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learn character from trees, value from roots and change from leaves.
Founders Cedarstar & Oakshade(star)
Founding Date 11.25.16
Current Leader Josiah
Roleplay Style Descriptive traditional
Camp Location Pizzalia's den
Species Feral felines


  1. Pizzalia
  2. vlhv321
  3. Olliverr
  4. brdese
  5. Midnoight
  6. Tigerclaw11807
  7. dolphinbrd
  8. animallover6523
  9. Allgator101
  10. peep74409
  11. Turtletail04
  12. cmg06
  13. Cheetah8
  14. Febuarie
  15. Frostyowl
  16. Parkington10
  17. Chorddata
  18. Reyandbb8starwars
  19. Ryan194j
  20. Animaljamellie
  21. empressspirit48
  22. Noodlecx
  23. Unviewed
  24. Descendings
  25. teatea44998
  26. Tooneyloon
  27. xhallowedx
  28. Animal48086
  29. Sammy12358
  30. SiearralovesSnowball
  31. MysticalStone
  32. Solstizvce
  33. Siilverzz
  34. kingspirttiger887
  35. Blitz35733
  36. Mosscoveredbricks
  37. Føliage
  38. Spiret49
  39. kf626
  40. Loop13510
  41. Thepinkgingerbread
  42. Winterwolf47
  43. magic1465
  44. dolphinbrd
  45. Mysteriezaj
  46. Vaporeon47
Character Limit Two
Status Active & Accepting
Orientation Fluid
Nametag/Badge Green/Leaf
Season Newleaf
Member limit 60

Ytttre We don't expect you to be on 24/7, but activity is what keeps a clan going. If you go inactive for two or more weeks, you will be removed from the page. You will be able to rejoin if there are spots open and you can prove that you're active.

Ytttre Rules on this list are to be followed. If you break any of these rules or laws, there will be a punishment.

Ytttre Please always have a green tag with a leaf badge at all times. If you want to change your tag if you're making a quick look, go ahead, but please switch back. Having a green tag symbolizes your loyalty to ElmClan.

Ytttre Double-grouping is unacceptable in ElmClan. If you are caught double-grouping, and cannot provide a reasonable explanation, you will be immediately exiled and not welcomed back.

Ytttre As listed at the top of our page, our roleplaying style is descriptive traditional. If you join and suddenly cannot roleplay in our style, you will be demoted to a lower rank until you can meet our standards. Please note if you are having trouble, you can ask for help and you will not be demoted if you request. If you come into our camp and start roleplaying with any other style besides traditional, you will be asked to stop if it is creating a disruption.

Ytttre Before leaving, you are required to fill out the leaving form at the bottom of the page; this form cannot be accepted nor declined. There isn't an exact limit to how many times you can leave an rejoin, as this is an internet cat group and it's not your main priority, but if the highranks decide you won't be welcomed back, you won't be welcomed back.

Ytttre Once you join, you will be permitted to a "trial week" to test your loyalty.

Ytttre Do not beg for high ranks (elite, co-deputy, deputy, leader). These ranks are earned by people who have proven their loyalty. Plus we can guarantee you that we always have a leader, deputy, and co-deputy.

Ytttre Please do not name your oc something invalid (ex. Manman, Toughguy, etc) or use a prefix that cats do not know exists (like Galaxy). The forbidden names/prefixes are Elm, Silverpelt, Star, and Moon. Country names are allowed but highly discouraged. Please name your OCs after something that makes sense in the Warrior world. Cats don't know what icecream is, they don't know what toucans are, and we all know cats don't know what coffee or tea is.

Ytttre Please do not use phrases like 'NN, NM, ND, etc' in roleplay, or anything similar to 'instantly ends'. It is not tolerated in ElmClan, and if you are caught power playing in your roleplay you will be demoted to a lower rank until you can figure out how to roleplay properly. If you don't figure it out in a week you will be exiled.

Ytttre If you are not listed as an editor, please do not edit our page without permission. The only exception is if you are editing a gallery or have permission to edit other things. If you are caught editing without permission once, you will receive a warning.

Ytttre In ElmClan, you are allowed to have two OC's, but it has to be earned. You must have been in ElmClan for two or more weeks in order to earn this privilege. You may evade this by signing up for litters.

