Here you can find most of the cats from MistClan who are now in StarClan. They have served their clan well and now hunt in Silverpelt. Some however have done terrible things and have to live the rest of their lives in the DarkForest.

You can also write short goodbye notes to them if you have something you couldn't say to them before they joined StarClan.

The ones in StarClan can also write their final words to the cats closest to them.

If you know how to then you have permission to add in characters, if you don't then comment the information that would be in the chart down below.


Starclan Warriors






Spruceshadow Jammer0b41d Male N/A Fed prey infested with maggots by Shadowheart and chocked to death/Faded away in the eclipse
Oceankit Pyrrhiadragon Female Heart attack
Riverpaw Vaporeon47 Male Crushed by a boulder
Featherwing Fuzzyseal99 Female Went missing and later was hit by a monster
Brokenwing wdbg Male Willowbreeze Eagle carried him away
Lionecho sophia88pet Male Unknown illness
Dawnlight vani787 Female Hit head on a rock underwater, and died soon after being rescued
Wingflight Fuzzyhappykoala Female Stormdrift Fell of a cliff (Shadowheart)
Emeraldheart/Dust Bunnylover22851 Female Pounceleap/ Patch Hit by a monster trying to save another cat
Poppysong Maplesprite Female Ashpelt Drowned/ Gave her life to Cloverpaw and faded
Appleblossom Captian23479 Female Poisoned crowfood
Frostheart Londondog Female Got hit by a monster
Fallenleaf Rainbowtiger06 Male Strangled underwater and died soon after rescue
Leopardstrike Starscavenger Female Attacked by a bear
Vixenpaw madmad1022 Female She got trapped in a cave and dehydrated.
Blueflower RZJ Female Washed away by a river and killed by a dog trying to come home
Petalheart Cluelessruby Female Littleheart Poisoned
Wildflower Dissembled Female Metallicnote Fell through ice while collecting water during the drought
Jayflight kawaiistrawberry1 Female Woollyfur Hit by a monster
Ghoststone xxpotatogalaxyxx Female Ran over by a monster
Snowfall Zoroark3923 Male Maplebreeze Had a stroke
Ivykit XxSouldustxX Male Ate deathberries
Gingersong Tilly2510 Female Fell of a cliff
Ravenfeather Maplesprite Female Bitten by an adder
Skyfall Keymagic Female Head trauma
Cloudleap Female Drowned saving another cat
Sheepcoat Theadventurezone Male Heartworm, Deathberries
Sprucestar Theadventurezone Male Killed by Shardtail
Mysteryheart Jammer0b41d Female Ran over by a car
Amberdusk Gorgeous045 Female Bitten by an adder
Oceanleaf Starburst107 Female Hurricanerunner Shot by a twoleg
Ravensong Rainbowtiger06 Male Raspberryfrost Suicide
Stoneclaw Theravensaid Female Tigerfrost Died while saving her past leader
Maplebreeze/star Ellie Female Snowfall Old age
Fernwhisker Mythicaltwilight Female Shadestorm Died from her wounds, caused by a badger
Shadestorm Vani787 Male Fernwhisker While trying to avenge his mate, from bloodloss
Vinefall Jammer0b41d Male Suicide
Streamsplash sparklerose Female Bloodloss while giving birth
Lightningstorm Sparkzaj Female Oakthorn/star Old age
Cloverfern starscavenger Female Old age
Lynxwhisper Fuzzyhappykoala Female Killed by running away to find family
Hurricanerunner Whitetips Male Oceanleaf Getting chased off a cliff
Firekit sophia88pet Female Taken by a fox
Leafstride pony672 Female Burried by rocks
Duskcloud pony672 Female Spider Adder bite
Spider pony672 Male Duskcloud Suicide, jumped into a river
Dewdrop Tinyfancyboots Female Swiftcloud Adder bite
Goldenfoot sophia88pet Female Greencough
Sandspeckle mycutepaws Female Bear attack
Brackenthorn reagan154 Male Twolegs took him. The house collpsed in a terrible earthquake
Celestialwing puppytime911 Female Frozentail Went missing and got attacked by a fox
Raspberryfrost Gorgeous045 Female Ravensong Bloodloss and shock during kitting
Fawnlake Vani787 Female Dawnstrike Fall damage after being dropped by a hawk
Weaseltooth lokloklok Male Turtleshell Abscess tooth infection
Amberflight Allwayseevee Female Liver Cancer
Featherbranch puppytime911 Female Slipped on some rocks, fell into water and drowned
Azurefeather Mythicalsnowleapord Female Mistook death berries for another
Rainstreak Cuttiedoglover12 Female Caught under a rockslide
Splashstar Bluestar78 Female Tigerstrike Died slowly and peacefully
Inksplash Cluelessruby Female Killed by Mosspaw
Rainkit Hufflepuff2403 Female Greencough
Jaypaw Foxtail107 Male Fell and hit his head.
Hareleap Kittycatkaj Female She was chasing a rabbit and fell off a gorge.
Tigerstrike Jadiricwaters  Male Splashstar  Fell into a ravine trying to protect someone
Cloudrunner Bøøpz Female Ate yewberries while eating a crow
Willowheart Glodia Female Old age in sleep
Blossomsky bunny319009 Female Ate yewberries in her prey
Newtspot Jadiricwaters Male Mothfrost Caught up in the bloodbath during the battle between StarClan & the Dark Forest.
Sweetwillow Girley88 Female Silverstorm Bitten by venomous snake
Darkstorm Flamingtreetops Male Shadepelt Killed by Brokenthorn
Iceriver Moonflower3240 Female Dawnfire Killed by a badger
Thunderscar puppytime911 Male Brightheart Smoke inhalation
Ghostwhisper Liilghost Female Drowned
Salamandarstep Vani787 Male Whipcream Drowned
Creekfall Cuttiedoglover12 Male Breezewhisper Seizure
Birdheart Foxtail107 Female Consumed deathberries
Roseriver Pony672 Female Killed by a fox
Sunskip cubywolf Female Drowned
Brokentooth gainman123 Male Plague
Foxgrin qweqwe123123 Male Hollowsong Plague
Braveheart Sparkzaj Male Cherrybounce Wounds/Bloodloss
Willowsong mylittlepony829 Female Hit by a monster
Whiterose 3raejoy Female Rogue Killed by a DF cat
Ghostdust talktothehand1 Female Oakspot Bloodloss during kitting
Riverwish Chncprincess04 Female Plague
Shadepelt Liilghost Female Darkstorm Attacked by a badger and thrown into the river
Palestar Mythicaltwilight Male Pineneedle Shot in the head by a hunter


