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We shall not tolerate those who disregard our name, those who attempt to defeat us, those who desire to steal our pride. We will terminate those who are disgraceful and do not conjecture to our victory. We will strike them down, and we will rise above them. We will conquer anything we strive to live up to, with robust ability and power. What we desire is what we receive, and the adversaries of the past are what we desire death, torture, and suffering upon. We shall conquer all we can, and we shall succeed.

Forever we rise, to become Emperors, Sovereigns, Gods, whatever we desire to become. Our ancestors will never be ashamed, for we conquer nothing but success. Fearful Darkness will never be mistaken for weak, fragile, feeble, or destructible. Define us as you wish, but we will never conform to your disastrous ideals. You may loathe us, or view us as a disgrace, but toy with us, and you will forever feel the wrath of Fearful Darkness, and you will see us flourish.

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Established | 4.8.17

Condition | Semi-Active

Realm | Chaotic Neutral

Roleplay | Advanced & Descriptive Traditional

Season | Spring

Founder | BitterlyPerfect

Recruiting? | Since 4.8.18

Species | Canis, Felis

Identification | Black Paw

Boundary | COTA (All but Congo & Zambezi); Himalaya, Kootenay


1. Kitten1458

2. Soliloquyy

3. Momskitty1999

4. Iceberg57775


6. Allona2014

7. Allison1234bc

8. yarborough

9. darkcord


4.8: FD is reopened on 1 year anniversary

4.14: Conflict with Oblivion begins over COTA

4.15: Conflict with Oblivion ends over COTA, they receive CONGO.

9.21: FD Discusses a merge with ED

10.1: FD begins preparing a Halloween party


1. Lunarsz, Sunnybeb, Gølds,  - Used up trials


3. Valentine707 - Disrespect, used up trials


5. Avocados4life - Disrespect, short trial

6. Coolwolfdude42 - Short trial



◁ I ▷

Don't exaggerate your abilities. Only ever use attacks that could be carried out realistically. Blocking or dodging attacks are forbidden in any type of combat. If you are seen using unrealistic moves or avoiding an attack, you will be forcibly exiled and replaced by someone who roleplays properly.

◁ II ▷

Never disrespect or talk back to your superiors. This includes all ranks above you. Your superiors will always make the wisest decisions for the pack, and their choices and actions must be honored and respected. Three accounts of disrespect or disloyalty to leadership will event in your exile or punishment.

◁ III ▷

Double-grouping is forbidden. You cannot be registered in any other mainstream group with positions while serving Fearful Darkness. If you are spotted in another group, or seen applying for one, you will be questioned and punished accordingly, depending on the severity of your disloyalty.

◁ IV ▷

If you're going to leave, please have a good reason. Don't leave the pack because you got punished, don't leave the pack because someone yelled at you, and don't leave the pack because you lost at a spar. Please have a good reason to leave the pack. The only punishment is being looked down at by the pack members. You only have 3 trials until you are banned from the pack. However, you may return after 3 months.

◁ V ▷

Please attend as many meetings and events as possible, so that we know you are an active member of our pack. Consecutive inactivity will lead to exile.

◁ VI ▷

Every member should attend at least one training session per week, so they maintain a strong and healthy figure. Purposeful absence will lead to mild punishments, such as demotion.

◁ VII ▷

Showing off is very rude to the entire pack. It makes people think that you are a stuck up brat, that feasts on people's misery, and tries to one-up everybody around them. Doing this, makes you look horrible, and makes us feel horrible. Striking an attitude is arguing with others for no exact reason, making fun of others, showing off, and having an attitude. Snotty behavior will lead to punishment, depending on the severity of your behavior.

◁ VIII ▷

If there is someone that is looking to join the pack or to ally with the pack, only the three Sovereigns can accept them, but you may recruit them and have them fill out a form. Accepting forms without permission is punishable by demotion.

◁ IX ▷

Don't go to rival pages (Unless you are a Sovereign, Subsidiary, or the Subsequent), and don't attack rivals unless they attack you first, or unless instructed by the Combat Generals say so. If a group is having problems, whether it is on our page, or another, leave the commenting to the Foreign Group Relations counsil. Insulting or attacking other groups without reasoning will lead to severe punishment.

◁ X ▷

Never criticize a rival pack in public. Ever. And, only talk about them badly with a Sovereign, Subsidiary, or the Subsequent, if nobody else is around. For specific reasons. If you want to talk about a rival pack, talk to one of the top-three occupations about them. Trash talking enemies will lead to mild punishment.