Ytttre You may only replace OCs with the ranks of Elite, Medicine Cat, (co)Deputy and Leader twice. Once you kill off your third OC in that position, you have given up that position and will not retake it unless appointed.

Ytttre Of course, you can goof around and be silly when we're not roleplaying, but if a high rank says to get serious, use common sense and start roleplaying.

Ytttre ElmClan is a strictly plan-before-do Clan, so unplanned raids will not be tolerated. If you would like to plan a battle, let the leader know, and you can talk it out. You will otherwise be ignored/locked out, and any further comments about the unexpected raid will be reported to an administrator.

Ytttre We don't really tolerate shared accounts, for they can be used to double group, but we will allow them if there is an exception.

Ytttre Swearing, harassment/bullying, racial slurs, homophobic jokes, and mini modding are prohibited on the page. This is a clan and we want everyone to feel welcome and have a good time. Any comment deemed one of the listed violations above will be reported to a staff member.

Ytttre Your OC can be snappy, arrogant, egotistical and petty, but they must respect the ranks higher than them. It is crucial to realistically roleplay as warrior cats, and we can't have apprentices and kits dissing the leader and deputy. If your OC is constantly disrespecting the higher ranks, in roleplay punishments will be administered. If it continues, out of roleplay punishments will be administered.

Ytttre Plots regarding sensitive topics, such as suicide, rape, and apprentice pregnancy are not allowed. Plots regarding mental diseases such as dementia, depression, etc, will be allowed as long as you fully understand the concept and severity of these mental diseases, and understand that some of our members do suffer from these illnesses. You must also notify the leader beforehand and receive permission to submit the plot form.

Ytttre Although there is no set dress code, if a high rank tells you to change your look, have some common sense and do so.

Ytttre Follow the Warrior Code at all times.

Ytttre Apprentices may not have mates or leave camp without a warrior+. They also must have had four training sessions with their mentor before they can become a warrior.

Ytttre Kits may not have mates or leave camp at all. They must be six moons before becoming an apprentice.
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leader history

Ytttre ← Click me!

Cedarstar was the founding leader of ElmClan. He was a russet tomcat with darker russet stripes and olive eyes. He was a charmer, but not one for jokes. He was often confused and lost, and made mountains out of molehills, and took his clan to war because of minor issues. Cedarstar, though he was quite dramatic, carried ElmClan through its first moons. Unfortunately Cedarstar’s leadership was short-lived, as he left ElmClan. After Cedarstar had gone, Oakshade rose to the throne. She was a brown shecat with a white underbelly, and crystal blue eyes. She was generous and motherly, quick-witted but not aggressive. She might not have always made the right decision, but she did what she believed was right, and made her clan thrive. She was known for her children, peaceful leading, and chins. Oakstar led ElmClan peacefully for many moons. Her last life was taken by Honeysong, her deputy at the time, who was rattled with ambition that Oakstar hadn’t seen in her before. She was the longest any ElmClan leader had led, and she helped the clan thrive. Snowstar, like Cedarstar, her leadership was short-lived. In the time that she was leader, she led ElmClan peacefully. Due to Oakstar being such a successful leader before her, Snowstar crumbled under the pressure and ran away, leaving her deputy Pinetree to take on her role. By the time Pinestar became leader, he was very old. He lost many of his lives to old age, each one giving him a few more moons. He led peacefully, and helped ElmClan grow. When his last life rolled along, he chose to step down and live his last moons as an elder.


