▪ ClEARClAn ▪

I n t e g r i t y  ➶  d e v o t i o n  ➶  c o u r a g e



SynopsIs ▪

General Summary

   ➶Roleplay Summary

Founded: February 5th, 2018

Founder: TALØN

Leader: Talonstar

Type: Thread-Based

Character Limit: 3

Status: Active

Recruiting: Open

         Orientation: Light

         Beliefs: StarClan // Dark Forest

         Season: Green-Leaf

         Species: Felis Catus 

         Naming: All Types

         Member Count: 21

         Roleplay: Descriptive Traditional

I n h a b i t a n t s





















S u s p e n d e d







V i s i t o r s



Mental Characteristics

   ➶Physical Characteristics

ClearClan cats are widely known throughout the Forest Territory as being peaceful, resourceful, and positive- making the absolute most out of their situations and hardly ever snappy or unnaproachable.

Fiercly loyal to their Clanmates, these felines are ready to dedicate themselves to their Clan and the tightly interconnected family all members are a part of. Cats here stand together as one, and you'll find each member is willing to put another's needs before their own. They value trust and kindness above all.

The majority of felines here have come down from the mountains, and have wild looking medium-length fur, but they have began to adapt shorter coats. Calicos, blacks/grays, and whites are the most common colors found here.

Cats of ClearClan host a wide variety of builds, ranging from long and lean to broad and hardy. Their long tails and sharp claws help them to balance on the vast treetops of their territory.


ObjEcTIvE ▪

ClearClan is a thread-based sidegroup created for the purpose of being a place to improve roleplay and, of course, to have fun whilst doing so. Our goal is to provide our members with a supporting environment to practice and experiment with character development, arc creating, and the like. We want to make room for everyone to grow with their characters and have a postive roleplaying experience. ClearClan is, in a way, less of a Clan and more of an ongoing story that our members are the authors of. Our beliefs and lore, traditions and events, practices and plots, storylines and timelines- our members are the very soul of our Clan, shaping the past, present, and future with their decisions during roleplay.




All ClearClan members are expected to respect everyone, regardless of gender, race, sexuality, religion, etc. Any bullying or discriminating will be dealt with immediately. Depending on the level of offense, rude remarks or attitude towards another in this respect could result in exile and/or a report given to an AJCW staff member.


ClearClan is a sidegroup, meaning anyone should be able to join us even if they are a member of another group. However, to prevent situations such as being wrongly accused of double-clanning, it is reccommended to check on your page or with your leader to be sure sidegroups are allowed; please receive consent before posting a joining form.


Drama within roleplay, such as in a plot or to stir up some activity, is entirely acceptable. However, there's a strong line that you have to be careful not to cross. Drama should not extend outside of roleplay, as issues with other Clanmates are often unnecessary and on the basis of "but they did something mean to my character >:(((". If you plan on joining, please be sure to skim through the Hierarchy table. If you see a person you know you might disagree with, make certain to do your best not to start something. 


We're not expecting you to dedicate every hour of your life to us- the most ClearClan really asks of you is to check our threads at least once a week. If you are inactive for a week without notice, your character(s)' name on the roster will have an ○ symbol next to it to indicate you have gone offline. Two+ weeks, you will receive a post on your message wall, and after three weeks of inactivity your OCs will be put on the NPC list until your return. 


We are not a hotel. After leaving, you are allowed to join twice more. After that, you will be exiled. To help prevent these situations, there is a five-day trial set in place. All new members must stay in ClearClan for five days before leaving. If a member decides to leave during their trial, they will only be allowed back once more, and that second trial will be extended to two weeks. After that, they are exiled. This trial does not apply to visitors.

【Adding An Oc】

All members who have passed their five-day trial are allowed to have a maximum of three OCs in ClearClan at a time. If you have reached the character limit and would like to replace one, please give an existing OC a proper death. You are not allowed to burn through characters, so please roleplay as a character for at least a week before switching. If your main OC has a high rank, and you would like to make another, that other OC is not allowed to have a high rank, which makes it fairer for other members striving for that same rank.


Spam is considered disrespectful- please don't flood our article comments or spam a message/key. If you want to say something that does not relate to ClearClan or roleplaying, do post it on our Chill Corner thread. Keep OOC out of the roleplay thread and our page, we want the comment section squeaky clean. If you are unsure if one of your posts was seen and you would like to repost it, please be sure your original comment is long gone before doing so.



【Night of Endless Stories】

At the end of each moon, ClearClan gathers underneath the large Murmuring Tree. A cat, who is chosen at the beginning of the moon, is put in charge of creating a story to tell. Cats are recruited to participate acting out the story, like a play. After the play has finished, the Clan converses- and, of course, tells stories to eachother. Honeycomb and other sweet treats are offered.

【Festival of Dancing Lights】

There is an area on ClearClan's territory where, occasionally, strange mystical lights sent from StarClan will appear. Each glowing light represents a spirit, and each light has its own unique color. The many clear, freshwater puddles and mirror-like crystals surrounding this spot reflect the lights, creating beautiful patterns that dance through the air. If one of lights approaches you, it is seen as a blessing.

The Festival of Dancing Lights lasts three days. The first day is a day of prayer and thanks to StarClan. The second day is a large feast held in the center of that area honoring StarClan. The plumpest and largest piece of freshkill is placed as an offering, and the warrior/apprentice who caught it receives great honor. The third day is a true celebration. Warriors and apprentices go through a series of activities that test their strength, intelligence, and endurance. The warrior and apprentice who have done the best accompany ClearClan's leader and medicine cat to the Moonfall, where they spend the night sitting vigil and looking down to the camp below, lit up by the lights.

