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Founded: 29/1/16
Founders: Fromthebushes, xxbacongirlxx
Style: Traditional
Status: Active
Tag: Red
Den: Jadarino
Limit: 15/60
Rulers: Peregrine, Shadow
Species: Felis Catus
Realm: Neutral
Server: Congo
Season: Summer
❝We conquer as one, we rise as one, we stand as one Hallowed Nation.❞

Generations ago resided two cats in WindClan, Thunderpaw, A calm but distant tom and Bluepaw, a fierce but kind she-cat. The two trained alongside each other as best friends, close to becoming warriors.

All Thunderpaw's life he had been receiving dreams mixed in with fuzzy memories of his rogue father and WindClan mother until the day of his ceremony where the young warrior, Now Thunderclaw finally received a prophecy from his deceased mother. Originally thought to be from WindClan his mother revealed she was from a forgotten clan of tunnellers known as HollowClan.

Now filled with determination, Thunderclaw sought out and restored the clan alongside Bluepaw. Together the two became Thunderstar and Bluestar and ruled together as mates and leaders of Hollowclan.

  1. Pixie2013v
  2. Jadarino
  3. xxbacongirlxx
  4. XxepictimexX
  5. Mrbrusselspot
  6. Fluffytail9
  7. Gløriøus
  8. Unicat0904
  9. Thecoolwarriorcat
  10. Azayaka
  11. aliciajammy
  12. Coolkat185
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13/08/18 - Hollowclan has been put on the featured page!

13/08/18 - We welcome Crimson among our ranks as a Combatant!

13/08/18 - We welcome Cloverwing among our ranks as a Combatant!

19/08/18 - We welcome Cattail into our ranks as a Novice!

19/08/18 - We welcome Leo into our ranks as a Combatant!

19/08/18 - We welcome Hades into our ranks as a Novice!


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Nobody is exempt from this law, unless the Supreme Division deems its violation necessary for disciplinary purposes. This rule maintains peace and equality within the Clan. Direspectful actions follow a punishment, its severity equal to that of the transgression.


We expect you to obey the rules of the Clan, and the commands the higher ranks have delegated. Nobody is excused from this rule. Disobedience follows a major punishment, regardless of how bad the fault.


Your residence here is an honour that many do not have the privilege of experiencing. Double-grouping is prohibited and easily discovered. Your loyalty must remain here as long this is your residence. We do not accept any visitors, nor those merely testing out groups. If you wish to join us, you keep your loyalty vows.


Not tolerated, unless there is a roleplay set with dramatic elements. There is to be no petty arguments or fights between comrades, as it causes disharmony within the Clan. Should you become unecessarily dramatic, a minor punishment shall follow. If you disregard this punishment through continuation, you will be exiled.


It guarantees your place among us. Always remember to mention your possible inactivity to The Supreme Division and to The Regent Division, or you will be listed as an inactive member. If you are inactive for 2 weeks or more without the appropriate forewarning, you will automatically be banished.


YOUR CHARACTER is your property, and hence any alterations in name, pelt or personality traits are completely within your control. Only the death of your character - including time and manner of death - needs to be discussed and approved by the Paramount or the Haunt.

CREATING SECOND CHARACTER doesn't need approval from anyone. Only a form where you list all the vital information of your character. If you have two characters, you cannot:

- Be in a high position with both of them.

- Have mates with both of them at the same time.

- Have litters with both of them at the same time.

- Kill the character until 3 months of having it.

- Use both of your characters during one roleplay session. Decide which one you're using that day.


Red tags hc


Head: Fox hats, Skull helmets, Flower crowns, Head flowers

Neck: Spiked collars, Leaf necklaces, Pinecone necklaces, scarves

Back: Swords, Armours, Bows, Blankets

Legs: Gloves, Elf bracelets, Leg armours, Wristbands

Tail: Skully, Tail armours, Western tail scarf


Avatars hollowclan


PST 8:00 AM 12:00 PM
EST 11:00 AM 3:00 PM
GMT 4:00 PM 8:00 PM
EET 6:00 PM 10:00 PM




After a former leader is killed the previous Haunt will step into place and become Leader. The other leader, a close friend or the cat themself will paint vibrant red markings on their pelt which must include a diamond on their chest, the red paint symbolizes them being the new protectors of Hollowclan and the red diamond meaning they are in touch with their ancestors and skills, then they will travel to The Cave of Predecessors alongside the Necromancer. Over night if they are accepted as the next Paramount of Hollowclan a handful of cats will gather and give the former Haunt their lives. These cats had to have a strong connection with the new leader and they will only grant as much lives as the cat deserves, with nine being the highest. To symbolize the cat becoming an established Leader a dark red diamond will appear somewhere throughout their pelt with it most commonly being on their chest.