Unlike Pinestar, Tinystar was pretty young when she became leader. Due to her young age, she was pretty inexperienced, and often declared war when it was not needed, or dealt with issues over battles instead of peaceful agreements. One of her most memorable battles was with HollyClan, an ongoing rivalry that was around until HollyClan’s demise. Her decision-making improved as she got older, but her hatred for HollyClan never left. When it rose a second time, she did everything in her power to demolish it once again, which she successfully did. Unfortunately, Tinystar was killed by Web and Lizard, the former leaders of HollyClan who sought revenge on her. Eclipsestar, like Tinystar, was fairly young when she became leader. For the most part she made good decisions, but she could be fickle and indecisive at times. Often times Tinystar would be so wrapped up in her rivalry with HollyClan, that she wasn’t always present to lead the clan, so Eclipsestar would lead the clan in her absence. She helped the clan grow, and tried to promote a more light-hearted atmosphere as she led. Unfortunately, she was having a litter of kittens, and she fell in a river. She saved her kittens, at the cost of many of her own lives. When she made it back home, she lived as an elder for a while, before being killed by a rogue. Ospreystar became leader when Eclipsestar went missing. He led ElmClan peacefully for many moons, and promoted a more controlled environment. In his time as leader, Ospreystar created the ElmClan Council, as well as a new rank, head medicine cat. He had many litters with his mate Tawnyblossom, which grew up to be amazing warriors and medicine cats. Unfortunately, he got trapped under the ice, and died of hypothermia. After Ospreystar’s surprising death, Deerstar received her 9 lives. She was very supportive and kind, quick-witted and stubborn. She led ElmClan peacefully, though was often distracted, or seen daydreaming, so a lot of her decisions were made by her deputies. She didn’t lose many lives, until there was an outbreak of blackcough, which took almost all of her lives. On her last life she stepped down, became an elder, and eventually died of blackcough.
For when she dies ig
Joshia shuzgirvwhieashrvgwhesd


Quail’s leadership was surprising and sudden. Robincloud was the suspected leader, though when Deerstar stepped down, she fled, leaving Quail to take her place. She was a short, stocky light brown she-cat with Siamese markings and emerald green eyes. Motherly, defensive, social and supportive, Quail can get along with most cats, and was well liked by most of the Clan when she rose to the throne. Quail led ElmClan peacefully for many moons and helped it thrive. She brought the Clan back together after the Civil War, and created our alliance with SparrowClan. She was known for her kits, uterus, and motherly instinct, and quite possibly for starting the ElmClan orgy. Quail is probably the mother or in some way related to half (or more) of the surviving population of ElmClan. Her last life was lost to old age. Josiah's leadership started out rocky, as many cats started leaving after Quail died. Despite this, Josiah persevered and led ElmClan through that and to prosperity. He is a slender, tall white tom with a dark brown underbelly and lighter brown streaks, with ocean blue eyes. He is trusting, reliable, and amusing, yet short-tempered, stubborn and sarcastic. Josiah has led for a few moons, and is hoping to lead for many more!
Dildos owo
Ytttre Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday Sunday
Start 4:00 PM EST 4:00 PM EST 4:00 PM EST 4:00 PM EST 4:00 PM EST 11:00 AM EST 11:00 AM EST (GATHERING DAY)
End 9:00 PM EST 9:00 PM EST 9:00 PM EST 9:00 PM EST 9:00 PM EST 11:00 PM EST 11:00 PM EST (GATHERING DAY)

Dildos owo
Leader (1/1)


The leader is the first command in the Clan. Their job is to lead the Clan through hardships, make decisions, bond the Clan together, hold ceremonies, lead the Clan into war, etc. This position is earned, and should be treated with the utmost respect. Even so, we're still human, and we're your friend! A Clan leader is also there for you to talk to if you ever need them. Don't be scared to approach them.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Lives Ytttre
Josiah pizzalia Male - Blackpaw 9/9
Dildos owo
Deputy (1/1) Co-Deputy (1/1)


The deputy is the second in command, and first in line to become leader when the leader steps down, dies, or leaves. Deputies organize patrols, make decisions with the leader and co-deputy, and back the leader up in authority. This position is earned, and should be treated with respect. But again, deputies are people, and they are your friend.


The co-deputy is the third in command, and first in line to become deputy. Co-deputies also organize patrols, make decisions with the leader and co-deputy, and back the leader up in authority. This position is also earned, and should be treated with respect.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Ytttre
Cardinalskip Allgator101 Male - Weaselpaw
Valerian Cheetah8 Female - Darkpaw
Dildos owo
Medicine Cats (3/4) Medicine Cat Apprentices (3/3)

Moosea Mood Ashd

Medicine cats are the healers of the Clan. They use their knowledge of herbs to heal sick and injured cats, and to pass that knowledge down to their apprentices. Medicine cats also have a tight bond to StarClan. Head Medicine Cats (❀) are considered High Ranks and are to be treated with respect.

