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We are Strong.

We Fight for our Lives.

We are CougarClan.

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Alpha87590 & CougarClanOffical
Morningstar (alpha87590) & Angelstar (krt10)
Domesticated Felines
Descriptive Traditional
Bronze w/ Wing
Krt10's Den

  1. Krt10
  2. Alpha87590
  3. ​xxShadowGuyxx
  4. ​Spiritja
  5. ​CougarClanOffical
  6. ​TheDragonRiders
  7. ​Akihko
  8. ​Wolfhunt906
  9. ​Aubrey8408
  10. ​DatRandomCat
  11. ​Witie
  12. ​Kariiko
  13. ​SarahIsAmazing12345
  14. ​CuteTigerQueen
  15. ​SensitivityAJ39
  16. Seal4314
  17. Dolphin1900
  18. Squishyseal233
  19. djwolf671
  20. unikittycorns4life
  21. izzymocherry
  22. Chattypony
  23. Fancybunny148
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CougarClan has been founded. {5/14/17}

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The news has been cleared. More to be added soon! {8/29/17}

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Heatherpaw has passed away due to unknown causes. She will forever be missed. {9/9/17}

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Rosepaw has left our clan, she will be missed as a founder and a wonderful member...

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Dawnpaw has left, due to anxiety. {10/15/17}

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Twitchpaw has left the clan, may StarClan light his path. {12/26/17}

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Please welcome Alderpelt as our new Medicine Cat! {12/26/17}

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Please welcome Asher as our second Medicine Cat! {12/28/17}

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Please welcome Angelstar and Morningstar as our new Leaders! {1/1/18}

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Please welcome Shadowwind as Angelstar's Deputy and Finchwhisker as Morningstar's Deputy! {1/1/18}

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Finchwhisker has been killed by a wolf. Wildspirit gave birth to two kits. May StarClan light Finchwhisker's path and welcome Wolfkit and Badgerkit to CougarClan! {3/16/18}

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Group Name Leader's Name Leader's User Deputy's Name Deputy's User Species
FrostClan (App1exd) Froststar App1exd Moonshadow Hc15852 Domestic Felines
Sadistic Terror Fleur Duchesspearl0029 TBA TBA Canidae, Felidae & Vulpes
MossClan (Bellajules8) Blazestar, Owlstar TheHuntress5203, Blazesoul Stormclaw, Darkheart Bellah49, Cutiepiecloud1 Felis Catus
Crystalline Cometias Acorn Dolphin1900 TBA TBA Canis Lupis
StormClan (Treefurdoseitall) Fox Treefurdoseitall Felix Scarletwave Panthera
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Group Name Leader's Name Leader's User Deputy's Name Deputy's User Species
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Group Name Leader's Name Leader's User Deputy's Name Deputy's User Species
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Double-grouping is forbidden in Cougarclan. If you are caught you will be killed and/or exiled.


All cats must be active. If you are not active enough you will be kicked out. If you have a good explanation for why we will think about it. You MUST be on at least 2-5 times every 2 weeks.


Cats and ONLY cats are allowed into the group. If you are doing a plot including somebody to be a different animal, that is fine. But you MUST tell one of the leaders.

Leaders Words are Law

You have to obey the words of the leaders or punishment will come.

No Drama

Do not create unnecessary drama. We do not need drama here. If there are any conflicts between a clanmate, settle it on their Message Wall or on AJ peacefully. Do not drag the whole clan into the drama.


Realism is key. That means no nine feet, rainbow pelted cats, power-playing, or any supernatural powers. Peculiar eye colors are an exception.


You must respect each other in roleplay and out of roleplay. However, you must earn your respect. Acting obnoxiously and disrespectfully will not earn you any respect from your clanmates.

We are Not Your Hotel

We are not a cheap hotel. You cannot simply come and go. Make up your mind before you post an application. "Trial tests" will not be tolerated either. Make up your mind or don't join at all.


Once you leave Cougarclan, you may only have three more chances to join us once again. If you leave more than three times, we will no longer accept you into the clan.


The only people who can demote others are the: Leaders, Deputies, and the founder. You can ask one of them to demote somebody but it's a small chance they will. Unless they speak to the leaders/deputies/founder.