If a Nebula has been chosen by the two Paramounts they will journey down through a large tunnel system, using their navigation, rational thinking and expressing good judgement if they manage to make it through the other end. Once they do they will have a ceremony the next day only at sunset, they have the option of painting on their markings by themself or a close friend. The colour of this markings is a mix between a dark orange but there being faint red markings near their chest. The dark orange symbolizes them being independent, strong and capable of standing up for and defending themselves, the faint red means them slowly working towards doing the same for others.


Presumably after the original Necromancer dies or steps down their successor will take their place, if there was no decided successor before the death of the Necromancer a small vote will take place between the established Remedial division. After the choose a cat a test will take place on their knowledge, once they deem them worthy the future Necromancer will travel to the Cave of Predecessors and will be visited in their dreams by the previous Necromancer, proving that they will become the next Necromancer.


When a Shaman Novice has reached the limit and their mentor has taught them all they need to know the Shaman Novice will be performing more and more tasks and injuries by themselves leading up to the time when the Shamans must trek towards The Cave of Predecessors. Eventually after getting there they will be given their title of full Shaman.


In the uncommon chance of graduating to Nebula the process is tough with the cat chosen to become the next Nebula having to spend a week outside camp protecting it, it’s a more extreme version of the Novice mission. The former Specter will have to work in solitude, proving their independence, strength, resourcefulness, wit and loyalty towards Hollowclan. If the mission is completed a ceremony will take place next sunset, the cat will have a paint markings palette made of vibrant oranges ranging from a mid peach to a dark orange, it symbolizes all the qualities they use to survive and the dark orange symbolizing them beginning to look out for more than themselves.


Once a Combatant has proved to the Paramounts that they show the skills in combat and quick thinking to become a Specter a series of tests will be played out that require the Specter to step up and show their talents. Before sunset the Combatant will go on a solo patrol into a hunting ground of their choice and gather as much prey as possible for the clan, they will also have to spar the established Specters and possibly a Nebula. After being judged on these experiences and the results turn up positive the ceremony will take place the following day. The soon to be Specter will have a choice of painting on their markings by themselves or by a close friend. The paint used is orange with a small red tinge, symbolizing them being able to protect themselves and helping to protect others.


After a Novice has been taught everything there is to becoming a Combatant a test will take place where they will go out into the forest in a small group with other Novices about to graduate. The Novices will have to survive by themselves for two full days (typically in The Hidden Swampland), creating a camp and bringing in stable resources. Because they are presumably in isolation they will have to carry out patrols in that area although they are unknowingly being watched by an elite Hollower who will then report the Novice's progress to the Paramounts. On the sunrise of the third day a mock spar will take place with a group of Hollowers going out and the Novices having to ambush them. If success how the Novices handled their test a ceremony will be carried out the following sunrise. They will be painted by themselves to show their new independance. The colour will be in orange, this symbolizes their independence and being able to fight off enemies while getting the same respect as their peers.


Once a Youth reaches the age of six moons there will be a day set aside to perform three simplistic tests; sight, hearing and scent. The Youth will spend a large portion of the day with the Haunt, the Haunt will show them around camp. Once the kit has become acquainted with their surroundings they will perform a sight test, identifying the different parts of camp from a distance. After they have completed this they will be spending a while with the Paramounts who will help enhance the kits hearing by taking them to a darker place at camp and having them point out the different sounds. At the end of the day a cat who will be assigned to be their mentor if they succeed in the test will have them find the scents of the Paramounts, the Haunt, the Shamans and their parents. If the kit succeeds they journey up to The Cave of Predecessors for a night and will receive their ceremony the following sunrise. They will be painted in markings similar to them becoming a Youth by their parents but this time in a style with just a solid yellow colour, symbolizing them still needing help but becoming more independent. A Paramount will give them their graduating name as a Novice and will assign them a mentor.


