9/9/2018 - Welcome, Salt, Mango, Mouse and Scarlet! Hope you brought pizza.

9/9/2018 - Little Phycopath - woops, meant Jigsaw - broke into the nursery, killed Nike and Khadijah, and escaped with Bumble, one of Nike's pups.

9/9/2018 - Turn's out Yarrow wasn't just on a nice long walk - he's, uhm, dead. Sorry for your loss.

9/9/2018 - Silver's been made Alpha in place of Yarrow, Echo has been promoted into Delta position. (Thunder : "She'll be unbearable now!")


9/10/2018 - Put away you're bunny slippers! Spring's here.

9/10/2018 - Echo and Tuna are working on adding new workers' into our Pack.

9/10/2018 - Well, look's like Shiva and Indigo have tied the knot. Let's let them enjoy their one-hour honeymoon before sending them back to work.

9/10/2018 - Typhoon and Lycaon have joined - quick! Hide the banannas.


9/11/2018 - Melodi joins the Pack as a Pup-Mother! Who's going to tell her our pups are crazy?


9/12/2018 - xxx


9/13/2018 - The Shamans' discover a pond with fish and herbs. Do you not see the evil wolves right there?


9/14/2018 - Turtle has come back from the fiery depths of 'Storage'.

9/14/2018 - Summer's here! Try not to get a bug up your nose.


9/15/2018 - Everyone has been aged three moons.



Generation Two


Wisteriaflower & Miintie
Current Leaders Silver5689 & Rasha118
Current Deltas SpinnyAJ & ---
Member Count 19/20
OC Limit Unlimited (Go easy on the editors, please!)
Roleplay Style Descriptive Traditional
Species Wolves



Most Crashing Tide wolves are kind and loyal, however, there are a few exceptions. Almost all Crashing Tide wolves at least now how to swim and fish, though some are better then it then others. Purebred Crashing Tide wolves, meaning they where born into the pack, have excellent underwater vision that most wolves don't have.

When making you're character, keep in mind that Crashing Tide is located inside a warmer, tropical region - Arctic and Himalayan Wolves aren't all that common.


Crashing Tide's territory consists of small meadows and punctured forests - a great hiding place for deer and rabbits, as well as the occasional lapwing or pheasant in the grasses. Crashing Tide mainly relies in the ocean's fish, however, even though their is a river that runs threw their territory near their border. Crashing Tide's camp is surrounded by long dune grass, concealing the pack from the forest while giving a wide, spectacular view of the ocean.


Double Grouping

Crashing Tide is a side-group, and isn't meant to replace your main group. If your main group doesn't allow side-groups, then don't join Crashing Tide.


Respect was formerly a huge issue inside Crashing Tide, but luckily, it's mostly under control now - if you show disrespect to anyone that is part of Crashing Tide, you will be exiled.


Roleplaying is the basis of Crashing Tide, as well as any other group. Please leave a detailed comment inside the roleplay threads.


Trainees are not allowed to be Mary-Sue - meaning that they must learn everything, they didn't always know how to fish or swim. Any trainee that breaks this rule will be asked to remove their OC.


If you are going to be inactive for more then three days, inform a leader on one of their message walls. You will be removed from the page if you make a unexcused absence longer then FIVE days.


Inside Crashing Tide, you are allowed unlimited OC's. Don't abuse this rule.

Alpha (2/2)

Alpha's are the prime rank of Crashing Tide. They are the leaders, in charge of organizing patrols and leading the pack into battle (if they decide on warfare). They can command any rank to do anything - Exile, included.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Trainee
Ivy Pixels
Ivy Rasha118 Female Northwestern 64 - -
Silver Pixels
Silver Silver5689 Female Grey 62 - -
Delta (2/2)

Delta's are the second in command. They organize most patrols, and are the top fighters and hunters of the pack. Each Alpha selects one Delta to carry on their legacy of greatness.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Trainee
Abyss Pixels
Abyss SpinnyAJ Female Tibetan 48 - -
Echo Pixels
Echo Wisteriaflower Female Tibetan 48 Tuna -
Lead Shaman (1/2)

The head of the Shaman league. They are usually the oldest/most experienced Shamans. They know the most about herbs and other medications.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Trainee
Black Pearl Pixels
Black Pearl SpinnyAJ Female Eurasian 48 - Pendelum
Shaman (5/4)

Shamans are the bulk of the healer league. They are former Shaman Trainees who have learned all their is to know about Shaman life.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Trainee
Dune Pixels
Dune Scarletava Female Grey 40 - -
Orchid Pixels
Orchid Rasha118 Female Northwestern 35 - Wasp
Mango Pixels2
Mango Wisteriaflower Male Indian 32 - -
Whiskers - 'Male' Snail - - -
Elite Combatants (2/5)

Elite Combatants are a higher ranking of normal Combatants. They are most suited to becoming the next Delta, if need be it, and they are the go-to wolves when the Alpha needs to make decisions.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Trainee
Jade Pixels
Jade Rasha118 Female Northwestern 65 - -
Tsunami Pixels
Tsunami SpinnyAJ Female Red 53 - -
Combatant (12/20)

