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Div 1

"I'll protect you and the ones I love with everything I have, but it if comes down between you or them, I'll drop you in a heartbeat."

"Remember the past, but don’t cling to it. It could lead to the destruction of the future. Remember the old, but still move on. Take in new memories, but keep the old ones close.”

Div 1
Username: avaruth123
Roleplay Style: Traditional/Semi Advanced
Orientation: Neutral


Rank: Warrior
Status: Active
Species: American Longhair Gender: Female
Height: 13" Weight: 14 lbs
S/O: Pansexual
Div 1
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“My name is Moonlight.”




"Moonlight was decided finally deciding to stop dwelling on the past. Moon represents my past, and light represents my decision and the path I now decide to take.”

•Past Names:

“I used to be Spottedkit, Spottedpelt, and eventually Spottedstar. I was also once known as Moonstar.”

•Past Name Reasoning:

"Spottedkit and pelt were due to my white spots. The star was added after I became the leader to a dying clan. Once the last of the cats left, I became a rogue named Moonlight. Then, I became the leader to another clan as Starclan gave me another chance, but the clan died off as well. Thus, I am now Moonlight once more, having given my few extra lives back to Starclan to become a rogue once more.”


“In the past, I was called Spot and Spots. My new nickname is Moon.”

•Birth Name:

“Apparently, I didn’t have one at first. I was later name Spottedkit by the one who rescued me.” •Pronunciation:

S-puh-ah-t-eh-dah-k-e-t •Meaning/Reason:

“I was named Spottedkit for the white spots on my pelt.”


“I’ve lost track, but I'm not too old. I'm not that close to being an elder either.”




WIP •Main Pelt Color:



“From my lower jaw, chest fur, underbelly, backs of my legs, and the bottom of my tail is a long white streak. Half of my face is white. Here and there, I have white spots. Around my eyes are black lines that follow my eyes, but the top end in points.”


“I am black and white.”

•Eye Color:

“My eyes are a bright yellow, but they’re almost amber.”

-Eye Shape:

“My eyes are about medium sized, but they are slightly narrow.”

•Height At Withers:

13 inches

•Length Nose To Tail:

3 ft


“My fur is extremely thick and fluffy. I have strong muscles underneath the fur that I have grown from climbing trees for prey and fighting for food over the moons. Now, I use to them help hunt, train, and fight for my clan.”


14 LBS


“My paw pads have a variety of scars from my tree climbing and hunting. There are also three scars on my belly that were caused by a terrible fox. I did make some of my own scars, tearing some chunks of skin in honor of my kits, brother, mate, and mother-like cats. They are all deceased.”

•Ear Style:

Lynx-style ears

-Markings & Colors:

“One of my ears is white with a black tip while the ear on the black side has a white tip.”

•Tail Style:

“My tail is long, and it’s covered in thick, fluffy fur like the rest of my body.”

•Nose/Paw Pad Color:

“My nose has a white spot on the side of it, but it’s mainly black. My paw pads used to be black, but they’ve grown pink and pale from scars.”

•Claw Color:

“They’re mostly white.”


“I have an overbite with very sharp teeth. I am missing none.”


“They’re a faint yellow.”

•Fur Length:

“My fur is very long.”


“It’s soft.”


WIP •Mate:

“I have none, now."

•Past Mates:

“I used to have one, Stripetail, who was exiled with me from our first clan after the leader went mad, but he has since died. I spent many moons with him. Then, I joined The Delta and had another mate, but he and I split up after a while."


“I had four at one point: Longkit, Sweetkit, Bearkit, and Tearkit. Three but one died, and she renamed the one that lived Rain, but she ended up passing after my old group, The Delta, split apart."


“My first friend from the tribe, the Delta, was Oak. I lost touch with her. I really don't have many friends. Nightstar is definitely one!”


"I have non currently."


“The usual ones like foxes, wolves, dogs, etc."

•Birth Clan:

“I was born in Shadowclan.”

-Time Spent:

“I spent a majority of my life in that clan. I left when I was a warrior.”

-Time Since Left:

“I can’t remember how long it’s been since then.”

•Current Group:

“I am in TempleClan."

(Other OC: Forsaken Empire)

(Other OC: Forsaken Empire)

(Side OCs: Static Lullabies and Tortured Souls)


“I am a leader."

-Time Since Received Rank:

15 April, 2018

•Past Groups:

“I used to be in Shadowclan and Spineclan, Nightclan, and Cats of the Aesthetic Forest. I was also in a tribe known as The Delta.”