◁ XI ▷

Whenever you are in roleplaying form, always be sophisticated. With Sovereigns or Subsidiaries, never joke around, distract working wolves, goof around, etc. Then again, try to maintain sophistication during roleplay sessions, as much as possible.

◁ XII ▷

Inappropriate behavior includes cursing, disrespect, etc. There are ways to do things that you like to do, instead of breaking the rules, please do them. Doing any of these things will result in punishment.

◁ XIII ▷

Once a Shade is born, they will take one week to get used to their body, after one week, they will graduate and become a trainee. Two weeks later, they will graduate and become an adult. There is no speeding up or slowing down their growth, and a violent or disrespectful attempt at doing so will lead to punishment.

◁ XIV ▷

Code: 71DF02

◁ XV ▷

Do not defy the schedule. Do not recruit when it does not say recruit. Do not make a plot when there is an event in its place. There is graduation every week, unless there are no youths to graduate. On week 1, we will recruit on Sundays, and on week 2, we will celebrate our previous recruits. On Wednesday of week 2, we recruit, and on Wednesday of week 1, we celebrate week 2's recruits.



Timezone Sun. 9.30 Mon. 9.31 Tues. 10.1 Wed.10.2 Thurs. 10.3 Fri. 10.4 Sat. 10.5
Central 12 PM 5 PM 4:30 PM 4:30 PM 4:30 PM 5 PM 12 PM
Eastern 1 PM 6 PM 5:30 PM 5:30 PM 5:30 PM

6 PM

1 PM
Pacific 10 AM 3 PM 2:30 PM 2 PM 2:30 PM 3 PM 10 AM
WEEK 2/2 Recruiting Flood (Himalaya) Recruiting Disease (Himalaya) Training (Res.) Hurricane (Res.) Grad. (Relevence)



Head Neck Back Feet Tail Restrictions
Flower Crown, Fox Hat, Head Flower, Skull, Nothing Spiked Collar, Jamaaliday Scarf, Ribbon Scarf, Fang Necklace Elf/Spartan Armor, Nonmember Sword Leaf Armor, Elf Bracelets, Glove None Full outfit must match & go well with pelage colors
Adult Advatars Youth Avatars
Nonmember wolf Bunny & Fox



Acceptable Eyes

Acceptable Pelt Colors (From Thisisnotarealclan Clan)

Acceptable Pelt Colors

Pelt Patterns

Acceptable Pelt Patterns




The Sovereigns are the highest ranking members of Fearful Darkness. As the representative leaders of the pack, they control the major actions and decisions. They keep the pack under control while orchestrating the behavior we present as a unit to other groups.


The Lieutenants are second in command to the throne. They usually have fewer royalties in comparison to the Sovereigns, however, they monitor over smaller actions within the pack, such as training sessions or patrols. The Lieutenants will only ever take the jobs of the Sovereigns if they're absent.

Name Username Gender Species Mate Forte
☆Lucille Kitten1458 Female Felis Elastic, Void Cultivation
☆Luna Momskitty1999 Female Canis - Herbalism
Sakura Scarlettbunny932 Female Felis - Defense
- - - - - -
Elastic Allison1234bc Female Felis Lucille, Void Cultivation
PROXY [0/1] WARLORD[0/3]

The Proxy is next in line to become a Lieutenant. They usually work alongside their appropriate superior, watching their behavior and learning the according behavior for the future. They follow in the footsteps of those they learn from.

The Warlords are the designated monitors of the Mercenary. They're responsible for keeping their behavior respectable and training them to their best potential for battle. The Warlords represent the fighting figure of the pack.

Name Username Gender Species Mate Rank
- - - - - Proxy
- - - - - Warlord
- - - - - Warlord
- - - - - Warlord

The Peacemongers are the respected peacemakers of Fearful Darkness. It's their duty to ensure the pack remains satisfied and at peace, and to prevent arguments or major fights. The Peacemonger will also intervene in group conflict. They are the only members allowed to step into other issues.

The Executioners decide the appropriate punishments for canines who have broken set rules. Normally requiring the final say from a Sovereign, they decide what's fit punishment for the varied case.

Name Username Gender Species Mate Rank
Levi yarborough Male Canis - Peacemonger
- - - - - Peacemonger
- - - - - Peacemonger
Holly littlegreenseal Female Canis - Executioner
- - - - - Executioner
- - - - - Executioner

The Witchdoctors are the Elite Shamans of the pack. They lead and train the Shamans and instruct them on their jobs. The Witchdoctors are highly important to FD.

