"I ain't an angel, but I do have a shotgun of sorts."


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Angel with a Shotgun


Something soft, sweet, like honey being poured. Yet when angry her voice becomes hoarse and rough.


Mint and roses, the forest and river.

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Mouse is a dark achromatic feminine feline, making her almost like ash. This is what gave her her original name- Ash. She has alluring emerald green eyes, and they always seen like they can read you.

Name breakdown

/mouse/ a small rodent that typically has a pointed snout, relatively large ears and eyes, and a long tail.

Mouse was given this as her name due to her ability to be "as quite as a mouse". During her training, her mentor, gave her this name. She has decided to keep it ever since, giving her the ability to be free of her past.

Fur & Structure

Mouse's fur is short, soft and sleek. It is easy to clean, and helpful for when she goes swimming, for it does not drag her down and it quick to dry. Her fur goes thicker during winter to help protect against the cold.

Mouse has a 'feminine' build. She has a slender build, with strong legs thanks to her love of climbing and swimming.


Mouse has a scar on her right shoulder. It is a set of claw marks, thanks to her mother when she was young. These are old and faded yet it still serves as a memory of her past. She also has a nick in her ear from a encounter with a rogue in their camp.

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Positive traits

Mouse is a fun, energetic and outgoing feline. She may look fierce, but once you earn her trust, she'll always be ready to talk. Mouse is very protective over those she loves, and will protect them to her dying breath. She is known for her motherly nature, as she has always been the mother to the clan, looking out for them, caring for them, teaching them.

Neutral traits

When it comes to leading, Mouse becomes more open minded, calmer, and a bit emotionally cold. She always wants to hear both sides of the encounter, and will be open to others ideas. She prefers to work with others, but sometimes will enjoy time to herself, normally by the river or in her den. Mouse can also be quite secretive, holding back either the truth, emotions, etc, but this is normally for the best of her clan or herself. She can also lie quite easily, letting white lies slip out of her mouth.

Negative traits

Mouse can sometimes be rude when under stress or is genuinely in a bad mood. If she hasn't had enough sleep, she'll be grumpy and snappy a lot. Mouse is also currently sliding back into depression, due to her mate currently missing, and having given birth to their kits. She is trying so hard to be happy for them, and she loves them so much, but she can't seem to find the point of being happy without being with her mate.

Other traits

Mouse hates those who are boastful, arrogant, and rude. She doesn't like those who are sexist, believing that a female can't do anything save for being a mother. She also doesn't like those who are impatient, and keep on bugging her for things she either cannot give, or haven't had the time to do so.

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Colour: Shades of blue, and autumn colours

Prey: Mice, voles, magpies

Season: Summer/Spring

Weather: Sunny warm days, as well as rainy days

Place: Water based areas

Time: Sunset, as well as a clear night with view of the stars/galaxy.


Colour: Bright, neon-y colours, or harsh reds, yellows, oranges

Prey: Fish, any water based prey

Season: Winter

Weather: Cold, snowy days, or cold raining days

Place: Open spaces

Time: Sunrise/Midday



Fear of the death of a loved one; loosing someone you love.

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"Does anyone else find friends weird? You just pick a person you've met and go 'I like this one' and do crazy things with them."


Blaze | Mother | Unknown: "You took away my childhood- I hate you, and I always will."

Lightheart | Mother Figure | Dead: "You will always be my mother. I miss you."

Fern | Sister | Alive: "Took us a while, but we're together again. Love you sis."


River | Daughter | Alive: "I love you with all my heart, little one."

Pebble | Son | Alive: "You're a pawful, but I love you. Stay happy for me."

Stone | Son | Alive: "Be brave little one. You'll grow into a strong, fierce cat."

Ivy | Adopted Daughter | Alive: "I love you like I would love my own child."


Jax | Mate | Unknown: "Please- come home. I love you so much- and the kits need you... I need you."

Hollow | Adopted sister | Dead: "You've been the best sister I could ask for. I'll see you one day soon."

Atlantis | Best friend | Alive: "You're just my crazy best friend."

Shatter | Second in command | Dead: "I trusted you with my life. And you never broke it."

Nightfall | Shaman/Friend | Alive: "Keep learning. Keep teaching." 

Dusk | Past apprentice | Alive: "I'm proud of you."

Jay | Acquaintance | Alive: "Keep learning, be patient."

Adalicia | Close friend | Alive: "Hey Adal. Thank for everything so far."

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Love life
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Ideal cat:

Mouse prefers toms of greys and whites pelts, that are taller and stronger than her. She likes those who are kind, funny, caring, loyal, protective, and always is ready to help her out. Must love/enjoy to swim and relax by the river, or any body of water.

Turn offs:

Toms who are loud, arrogant, boastful. Someone who believes he is better then her, and is sexist.