【The Passing Ceremony】

At the center of ClearClan is a small field of flowers commonly referred to as The Heart. A large and ancient mossy stone resides there, titled the Crescent Stone for the crescent moon engraved in it. This hollowed-out shape, big enough for the biggest of cats to stand in, is where the Passing Ceremony is held. Passing Ceremonies occur when a member of ClearClan dies, and is meant to help guide the spirit to StarClan. The Clan gathers around the stone, forming a circle, and chants the name of the deceased cat. Three chosen Clanmates speak, and each member takes a flower petal. These petals are laid in a trail that leads out of ClearClan territrory for the spirit to follow.

【Joining Ceremony】

When ClearClan gains a new member, the recruit is taken to the Sacred Stones, a circle of ancient and mossy stones believed to be connected to StarClan. The member sits in the middle of the circle. They are given a paste, or paint, made from colorful flowers. The new recruit creates tribal tattoos on their fur, and dips their paw into the paste, creating a pawprint on the soft soil below. They can choose which color they want their pawprint to be according to their personality. The tattoo is left on while the new member sits vigil in the camp. By the time the sun rises in the morning, the tattoos are gone. However, when the cat is feeling strong emotions, sometimes the marks can be faintly seen. All cats in ClearClan have made their pawprints in that area and have gone through the same ceremony. This pawprint, mysteriously, never fades away or gets washed out by the rain. It has been noticed, however, that when a member leaves ClearClan, the pawprint disappears.



➶L e a d e r

D e p u t y

The leader is the ultimate authority and head of the Clan, protecting and guarding ClearClan. They wield the ancesteral power of StarClan.

The deputy of ClearClan advises the leader. They are responsible for keeping order in the Clan, and they take over for the Leader when they are not present.
Name Username sex Mate Apprentice
➶Talonstar TALØN Male --- ---
Streamlily BerryBlood012 Female --- Acornpaw
M e d i c i n e   C a t
The medicine cats of ClearClan are respected mediums. They hold great power, and are able to speak to our ancestors. Healers use medicinal herbs to mend the wounds of our members.
Name Username sex Mate Apprentice
Cloudfur Browniecupcake001 Female --- Inkpaw

➶Elite Warrior

W a r r i o r
Elite Warriors are highly respected heroes who are strong leaders and have served ClearClan for many moons.  Tooth and claw, the Warriors of ClearClan are fearless fighters. They are the majority and heart of the Clan. They look out for one another and respect the noble ways of the Warrior Code.
Name Username sex Mate  Apprentice
➶Larkcall Springcreature Male --- Hazelpaw
➶Shellwing Browniecupcake001 Female --- Silverpaw
Shadowclaw Jmgrogann Male --- Pinepaw
Windwhisper TALØN Female --- Riverpaw
Lavendersong BerryBlood012 Female --- ---
Cranefrost TALØN Male --- ---
Aloespots TropicalMirages Female --- ---
Coldheart Century101 Male --- ---

➶M e d i c i n e  C a t  T R A I N E E 

W a r r i o r   A p p r e n t i c e
Medicine cat apprentices go through a rigorous training process in which they memorize herbs, plants, and their uses. They learn to see through the Moonfall into a world far beyond ours. Warrior apprentices learn to hunt, fight, and make wise choices. But the most important thing they learn is to show loyalty and respect to ClearClan and its members.
Name Username sex Mentor
➶Inkpaw Violet5609 Female Cloudfur
Silverpaw Jmgrogann Male Shellwing
Acornpaw GeneralRandom Male Streamlily
Riverpaw ThatGuyWhoStartsWildfires Male Windwhisper
Hazelpaw Foxtail107 Female Larkcall
Pinepaw Floofy Sock Female Shadowclaw
➶Q u e e n K i t
Queens are the mothers of our future. They take care of the youth and are in charge of teaching them the life skills they need when they grow older.

Kits are the future of ClearClan. They learn love, kindness, and build their character. They learn the history of our Clan and its ancestors.

Name Username sex Guardian litter
Leafkit ClearAsCrystal09 Female Windwhisper A
Aspenkit Springcreature Female Larkcall B
E l d e r
Elders are retired warriors who have have served their Clan for many moons. They are respected veterans who have lived through a large part of ClearClan's history- and they have many a story to tell. They weave tall tales out of words, spinning fables out of thin air- and their wise words are worth listening to.
Name Username sex Mate
Cob Springcreature Male ---
NPCs are Non Player Characters. If a member has gone inactive for three weeks or more without notice, their characters will be listed on the roster as NPCs for anyone to roleplay as. When they once again become active, their character(s) will be returned to them.
Name Username sex Mate  Apprentice
Pebblepelt KawaiiJoslyn Female --- ---
Silkywhisp Couragee Female Redlight ---
Mooncrown Sweetycake321 Male --- ---
Goldenheart Tobeycat Female --- ---
Skystorm Akabunny0422 Female --- ---
Redlight Pepperann Male Silkywhisp ---


▪ AFFIlIATIons ▪

A l l i A N C E S  &  R I V A L R I E S
Clans, packs, tribes, and other group types that ClearClan are allies // rivals to - these are the groups that share our borders, and who's members are treated with the upmost respect - presuming they are doing us the same courtesy.
Name Leader(s) deputy(s) med. cat(s) Terms
TempleClan Waspstar, Dovestar Jedidiah, Dappledsun Bluebellsong, Nettleheart Neutral
JayClan Squirrelstar Dragontail, Ospreysnap Bubbletea, Spiderface Neutral
GaleClan Galestar Jasminefluff Fawnskip, Honeydapple TBD






// Apprentices are CLOSED, sorry for the inconvenience! //

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Effect on Roleplay:



▪ Farewell ▪


Leader: TALØN

Deputy: BerryBlood012


Coding // Format: TALØN

F2U Banner: Martith on Deviantart

Farewell, traveller- may StarClan light your path!

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