(Other OCs: Shadowclan, Spine Clan, Little Island)

•Past Major Ranks:

“I was a kit, apprentice, and warrior in Shadowclan, but I started off in Spineclan as a warrior. I eventually became the deputy and leader of the clan. I was also a Legionary of The Delta.”

•Main Territory:

“Nightclan's territory, of course."


WIP •Basic Personality Traits:

“I will admit, I will be rough at times. I have a sharp tongue sometimes, but I can be caring at times. Some in the past has viewed me as someone they could talk to or someone who is very caring towards them.”

•How Views Self:

“I could be better, and I have made mistakes in my past. However, I’m trying to make them up, and I will never be perfect. My self-esteem is starting to go up, though. Starclan gave me a new chance, a new life, a new clan."

•How Thinks Others View Them:

“Some have thought of me as caring. Some have thought of me as mean. Decide for yourself, hm?”

•How Represents Self:

“I represent myself by how I feel. If I feel sick, I may be a bit more sharp-tongued than usual. If I’m happy or excited, that part will be obvious because I’ll grow hyper. If I’m sad, I’ll do almost nothing unless told to do so or I’ll be more hyper and happy-seeming than I am when I’m actually happy or excited. Then again, those are usual if I’m comfortable. If I’m not, I’ll be antisocial until I feel comfortable with a cat or a group.”

•Social Level:

“It depends on my mood. If I’m depressed, it’ll be little. If I’m happy, it’ll be a good bit. If I’m excited, it’ll be a lot. If I’m angry, it’ll be little to nothing. Then again, this is still when I’m comfortable. If not, I won’t be very social. In fact, I might seem shy.”

•Positive Traits: (Add or remove lines as necessary)

  • Respectful (depending on who it is)
  • Quick Thinking
  • Intelligent/Problem Solver
  • Caring
  • Fast in areas where dodging things are needing like in forests
  • Good at balancing
  • Jumps at a long range and high height
  • Acts on instinct

•Negative Traits: (Add or remove lines as necessary)

  • Sharp Tongued
  • Doesn’t always think before doing or saying things
  • Acts on instinct
  • Sometimes Clueless
  • Quick Mood Swings

WIP Give an in depth look into your cat's past. Also fill in the lines below.


“I was born to Shadowclan.”


“My mother was a medicine cat named Cinderclaw.”


“My father was a rogue. Only Cinderclaw knew him.”


“Apparently, I came into this world with three other kits, but only I, my sister, Urie, and my brother, Stormyeye, survived.”

•Other Kin:

“There were three queens that took care of us: Cherrywing, Shiverfoot, and Sunbone. Then, there was also Shadowfang who sort of raised us.”



  • Physical: “Other than being a fluffy mass with a muscle coat underneath, I’m slender and somewhat skinny if all of my fur was shaved off.”


“My vision isn’t too bad. It’s probably about average.”

•Mental Illnesses:

She has a slight mental illness that eventually went down. Call it a fear, if you will, but mentally, she isn’t fully right. She will sometime have hallucinations and become delusional. This is partially from her not wanting to accept that fact that she was the only one left. She also has schizophrenic outbursts.


It’s not fully there. There was, at one point, a time in her life when she snapped and had a mental breakdown. She went insane for a while, but when she regained her sanity, it would continue to slowly drain as she kept on having nightmares and fearing about losing her sanity once more, but it has slowly been recovering lately as she has finally decided to move on.


She will sometimes get depressed and stare off into space because of the losses that had happened in her life.


WIP •Speed:

“I have a particular speed in trees and in forest areas.”


“I’m very good and pulling things. Large prey, branches, anything will be pulled if it’s needed in time. My strength of pulling comes from me pulling myself up trees which is my favorite way to hunt.”


“My agility at it’s height is in a forest or in a tree. Open spaces and water just isn’t my thing.”


“I can usually judge right from wrong, but we all make mistakes, don’t we?”


“I do believe in Starclan and the Dark Forest, but I also believe that I’m looked over by the ancestor’s of the old. It’s a possibility that I might be able to visit both or neither at all when I pass on. I guess we’ll find out when it’s time.”


“I prefer squirrels, chipmunks, and birds. I especially love a nice, plump thrush, but mice and shrews are good too.”

•Sense Of Smell:

“I can usually track a piece of prey for a while, and I can smell one if it’s trail is nearby.”


“My hearing is about the average cat’s.”


Box Shadow, Inset, and Dotted Borders:

Picture 2:

Picture 5 Base: