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November 5, 2017





Alpha Haggis







Delta Spinny


Growing Prey Semi-plentiful OC Limit Founder Sachie
Crashing Tide is a fun, playful thread side-group created by Wisteriaflower in hopes of creating a semi-realistic, interactive wolf roleplay group far from darker themes. As of now, Crashing Tide is a active, medium sized collection of tightly knit friends bent on creating strong in and out of roleplay bonds.
Inhabitats Visitors Territory
  1. Wisteriaflower
  2. Rasha118
  3. SpinnyAJ
  4. Artice24
  5. Mistytunes
  6. IAmALazyBug
  7. SaturnDust
  8. Speckledpotato
  9. ...
  10. ...


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Crashing Tide's camp is nestled inside a nook made of dunegrass, beside the sea. Often times the smell of salt and ocean is all that fills the camp, especially in winter, when the breeze flows out from the sea. The camp is generally warm, with dens forming a 'circle' around a tall stone called the Sun-Rock, which acts as the den of the Alpha and Shaman's den, a sunning rock, and a meeting place.

Usually, the wolves of Crashing Tide stick to the waterways, specifically a river, the delta of said river, and the ocean. They will eat most anything that comes from the water (fish, barnacles, shells, etc.)

  • Camp


In Character Out of Roleplay

You are allowed unlimited OC's, but it is illadvised to abuse this rule and create hoards of characters, at that will result in temporary ban from roleplay or the removal of certain OC's. If you are to create a pup or trainee OC, no aspects of that character may be changed until the Combatant stage of the OC's life. You are also obliged to go threw the entire training process of a trainee, if you are unwilling to, your character will likely be put on hiatus.

If you have any questions, it is advised to seek the attention of Wisteriaflower, Rasha118, SpinnyAJ or Artice24 - as eldest members, they understand the rules better than most anyone.

Drama is essential in any healthy roleplay environment, but it is ill-advised to stir up trouble with a plot or permission from higher authorities.

With that being said, Crashing Tide is meant to be a fun place to roleplay, and we fully hope for you to practice roleplay styles, creativity and OC creation!

All in all, all Crashing Tide asks of you is common sense.


Partial credit to tables to SparrowClan. [Proof as seen here]

All wolf bases here are created by ThisAccountIsDead462 on DevianArt, and are f2u.

2018 12 20 Kleki


The Alpha is the proxy and chief of the Clan, in charge of all major decisions such as allowing members into the Pack. The word of the Alpha is law, and should not be questioned without reason. This character can summon meetings and patrols at will.

This rank is closed.

Name Username Gender Moons Mate
Ivy Rasha118 She-wolf 86 N/a
2018 12 20 Kleki abyss


The second-in-command, chosen by the Alpha to follow their example and eventually lead the Pack into greatness. Their word is to be respected greatly.

This rank is closed.

Name Username Gender Moons Mate
Abyss SpinnyAJ She-wolf 62 N/a

Shaman Division

The Shaman's are the center of medical and religious life in Crashing Tide, responsible for storing herbs and remedies to everything from common colds to severe wounds. They hold the closest bonds to the Spirits, the spiritual ancestors of the Pack.

Shaman's are chosen from those who show interest in aiding their pack without violence and fresh-kill, and often times begin training before their littermates. They are taught to distinguish between herbs.

This rank is open.

[🐾 = Trainee]

Name Username Gender Moons Trainee
Orchid Rasha118 She-wolf 51 Peanut Butter
Black Pearl SpinnyAJ She-wolf 62  N/a
Bane SaturnDust Male 31 N/a
🐾 Peanut Butter Mistytunes Male 15 N/a
🐾 Whiskers [pet] - - - -


Combatant's are the bulk rank of the Clan, likewise to Warriors' in a Clan. They provide the ample supply of fish and water creatures Crashing Tide eats, as well as defending the borders from rogues.

Although respect is mandatory, they are not at the same level as the Alpha or the Delta.

This rank is open.