White67827 Female - She was climbing a tree and the branch broke... 
Angelkit Cuttiedoglover12 Female - A sickness she wasn't immune to from Ireland
Blizzardsplash Amy6743 Female Eagleriver Killed by Habaneropaw
Pineneedle Sparkzaj Female Palestar illness


Cherrybounce Warriorcatsawesome00 Female Braveheart Fell in a stream and got crushed against a rock.
Hazelnut puppytime911 Female - Jumping off a cliff, hallucinations.
Sandbreeze cuttiedoglover12 Female Inksplash Jumping out of tree into shallow river.
Sparklingwaters Bøøpz Male Blizzardsplash Shot by hunter saving a kit in river.
Badgerkit Bøøpz Male - Saved from drowning by twoleg then starved.
Fireflyglow Kittycatkaj Female Cedarflame Loss of blood after giving birth
Mosspaw Rosepetalunicorn Female - Drowned in a stream
Breezewhisper bunny31909 Female Creekfall Caught in a foxtrap
Willowpaw Høneybee Male Mapleshine Fell off a cliff
Dark Forest Outcasts






Silvernight mythicaltwilight Female From a forest fire Murdered her mate, friend and leader
Maplewish Jammer0b41d Female Killed by her sister Murdered a lot of cats
Shardtail heyb0ss16 Male unknown if dead Killed Sprucestar, was evil in general
Brokendreams xxpotatogalaxyxx Female Her sister slammed her into a sharp rock
Cinderfall Gorgeous045 Female Suicide Attempted murder, multiple times
Raccoonstep cerivia Male Killed by warriors at the MoonPool Disrespected ranks, killed a medic
Harefoot Captian23479 Male Unknown Attempted murder
Grayoak Pyrrhiadragon Male Shot by twolegs Murdered countless cats.
River Bluestarpup Female Struck by lightning Hated starclan, killed 4 kits and murdered in secret her grandmother
Silverfang Foxtail107 Female Hit head on rock and fell into river after being chased by a patrol Killed Four cats and tried to kill clan leader but failed.
Anomicheart Mythical