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First Offense

1. Apprentice Duties


3. Ear Notch One

4. Confined into camp
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Second Offense

1. Eating last

2. Suspended from duty

3. Ear Notch Two

4. Starved for 3 days
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Third Offense

1. Scar

2. Demoted

3. Killed

4. Exiled

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Apprentice Ceremony

The apprentice ceremony is when a kit reaches the age of 6 moons and is ready to take on training. The leader calls a meeting. Then, the leader will call on the kit giving them their apprentice name. They're given a mentor and wished the best on their times of learning. The mentor then touches noses with the apprentice, and the clan celebrates by chanting for the apprentice and relaxing for a little. After, the apprentice visits their family and/or mentor.

Medicine Cat Apprentice Ceremony

The leader yet again calls another clan meeting. The medicine cat announces who he/she wishes to mentor as an apprentice. After their ceremony, the mentor and apprentice touch noses and the clan celebrates once more. Then the chosen medicine cat to mentor the apprentice takes them to the moonpool. The medicine cat introduces the apprentice to the warriors of StarClan. After these words are spoken, the apprentice either touches his/her nose to the moonstone or drinks from the moonpool.

Warrior Ceremony

Once a mentor feels satisfied with their apprentices training skills, they reccomend turning them into a warrior to the leader. Then, the apprentice must go through a important assessment to test their skills as a warrior. Though, if the apprentice has just did a big contribution to the clan, the leader decides whether or not they need the test. Once the leader is satisfied, they call a clan meeting and call the apprentice forward. The leader gives them their chosen warrior name after they have promised to StarClan. They bow towards each other right before the leader assigns them to look over the camp during that night.

Dying Apprentice Ceremony

Though it is sad to see an apprentice go, there is a ceremony that contributes to them. If an apprentice is on the verge of death/has passed, the leader will call a clan meeting shortly after. The leader then says they have learned the warrior code and ask if they may be taken into StarClan as a warrior with their warrior name.

Leadership Ceremony

The new leader goes to the Moonstone (or Moonpool) with the Clan's medicine cat. After touching the stone (or drinking from the pool), the new leader cannot move for a short period of time, because their old life is being ripped away so they can receive nine new ones. Upon awakening, cats of StarClan come down from Silverpelt. Nine cats, normally ones who were significant during the new leader's life, although this is not always the case, give them their nine lives with special words. When all of the lives have been given, normally the previous leader says something special aswell. Often, after all the lives are given, the previous leader usually conducts the coronation for the new leader. However, sometimes the previous leader does not speak at the ceremony, or it is unknown if they are actually present, and another cat will conduct the coronation for the new leader - often the last cat to give them a life, but it also can be performed by the entirety of the amount of StarClan cats known to be present in the ceremony. Just as the forest-cats would call a warrior by their new name, the StarClan cats acclaim the new leader. After the ceremony, the new leader is not allowed to tell any cat what happened during the ceremony. Each of the lives normally give the new leader a great deal of pain as a sign to ready them for the hard work it normally will be to lead their Clan. However, certain lives, depending on the gift, do not and instead give the warrior a much better feeling.

Deputy Ceremony

Occasionally, a Clan leader does not announce the new deputy before moonhigh. This can be because: they are physically or emotionally unwell, or they are unsure whether the previous deputy is alive. If the ceremony is not performed in time, it is sometimes seen as a bad omen. If the deputy dies in battle, the Clan Leader might choose to appoint the new deputy whilst still fighting, instead of waiting to return to the camp.

Elite Ceremony

Once the Leader feels satisfied with a warrior's skills, they recommend turning them into an elite to other high ranks. Then, the warrior must go through a small assessment to test their skills as a warrior. Though, if the warrior has just did a big contribution to the clan, the leader decides whether or not they need the test. Once the leader is satisfied, they call a clan meeting and call the warrior forward. The leader then grants the warrior the wish of being the elite. They bow towards each other right before the leader assigns them to look over the camp during the whole week.

