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An ancient kingdom that has fallen, now reborn into something far more superior. We are the gatekeepers of a reincarnated realm. A nation fueled by our dreams, aspirations and determination. Stand beside us, and feel each valued soul burn vehemently as one. All hail Eternal Dreamers!
Established March 16, 2018
Founder Trranquillity
Status Active
Tag Silver
RP Style All
Species Multi
Platform AJ / Discord
Members [25\40]


  1. Trranquillity
  2. Sadiethesciencelady
  3. fenesa
  4. Pokefanva
  5. Càntañkerøuss
  6. Chesterwhisperings
  7. Lpslover58470
  8. Chica456
  9. Winterrei
  10. Goldin111
  11. Watermelon2010
  12. Mirazi
  13. flufftuft
  14. Swagmasterelwood
  15. Bunny3247
  16. Trustedd
  17. xwantsometacosx
  18. Lexiii
  19. Sambunny318
  20. Insectophobia
  21. Thealphamorph
  22. triangulardimensions
  23. 1029ilovedogs
  24. oblivionlethe
  25. jammer1zv4b

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山ho 卂re 山e?

Eternal Dreamers uses both Animal Jam and Discord to partake on plot-based and causal roleplays. Our goal as a welcoming community is to provide all roleplayers a homely environment to interact and develop long-lasting bonds. Stimulating creativity is the core of our foundation, as we host a variety of contests ranging from art to decorating. Although magic is occasionally used, members are expected to maintain a balance of realism.


Update . Date

Welcome, Atalanta! . Jan 12

Welcome, Kudo! . Jan 14

Welcome, Amaryllis! . Jan 14

Welcome, Blue! . Jan 15

Welcome, Celine! . Jan 15

Welcome, Camille! . Jan 15


Out of Roleplay

  1. Activity. All members must maintain activity, therefore double-grouping is a violation. Side-Groups are allowed as long as it does not affect your time.
  2. Disrespect\Mockery is self-explanatory. If the user is fine with being mocked, this rule will not apply.
  3. OCs. After adding an OC, you must wait one week before replacing or adding another one. There is a maximum of three OCs.
  4. Leaving\Joining. If you rejoin twice, the next time you depart, you will be banished for one month.
  5. Discord. We indeed have a discord server, where only members and visitors are allowed to join. If you have sent an application and are waiting to join, do not use someone else's invite. Those not associated with ED will be immediately questioned and kicked from the server.
  6. Naming. Because we are pack, we allow all types except for tribal. Clan names are allowed, however, they will not have the kit/paw suffixes.
  7. Visitors. We only accept six visitors at a time, and they are only allowed to stay a maximum of 2 weeks.

In Roleplay

  1. Powerplay. Any forms of powerplay are prohibited to ensure that our sessions remain fair.
  2. Attire. All wolf avatars must be dressed appropriately and have a silver tag.
  3. Behavior. Those not roleplaying or messing around during a plot will be warned and\or banished from the roleplay. If a high rank requests that everyone is to be serious, their word will be respected.


  1. Violet . Alexterrible68
  2. Ouiji . Tsundoky
  3. Brightpath . Azayaka
  1. Nakul . Warriorcat1630
  2. Akele . JaydeNJoslin

1st Place contest winner: Μολυσμένο

Member of the Week: Chesterwhisperings
Nominated for uplifting attitude and kindness

2nd Place contest winner: Watermelon2010

ㄒhe ᗪreamers
Oracle Two Oracles in total lead the pack. They distribute their tasks equally to provide for every member and overlook all. Their duty is to maintain, functionalize and organize Eternal Dreamers, and in return receive utmost respect.
2000px-Five-pointed star.svg
Name Username Gender Mate Species
Thorin Trranquillity Male Autumn Proteles
Nageria Pokefanva Female X Panthera
Delegate Delegates tackle smaller obligations, and serve as second in command. Most of their duties would consist of hosting roleplay/training sessions and keeping members under control. Rank obtained with promotion.
Crescent MoonEternalDreamers
Name Username Gender Mate Species
Kaike fenesa Male Angel Felis
Sylvia Càntañkerøuss Female x Canis
Seer Individuals who have mastered the art of fortune telling are known as Seers. Their skills are mainly utilized to perform various sacred rituals and traditions. They are also artist of mediation, using their talents to serve diligently.
15310093682075862 19EternalDreamersFire
Name Username Gender Mate Species Apprentice
Kyle Sadiethesciencelady Male x Felis x
Herbalist Herbalists are individuals within Eternal Dreamers that have devoted themselves to learning herbs and medical procedures to aid their fellow peers. They are respected for their dedication within the pack.
Name Username Gender Mate Species
Bumblebee Trranquillity Male x Felis
Digital Chica456 Female x Felis
Kaiira Goldin111 Female x Canis
Amaryllis triangulardimensions Female x Pictus
Mercenary The Mercenaries are seasoned warriors within Eternal Dreamers, risking their lives to protect the strongest and weakest of peers. They train often to contain good health and readiness.
Name Username Gender Mate Species
InkFace Trranquillity Male Sassie Felis
Dash Chesterwhisperings Female x Canis
Ventus Pokefanva Male x Felis
Nox flufftuft Female x Felis
Okami Bunny3247 Female x Canis
Atalanta Insectophobia Female x Jubatus
Blue 1029ilovedogs Male x Felis
Lapidary Diligent jewelers and architects, Lapidaries are highly knowledgeable on craftsmanship and foraging. They construct shelters, various types of jewelry, guard riches and tend to newfound loot.
Name Username Gender Mate Species
Lavender Chesterwhisperings Female x Felis
Sassie Càntañkerøuss Female Inkface Felis
Bubble fenesa Male x Felis
Jon Sadiethesciencelady Male x Felis
Celine Oblivionlethe Female x Lynx
Camille Reccovette Jammer1zv4b Female x Felis
Guardians Guardians are crucial for the survival of ED's next generation, the Rookies and Juveniles. They watch over and tend for the youthful, as well as their peers, for most of our prey are retrieved by them.
Name Username Gender Mate Species
Cookie Chesterwhisperings Female x Canis
Elwood Swagmasterelwood Female x Canis
Devilish xwantsometacosx Female x Canis
Xero Watermelon2010 Female x Canis
Rookie After the Juveniles surpass the youth ritual they become the Trainees of ED. They are taught daily to increase their knowledge, and gradually mature into adulthood.
Name Username Gender Species Mentor
Delilah Lpslover58470 Female Felis Cookie
Galaxy axbosskide Male Canis Elwood
Winter Winterrei Female Canis Kylyn
Tara Mirazi Female Canis Devilish
Valentine Sambunny318 Female Canis Xero
Juvenile The youth of ED. Parents and Guardians look over and care for them until they have matured and surpassed both the youth and adult rituals. Just like the Rookies, they are the future of the pack and are very important.
Name Username Gender Species Interest
Nectarface Sadiethesciencelady Male Felis Combat
Honeybun fenesa Female Felis Herbs
Grindelwald Chica456 Male Felis Combat
Chrysanthemum Lexiii Female Canis TBA
Kudo Thealphamorph Male Canis TBA
Pack Leader's Username Leader's OC Realm
Delirious graythewolf26, xxrisingmoonxx Gray, Caleo Neutral
Foxclan Xxmirrorx Cherrystar Neutral
Rippleclan Redcupcake7, Snails4life4 Koistar, Ferretstar Dark



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Banner and Torch Art by Ravensx

Rank Icons by Μολυσμένο, Ravensx and Sølstice