Female Sliced from falling icicles Was aggresive to her clan mates slaughtered a medicine cat and fell in love with a rogue led apprentices into a fire
Stonesong Flamingtreetops Male Suicide by jumping in a river His heart turned dark after he couldn't bare the pain of living.
Mosspaw Foxtail107 Female Died of hunger as a loner Killed Inksplash and pushed Whipcream into the thunderpath.
Scartail Shatteredray Male Suicide Attempted murder many times, sometimes succeeded. Gone insane in the brain and met with the DF cats a few times.
Lakepaw Gorgeous045 Female Killed by Chameleonmask as a test of loyalty Trained in the Dark Forest and was not able to escape prior to death.
Nightwhisper pony672 Female Killed by Bloodclan cats Took one of Rosestar's lives (Cavernclan) and met with Dark Forest cats
Blacktail Minecrafto575 Male Suicide Attacked his clanmember, Snowstorm.
Talonscar Lo321 Female Killed by one of her clanmates Conspired against her clan with rogues, killing many of her clanmates in her final battle.
Frostbite 3raejoy Male Fell off a cliff during a battle He was plotting to kill Splashstar and was just a major prickle his whole life
Ghostscar Flamingtreetops Male Teared apart limb by limb by cats then eaten by the same cats for a creepy ritual Worshipped darkforest & felt honored for the creepy ritual to happen to him
Foxfang puppytime911 Female Falling off a cliff Killed her sister and murdered her family
Ravenmoon Kittycatkaj Female Killed by brother-in-law who avenged her sister. She killed her sister and her father
Blackberrysong Sealy512 Female Impaled by ice Stole herbs, blinded a cat, sociopath
Jitterbug Koicats Female Starvation Had Schizophrenia causing her misuse her Medicine cat rank
Onestrike nana8964 Male Killed by Palestar Hurt many cats, took one of Palestar's lives
Charcoalflank zs23263 Female Hit by monster Disresptected StarClan, intensiouns of murder
Brokenthorn sambunny318 Male Killed by a badger Killed a rouge, endangered a deaf apprentice, killed Darkstorm and left him to be eaten by badgers, attacked Shadepelt nearly giving her a concussion
Deerkit Bøøpz Female Stabbed self with a thorn bush. Murdered kits, disbelief in starclan.
Last Words

"Long live MC. I'll see you all on the other side..."



"Don't forget me..."



"Goodbye Goldenfoot, I will see our dear Poppy."



"At least now I'll be with Mosspaw."



"Don't blame Shadowheart.."



"I hope Starclan will still accept me, even with all my wrongs."



"I'm sorry for-"



"Oh Stonewing, I always loved you.."



"You were always quite the dramatic one.."



"Hey it's okay at least it's not a boring death!"



"I'm just going for a walk really quick."



"I'm sorry, Honeypaw. We didn't become leaders."



"No one knew me anyway..."



"Don't be sad, i'll see you again someday.."



"I'll be watching, Nettle. Trust me, you're kits will be amazing." --



"Dont cry.. i'll get revenge. May MC rise."

-- Snowfall:

"A--h, today's been a great day, ain't it Maple?"

-- Ivykit:

"Icekit... d-don't... leave..."

-- Gingersong:

"It'll be fine guys, come on!"

-- Ravenfeather:

"I'm sorry your parents didn't care enough, skypaw. You deserve to be happy..."

-- Skyfall:

"Why don't you just get with the program, mom."

-- Cloudleap:

"It was an h-honor... I'm sorry..."

-- Maplewish:

"Goddangit.. Mysteryheart!.. I'm gonna kill you in starclan one day!"

-- Sheepcoat:

"Quietstar, I realized,  you're gonna outlive everyone"

-- Cloudedface:

"You will pay for what you've done to me, Reflectedlake!"

-- Raccoonstep:

"You IDIOTS! Killing Me Has Only Made It Worse!

-- Amberdusk:

"R-Russetflame. I'm so sorry.."

-- Ravensong:

"At least I'll be out of everyone's way now."

-- Stoneclaw:

"You should've never banished me, Savvystar, you're welcome for me saving your damn life. Its a great thing I joined Mistclan before I could've get buried beneath your soil."

-- Maplebreeze:

"I don't feel too well. I think I'm going to lay down for a bit.