Elder Ceremony

An aging warrior, queen, or medicine cat may retire as an elder due to own initiative, when they feel they cannot help the Clan efficiently any more. A cat may also retire if they are hindered from serving their Clan through old age, illness, or injury. They report this to the Clan Leader, who calls a Clan meeting and addresses the warrior. Once the words have been spoken, The Clan will call out the retired warrior's name and then they will go to the elder's den. An elder may receive a completely different name, with a different ceremony, than keeping their warrior name; in ThunderClan, there were the elders Halftail and One-eye, who originally had different warrior names. This ceremony is also used for other reasons, such as changing Lostface's name to Brightheart. Usually, an elder ceremony is held only when a cat retires due to old age. If they are forced to retire because of a severe injury, there is no ceremony.

Name Changing Ceremony
When a cat's name no longer portrays who they are, a Clan leader can perform this ceremony to change it to a new name. Normally, the name is changed from the result of an injury. However, sometimes it is changed when the cat has been named incorrectly and the leader wants to rectify this mistake.
All this info was collected from here.
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!Current Plots |- |We currently have no planned plots. |}

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{| class="article-table" style="margin: 20px auto; width: 300px; height: 100px;border: 3px solid #ab7848 "

| scope="row" style="background-color:#c7a369;border-color:#c7a369;text-align:center;" |Leaders |- | scope="row" style="background;border-color:#c7a369;text-align:center;" | {1/2}

Coral (1)

|- | scope="row" style="background-color:#c7a369;border-color:#c7a369;text-align:center;" | The Leaders are the highest rank you can get to. A Leader's orders are to be respected and not argued against unless it is against the Warrior Code. Those who are dishonest or disrespectful to the Leaders will be punished by the Leader themselves or by one of the Deputies. |}

Name AJ User Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Old Lives
Angelstar Krt10 Female Crowfeather N/A 64 9/9
Morningstar Alpha87590 Female Shadowwind N/A 36 9/9
Ted (1)


Coral (1)

The Deputy is the second in command in the clan. Deputies take care of the clan while the Leaders are absent or unwell. They are the most trusted among the Leaders and are likely the strongest Warriors. They help the Leaders in anyway and are to be respected. Deputies will take the Leader's spot when the Leader passes. They sleep in the Warriors den with the other Warriors.

Name AJ User Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Old
Wildspirit Kariko Female Finch'whisker Running'paw 20
Shadowwind Veyoxx Male Morningstar N/A 40
Ted (1)


Coral (1)

Warriors are the hunters and protectors for the clan. They help others and get set out on patrol, along with hunting and fighting in wars.

Name AJ User Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Old
Shadowstrike TheDragonRiders Male Etherealsoul N/A 25
Ravenwing Akihko Male Dovepelt N/A 61
Frostheart Wolfhunt906 Female N/A Bravepaw 32
Crimsonriver Aubrey8408 Female N/A N/A 31
Duskstorm DatRandomCat Female N/A N/A 65
Heatherfrost SensitivityAJ39 Female N/A N/A 27
Raptor DjWolf671 Female N/A N/A 20
Liontuft IzzyMocherry Male N/A N/A 18
Etherealsoul CravingTacos Female Shadowstrike N/A 18
Celestialheart CuteTigerQueen Female N/A N/A 20
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Medicine Cats



Coral (1)

The Medicine Cat is also a very respected cat. A Medicine Cat helps the sick and injured and is a good aid with the leaders.

Name AJ User Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Old
Alderpelt Witie Female N/A N/A N/A
Whispertip Squishyseal223 Female N/A N/A N/A
Moonheart UniKittyCorns4Life Female Braveheart N/A 30
Braveheart HowlAndCalsifer Male Moonheart N/A 28
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Medicine Cat Apprentices



Coral (1)

The Medicine Cat Apprentice is training with a Medicine Cat to become a Med one day when a Medicine Cat passes.

Name AJ User Gender Mentor Moons Old
--- --- --- --- ---
Ted (1)


Coral (1)

The Apprentice is training with a Warrior to become a Warrior one day when they achieve all their training.