When a newborn is cleared of any potential sickness (three-five days after being born) a Shaman will draw markings in a creamy yellow colour which was combined from a yellow and white. The white is to symbolize new life and the yellow are symbols to protect the kit from evil spirits, the Shaman will then announce the newborn as a youth of Hollowclan.


Midnight Stroll

On the night of a full moon pairs and groups of cats go out for a walk to bask in the moonlight, while this is primarily suited for couples it can be between strong bonds.

Visting the Cave Of Predecessors 

Twice every moon the Shamans will visit the Cave of Predecessors, the start and a week  before the end of the moon, a leader, sometimes two will usually come along and speak to their ancestors for the latter. 

First Patrol

On the day a Youth finally becomes a Novice they must go on their first patrol. Along with explainations from the Warriors on the territories the new Novice must keep a lookout for bright painted rocks hidden throughout the popular areas to patrol. At the end they will be questioned on the location of the rocks.

Morning of New-Leaf

Three days into New-Leaf  the entire clan will gather in The Serene Woodlands from sunrise to sunset and celebrate the upcoming moons of sunlight and prey returning. Due to the heavy symbolism of a fresh start and new beginnings it carries a calm but happy atmosphere with sunbathing, stories, strolls around the beautiful forest, Youth and Novice centered activities etc.

Day of Green-leaf 

Once it is three days into Green-leaf and Shamans have returned from visiting The Hollowed Ancestors the clan will gather in The Hidden swampland from the early sun to the last shred of sunlight. With the chances for Novices to train more there is lots of competitions between mentors and Novices. The multiple lakes provide good water sources and the shallower areas are used for mild training and chances for cats to cool down.

Sunset of Leaf-fall 

After it has been three days into Leaf-fall the whole clan will group up together at The Blurred Hollow  in a warm sunset. The atmosphere is less energetic than during Day of Green-leaf but the happiness does not waver. Lots of stealth games and competitions take place due to the multicoloured leaves, a change from the original red colour. Youth's like to play in the heaps of leaves while the Combatants go through light spars, gossip and brag about how far they have been coming along in their training with their Novice. 

Night of Leaf-bare

After it has been established through the fresh sheets of snow but still retaining the last shreds of warm weather Hollowclan will trek up to The Frozen Wasteland three days into Leaf-bare at night and watch the northern lights before sleeping in a pre-established cave filled with nests. In the morning the typical traditions will take place with competitions, kits playing in snow, cats using their claws as grips and skating on thick ice, cats visiting the hot springs and staying near the water to heat up etc.


Training Day Swap 

Roughly once per 1-2 moons Shaman Novices will be given Combat mentors and a few Novices will be in the Shaman den for a day. Shaman Novices will learn more advanced tunneling techniques and basic defense moves while the Combat Novices will be taught the basic herbs. This benefits both parties if they are stranded by themselves or left cornered by enemies/wounded alone

Moonlight stroll

On the night of a full moon couples will take to the Serene Woodlands and bask in the moonlight while spending time with their mate. While this is primarily an activity for couples, cats with strong friendships can go walk together in the forest. The time is to reflect on the past month and strengthen bonds, it is often seen as an honour when a cat asks another to walk with them on this night. 

Sharing tongues

  Sharing tongues is an activity that takes place daily between two cats when the sun is at it's peek. One cat will groom their friend while they chat and gossip amongst each other.



Hollowclan believes in The Hollowed Ancestors, they are the deceased Hollowers that reside in the stars in spirit form, watching over their previous clanmates. These former Hollowers withhold the responsibility of delivering omens and prophecies to the Leaders and Shamans.


The Hollowed Ancestors deliver prophecies in two ways;

1. Visiting dreams, the most common method. Usually they visit Shamans and Leaders but there are rare exceptions. In this approach they are quick as there is a time limit to how long they can walk in a cat’s dreams. They provide visions of the future and possible clues to what the prophecy means.

2. Nature, this way is less used because there could be false accusations on what a prophecy is or isn’t. Ordinarily The Hollowed Ancestors would trigger this process if the cat is not faithful to THA. In this mechanism they use omens, prey, predators, trees and even the different materials in the commonly used tunnels as ways to get their point across. Because of this Shamans do have to occasionally patrol the areas typically used for omens.


