aka King of the Weedlings

  • I live in ugh
  • I was born on December 22
  • My occupation is ????
  • I am Hailey's ♥

>>> Don't forget to visit my Coding Cave before making the form <<<


Name of Page + Type (OC, Group, Profile) :

5 Main Colors (Hex codes or colors) :

Information Added? (Note that yes will = more payment) :

Orientation + Banner Preference :

Thick, Thin or No Border? :

General Group/OC idea (doesn't apply to profiles) :

Payment :


I have the right to decline/accept your form, as I am very busy. I accept... Art (Doesn't matter how good don't worry <3) Animal Jam items (mostly decent rares and spikes please) and I can do Coding Trades as well! Rude/Mean comments will be promptly ignored and blacklisted. ALSO note that payment will be needed to be given first. I wish to uphold my reputation, so I will get your coding to you eventually, when I am done, but I would like the whatever payment to be given first, thanks <3 I will decide for myself how much information I put on your page, but be comforted by the thought that I don't like cheating others out of the rightful amount of coding they should be getting!

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