Name AJ User Gender Mentor Moons Old
Echopaw Sarahisamazing12345 Female Shadowwind 13
Meadowpaw Cutetigerqueen Female Morningstar N/A
Bravepaw Bunlop22 Female Frostheart N/A
Hawkpaw Chattypony Female N/A 8
Moonpaw Fancybunny148 Female Morningstar 8
Owlpaw WolfHunt906 Male N/A 9
Willowpaw SquishySeal223 Female Morningstar 7
Thunderpaw TheDragonRiders Male Angelstar 6
Runningpaw CravingTacos Male Wildspirit 6
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Coral (1)

The kits are the youth of the clan. They do not leave the camp until they become six moons, which is when they become an Apprentice

Name AJ User Gender Parents Moons Old
Wolfkit Akihko Male Wildspirit & Finchwhisker 5
Badgerkit Spiritja Male Wildspirit & Finchwhisker 5
Ted (1)


Coral (1)

A warrior, leader, or deputy expecting or nursing/caring for kits until their kits reach the apprentice age.

Name AJ User Gender Mate Kits Rank Moons Old
Wildspirit Kariiko Female Finchwhisker Badgerkit, Wolfkit Warrior 20
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Coral (1)

The elders are the oldest in the clan and are as respected as the leader. The elders are the wisest of the clan and are often seeked to for advice and help. The apprentices take care of the elders as one of their duties. Like hunting for them, and cleaning there bedding and sometimes listening to old stories of the clan if they have time to spare.

Name AJ User Gender Mate Apprentice Moons Old


Coral (1)

The visitors are the ones who are either loners or came from a different clan. They are not officially a part of the clan, and will stay for only a certain amount of time. When their time is up, they will either leave the Clan or decide to join officially.

Name AJ User Gender Original Group Duration of Visit
~ ~ ~ ~ ~
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  • Current Banner
  • Heatherpaw's New Signature by Clouded Memories!
  • Pandora's New signature by Clouded memories
  • Shadowpaw as a kit.
  • Pandora interrupting Ravenstars words at Wingpool's ceremony to make it say Wingface
  • Morningfrost's Sig. created by Clouded Memories
  • D A N C E O F F! :P
  • Pebblepaw's first CC moments
  • Shadowpaw's and Finchpaw's warrior ceremony
  • Shadowwind's New sig created by Clouded Memories !
  • Stalker Angel- CC Meme
  • Gathering with Frostclan
  • Maplesun Pixel Art- Drawn By Maplesun
  • aye Wingpool made this wassup fam
  • Playing Soccar (Darkclaw scores goal)
  • Torn and Crow chillin'
  • Finch and Shadow being silly ;p
  • Mirror Mirror on the wall
  • Cc in the Courthouse
  • Shadow and Frosty The Detectives Tracking Down The Darkclaw
  • Wildpaw is now evolving into Wildspirit1!1!!
  • Darkclaw & Amber
  • Twins!!
  • Pandora :3
  • Credit to CravingTacos AJ
  • Credit to CravingTacos AJ
  • Credit to BrookieBlueDraws
  • Morningstar's sig. Credit to Brookie Blue Draws
  • Morningstar kitting. Welcome to the world Thunderkit, Runningkit, and Melodykit!
  • Finch and Wild (The love boat has set sail) <3
  • Sparring with Frostclan
  • Angel telling a story
  • Morning and Finch discussing about how much he's done for the clan
  • Finch'whisker going after Shadow'strke in case the wolf attacks
  • Finch'whisker comes back to camp wounded :C (Wild pushed Morning owie)
  • Badgersong, Dovepelt, and Darkpool visit to help Wild with her kitting
  • Finch'whisker visits Wild'spirit one last time
  • Finch'whisker sees his kits for the first time
  • Thunder and Running'kits Apprentice Ceremony
  • Shadow'strike and Morning'star runs into Ethereal'soul
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Joining Form

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Ally Form

Groups Name:


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Name Wiki User Gender Rank Coding Job
Angelstar Fantastical.Reading Female Leader All
Morningstar Alpha87590 Female Leader All/Photography
Badgerkit Spiritja Male Kit All
Shadowwind ShadowXCougarclan Male Deputy All/Moons
Wildspirit Meowaii Female Warrior/Queen Member Count/Rankings
Shadowstrike/Thunderpaw Bramblestar of ThunderClan Male Warrior Assistant Editor
Ravenwing/Wolfkit JaiAkihko~ Male Warrior Assistant Editor
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