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Oc Name | Rank | Moons | Sexuality | Personality Description | What Are You Looking For? | Oc Page | Purpose

Swallowheart | Warrior | 27 | Bisexual | Extremely intelligent, but a bit manipulative. She is mostly supportive and extremely caring. Swallowheart is not very open about her feelings and often is dishonest. | A partner who does not mind Swallowheart's withdrawing nature, but can stand up for themselves when Swallow is being manipulative. (AKA. I don't want Swallow to be abusive) | OC PAGE | Mate

Dovefeather | Warrior | 21 | Bisexual | Dovefeather has been quiet but is sassy if you tick her off. She doesn't know who she is and needs to find herself. She is a person who is funny, loving, sometimes a butt hole. Also, VERY VERY VERY...SENSITIVE AND EMOTIONAL CAT. | I'm looking for a sweet person who will take care of me. A person to be true to me, to be my lover, friend, mate. | OC PAGE | Mate/Friend

Sugarthorn | Warrior | 18 | Heterosexual | Sugar is quite the opposite of her name. She seems rude, mean and distant at first, but when you break that shell she's a just a kind, curious but fragile cat that doesn't know how to interact with others so good. | someone that can look past her mean attitude and have nice conversations with. | N/A | Friend/Crush

Quietrain | Warrior | 14 | Pansexual | Quietpaw isn't the kind of person that starts a conversation or goes headfirst into danger but she isn't shy and is willing to do those things. She lacks motivation and finds normal apprentice games and activities boring or pointless and would rather spend her times planning a prank or learning a new skill. She also doesn't really like being touched unless she really trusts you, a rare thing. | Quietpaw is looking for someone to hang out with that can start a conversation but also understand that sometimes silence is the best way to bond. | N/A | Friend/Crush

Sunsetkit | Kit | 2 | Heterosexual | Sunsetkit is a fun, energetic, adventurous she-cat who loves exploring and having fun. She's very protective of her family and siblings, or anyone she's close to, and would even become leader just to protect them. |Someone to go on her adventures with, and to always be there for her. She want's someone who will be loyal and she can tell everything to. | N/A | Mate/Crush

Owlkit | Kit | 2 | Heterosexual | Owlkit is a very bold she-cat. She always thinks that she's right. She takes insults, sarcasm and jokes very seriously. Her ego can be as easily blown up as a balloon. | Owlkit is looking for someone who is confident. She doesn't want someone that has low self-esteem. She also wants someone that won't let others push him over. She wants a brave tom-cat that can protect her not someone that will betray her. | OC PAGE | Mate

Paintedquail | Queen | 2 | Pansexual | Sweet, Reliable, Energetic, Out-Going, Chatterbox, Perfectionist, Dramatic, Over Exagerative |Paintedquail wants someone who is gentle and understanding. She also likes jokesters, as long as they know when to act funny and when to take things seriously. She wants a family oriented mate, so if you can't take time out of your day to play with kits, forget being Paintedquail's mate.  | OC PAGE | Friend/father/mate

Songpaw | Apprentice | 11 | Heterosexual |Songpaw is very sweet and kind but she is also very hyper and energetic. | Someone caring and loyal. | N/A | Mate/Crush

Honeyflower | Warrior | 26 | Bisexual |Honeyflower is shy and obident, she is a follower and not a leader. She does have an out-going side but only shows it to the cats she trusts the most. She's very skittish and can be scared easily, she can easily get lost in her thoughts and possible sutations that may take place that she can loose all reality and when she's snapped back to reality she can often seem idiotic due to the lack of knowledge of the situation since her head was up in the clouds. | Someone who makes her comfortable and can help her to bring her wild side out, someone who she can trust and feel safe around. Also someone who can ground her and make sureher head isn't in the clouds so much. She also needs someone who can make her break out of her shell and become more of a leader than a follower. | N/A | Mate/Crush/Friend


Oc Name | Rank | Moons | Sexuality | Personality Description | What Are You Looking For? | Oc Page | Purpose

Wolfstrike | Warrior | 44 | Heterosexual | Wolfstrike is friendly and playful. he can be a jokester or serious. he knows how to comfort cats and makes friends easily. he is a great bird hunter and likes to talk about hunting. he isn't quick to pick a fight but will risk his life to defend friends. | he wants a she-cat who is always there for him, who he can joke around with and also talk to, and a shoulder to cry on. he just wants a big happy family. | N/A | Mate

Buckeye | Warrior | 23 | Bisexual | Buckeye is a super energetic, adventurous, joke-loving tom that doesn't get embarrassed easily and enjoys stargazing, walks on the beach, and making people smile. | A cat that loves him and is always playful and always there to roll their eyes and laugh at/with him. | OC PAGE | Fun/Mate/Friend

Thundersplash | Warrior | 27 | Heterosexual | Humorous, stubborn, and hyper. While he enjoys to have fun, he deep down is kind and serious when a dire situation arises. He has never faced loss, but became slightly weaker after a bout of whitecough. He is knowlegable about the plants and animals of the forest, yet his heart lied with the path of a warrior rather than a medicine cat. | Someone like-minded who can take a joke (Thundersplash can be very cynical!) He is very open-minded and accepting. He also would like someone who can listen to his wisdom for the better of the clan. | N/A | Mate/Friend/Crush





KrestleNose X NorthPeak = KrestlePeak | NorthNose | KrestleNorth | NorthKrestle


Featherbranch X NorthPeak = FeatherPeak | NorthBranch | NorthFeather

Honeybee X Leopardtail = HoneyTail | LeopardBee | HoneyLeopard


Petalkit X Lightkit = LightPetal


Tawnykit X Foxkit = TawnyFox


Blossomsky X Beechpounce = BeechBlossom


Fireflyglow X Sparrowpaw = Sparrowglow


Breezewhisper X Creekfall = Breezefall


Jalapenoseed X Shardglow = Jalapenoglow


Hawkpaw X Hollythorn = Hawkthorn


Niko X Sunskip = Nikoskip

Hazelpaw X Bearpaw = Hazelbear


Forestshade X Blizzardsplash = Forestsplash



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