After a cat has reached the end of their life span they will join purgatory, in this place they still walk among their clanmates but are completely invisible to the eye. At the stroke of midnight cats of The Hollowed Ancestors will be able to travel down through the stars and retrieve the cat, the retriever being a close friend or family member of the cat but they also run risk of being trapped down alongside the newly deceased cat if they choose a path of faded stars, if that is the case the next midnight a new cat will retrieve both of the cats and return to THA with them. On rare chances cats are unable to join The Hollowed Ancestors, this is possibly due to not having any close relatives or friends that are among the ranks of The Hollowed Ancestors, they were an evil cat in their lifetime and so nobody will want to associate with them or they couldn’t pass through the star border, possibly due to them having unfinished business in the living world.




As the first in command of the Clan, the Paramount must receive the greatest respect from the other members. Their word is the law, and they are not to be disobeyed at all times. Doing so will be breaking the code and a following punishment will come to the delinquents.


The Haunt is the Paramount's right hand and the one who will assume command during the abense of one of the Paramounts. Equal respect towards the Supreme Division is important and required. The Haunt is allowed to perform the same actions as the Paramounts however the Paramounts will do the ultimate decision making.

Name Username Gender Breed Novice Mate
♦Shadow Jadarino Male Tuxedo N/A N/A
♦Peregrine Pixie2013v Female Havana Brown Mix N/A N/A
Lei xxbacongirlxx Female Dragon Li Mix N/A N/A



The Necromancer is a greatly respected member of the Clan who leads the Remedial Division. The Necromancer's duty is to heal the injured as well as guide and assist the Shamans and the Shaman Novices. They receive prophecies and messages from the Hollowed Ancestors firsthand.


Shamans are the healers of the Clan. They're to be treated with respect due their important role. They may travel to the Moonstone once every moon to communicate with our ancestors and receive prophecies and other messages.

Name Username Gender Breed Novice Mate
♦Bramble XxepictimexX Male Somali Chocolate Tabby Mix N/A N/A
Turtlenose mrbrusselspot Female Turkish Angora X Japanese Bobtail Mix N/A N/A



The Nebulas are the third in command, and the Haunt's right hand soldiers. The two Nebulas share the responsibility of command over the Combatants at second place beneath the Supreme Division. Nebulas are selected by the Paramounts, and due to this they are due the utmost respect.


The Specters are an elite group of former Battalion Division members selected by the Nebula. Specters work as the role models to the Battalion Division and prepare them the best they can alongside the Nebula.

Name Username Gender Breed Novice Mate
Verglas Fluffytail9 Female Egyptian Mau N/A Cricketchirp



The Combatants are the soldiers whom are required to protect the clan at all times, even at the cost of their life. They are also to be respected like the rest of the ranks in the clan, as they guard the rest of the clan from danger. Combatants must also always be prepared for any clan invasion, or endangerment.

Name Username Gender Breed Novice Mate
Cricketchirp Gløriøus Male Turkish Angora X Maine Coon X Japanese Bobtail Silver Verglas
Dayna Pixie2013v Female Devon Rex X Manx Cat X Balinese Cat Mix N/A N/A
Domino Jadarino Male American Shorthair N/A N/A
Rapidsplash Unicat0904 Male Somali N/A N/A
Vei Wizard70 Male Turkish Angora x Maine Coon N/A N/A



The Shaman Novices are next in line to becoming fully-fledged Shamans. They are taught the art of healing and herbs and how to utilise these skills. They are also taught endless knowledge from their mentors and are trained to be peaceful and wise cats. They shall abide by all the rules just as the regular Novices do.


The Battalion Novices will become the next Combatants of the clan and they train hard to learn the ways of their role under the close eye of their mentors. They must respect the higher ranks, and most especially their mentor who uses up their time to train them.

Name Username Gender Breed Mentor Progress
♦Flickerpaw aliciajammy Female Somali Turtlenose Commenced
Silver Unicat0904 Female Egyptian Mau X Savannah Cat Cricketchirp Commenced
Shocks Thecoolwarriorcat Female Marmalade TBA TBA
Pietro Azayaka Male Moggy TBA TBA



Permanent Matriarch = ♦

Members who either take temporarily several moons off duty to bear and raise their own offspring, or who wish to look out for Youths. The caretaker can be a female or a male.


