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❝You smell that? That's inexperience. The apprentices are coming.❞

-joke quote don't bite my head off please


Name Mapleleaf
Owner Mapleleafthecat
Group ShadeClan
Main theme
Voice This thing..?
Aliases N/a
Breed Ojos Azules (blue eyes)










As terrible as Mapleleaf's anger issues can get, she is a loyal wise soul her clanmates can turn to for advice.

She's very easily offended and one wrong move will make her unhappy. You may like her once she warms up to you.



I love their red fur! They're also so nice to eat..


I adore waterfalls. They're so calming and I have fond memories of sleeping in a tree hollow next to one.


As a medicine cat, I often deal with plants. They're interesting and so pretty~

☁Other cats

It warms my heart when cats come to talk to me because it gets lonely in a den full of plants sometimes...



I'm so scared. I shiver at the mere idea of what might be lurking in the forest late at night.

☁Unjust, rude felines

Self explanatory. I've had the displeasure of coming across a lot of these.


They look nice, but they're abysmal to climb. My poor claws!

☁Catmint's scent (ironically)

It just smells awful. Get it away from me!


It freezes my poor pelt off!
Favorite prey - Squirrels

Favorite plant - Bellflowers

Favorite color - Blue


Mapleleaf is a slim achromic [grey] shecat with a black undercoat, white crescent moon-like patterns  and sky blue eyes.

    = Base ( #d5dad5)

    = Undercoat (#000000)

    = Markings (#ffffff)

    = Eyes ( #e0f2f2)


My sister, Crystalheart and I were born to Stonetail and Owlheart, who were once warriors but left their Clan for reasons we were never told about. After 6 or 7 moons, it dawned on Stonetail and Owlheart that they wouldn't always be around to protect us. So, one day, Stonetail and Owlheart brought us into the forest to show us how to hunt when a dark red shecat accompanied by three other cats found us. "What are you doing on SkyClan territory?" she hissed at my parents. Crystal and I cowered in fear until another feline looked at the red shecat "They're with kits, Cherrystar, be gentle" That gave my parents the idea.  They gave us up for their own safety.  this is a WIP, also my writing skills are gross I know



☁Mapleleaf's comments☁

Stonetail • Not an actual roleplayer • Father  •  0% trust rate

"It's been a while, Father. I often resent you and Mother for leaving Crystalheart and I, but at other times I hope you're alive  and well."

Owlheart • Not an actual roleplayer • Mother  •  0% trust rate

"It hurts my heart to say this, but I feel the exact same way about you."

Crystalheart • Not an actual roleplayer  •  Sister  •  50% trust rate

"In my early life, you were with me through everything. I miss you so much!"