Gig Sandaa Yooooboysung

Medicine Cat apprentices are Medicine Cats in training. They are trained longer than regular apprentices by a full medicine cat until the Head Medicine Cat decides they are ready to be made into a full Medicine Cat. To become a Medicine Cat apprentice you must first consult the Head, showing them your knowledge of herbs. They'll decide if they want to make you an apprentice or not.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Mentor/App Ytttre
Moose Tigerclaw11807 Male Nightpetal Gingerpaw
Mudswirl Animaljamellie Female - Yoosung
Ashleap Lumixous Female - Leafskip
Gingerpaw Cmg06 Female - Moose
Leafskip Teatea44998 Female - Ashleap
Yoosung Reyandbb8starwars Male - Mudswirl

Waiting list: Wootla (Honeypaw), Cøder (Vanillatwist), Siearralovessnowball (Yellowheart)

Dildos owo
Elite Warriors(5/7) Peacemakers (2/7)

Hep Beett Npetal Loin Npetal

Elite Warriors are like Senior Warriors (but they don't have to be old). Elite Warriors are a step above Warriors. They don't really have many privileges, in a sense it's a title to show appreciation for your dedication to the Clan. They carry out normal Warrior duties. This rank is earned.

Domk Seafallpixel

The Peacemakers are as their name implies; they bring peace. Peacemakers are the kind of cats who are opposed to fighting. When a turmoil arises, Peacemakers are the cats who accompany the leader when speaking with leaders of rival Clans to try and negotiate a fair conclusion without fighting.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Ytttre
Lionstorm peep74409 Male Venenum -
Beetlenose brdese Male - -
Percy Ryan194j Male Lilyblossom Aloepaw
Shrewmask Midnoight Male - Violetpaw
Nightpetal Turtletail04 Female Moose -
Dovesong vlhv321 Female - -
Seafall febuarie Male Quailheart Frecklepaw
Dildos owo

Warriors are the majority of the Clan. Without Warriors, there would be no Clan. A Warrior hunts for the Clan, and protects and defends the territory. Warriors, when they receive an apprentice, are to pass their knowledge down to them.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice Ytttre
Sparrowdust Parkington10 Male - -
Pantherheart cmg06 Male - -
Larkleap Lumixous Female - -
Eaglequill Animaljamellie Male - -
Carpwhisker Descendings Female - -
Echomist Marshmoo Female - -
Goosefur Tooneyloon Male - -
Mousemask Unviewed Male - -
Cindertail Animal48086 Female - -
Lemoncloud Sammy12358 Female - Skypaw
Venenum Solstizvce Female Lionstorm -
Willowbreeze spiritdancer115 Female - -
Chickensquawk doplhinbrd Female - -
Rabbitleap Chorddata Male - -
Snowbreeze xhallowedx Female - Canarypaw
Beau MysticalStone Male - -
Lilyblossom pizzalia Female Percy Viperpaw
Cactusthorn kingspirittiger887 Male - -
Silverrose Febuarie Female - Rosemarypaw
Artemis Tatiana4655 Female - -
V Thepinkgingerbread Male - -
Applecrisp FrostyOwl13 Female - -
Quailheart Midnoight Female Seafall Raypaw
Morty animallover6523 Male - -
Magni Olliverr Male Pharoah -
Toadspots Føliage Female - -
Ace Siilverzz Male - -
Vaporwave Myzteriezaj Male Floralbriar -
September Blitz35733 Female - -
Auburnmask Føliage Female - -
Donnie Chorddata Female - -
Pineswirl Sammy12358 Female - -
Berryheart Turtletail04 Male - -
Floralbriar bella52102 Female Vaporwave -
Dawnpelt Spiret49 Female - -
Brookshine Siilerzz Female - -
Dustpelt SiearralovesSnowball Male - -
Pharoah cheetah8 Female Magni -
Sylvester empressspirit48 Male Thunderheart -
Vanillatwist Vaporeon47 Male - -
Coralreef animallover6523 Female - -
Coruscant Tigerclaw11807 Female - -
Pigeonchirp FrostyOwl13 Female - -
Chase Animaljamellie Male - -
Venus Everlyn707 Female - -
Dandelionsneeze Reyandbb8starwars Female - -
Rivershine MysticalStone Female - -
Lenny Mysteriezaj Male - -
Yellowheart Siearralovessnowball Female - -
Dildos owo
Apprentices (15/20)

