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Greypelt by ashprojects

❝Throw me to the wolves.. and I will return leading the pack.❞

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Description: A dark gray shecat, with light brown underbelly, tail-tip, mitts and, muzzle, along with a distinctive scar beside her right ear, and stunning alabaster eyes
AJ Username: Sparkyandfaith
Status: Active
Classification: Felis Catus
Breed: Maine Coon, American short hair, Somali
Gender: Female/Shecat
Names in past: Greykit,Greypaw,Greypelt
Allegiance: Shadeclan
Position: Leader
Age/moons: 33 moons
Personality: Kind, Positive,Loyal, Will take command, Attempts humor,Will try and hide sadness, Enjoys being with freinds, Protective of clan
Mate: N/A
Mentor: Shadowfang
Offspring: N/A
Apprentices:  Otterpaw,Darkpaw,Nightpaw,Smudgepaw
Themesong: [Fighter]


Greystar, Jaywing, Bearclaw


Mother: Silverclaw 

She lived with her mother in her previous clan when she was younger, but she was sadly killed by an invading clan, of which her father belonged to. She loved her mother deeply, and regrets not being at camp when the attack happened to protect her.

Father: Oak

Greystar never really knew her father, but what little she did is all her mother cared to tell her; he lived in another clan, they fell in love, when her mother has their kits he wanted them to come live with him, but she refused, so he came at night and stole her litter-mates.

Sibling(s): Redclaw

Since Oak, Greystar's father, took her litter-mates, she didn't know any of them. She was lucky her mother caught her father in time to save at least her, but only recently has she found one of her siblings a brother named Redclaw. Redclaw is a gray, and dark brown tom, but sadly he didn't prefer clan life with Greystar, and went off to hopefully find more of their siblings.

Mate(s): None

Greystar hasn't yet found the right tomcat for her, but hopes to someday be so lucky.

Kit(s): None

Since she hasn't found the tom for her, she hasn't had any kits; though she might want kits in the future if she finds a mate.

Mentor: Shadowfang

Shadowfang was Greystar's mentor, and is believed dead. He stayed behind to fight an invading clan after telling Greystar to run; she has always respected and admired her mentor for his bravery and loyalties to his clan.


{In Starclan}



Grey met swift when he recruited her. He was a humorous, kind, and loyal cat; Greystar respected that. A while after meeting him they quickly became close friends. Grey deeply treasures their past friendship, and thinks fondly of him; almost as a brother because the way he acted sometimes. He was her closest friend. She now keeps Flamestar in her heart as he has joined the ranks of Starclan.


Greystar met Fogstar of course when she joined shadeclan. Greystar thinks fondly of her and respected her and her words. Greystar would have gave up her life for Fog if needed. Along with the deep respect she holds for her former leader, Grey also thinks of her as a good friend. She now keeps Fogstar in her heart, as she has joined the ranks of Starclan.


Greystar met Oak when she first joined Shadeclan. Soon after meeting her they became good friends. Grey thinks of Oak as a close friend, and treasures their friendship. She enjoys spending time with her. Oak breeze is a very loyal and smart cat.


Grey and Moon were never super close; though she considered her a friend. She held a deep respect for her former deputy. Moon was a loyal and smart deputy, and she often thinks of her, as she has joined the ranks of Starclan.


Grey met Cloudpelt when she first joined Shadeclan,;she being one of the first members along with swift. Grey has always admired her positivity, humbleness, kindness and occasional humor. She considers her a good friend, though she is no longer in Shadeclan.


Feathermist is a young, hard-working she-cat. Grey trusts her, which is part of the reason she is one of Greystar's elite warriors. Greystar and Feathermist aren't super close, but they are good friends.

[Ashpelt: 8/10]

Ashpelt is a very loyal, level-headed she-cat. Greystar feels confident leaving tasks of great importance to her; which would be normal considering she is Grey's deputy. Grey and Ash go way back, from just about the beginning of Shadeclan, they are good friends.

[Shadeclan 100/10]

Greystar has a deep love and devotion for all of her clan, and loves them all dearly. She would die for the oldest elder, to the youngest kit. To put only specific cats in the "Comrads" list, and to say that those are her only "comrads" would be a lie, for she has a deep connection with her entire clan.

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Greystar is a sleek, lithe, well-built shecat. She has rich, mid-length, dark gray fur, with a light brown underbelly, mitts, muzzle, and tail-tip. Along with gorgeous white eyes; one of her defining features, and a very distinct scar beside her right ear.


80% Maine Coon, 10% American Short Hair, 10%Somali 


Greystar is the average size of a cat of her breed. Though she has mid-length fur, she keeps it groomed allowing it to be sleek, which helps her slip in and around the many shrubs, and various plants that litter her native home in Yukon. Her dark fur is also an advantage, as it allows her to blend in with the shadows of towering trees in her native forests, also helping to cancel out sun glare; of which cats with lighter fur shades have to struggle with. She is overall very healthy.

