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A ship is the concept of an OC couple. This is the page that will show all of the ships(and etc.) in EvergreenClan.

The only rules to this thread is to be mindful of other's feelings and have fun. Please remember not to post innapropriate ships, or ships that some do not approve of.


This pairings are official couples of the clan!

Oaktail X Rabbittuft= Oaktuft, Rabbittail, Oakrabbit, Rabbitoak, Tufttail

Beetlebush X Zincfeather= Beetlefeather, Zincbush, Zincbeetle, Bushfeather

Copperfoot X Stoneclaw= Copperclaw, Stonefoot, Copperstone

Frecklefeather X Tigerclaw= Freckleclaw, Tigerfeather, Freckletiger, Tigerfreckle

Arrowflame X Wolfpelt= Arrowpelt, Flamewolf, Arrowwolf

Riversplash X Blossombirar= Riverbriar, Blossomsplash, Briarsplash, Riverblossom


These cats haven't officially declared their love, but are probably crushing on each other!

Lunastorm X Sparrowheart

Aspenpaw X Silverpaw

Twoface X Robinheart

Joke Ships

These are just the straight up comedic duos of EvergreenClan.

Gingerheart X Sleep= Xtreme Happiness

Liondash X Rocco (His Rock) = OTP

Nettleheart X Food= The best Combo

Stoneclaw X Clan= To many kits

Daisytrail X Dog Skeleton

Tigerclaw X Sagestorm

Love notes

This is where members of the clan can write notes— anonymously or not— to their crushes.

Dear Rabbittuft,

I see you across the camp, your lovely fur shining in the sunlight. Your soul shone even brighter than your fur that day. I can't muster up the courage to walk up to you; You might shut me down. So I sit, and watch. Rabbittuft, you bring me breathlessness... You are the light in a dark room, the sun versus my moon. Starclan bows to your grace, my lovely Rabbittuft. I'm sorry this may not be a good profession, but I never was good with words.



To my dearest, Gingerstar~

Your eyes, oh how they entrance me more than anything. I am often one to wander off from reality, to lock myself in this little mind of mine, but you always bring me back. Your eyes, an anchor in the restless sea of my thoughts. For I cannot begin to ponder what it would be like to be without them. I couldn't imagine a day without the sunrise in your smile. For you are a sun that I never wish to see set. But even when the sun does leave the sky, the moon reflects your light onto the darkness of my mind. I wander from thought to thought, emotion to emotion, and yet even the simple thought of you calms my restless mind. I cannot wait for the day that our worlds collide and become one. For the day that you could see me as more than just an awkward, emotional, slightly insane, mess of a cat. I confess to you, so that on the day of my departure from this life and onto the next, you will have known how I felt. Best of leaders, best of friends.

Yours eternally

~ Unknown.

To the one I admire most, Tigerclaw, your playful and optimistic attitude has drawn me to you. Your vibrant golden eyes catch my gaze every day. I get butterflies in my stomach when I'm near you, and everyday I just want to tell you that you're perfect. My letter to you is short, but I have so much more left to tell you. Another day I suppose... Sincerely, Anonymous


Here is a gallery where you can find all types of romantic screenshots/ship art of EvergreenClan's favorite ships/couples!

  • Ginger X Sleep
  • Liondash X Rocco
  • Liondash X Rocco
  • Nettleheart x Food by Opali0n
  • Copperfoot X Elmheart, by Ginger
  • Oaktuft
  • Oaktuft by Nettleheart
  • Ashenmist by Nettleheart