[🐾 = Elite Combatant]

Name Username Gender Moons Mate
🐾 Shiva Artice24 She-wolf 41 -
🐾 Ra Wisteriaflower Male 31 -
🐾 Jade Rasha118 She-wolf 87 -
Ambassador Artice24 Male 53 -
Riptide SpinnyAJ Male 54 Elm
Elm Rasha118 Male 51 Riptide
Saber SpinnyAJ Male 39 -
Nook Wisteriaflower She-wolf 31 -
Imani Mistytunes She-wolf 29 -
Oleander SpinnyAJ She-wolf 31 -
Bullet Rasha118 Male 33 -
Barracuda SpinnyAJ Male 26 -
Unity SpinnyAJ She-wolf 29 -
Gar SpinnyAJ Male 26 -
Pistol Rasha118 She-wolf 33 -
Claudia IAmALazyBug She-wolf 31 -


Trainee's are those young wolves below two years of age in training to join the Combatant Rank. They are usually inexpierenced and have no prior knowledge of hunting or combat.

Tasks of this rank include swapping bedding, babysitting pups and patrolling alongside their mentor. They are expected to be submissive and obiedient. They do have fun - for example there is a running tale that the tiny eggs frogs sometimes leave in the pool beside the nursery are actually deliscious berries.

This rank is open.

Name Username Gender Moons Mentor Status
Bumble SpinnyAJ Male 18 Ra Intermediate
Memphis Wisteriaflower Male 19 Gar [temp.] Intermediate
Keira SpinnyAJ She-wolf 16 Shiva Novice

Caretaker's & Youth

Caretaker's are essentially the Queen's of the Pack, in charge of rearing the new generation with their own wisdom and gentleness. Without pups, there would be no life, and hence Caretaker's are respected greatly.

This rank is open.

[🐾 = Permanent caretaker]

The youth of Crashing Tide are those young that 

Name Username Gender Moons Mate
🐾 Junco Mistytunes She-wolf 31 N/a


The youth of Crashing Tide are pups below the age of one year, in waiting to supply the pack with the next generation of trainee's and combatant's. They are still living in the Nursery with their mother and littermates at this time, 'training' how to behave in the pack - for example, respecting the Alpha, following the rules, and building nests.

Pups are usually very light-hearted and entergetic, usually scampering all about camp and causing quite the mischief. 

This rank is open.

Name Username Gender Mother Moons
Rose [Open!] She-pup Tsunami Seven
Reef SandyMouse She-pup Tsunami Seven
Sable [Open!] Male Tsunami Seven
Moose Speckledpotato Male Junco Six


Elder's are those retired Combatant's and Shaman's that have done their duty faithfully, but are now retired in their last days. They are wise from age and hold respect and minimal authority, and even the Alpha looks for them for guidance at times.

They are not expected to catch their own prey, nor guard and fight, unless needed.

This rank is open.

Name Username Gender Moons Mate
- - - - -


Dispersals are those that live outside of Crashing Tide's borders nor consider themselves members of the Pack. They can be foes or allies, however most often they are neutrals, roaming the land in attempt of sprouting their own mini-packs. They often hunt alone and avoid conflict.

This rank is open.

[💀 = Grimborn pack; Enemy]

[💙 = Ally]

Name Username Gender Moons Mate
💀 Russel SpinnyAJ Male 61 N/a
💀 Toxic Artice24 Male 36 N/a
💀 Hades SpinnyAJ Male 36 N/a
💀 Rue Wisteriaflower She-wolf 29 N/a
Ziddim Mistytunes Male 29 N/a
Salem Wisteriaflower She-wolf 37 N/a
💙 Murdoch SaturnDust Male 67 N/a


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Alpha Delta Editor
Rasha118 is one of the oldest members of Crashing Tide [and also one of the best! - Wist] and her character Ivy is the Alpha of Crashing Tide. 
Aloha! I am SpinnyAJ, call me Spinny! I am a very active user, and I live inside the Central Time zone.
Bonjour! I'm Wisteria, editor and founder of Crashing Tide. I'm usually a 10/10 active user, inside the Eastern Time zone.

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