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1. Talon

2. Streamlily

3. Cloudfur 

4. Shadowclaw 

5. Shellwing

6. Marblefur

7. Poppysnout

8. Larkcall

9. Windwhisper

10. Cob

11. Lavendersong

12. Silverpaw

13. Inkpaw

14. Acornpaw

15. Glasspaw

16. Aspenkit

17. Leafkit


1. Tawnybrook


1. Flinchfall - Drama - Forever


ClearClan is a thread-based sidegroup, created for the purpose of being a place to improve roleplay and to simply have fun. Our goal is to provide our members with a safe, supporting environment to practice and experiment with character/story development, and enjoy it too. ClearClan is meant to create room for everyone to grow with their characters and have a positive roleplaying experience. 

ClearClan is, in a way, less of a Clan and more of a story, where our members are the authors. They create beliefs and lore, traditions and events, practices and plots, story/timelines. They are the ones who shape ClearClan's past, present, and future, and will continue to do so for a long time.


I. Respect

All ClearClan members are expected to respect everyone, regardless of gender, sexuality, race, or religion. Any bullying or discriminating comments will be dealt with immediately. Depending on the level of offense, any remarks of these kinds could result in exile. If a member finds themselves in an argument, they are expected to handle the situation maturely.

II. Loyalty

ClearClan is a side-group, meaning anyone from any Clan should be able to join without consequence. However, it is required that all members stay loyal to their Clan. If a member is ever in a position where they have to choose between ClearClan and their main Clan, it is strongly reccommended that they choose their main Clan. To prevent situations such as being accused of double-clanning, it is encouraged that those who consider joining alert their Clan and receive consent before doing so.

III. Drama

Drama within roleplay, such as in a plot or to stir up a story, is acceptable. However, drama should not extend outside roleplay. Issues with other Clan members are unnecessary and unacceptable. Maturity is a valued trait in ClearClan. Those who don't have enough of it will receive punishment.

IV. Behavior

Mating, swearing, and otherwise are banned from roleplay because of our member's ages, and the restrictions on this wiki. Any innappropriate behavior will result in immediate exile.

V. Activity

ClearClan does not expect it's members to be on all the time. However, activity is what keeps a Clan together. If you are inactive for a week or more without notice, you will receive a warning. Two weeks will result in a demotion, and three weeks a temporary suspension and potential removal from the roster until you become active again, and your character will be used as an NPC for others to control and play as.

VI. Kits & Mentoring

Taking care of an apprentice or kit is a great responsibility, and any mentor or parent is expected to be active enough to actually do their job. If a mentor suddenly goes inactive, another member will be chosen to take their place. If the mentor is suspended for inactivity, the substitute will be the new mentor of the apprentice. Likewise, if a queen and/or father goes inactive, another member will be chosen to be the kit's guardian until the parents are back online.

If a mentor is unsure of what they should teach their apprentice, they can refer to ClearClan's training guide.

VII. Read the Page

Self-explanatory, really. If you consider joining, remember to put the codeword 'cheese' on your form so that we know you read our page, or at least the rules.

VIII. Trial

We are not a hotel. After leaving, you are allowed to join twice more. After that, you will be exiled. To help prevent these situations, there is a one-week trial set in place. All new members must stay in ClearClan for one week before leaving. If a member decides to leave during their trial, they will only be allowed back once more, and that second trial will be extended to two weeks. After that, they are exiled. This trial does not apply to visitors.


Any member is allowed to have a maximum of three OCs in ClearClan at a time. If you have more than one OC and would like to replace one, please give an existing OC a proper death. You are not allowed to burn through characters. You are required to roleplay as a character for at least a week before switching. If an OC has a high rank and the owner of that character would like to make another, that second OC is not allowed to have a high rank. This makes it fairer for other ClearClan members striving for a higher rank.

New members of ClearClan must wait until after their one-week trial to create a second OC.

X. Begging

Do not pester the leader, deputy, or anyone else for a high rank. This will most likely reduce your chances of achieving that rank, and it is very annoying.

Same goes for punishments, please follow your punishment and don't badger the higher ranks about it. You could risk a lengthened punishment.

XI. Powerplaying


Powerplaying, godmodding, or playing as a Mary Sue is absolutely unacceptable. The first time being caught will result in a demotion, and after that, exile. ClearClan has no tolerance for ignoring other player's actions, using unrealistic moves, having special abilities/powers, etc. 

