkfang vampyres123 F -
Stormflight Jammer9820v F -
Thistletuft Cloudy551 M
Runningwillow Cloudy551 F -
Iceheart Peeky135 M Bluesplash
Bluesplash Aligirl2024 F Iceheart
Slytail tinkerbell11603 F
Amberfire Avery8 F -
Shadowthorn Shadowfire1212 M
Ravenwing flowerlover68 F -
Darkfoot Endlesstranquility M -
Redfur dusk119 F -
Duskhorizon catlove79575 F Frozenbark (loner)
Lullabymoon nightdragon2006 F -
Owleye tinkerbell603 F -
Bluepelt Cloudy551 F -
Feather nightdragon2006 F -
Trufflelight nightdragon2006 F -
Redbranch Avery8 F -
Skunkfur Amythystwishes F -
Yellowfire warriorcatawesome12 M -
Blackoak shadowfire1212 F -
Whitetail serenah7 F -
Shadefur cboyd M -
Wingflight lightningshadow12 F -
Lavaflow nightdragon2006 F -
Duststreak Amythystwishes M -
Reedtail paris2045 F -


  • Lighteningpaw
  • Nightpaw
  • Olivepaw
  • Creekpaw
  • Frostpaw
Apprentice (10/20)

The Apprentices are the young cats training to be Warriors. They must be six moons old to train. They will do chores around the camp such as, Cleaning bedding and taking care of elders.

Apprentice is open

Name Username Gender Moons Mentor
Lightningpaw cows147 F 10 Fallstar
Olivepaw Cows147 M 9 Darkstorm
Frostpaw Bubsy27 F 7 Ghoststar
Nightpaw Lightingshadow12 F 6 Shadefeather
Creekpaw Cboyd F 6 Trufflelight


Queens (0/10)

The Queens are the caretakers of the Clan. They are either temporary, meaning they will return to warrior dutties after their kits are apprenticed. They also have optition to be permanent queens.

Queens are open

Name Username Gender Litter/Kits Mate
Lightningpaw Cows147 F Sparrowkit and Cranekit N/A (Her stupid father knocked her up)
Cardinalltalon Cboyd F Lightkit & Olivepaw Darkstorm
Duskhorizen amythystwishes F Fidgetkit(pup?)

& Snowpup

Frozenbark (loner)
Fallstar Nightdragon2006 F Leafkit & Steamkit (Dead)




  • Cranekit
  • Leafkit
  • lightkit
  • snowpup
  • Fidgetkit
  • Mintkit
  • Lostkit
  • Cedarkit
  • Peridotkit
  • Lightningkit
Kits (4/20)

The kits are the youngest of the Clan. They are under the age of six moons. The kits are under the care of queens. Kits aren't supposed to leave camp with a warrior and above, and they aren't allowed to go far.

Kit is open

Name Username Gender Moons Parents LitterMates
Cranekit Jaissyjet M 3 Sleetstrike & Lightningpaw Sparrowkit (Dead)
Leafkit Nightdragon2006 M 1 Fallstar & Leaffire Steamkit (Dead)
Lightkit Amythystwishes M 3 Cardinaltalon & Darkstorm -
Fidgetkit Avrey8 M 1 Duskhorizen & Frozenbark Snowpup
Snowpup catlove79575 M 1 Duskhorien & Frozenbark Fidgetkit
Heronkit Cows147 F 4 Fallstar & Trufflelight (eventually) Lostkit
Cedarkit Cows147 M 4 ??? -
Nightpup/kit one of them Lightingshadow12 M 4 ??? -
Lostkit Nightdragon2006 F 4 Trufflelight Heronkit
Peridotkit Amythystwishes F 4 Duststreak & Shadefur -
Lightningkit Raaaaaaaar158 F 4 Whitetail


  • Pinesplash
  • Riverfall
  • Silentfall
  • Whitefang
Elder (4/10)

Elder are the retired cats of the clan or cats who are unable to provide for the clan due to injuries or disabilities. They are treated with respect and taken care of for their hard work they have done for the clan.