Apprentices are the trainees of the Clan. They are learning the skills it takes to become a warrior. They are given a mentor at 6 moons old to train them. An apprentice must have 3 sessions, or have been an apprentice for 2 weeks, before being made a Warrior. Apprentices carry out specific tasks, as in clearing out bedding, or checking elders for ticks.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mentor Ytttre
Canarypaw FrostyOwl13 Female Snowbreeze
Everlyn Thepinkgingerbread Female -
Honeypaw Wootla Female -
Lichenpaw dolphinbrd Male -
Blackpaw Allgator101 Female Josiah
Weaselpaw Loop13510 Male Cardinalskip
Darkpaw peep74409 Male Valerian
Violetpaw Teatea44998 Female Shrewmask
Aloepaw Empressspirit48 Male Percy
Viperpaw TooneyLoon Male Lilyblossom
Rosemarypaw Solstizvce Female Silverrose
Frecklepaw Reyandbb8starwars Female Seafall
Raypaw magic1465 Female Quailheart
Skypaw Winterwolf47 Male Lemoncloud
Widowpaw Føliage Male -
Dildos owo
Kits (15/15)

Kits are the youth of the Clan. Vulnerable and innocent, they are to be protected at all times. Kits are confined to camp until the age of 6 moons, as that's the age they're apprenticed. All kits must have at least one parent, whether it be biological or adoptive. Unborn kits in litters are listed here as well.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Parents Ytttre
Atreus Blitz35733 Male -
Wildkit MysticalStone Female -
Loki Tigerclaw11807 Male -
Phlegein Winterwolf47 Male -
Minnow Sammy12358 Female -
Cinnamonbun Mysteriezaj Female -
Meadow Siilverzz Female -
Brackenkit Turtletail04 Male -
Ferretkit cmg06 Male -
Sweetkit febuarie Female [UNBORN]
Moluccan Mosscoveredbricks Male [UNBORN]
Okapikit kingspirittiger887 Male UNBORN
Stormkit Triggereddragon Male [UNBORN]
Ebony - Female [UNBORN]
Mistykit - Female [UNBORN]
Dildos owo
Permanent Queens(2/3) Queens(1/3)

Permanent queens are cats who decided neither Warrior life or Medicine cat life was for them. They enjoy caring for kits. These cats take in orphaned/motherless kits as their own. They also teach all of the kits, regardless of their parents, basic morals and the Warrior code. Permanent queens are to protect the kits at all times.

Queens are she-cats who are expecting or nursing kits, and have taken a temporary break from their Warrior duties to birth and raise them. Queens are to stay in the nursery with their kits until they're apprenticed. Since ElmClan always seems to have a problem with kits and queens, queens must contact the leader to be added to the queens waiting list.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Kits Ytttre
Thunderheart SiearralovesSnowball Female Sylvester Expecting
Springstep Triggereddragon Female - -
Venenum Solstizvce Female Lionstorm [UNBORN]

Waiting list:  Thunderheart X Sylvester

Dildos owo
Elders (0/15)

Elders are cats who have grown to the age where they choose to retire from their duties. Elders are to be treated with respect. They live out the rest of their days peacefully, without duties to worry about. Apprentices are to care for them if they cannot care for themselves, and usually, Elders tell stories to kits.

Ytttre Name Username Gender Mate Ytttre
- - - -
Dildos owo

The punished cats are cats who have done wrong and have received a punishment. This is for in roleplay punishments only.

Ytttre Name Reason Punishment Ytttre
- - -
Dildos owo
Excused from Roleplay

These are people who are excused from roleplay for a set amount of time. They cannot be kicked out or punished unless their excuse is out of date. Although, you cannot fill out a form with "Indefinite" and never appear again. We'll just remove you at that point.