XII. Warrior Code

Please follow the Warrior Code at all times.

XIII. Lore

ClearClan has a specific and special set of lore that you will not find anywhere else. You can find a basic outline of it in the scroller below titled "traditions". If considering joining, it is recommended that you read it, as you will undergo at least one of the ceremonies listed there. A lore page is under construction and will be put here when finished. 

XIV. Spam


If you feel the need to repost something, please be sure that the original comment is long gone before doing so.

XV. Reply

Please reply to comments on the page and do not create a new post. It is considered spam and it can be very confusing/hard to participate in a conversation.

XVI. Stupidity

Less of a rule, more of a reminder to not be stupid. You are on the wikia, on a computer, on the internet, which means you can think twice before posting or saying something. So, please do.

XVII. Unrelated Posts

If you want to say something that does not relate to ClearClan or roleplaying, do not put it on the page or roleplay thread. We have a thread made especially for OOC chats which you can find here. Keep OOC out of the roleplay thread and our page, we want the comment section squeaky clean.

XVIII. AJCW Policies

Please remember to follow the AJCW rules (no swearing, etc.) They're sort of important. Just a little bit.

XIX. Accepting/Denying Forms

No one besides the leader is allowed to accept or deny application forms, plots, alliance requests, etc. If a member is caught doing this, they will receive a severe warning, as they would with any of the rules in this section. 

XX. Character Creation

Prefixes and suffixes may not be unrealistic. You can not create an OC with the name "Metalcar". You can not create an OC named "Toughguy". You can not be named something that a cat wouldn't recognize in the wild. You can not use a prefix that is already taken. You can find a list of taken prefixes in ClearClan here.

Every character has specialties. Every character has flaws. If you consider joining, while filling out your application, please include three character traits: one positive, one negative, and one neutral. These character traits must be balanced and can not clash. This will help to balance out your character and make a more enjoyable experience for you.

This is a great and super helpful guide on character creation, and this is an amazing list of character names to help you name your OC. If you need help, take a look at them!


ClearClan has traditions and events they celebrate that trace back to the even the farthest of ancestors.

Night of Endless Stories

At the end of each moon, ClearClan gathers underneath the large Murmuring Tree. A cat, who is chosen at the beginning of the moon, is put in charge of creating a story to tell. Cats are recruited to participate acting out the story, like a play. After the play has finished, the Clan converses- and, of course, tells stories to eachother. Honeycomb and other sweet treats are offered.

Festival of Dancing Lights 

There is an area on ClearClan's territory where, occasionally, strange mystical lights sent from StarClan will appear. Each glowing light represents a spirit, and each light has its own unique color. The many clear, freshwater puddles and mirror-like crystals surrounding this spot reflect the lights, creating beautiful patterns that dance through the air. If one of lights approaches you, it is seen as a blessing.

The Festival of Dancing Lights lasts three days. The first day is a day of prayer and thanks to StarClan. The second day is a large feast held in the center of that area honoring StarClan. The plumpest and largest piece of freshkill is placed as an offering, and the warrior/apprentice who caught it receives great honor. The third day is a true celebration. Warriors and apprentices go through a series of activities that test their strength, intelligence, and endurance. The warrior and apprentice who have done the best accompany ClearClan's leader and medicine cat to the Moonfall, where they spend the night sitting vigil and looking down to the camp below, lit up by the lights.

The Passing Ceremony

At the center of ClearClan is a small field of flowers commonly referred to as The Heart. A large and ancient mossy stone resides there, titled the Crescent Stone for the crescent moon engraved in it. This hollowed-out shape, big enough for the biggest of cats to stand in, is where the Passing Ceremony is held. Passing Ceremonies occur when a member of ClearClan dies, and is meant to help guide the spirit to StarClan. The Clan gathers around the stone, forming a circle, and chants the name of the deceased cat. Three chosen Clanmates speak, and each member takes a flower petal. These petals are laid in a trail that leads out of ClearClan territrory for the spirit to follow.

