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Evergreen tree pair-0

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Welcome to EvergreenClan's Gallery!

EvergreenClan's Gallery is the subpage dedicated to displaying the many and amazing pictures created by various EvergreenClan members and supporters. Whether you're here to find drawings made by a specific user, walk down memory lane through photos taken on AJ, or just scroll through and admire Our Clan's artists, we hope you'll enjoy your visit!



If you're posting a picture that you yourself did not draw, please be sure to ask the original artist for their explicit consent to post their art. It's incredibly disheartening for an artist to find that someone is using their work without their authorization, so please get their permission before uploading here.


APPROPRIATENESSKeep everything appropriate for young viewers, please. Not only is it against this wiki's rules to post anything (writing, drawings, ect.) that's clearly or even subtly inappropriate, but it would most likely make everyone feel extremely uncomfortable.


Written Work


Once Upon a time, there was a cat, they founded a clan and named it Pringleclan, everyone it was a single pringle, the clan didn't last long because there were no kits to carry on the clan.




Once Upon a Time, there was a little kit named Firekit. When he was one second old, his clan was invaded by twolegs and he was taken to live in the twolegplace. He was named "Rusty". Then his secret brother found him in the woods and befriended him and he got kidnapped again by his secret mother and she named him Firepaw, but all the cats got their memories wiped and replaced with fake ones so cats who were related had kits together and then one time they cats people thought were related but were not had kits and they were only mates not related to each other in someway and ThunderClan was secretly a mess and no one knew it.




I sat quietly on my bed, enjoying the gentle tunes of the song that streamed into my ears through my bulky headphones. I jumped when I felt something grip around my wrist. I relaxed once I saw Fade’s hand tightly grasping it. I quickly yanked off my headphones and asked frantically, “What’s happening?” Fade looked at me, her eyes glimmering with excitement, “Ginger called a meeting! Everybody else is already there!” She said, blowing her gray bangs from in front of her bright blue eyes. I nodded and casually got up, until she gently pulled me from my room and out into the hallway. I began running beside her as we passed a series of doors and rooms, each with a tag on the doorknob that had the name of the owner on it. I began reading them as we rushed by, to assure everyone was accompanying us in the meeting. “Elm, Amber, Ginger, Ivy. . . Wait, Misty door is closed,” I thought as I screeched to a halt. Fade stopped after she had noticed I wasn’t beside her and tilted her head, “What is it?” she asked. “Mistys still in her room,” I announced dreadfully. “Being late for a meeting won’t be acceptable on account of that stunt I pulled the other night,” I mumbled, gazing up at Fade pitifully. She shook her head, “You go ahead, I’ll get Misty,” she said as she rushed into Misty room. I nodded thankfully and continued to run through the hall. I panted heavily till I arrived outside where everybody was sitting in chairs in front of a stage-like stand. I gazed around, looking for a seat until I saw Erin (a name that means owl XD) sitting with her fellow medics. I walked over and sat in the seat behind her, knowing I’m not allowed to sit in the row with the medics and deputy. “This must be about me sneaking out the other night,” I mumbled to myself, the thought bringing the dark-haired strangers image back into my mind. “I’m sure Ginger’s forgotten all about that by now,” Erin whispered, leaning her head back so I could hear her. Alan (Name that means stone), the deputy, looked back and me with a confused expression, “Wait, you snuck out?” he said, before being cut off by the sound of somebody tapping a mic. Soon Ginger’s soft voice filled the air, “Welcome, Evergreen. I have an important announcement to make,” She said, with a suspenseful pause. “As you know, there has been a rogue among our grounds. Only a few people have been able to get a describable look at him, including myself, Erin, and Maple. He’s wearing a dark hood and normally hides well, so if you see such shadowy figure, please report immediately to me or Alan. Any questions?” She asked softly. ~Maplepaw

I'm a pineapple!

~Said everyone


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