The Shamans are the healers of the pack. Valued for their immense knowledge in the art of medicine and herbs, they heal the unfortunate injured members of the pack. The Shamans will rarely step into conflict.

Name Username Gender Species Mate Rank
Sora Momskitty1999 Male Canis - Witchdoctor
- - - - - Witchdoctor
- - - - - Witchdoctor
- - - - - Shaman

The Mercenaries are the bulk fighting force of Fearful Darkness. Trained daily to reach their full potential, the Mercenaries defend the pack and its members with their life.

Scavengers are the receivers of the pack, gathering herbs and prey.

Name Username Gender Species Mate Rank
Burnstar darkcord male Canis - Mercenary
- - - - - Scavenger

The Progeny are the newest generation of the pack. They'll spend the majority of their time confined to camp, but they'll learn in the footsteps of the ranks they want to pursue in the future.

The Cadets are the novices of the pack. They shall learn from their mentors the skills of their fields, and soon grow to be what they shall pursue in the future.

Name Username Gender Species Profession Rank
- - - - - Progeny
- - - - - Progeny
- - - - - Progeny
- - - - - Progeny
- - - - - Progeny
- - - - - Progeny
- - - - - Progeny
Delphine BitterlyPerfect Female Felis Cultivation


Lotus Allona2014 Female Canis Peacekeeping Cadet
Timber Soliloquyy Male Canis Herbalism Cadet

The Wardens are the babysitters of the pack. They take care of the pups, and make sure they know common logic, and everything a pup needs to know. They take care of pups while their parents are away, or doing their duties. The Wardens are very useful for the pack.

The Spectres are the injured, elderly, or pregnant members of the pack who are relieved of their duties for the appropriate time limit. They are unable to continue to commute to their usual duties, moved to this rank until they can jump back into their usual position.

Name Username Gender Species Mate Rank
- - - - - Warden
- - - - - Warden
- - - - - Warden
- - - - - Spectre





Group Name Leader's Username Leader's Name Species Member Count
Eternal Dreamers Trranquillity Thorin Canis/Felis 20+
Cryptic Hounds


Aphrodite Canis 10+
The Silent Division Swaggysomthing Alaois felis 8



Group Name Leader's Username Leader's Name Species Member Count



Group Name Leader's Username Leader's Name Species Member Count



Username Name Reason Return Date Leaving Date Council Representative Vocation





Username Identification Pronouns Relation Group




>To join<

NOTE: Before joining, click on the "Additional Pages" column, then "Welcome To FD" to see FD's information, as well as a slideshow, rather than having to read the entire page.

Username:  TMA

Name:  TMA

Gender:  TMA

Pronouns:  TMA

Vocation:  TMA

Age:  TMA

Backstory:  TMA

Roleplay Example:  TMA

IRL Birthday (Day/Month): TMA

Species: TMA

Code (To make sure you read all of FD's information, we have hidden a code somewhere on the page. It is easy to spot):  TMA


>To leave<



Name:  TMA

Vocation: TMA

Council Representative:  TMA

Reason for departure:  TMA

How we can improve:  TMA


>To create a positive coalition, an alliance<

Leader's Username: 


Leader's Name:  TMA

Group Name:  TMA

Benefits:  TMA

Link to page:  TMA

Member count (Rounded to the nearest tenth):  TMA

Species:  TMA


>Reserving a day on the schedule to dedicate to your council members or your club<

Type (Discussion, activity, etc.): 


Group type (Council/Club):  TMA

Group name:  TMA

Date (Wednesdays/exceptions, must be one week prior):  TMA

Duration:  TMA


>To be injured during a pack activity, plots only<



Name: TMA

Fatality:  TMA

Summary:  TMA

Turnout:  TMA

Date: TMA

Time of plot's beginning: TMA


>To take temporary leave for specific reason)



Name:  TMA

Reason:  TMA

Return date:  TMA

Leaving date:  TMA

Council Representative:  TMA

Vocation:  TMA


>To visit every once in awhile<



Name: TMA

Relation:  TMA

Pronouns:  TMA


>To create a new OC<



Name:  TMA

Gender:  TMA

Vocation & Study:  TMA

Age: TMA

Species: TMA

Backstory:  TMA



Sunday 9.30 Monday  9.31 Tuesday 10.1 Wednesdy 10.2 Thursday 10.3 Friday 10.4 Saturday 10.5

Sunny, strong breeze, 25°

Flood 37° Slightly Sunny, cool breeze, 29° Sunny, warm 34° Hurricane, very rainy 31° Sunny, soft breeze, 27° Sunny, warm 34°