Youths are the future generation of the Clan. They are to be well cared for and are raised to be Clan's next greatest members. When they reach the age of six moons, they will receive their Novice name. Until then, they are to be looked out for any misbehaving which could lead to self endangerment.

Name Username Gender Breed Offspring Mate
Dayna Pixie2013v Female Devon Rex X Manx Cat X Balinese Cat Mix Lilac N/A
Name Username Gender Breed Caretaker Age
Lilac xxbacongirlxx Female Devon Rex X Manx Cat X Balinese Cat Mix Dayna TBA
Violin Wizard70 Male Turkish Angora X Tuxedo Shadow TBA



The Absence is for those who are going to be inactive for some particular reason for a duration of time and must inform of their inactivity.


The Visiting is for those who partake an interest in joining the clan by observing us roleplay and getting to know us without being kicked out.

Name Username Reason Duration
Name Username Current Group Duration



Hollowclan - den - Highrocks


Hollowclan - den - clearing


Hollowclan - den - Combatant den


Hollowclan - den - Paramount den


Hollowclan - den - Shaman den


Hollowclan - den - Haunt den


Hollowclan - den - Nursery


Hollowclan - den - Novice den


Hollowclan - den - Nebula specter den



The Serene Woodlands is a gorgeous landscape with a generally calm appeal. It's enclosed in diverse red oak trees with stunning visuals as the hue fades to less vivid pigments through each passing season, Green-leaf having the most vibrant complexion of red. In this forest holds prey such as mice, birds, rabbits and common sightings of predators such as badgers, wolves, dogs and foxes, the daily patrols that take place are advised to be on alert in the deceptively charming area.

Location: Sarepia Forest


The Blurred Hollow is an enclosed overgrown boggy area filled with ancient abandoned temples covered in low hanging moss, hundreds of plants and tall dark red trees. The territory is filled with the dangers of dogs, wolves, foxes, venomous spiders and various snakes but despite this it is a promising hunting spot and a recommended training ground so it is patrolled daily. Through the mass of the overgrown plants lies a bridge of foggy water used to catch fish in times of need, along with fish there is common mice and birds that reside in this territory. Underneath a twoleg structure lies an ancient important cave system used when giving the majority of ceremonies.

Location: Temple Of Zios


The Hidden Swampland is a mysterious swampland, previously belonging to twolegs gives shelter to a gigantic cave system and harbours The Cave Of Hollowed Ancestors beneath the soft terrain. This territory is covered in twisted red trees, wide waterfalls and rotted wooden twoleg structures . The soft and mushy ground is prone to sinking and trapping cats, the deep water that is quite ferocious at times can be easy to drown in and the twoleg structures could collapse at anytime due to the previously strong structures being rotted away through time.

Location: Balloosh


The Frozen Wasteland is an icy barren wasteland laden with thick snow and countless unidentifiable sharp cliffs and unstable ground that could collapse into one of the multitude of caves and ravines. Patrolling takes place daily through leaf-bare as it is too cold during the other seasons and is known to be one of the dangerous territories with families of twolegs and herds of yak being scattered across the terrain. The territory is prone to avalanches and snowstorms which means prey is scarce with only lemmings, mice, birds and uncommonly seen rabbits live here. In the terrain lies a big cave system, a frozen lake sometimes used for endurance training and a mountain that towers over the entire territory.

Location: Mt. Shiveer


The Sacred Canyons is a sandy landscape encompassed in steep ledges and pillars of rock. There is regular rock avalanches that leave the desert-like terrain in havok. Despite the little resources there is a fierce waterfall that gradually fades into small branches of rivers and tall, thin red trees are scarcely scattered throughout the barren territory. Very few species of prey dwells here due to the onslaught of dangers and predators that loom in every corner but some mice and bird resides in the canyon. Patrolling is scarce due to the poor circumstances and lack of need to visit here unless journeying to the Cave Of Predecessors.

Location: Coral Canyons


The Cave Of Predecessors is a spiritual tunnel system hidden behind a raging waterfall in The Sacred Canyons. the cold rock embedded into the ground, the dull walls with ancient carvings from Hollowclan's ancestors and the cold surroundings of the small icy waterfall spilling into a misty crater that reflects against the ceiling making dancing patterns creates an unwelcoming and mysterious atmosphere that no prey or predator dares to lurk near. No patrols take place except when the Shamans visit here twice every moon.

Location: Epic Wonders


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