Combatants are the bulk of the Pack. They defend and hunt for their packmates, and train Trainees that wish to follow inside their pawsteps.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Trainee
Tuna Pixels
Tuna Rasha118 Male Great Plains 55 Echo -
Indigo Pixels
Indigo Silver8956 Male Grey 50 - Poison
Crumpet Pixels
Crumpet Rasha118 Male Mexican 50 Creampuff -
Shiva Pixels
Shiva Artice24 Female Mexican 42 - Eclair
Eclipse Pixels
Eclipse Wisteriaflower Male Grey 48 - -
Ambassador Artice24 Male Iberian 48 - -
Thunder Pixels
Thunder Wisteriaflower Male Eurasian 39 - Gar
Storm Pixeks
Storm SpinnyAJ Female Eurasian 39 - Peach
Riptide Pixels
Riptide SpinnyAJ Male Rocky 39 Elm Wink
Elm Pixels
Elm Rasha118 Male Grey 39 Riptide Turtle
Creampuff Pixels
Creampuff SpinnyAJ Female Mexican 48 Crumpet -
Scarlet Pixels
Scarlet Lofisticcolorless Female Ethiopian 33 - -
Salt Pixels
Salt Sophia heart Dogs Male Bernard 39 - -
Jihi Pixels
Jihi Wisteriaflower Male Grey 40 - -
Lycaon Pixels
Lycaon OblivionQueen Male Eastern 37 - -
Typhoon Pixels
Typhoon TheDarkOverlordOfAll Male Grey 27 - -
Trainee (9/10)

Trainees are the to-be combatants of the Pack. They are in training to hunt and defend the pack inside the future. Includes all wolves between 9 and 24 moons of age.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mentor Progress
Barracuda Pixels
Barracuda SpinnyAJ Male YukonxRed 26 Finch 35%
Gar Pixels
Gar SpinnyAJ Male YukonxRed 26 Thunder 40%
Wink Pixels
Wink Silver8956 Female Tibetan 28 Riptide 35%
Unity Pixels
Unity SpinnyAJ Female Arabian 26 Coast 35%
Flare Pixels
Flare SpinnyAJ Male Mountain 31 Echo 30%
Eclair Pixels
Eclair - Female Mexican 18 Shiva 20%
Turtle Pixels
Turtle Wisteriaflower Female YukonxRed 26 Elm 35%
Shaman Trainee (1/3)

Shaman Trainees are the future Shamans of the Pack. They are following inside the steps of their mentors to learn all about healing and the mysteries of The Spirits.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mentor Progress
Wasp Pixels
Wasp White67827 Male Himalayan 30 Orchid 20%
- - - - - - - -
- - - - - - - -
Caretaker (1/5)

Caretakers are the mothers of the Pack. They care for the youngest members of the pack with gentle, soothing words and bright hopes.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Youth
Melodi Pixels
Melodi White67827 Female Indian 37 - -
Youth (2/10)

The Youth are the pups of the pack, the future Shamans and Combatants of the Pack. They need the gentle guidance of Caretakers to teach them.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Caretaker Siblings
Juniper Pixels
Juniper - Male Great Plains 6 - Bumble & Tundra
Tundra Pixels
Tundra Rasha118 Female Great Plains 6 -

Bumble & Juniper

Elder (2/10)

Elders are the oldest, wisest members of the Pack. They have lived the longest, inside or outside of this Pack.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate
Mouse Pixels
Mouse Wisteriaflower Female Apennine 93 -
Secret pixels mmhmm
Secret White67827 Female Grey 80 -
Rogue (8/15)

Rogues are a special rank of wolves that live on Crashing Tide territory but don't consider themselves to be part of the pack. All exiled members of the pack are sent here.


Icon Name Username Gender Species Age Mate Alliance
Russel Pixels
Russel SpinnyAJ Male Himalayan 43 Grimborn
Trouble Pixels
Trouble Silver8956 Female ArcticxHimalayan 12 - Grimborn
Toxic Pixels
Toxic Artice24 Male ArcticxHimalayan 12 - Grimborn
Hades Pixels
Hades - Male ArcticxHimalayan 12 - Grimborn
Jigsaw Pixels
Jigsaw SpinnyAJ Male Grey 28 - The Glade
Salem Pixels
Salem Wisteriaflower Female British Columbia 32 - The Glade
Bullet Pixels
Bullet Rasha118 Male Gregory 32 - The Glade
Bumble Pixels
Bumble SpinnyAJ Male Great Plains 6 - The Glade



OC Name

Wikia Username

Desired Rank





Main Group


New OC

OC Name

Wikia Username

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Plot Name

OC's Involved





All OC(s)

Wikia Username


Reason For Departure




  • "This is Family"
  • Yarrow x Tsunami
  • "The Squad"
  • Echo
  • Thunder and Storm
  • Thunder
  • Wink
  • Yarrow And Tsunami's Pups
  • Russel X Mikasa
  • Riptide's Puphood
  • Handsome Echo
  • Indigo
  • Alternate Tsunami
  • "Friends"
  • Ivy
  • Jade
  • Jade (2)
  • Turtle, Barracuda and Gar
  • "Fireflies"
  • Finch
  • "Trainees"
  • Lie
  • Ivy by Kayxer
  • Cannoli & Eclair


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