Defining Features:

One thing most felines notice right away about Greystar, is her alabaster eyes. They are very beautiful to gaze into, but can quickly turn into a cold fire when she's provoked. Another thing that's fairly noticeable, is a distinct scar she has beside her right ear; generously given to her in the short time period in which she was a rogue.


She has a distinct scar beside her right ear, given to her in an encounter with a rogue shecat, and her kit. She also has a thin scar along her left shoulder blade, from a stubborn kittypet intruder, that refused to leave her clans territory.


She has a light, clean scent, pleasing to the pallet. It consists of Willow trees, a primary deciduous tree of Yukon, and  the earthy tones of moss.

Vocal Qualities:

She has a naturally authoritative voice, which can quickly turn soft when applying it to sensitive situations.


She takes good care of herself, eating protein, and keratin rich foods, which helps her maintain her sleek, well groomed pelt. She is overall a well taken care of shecat.


Positive Traits:

Loyal- She has always been loyal to her clan, and would die for her clan-mates if needed.

Respectful- She is always courteous to those around her, especially those that out-rank her.

Helpful- She is always checking to see if anything around camp, or with her clan-mates needs to be done.

Sympathetic- She is a very caring shecat, if she sees someone in pain, or that is suffering, she does anything in her power to help them get into a better situation.

Neautral Traits:

Curious- She is always willing to learn, and try new things.

Negative Traits:

Protective- She is extremely protective to a fault. If there is someone she isn't particularly fond of, she is more likely to read to far into their actions, and think they are threatening one of her clan-mates, which leads to her trying to handle it as she sees fit; which can be a bit to extreme at times.

Anger- She is not easily angered, but if she is repeatedly provoked, it can lead to an outburst of which is aimed at the provoker.

Jealousy- She can easily get jealous of her clan-mates since she lost her mother at a young age, along with her clan, and her father being a rogue whom took her litter-mates. She often finds herself yearning for a close bond with another cat, besides that of her closest friend, Flamestar; she longs for that of a family bond, and love.








Past Attractions:

Status: Alive


Status: Dead


Currently Attracted To:


Mental Attractions:

She would like a tom who is brave, and a big thing for her is having confidence, that's key in her mind. She also yearns for a tom who has a gentle, more caring side, and isn't afraid to let down his walls. She also loves to be able to joke around and have a good time, another trait she looks for.

Physical Attractions:

She loves seeing a tom who is physically fit, and keeps his pelt groomed, and tidy. She preferably would like a tom who has a well-groomed, thick, or thin, long, or mid-length pelt, who is muscular, and of a good sturdy build with deep, caring, yet strong eyes; colors is irrelevant to her, pelt, or eye. Also she would also like a more dark-pelted tom; but in the end she mainly cares about his personality. Mental Turn Offs:

Toms who take advantage of those not in as good physical fitness as them. Over confidence, being crude, or over blunt. Overall just having a bad, rude personality.

Physical Turn Offs:

Having a matted, dirty pelt, littered with moss, leaves, dirt ect. Not having any kind of hygiene. Overall having a bad outwards dirty appearance on purpose, and not trying to fix it.


Next to none.



Cats Attracted To Greystar:


Wants To Have Kits?:






























Being trapped/unable to save her clan while they are getting attacked. Being a bad future leasder. Not honoring, and protecting her clan as she should. Not successfully training an apprentice.


Leadership, Stealth, Climbing, Offense, Agility, Intelligence


Physical Health:

Greystar is at peak physical health; she is more than capable of preforming her Leader duties.

Mental Health:

Greystar is at top intellectual capacity; she can function, and preform all mental tasks given to her.

Previous Injuries:

Twisted front right paw, Slit left shoulder-blade, Cut ear.

Current Injuries:



Left shoulder-blade, Beside right ear.


See "Greypelt Before Shadeclan" here.


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Pictures & Art:


Everything being tidy.

Well kept pelts

Everyone doing their job.

Tall, engulfing, peaceful forests.



Bugs; slugs in particular.

Petty bickering.

Cats being crazy, and unorganized.


Ideal Achievements:

Training an apprentice to become a well-known envied warrior.

To find a truthful, kind, loving mate.

To be the best leader of Shadeclan.




Single pringle, ready to mingle. *winks* :3

Popularity Within Shadeclan:

Greystar is well-known in Shadeclan since she is the Leader; she has never really met a cat she can't get along with, except for one.

Thoughts On Greystar:

If you have a crush/unique thought on Greystar, feel free to leave them below, reguardless of if good, or bad!

  • "I've known Greystar ever since I first joined Shadeclan, and she is an amazing cat, and even better leader. I am beyond grateful to have been accepted into her clan." - Feathermist

  • "She's a very strong, amazing leader. I have always admired her, and she continues to lead this clan with strength, love, and determination. She truly is a special cat. - Some cat ;))

  • "I haven't known Greystar as long as every one else in ShadeClan but she was the first one to start talking to me in the clan, she made me feel welcomed and I'll be forever grateful for that. I'm glad to have her as a leader." - Windstrike

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