Parasite by xxkitsune-d98hzhp


Greetings,  my name is Jasper. I grew up in the forest with no family,no friends,nothing but my own company. My parents left me and took my siblings with them. I dont know what I did wrong to have them  leave me. Eventually I found another canine, she was following me. I noticed her when I came to my den..she claimed her name was Noble. I let her stay, she didnt pose much of a threat towards me at the time. Noble and I eventually became close, hunting, fighting, protecting, and staying by each other. But, I found refuge in a giant  pack called Hounds Of The Falling Skulls where I started off as a simple Sanguinary to the beta of the group. Noble followed me in but ended up becoming a enemy  with the group..making me turn on her.I failed my rank and  made the decision to leave the pack, making my own called Hounds of The  Paradox Domain, taking HOTFS with me. We thrived for awhile until the  HOTFS sovereign mamanged to take the group over herself...I didnt go with.  As a result I went back to being a loner, finding my way around and avoiding packs. However, I was feeling lost, like apart of me was gone. I missed my  friends, my pack, and Sammy oddly enough. So, I returned to HOTFS,  of course I was confronted by a unknown canine of the group until Sammy came along, confronting me herself and not bothering to hold back her hatred, making me in much pain as possible. Although she did attack me, she welcomed me back into the pack as a Punishable, unable to rank up until she could fully forgive me. When I was ranked up, I was back to Sanguinary, protecting the group at all costs. I stayed loyal with the group until the end that time. In my stay I lost my offspring, Dusk and Whisp. Whisp was slaughtered by a bear, Dusk went missing. I refused to give up looking for Dusk so I continued going around looking for him until I found out a Optical member had killed him. As of today I still regret losing Noble and my offspring... I could of done better. 




When i joined ... Friday Sep 21 2018



Owner/Coder xxbattleh0undxx
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Nick names

Jasp, Jaspy







Birth place



December 4th 




Jasper is a very confident and cunning wolf. He can easily gain the trust of others, which lets him manipulate the people around him with ease. It is known by anyone that has met him that Jasper has an undeniable charm that he utilizes to normally tease and flirt with females.


Jasper can be loving, funny, smart, charismatic, and engaging with those he knows, while the next day or second he can be the total opposite. He can be sarcastic, rude, conniving, and he won't be afraid to take a shot where you know it will hurt you most.Jasper can initiate a fight, and end one quickly at that. Despite his flaws, however, he would help anyone who really needed it


Jasper is a rather bold canine, He isn't afraid to strike at anyone or anything... which often gets him injured. Jasper will speak up without hesitation or fear of punishment. Jasper also will  confidently confront someone that seems to just downright hate him. 

Mannerisms Body
Jasper walks as if he is up to no good.His apex is low, eyes darting around as if he is looking for something to snatch, frame tensed up like he is ready to bolt off if need be.  However, when approaching someone he raises his apex,raises his tassel, and stares holes through the person as if challenging them. 
Mannerisms Speech
Jasper has a strong German accent. His voice is stern and rough with a hostile tone. it is very formal,  pronouncing everything perfectly. In a serious situation it is stern and loud enough to be heard. Kage also loves to mock other peoples voices, such as friends and family.

Jasper is a rather lanky brute then a brawny one. His limbs are long and sleek, looking like he is walking on stilts. His torso is very thin, ribs popping out of his sides beneath his thick dermis to prove it. His muzzle is long and thin, ivories lethally curved into a fine point as well as stained crimson. His eyes are a blazing green,a flicker of madness behind them. He often has a distorted sneer upon his appearance, making it seem as if he is mocking you.He also has a abnormally long floccose tassel with a jade rope in knots around the pelage with fragile diminutive rat craniums at te end, always clanging with each step he takes. His ears are long and pointed, a visible slice through the right one.

 Turn Ons
 Jasper finds light eye colors such as green, light blue, and yellow attractive especially if the canine has a light colored coat.

Jasper also finds a canine with knowledge and a good personality attractive. Someone who can share his blood lust personality.

Turn Offs
Jasp  finds weak and shy canines unattractive greatly. Jasper rather spend time with a canine that is strong and speaks their mind.

Canines who make fun or harass other canines are not very appealing to Jasper, however he would enjoy taking part.

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 Photos of Jasper (NOTE:collage credit to Noble, a old friend)
Jasper sig
Jasper Sig-1

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