Elder is open


Username Gender Moons Former Rank
Pinespalsh icepheniox419 F 112 Medic
Riverfall Majorcats188 M 87 Elite
Silentfall Angrybubbles71 M 89 Elite
Whitefang Majorcats188 M 76 Elite

<><><><><><>   Deceased

  1. Shadestar- Badgers
  2. Nightclaw- Fox
  3. Longstar- Bloodclan Rouge (Dove) 
  4. Ashwind- Wolves 
  5. Nighthowl - barracuda 
  6. Nightpaw - Murder 
  7. Bouncepaw - Rock fall 
  8. Spruceheart- Dark Forest
  9. Lillyleap- Dark Forest
  10. Runningkit- Dark Forest
  11. Gatorwhisker- Dark Forest
  12. Juniperberry- Dark Forest
  13. Beeshade- Killed by (starclan) Longstar
  14. Featherdash- Impaled
  15. Bearkit- Suicide
  16. Paleglow- Suicide
  17. Willowshine- Falling of a cliff
  18. Spidermist- Rouge
  19. Shardstar- Killed by Gnarledclaw
  20. spurshade- rockfall
  21. swiftstrike- red cough
  22. Rockclaw- shot through the head by a hunter
  23. Beetlesight- force of impact and blood loss
  24. Spurskip- dog
  25. Dawnsplash- murdered by Maplestar
  26. Lightray- red cough
  27. Lightningcloud- Sickness
  28. Eclipsegaze- Snake bite
  29. Eclipsegaze- Crushed by a falling rock
  30. Wintercloud- Punishment
  31. Sunfern- Monster
  32. Ravenstrike- crowthorn
  33. Windspirit- badger
  34. Duskwing- Goldenray Cough
  35. Ravenflight- cliff fall
  36. Galaxysight - badger
  37. Strikepaw- Goldenray cough
  38. Leaffire- Jayclaw
  39. Sparrowkit- Stomach Disese
  40. Ebonywing- Goldenray cough
  41. Blizzardfang- Monster
  42. Fernsong- Goldenray cough 






♦Torn ear♦

♦Cleaning up the the camp♦

♦Cleaning all elder's stuff(moss, ticks, ect.)♦

♦Everyone eats before you eat♦

♦Apprentice duty♦


♦Not taking part in games or events♦

♦Prison for a few days♦

♦Treated as apprentice♦

♦Wear kittypet collar(days depending)♦

♦No food/small amount (days depending)♦


♦Treated as rogue♦

♦ Temporary Exile♦


♦In extreme cases, death♦


Visitors (0/Infinite)

The Visitors are cats with, or without a clan, who are staying to watch the roleplay. Visitors are only allowed to watch roleplay unless asked to join by a leader or deputy.

Wiki User Username Current Residence Time Span
- - - week


  • Carinationclan
  • Rainclan
  • Snowclan
  • Magicclan
Allies (0/10)

The Allies are the other Clan who we have become friends with. NightClan will only form an alliance with domesticated felines. We'd like to our roleplays realistic.

Group Leader Realm Server Member Count
CarnationClan Nightstar Neutral Zambezi 19
RainClan Miststar Neutral Bremer 16
SnowClan Nightstar Neutral Selkirk & Kilimanjaro 45
MagicClan Fallenstar and Birdstar Neutral UnKnown 6
  • Gnarledclaw
  • Strawberryleaf
  • Goldenkit
  • Moonfall
Rivals (3/10)

These are the Clan or cats NightClan had formed rivals with. Rivalries are usually formed because of plots, and it will rarely happen out of a plot.  They are graded on a scale of 5 to 1. 5 being the highest risk factor and 1 being the smallest. Risk factor 4 and above can be killed on sight while 3 and below must be taken prisoner on sight.

Group Leader Realm Server Member Count War
None Right now N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
Cat Username Gender Reason Risk Level (1-5)
Gnarledclaw Avrey8 M Killing a leader 5
Goldenkit Icepheonix419 F Following Gnarledclaw 1
StrawberryLeaf Avrey8 F Following Gnarledclaw 1
Moonfall Nightdragon2006 F Refusing to join NightClan/declaring war/injuring Lavaflow/killing Leaffire 5


  1. UserName
  2. OC Name
  3. Gender
  4. Appearance + Personality
  5. Desired Rank
  6. Roleplay Example (Include Combat!)
  7. Image
  8. Past Residence
  9. Reason To Join
  10. Loyalty Oath
  1. UserName
  2. OC(s) Name
  3. Rank
  4. Reason For Departing
  5. Suggestions
  1. UserName
  2. Oc(s)
  3. Time Span
  4. Reason
Second OC
  1. UserName
  2. Current OC
  3. Character Name
  4. Gender
  5. Appearance + Personality
  6. Rank
  7. Image
  1. Group Name W/ Link
  2. Leader's Use/Wiki
  3. Member Count
  4. Realm
  5. Server
  6. Species
  7. Reason
  8. Benifits For Us
  9. Benifits For You
  1. Group Name W/ Link
  2. Leader's User/Wiki
  3. Member Count
  4. Realm
  5. Server
  6. Reason
  7. Will We Have War?
  1. PLot Name
  2. What will be done
  3. How long
  4. Where at
  5. Who will participate
  6. Extra