Name Username Time Period Reason
Larkleap Lumixous Indefinite Personal
Sparrowdust Parkington10 Indefinite Personal
Josiah Pizzalia Indefinite Personal
Yoosung reyandbb8starwars Indefinite Personal
Pinepaw Sammy12358 4/20-6/26 School
Applecrisp Frostyowl Indefinite Personal
Rabbitleap Chordatta 5/7-6/7 School
Toadspots Føliage Indefinite Break
Dawnpelt Spiret49 Indefinite Moving
Shrewmask Midnoight 5/15-6/22 School
Springstep Triggereddragon Personal Indefinite

Albino 1/2
Complete Blindness 0/1 Partial Blindness 1/2
Complete Deafness 1/1 Partial Deafness 0/2
Hairless 0/1 Full Heterochromia 3/3
Paralysis 0/1 Polydactyl 0/2
Amputated 1/2 Mute 0/2
Blind and Deaf 0/1 Declawed 2/2
Broken/Twisted jaw 0/3
Gingerpaw Full heterochromia
Floralbriar Full heterochromia
Aster Full heterochromia
Leafskip Partially Blind
Silverrose Amputated
Viperpaw Albino
Pharoah Declawed
Rosemarypaw Declawed
Springstep Fully Deaf

Dildos owo
Group Leader Leader's Username Date Established
SparrowClan Ryestar attiecat22 1.14.18
HollyClan Swiftstar Petz52luv 5.3.18

Evergreen, Colorado

Tumblr p6sqgh6owG1tewbdwo1 1280

ElmClan is placed in Evergreen, Colorado. Nestled in a rivervalley of the Rocky Mountains, ElmClan lives peacefully and undisturbed by Twolegs. ElmClan's territory is all forest, with a river and many streams jutting through it. Surrounding it are high rising peaks and cliffs, sheltering it from the elements and opposing Clans. Prey here is plentiful, although there are lots of newfound dangers in this area.

The Forest

Tumblr owinj1Ts8D1tewbdwo2 540

Location vlhv321, Animaljamellie & Tigerclaw11807

Description The forest is ElmClan's main territory. Laden with trees, thick undergrowth, and prey-rich, it is ElmClan's go-to area. We are skilled in hunting in the undergrowth and chasing prey up trees. The dangers here are foxes, the occasional badger, and a brave eagle. A small creek cuts through the river, supplying us with an easily accessed source of water.

Prey Mice, squirrels, birds, rabbits, fish, watervoles, frogs, lizards

The River

Tumblr ojouaifZSD1tewbdwo2 1280

Location Everywhere

Description The river, is, as it sounds, a river. The river cuts through all of the territories, and has many branches and streams. It is very dangerous, and kills many many cats in ElmClan. Despite this, frogs, fish, watervoles and waterbirds can be caught here, and it is an excellent source of fresh water.

Prey Watervoles, fish, waterbirds, frogs


We are no longer accepting kits!

OC Name

Desired Rank


Personality (Please give your oc flaws, no cat is perfect!)

Roleplay Example (Both hunting & fighting Traditional only!)



Image of Cat

OC Page (Optional)

Do you share an account?

Please rate your activity (1-10)

Which of our rules is the most important to you?

Alliance (CLOSED)

We do not associate with groups consisting of less than 10 members, or groups that are any species other than feline.

Group Name with Link

Leader's Name

Leader's Username

Why do you wish to ally?

How will you benefit?

How will we benefit?

Member Count

Territory Owned (If any)


We are no longer accepting kits!

OC Name

Desired Rank


Personality (Please give your oc flaws, no cat is perfect!)



Image of Cat

OC Page (Optional)

Why do you wish to come back?

Why should we accept you back?

Please rate your activity (1-10)

Which of our rules is the most important to you?

Second OC

Please make sure you've been in ElmClan two weeks before making a second oc. You also must keep your oc for at least one month before killing them off.

We are no longer accepting kits!

OC Name

Desired Rank


Personality (Please give your oc flaws, no cat is perfect!)



Image of Cat

OC Page (Optional)


Plot Title

OC Name


Plot Idea

Cats Involved

Date & Time Planned


OC Name



Current Group (If any)

Reason for visiting

Do you plan to join in the future?


OC Name


Reason for Departure

How Can We Improve?

Excused from Roleplay

This is only for absences exceeding four or more days

OC Name


Reason (If personal no need to list why)

Time Period

Josiah Pizzalia
Shrewmask Midnoight
Cardinalskip Allgator101
Beetlenose Brdese
Lionstorm peep74409
Coralreef animallover6523
Seafall febuarie

Waiting List:

887435 logo 512x512

↑ Click me!!!

Discord is open to all ElmClanners and visitors! It is also open to friends of ElmClanners. Discord is our main way of communication other than AJ and the Wiki. We are very active there, and it is a great way to make new friends in ElmClan! Disclaimer: there's lots of sin.


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