-- Fernwhisker:

"I'll always be with you... even if you can't see me."

-- Shadestorm:

"I hope you all can forgive me"

-- Vinefall:

"un.. deux, trios-"

-- Lightningstorm:

"My whole life was about grieving and tears. But now I gonna face death with a smile on my face."

-- Cinderfall:

To Birchbreeze- "Please.. Take care of Fawnkit for me. She is the only cat I've allowed myself to love for a very long time." To herself: "Okay, okay.. Everything's okay. Fawnkit is okay. I'm okay. Is Daytuft there? Is he waiting for me? No, Cinder, you idiot. Dautuft would have gone to StarClan. Well, at least Raccoonstep will be there.. Right? Okay, okay, here I go. Dark spirits, guide me now.."

-- Lynxwhisper:

"I knew this would happen, killed, heartbroken. Not finding my mom nor dad, but at least I have Rattail.."

-- Goldenfoot:

"Lionecho? Poppy? Can you here me? I am ready to find you again."

-- Sandspeckle:

"I-I-I-I hope D-D-Dashfur and E-E-Elkgraze have b-b-beautiful kits.. G-G-Good-B-B-Bye..

-- Brackenthorn:

"Tell my kin and Primrosepaw that I loved her.."

-- Fawnlake:

"Oak... I-I'd love t-to have th-that dance n-now..."

-- Anomicheart:

"Moons ago it was a time to love but, now is the perfect time to die."

-- Amberflight:

"I will always love you SparrowKit."

-- Featherbranch:

"Remember me in your dreams!"

-- Stonesong:

"Shard, Be happy, Treat yourself well. No matter who your with i'll always watch over you."

-- Rainstreak:

"Rippleclaw, you'll never hear this but I always loved you."

-- Mosspaw:

"I fully regret what I have done. Lakepaw I still and always will love you."

-- Scartail:

"Oh, this is the start, not the end."

-- Lakepaw:

"Love.. love you too. Can't see the stars... no stars... see... Mosspaw instead. See Mosspaw. Stars are gone for me... Mosspaw is here. Chameleonmask, Mosspaw is here. Chameleonmask..."

-- Nightwhisper:

"So this is how it's going to be? Killed by my old clanmates? Let's just get this over with."

-- Cloudrunner:

“I-I can see. B-but Aspencloud isn’t here Laceleaf-Lace-lllleaf...”

-- Salamanderstep

"I love you all... Long live MistClan!"

-- Brokenthorn

"No, I will NOT look behind me, crowfood!" (Badger noises. Screaming.)

-- Braveheart

"Well, atleast I had a BRAVE death"

-- Blizzardsplash


-- Pineneedle

"W-We can go now, Palestar..."

-- Hazelnut

"S-Sand? What do you mean I'll see you soon?"

Goodbye Notes

If you know how to code without ending up adding a bunch of spaces then you can add what you want.


Ghoststone, I will see you in StarClan my friend...



To Wingflight:

"Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day."



To Stonewing:

"See you in starclan, my love."



To Wingflight:

"I'm so sorry... I miss you."

-Jinx (Shadowheart)


To Shadestorm and Fernwhisker:

"I'll miss you, Mama.. Papa.. I wish you were here with me."



To Fernwhisker:

"Well, you helped me even though you should've left me to die, but hey, i still appricate how much longer you let me live, dispite the fact I have no use in mistclan since i can barely move. All i have left to say is: Thank you for helping me when Honeyblossom and Stonewing couldn't. Sadly, i won't be able to tell your story as I'm putting my life to an end sooner or later. Again, Thank you."


To Fernwhisker

"I never realized how much you actually cared for me until you were gone. If I could rewind time back to the days when I was a kit I would."

-Jinx (Shadowheart)


To Wingflight:

"Tomorrow and tomorrow creeps in this petty pace from day to day."



To Oakstar and Lightningstorm:

"I am so sorry to my parents.  They were the greatest parents to me and I couldn't stay.."



To Featherbranch:

"Don't worry about me, but worry about yourself."



To Blizzardsplash:

"Mother?... i p-promise i will get r-revenge for y-you g-goodbye"



To Palestar

"Father, I'm sorry you had to go so soon like that, and I never even got to say goodbye. I'll join you in time, I just got to wait till I know it's time.. Thank you."





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