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"I whipped her with my fluffy

tail. It's my secret defense!"

GingerPaw to Thorn


GingerPaw - Floofy Sock


Character Insight~

Creation ~ 4/1/18
Owner ~ Dalicious
Species ~ Felis Cats
Status ~ Active/Alive
Gender ~ She-cat
Location ~ FrostClan
Rank ~ Apprentice
Past Locations-  JayClan, RobinClan, 
Crush/Mate ~ Thorn
Mentor ~ Cream
Age ~ 7 Moons 
Nicknames ~ Chatterbox, Gingerbread


GingerPaw is a short, fluffy, orange tabby she-cat with the tip of her tail being a dark orange. GingerPaw has big, emerald green eyes that sparkle whenever she feels joyous. She has a white underbelly as well that stretches up to her muzzle. Her fur is long-haired, resembling that of a lion's pelt based on its color and its superb length. She has "socks" where her paws are white like her undercoat and muzzle, with slightly tiny claws due to them being constantly cut when she was a kittypet. The insides of her ears are pink as well as her nose. Her fur can sometimes get tangled and messy, but most of the time it is well groomed and shiny. 

Breed — Orange Tabby 
Height — TBA
Length — TBA
Weight — TBA


GingerPaw is a bubbly, cheerful she-cat, sometimes a little bit too loud when she's excited. She is usually very hyper due to the fact that she was always played with as a kittypet, though she can be a little irritating at times - only when a cat ignores her questions. Although her annoying nature, she can be very pleasant to be around, able to keep others company when needed. She can, however, become jealous easily due to lack of attention and I don't recommend provoking her because she will get angered. She has a short temper, standing up to any cat that does something wrong, like bully her friend MaplePaw. She can get whiny at somethings, like hunting, and it is very hard to convince her to accompany you in the forest. GingerPaw is also a very picky eater since she was at first a kittypet. In the forest, it is hard to get cat food that you could usually buy at a two-leg grocery store. Luckily, GingerPaw was able to "compromise" and eventually settle on salmon, mice, turkey (usually a rare find), and blackberries, some of her favorite foods to eat in her spare time. 


GingerPaw was originally a kittypet. She was in a family of three two-legs. The daughter's name of the two-legs was Kaitlyn. One day, Ginger and her family were having a picnic at a park with a big grassy field. Kaitlyn and her parents were heading back to the SUV to get a football to catch and throw around, so they left Ginger on the red and white checked picnic blanket. She curled up and shut her eyelids, snoozing softly. She was very spoiled, especially for a kittypet. Then, gunshots echoed through her ears. She snapped awake, and her family was by the SUV, bodies sprawled on the concrete. GingerPaw's world then became black, for she was shot with a tranquilizer dart. Terrorists had attacked her family. GingerPaw was then deserted in the woods by the terrorists, with no food, water, or any knowledge on how to survive on her own. She shook off her red collar with a gold tag and hid it in a small shrub so no cat would know her secret. GingerPaw then trespassed into FrostClan territory, where she eventually joined them and is a forever loyal member. 


  • Salmon  
  • Mice
  • Cat food
  • Turkey
  • Blackberries



Relationship status --- 
Crush/Mate — Thorn
Sexuality — Heterosexual 
Currently attracted to — Thorn
Formerly attracted to — N/A

Physical Eye Candy — GingerPaw prefers dark colored pelts, unlike her own. Colors like black, dark grey, chestnut, etc. She also prefers any shade of blue eyes.

Mental Eye Candy — GingerPaw likes bubbly and cheerful cats who are willing to talk to her. She also adores cats who like to take risks. Sometimes when cats are polite to her, she develops a small crush!

Physical Turn Offs — GingerPaw dislikes cats who have black and white pelts for some reason. She also dislikes light creamy colors, as well as cats who have plain brown eyes.
Mental Turn Offs — GingerPaw dislikes cats who are too quiet, for she loves to talk and is a chatterbox. She also dislikes cats who are very sarcastic, thinking they are so funny and better than everybody, though she does like pranksters.


GingerPaw / Foxfaith


  • MaplePaw- 100%
  • "MaplePaw never left my side, even when stupid EclipsePaw announced that I was a kittypet, that's why I left RobinClan. Then you left, finding FrostClan. Thanks for being a smart, kind, funny, and quiet friend, MaplePaw. I know we're not alike in any way, but nothing can ever ruin our friendship, even when you third-wheel Thorn and I!"
  • Thorn- 99%
  • "Thorn...I think I have a huge crush on you. You're kind, funny, and easy to talk to, not to mention cute. I want to get to know you more, and even hang out lots. you, Thorn."
  • Pebble- 80%
  • "Pebble's really nice. I remember once that MaplePaw was helping to aid a cat after the rogue attacks, so I had to sit by myself, alone in a small patch of grass. Pebble then walked by me and talked to me. You should know that I never like staying silent, so it was nice to talk with her."
  • SouthPaw- 50%
  • “Hey, remember that hot evening by the pool? Where you were flirting with MaplePaw? I think you do. Why were you so upset with me? Did I say something wrong? I caught you giving me glares. I don't know if I did anything wrong, but I'll try to be nicer to you."
  • Goldkit- 45% 
  • "Goldkit's funny, like, really funny. She reminds me of myself when I was younger. The only thing is though is that she spies on Thorn and I alot. I mean, I understand that they're siblings, but she makes me feel nervous. I hope that we can become good friends soon..."



GingerPaw - Graciøus

Journal  Writings~

/'''''/First Day in FrostClan//
Dear Journal,

Hello there! My name is GingerPaw, soon to be GingerStep, I hope. Ever since I joined FrostClan, I was required to keep a journal of all the fascinating things that go on in my life-if I'm not mortally injured or dead! That was an obvious one. Anyway, I'm glad that I was accepted into FrostClan. They really welcome me, and appreciate what I do. Or at least SnowStar and Beyond do. I haven't met anyone else yet, but I'm really excited to. This may seem boring, but the air is a lot nicer here then back at Kaitlyn's  house. I guess they say that fresh air really IS fresh! I'll write in this soon.

//SouthPaw and MaplePaw// 

Dear Journal,

Oh gosh... I really hope SouthPaw doesn't hate me. Does he? I don't know. I don't think I did anything wrong... Did I start on a wrong note? I was just kidding with MaplePaw, having a good time, just being my usual, bubbly self! And then I started receiving glares from him, and he even left the pool that we were resting in. Now I admit that I was third wheeling, but I didn't mean to get South that angry! I really hope that we can become friends in the future, because I currently only have one. Am I really that annoying? 


Dear Journal,

I'm really bad at hunting. I was sitting in the grass, inhaling the earthy fumes in the FrostClan territory when all of a sudden, a rabbit jumps out in front of me, nibbling some of the grass! Now, I was kinda hungry, so I unsheathed my claws and swiped a paw, and then watched the rabbit bound away into the forest. Am I too loud? Am I not nimble? Hunting is one of the worst things in the world in my opinion. 


Dear Journal, 

I think that I'm allergic to dried herbs. Let me tell you the story. I was sleeping in the Apprentice Den, and SouthPaw was there. Then, MaplePaw padded into the den with my "breakfast". I wasn't that hungry, but I wanted to be polite, so I accepted. I took a small nibble of the "breakfast", and I immediately regretted it. It was a dried herb from an oak tree! Why did I bite into it? Pulsing throbbed through my veins and my eyes started to water. Thankfully, a pond rested nearby in FrostClan camp, so I scurried to it, dunking my head in the water. Nice prank, MaplePaw. But two can play at that game. 



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