The Joining Ceremony

When ClearClan gains a new member, the recruit is taken to the Sacred Stones, a circle of ancient and mossy stones believed to be connected to StarClan. The member sits in the middle of the circle. They are given a paste, or paint, made from colorful flowers. The new recruit creates tribal tattoos on their fur, and dips their paw into the paste, creating a pawprint on the soft soil below. They can choose which color they want their pawprint to be according to their personality. The tattoo is left on while the new member sits vigil in the camp. By the time the sun rises in the morning, the tattoos are gone. However, when the cat is feeling strong emotions, sometimes the marks can be faintly seen. All cats in ClearClan have made their pawprints in that area and have gone through the same ceremony. This pawprint, mysteriously, never fades away or gets washed out by the rain. It has been noticed, however, that when a member leaves ClearClan, the pawprint disappears.




The leader is the ultimate authority and head of the Clan, protecting and guarding ClearClan. They wield the ancesteral power of StarClan.

The deputy of ClearClan advises the leader. They are responsible for keeping order in the Clan, and they take over for the Leader when they are not available

✦Talonstar TALØN A many-shaded dark brown tom with deep amber eyes N/A N/A
Streamlily BerryBlood012 A black and white speckled she-cat with bright hazel eyes Acornpaw N/A

The medicine cats of ClearClan are respected mediums. They hold great power, and are able to speak to our ancestors. Healers use medicinal herbs to mend the wounds of our members. 

Medicine cat apprentices go through a rigorous training process in which they memorize herbs, plants, and their uses. They learn to see through the Moonfall into a world far beyond ours.

✦Cloudfur Browniecupcake001 A silver tabby she-cat with dark eyes and sleek fur N/A N/A

Elite Warriors are highly respected heroes who are strong leaders and have served ClearClan for many moons. 

Tooth and claw, the Warriors of ClearClan are fearless fighters. They are the majority and heart of the Clan. They look out for one another and respect the noble ways of the Warrior Code.

✦ Larkcall Spriongcreature298 A dark gray tabby with a white underbelly and tufts on his ears Glasspaw N/A
✦Shellwing Browniecupcake001 A silky cream she-cat with forest green eyes Silverpaw N/A
Redlight Pepperann A reddish-brown tom with cream markings N/A N/A
Shadowclaw Jmgrogann A pure jet-black tom with cobalt eyes N/A N/A
Windwhisper Taløn A wispy-furred light toffee shecat with darker markings N/A N/A
Marblefur SpanishDorritoMaddy A dark brown/black white speckled tom with amber eyes N/A N/A
Pebblepelt Kawaiijoslyn A black and red spotted she-cat N/A N/A
Silkyfur Couragee A creamy she-cat with wispy fur and soft hazel eyes N/A N/A
Moonlight SweetyCake321 A gray and white soft-pelted shecat N/A N/A
Goldenheart Tobeycat A golden she-cat with cream markings and seemingly glowing eyes N/A N/A
Skystorm Akabunny0422 A blueish gray she-cat with cream markings N/A N/A
Lavendersong BerryBlood012 A yellow-eyed gray she-cat with dark spots and tan markings N/A N/A

Warrior apprentices learn to hunt, fight, and make wise choices. But the most important thing they learn is to show loyalty and respect to ClearClan and its members.

Silverpaw Jmgrogann A partially blind silver-and-white tabby tom with black patches  Shellwing
Inkpaw Violet5609 An inky black feline with dark eyes Cloudfur
Acornpaw GeneralRandom A dark-brown furred tom with a lighter underbelly Streamlily
Glasspaw NyxOfNight A smoky gray tom with white markings and emerald green eyes Larkcall

Queens are the mothers of our future. They take care of the youth and are in charge of teaching them the life skills they need when they grow older.

Kits are the future of ClearClan. They learn love, kindness, and build their character. They learn the history of ClearClan and its ancestors.

✦Poppysnout SpanishDorritoMaddy An expecting calico she-cat with green eyes. N/A N/A N/A
Aspenkit SpringCreature298 A calico she-kit with a firey personality Larkcall N/A A
Leafkit ClearAsCrystal09 A calico she-kit with bright green eyes Poppysnout N/A B

Elders are retired warriors who have have served their Clan for many moons. They are respected veterans who have lived through a large part of ClearClan's history- and they have many a story to tell. They weave tall tales out of words, spinning fables out of thin air. Their wise words are worth listening to.

Cob SpringCreature298 A light tan blue-eyed tom with dark splotches and a bobbed tail N/A

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