❤️ Ships ❤️

>>Never Will Sail<<

Couples that will never happen, but are still shipped.

Bluemist X Nightstar = Bluestar, Nightmist (Will never happen, but it’s cute -Bluey)

Sandpetal X Alderfur = Alderpetal, Aldersand, Sandfur, Sandalder. (YES, I PUT THIS HERE, FIGHT ME)(*fighs*~ Sand) (Thanks.)

Acornfeather X Alderfur = Alderacorn, Alderfeather, Acornalder, Acornfur. (Puts this here also.)Maybe-Acornfeather)

Silverlight X Sandpetal= Silverpetal, Sandlight (it's sad Acorm ships this. 100% not happening.)(Oh my god, s t o p~ Sand)

>>Sunken Ships<<

Couples that did work but either a cat has died or broken the relationship off.

Heavyshadow X Nightstar = Heavystar, Nightshadow, Heavynight. (SANK: Heavyshadow died)

Jupiterstripe X Snowcloud = Snowstripe, Jupitercloud, Jupitersnow (SANK: Snowcloud died and Jupiterstripe also died)

Reflectingwater X Redblaze = Reflectingblaze, Redwater, Reflectingred (SANK: Reflecting killed herself and Redblaze was killed)

Nightstar X Oscar = Oscarstar, Oscight (SANK: Oscar committed suicide. ;u;)

Silverlight X Icesweep= Silversweep, Icelight (SANK: Icesweep died and Silverlight also died)

Meadowheart X Redsnow = Meadowsnow, Redheart, Redmeadow (Sank. Meadowheart left, and Redsnow, um, idk)

Reedfin X Silverlight = Reedlight, Silverfin (Sank. Reed died while kitting, and Silverlight died)

Slatewind X Icelily = Slatelily, Icewind. (SANK: Both Slate and Ice died. DANGIT)

Acornfur X Laurelbreeze = Acornbreeze, Laurelfur, Laurelacorn (SANK: Acron was killed by Pale >:3) (and now it's a Starclan ship ~ Tundra)(DANG IT)

Leafpaw X Sandpetal = Leafpetal, Sandleaf, Leafsand (SANK: Both died) (Naw m8s, it's sailing *i think*~Sand)(the leaf fell off the tree)(well now it's sunken. Out for blood now)

Bear X Gingerflower = Gingerbear, Bearflower (SANK: Bear died :D)(Seems like the bear fell out of the tree)

Tundraflare X Illusion = Illusionflare, Tundraillusion (sank illusion dead now :D-Rose)(i guess it really was an illusion)

Willowspirit X Rosepaw = WillowRose Rosespirit (SANK. Rosepaw died.)(The rose wilted from its thorns)

Pepper X Bluebell = BluePepper, PepperBell (SANK: both died in fox attack)(Too much pepper)

Hazelstorm X Alderfur = Hazelfur, Alderstorm (StarClan ship :3 Get rekt, it can happen. Sailing)(damn it, i cant think of anything) (SANK, HAZELSTORM HAD TO GET MURDERED)

Snowbreeze X Silverlight = Silverbreeze, Snowlight, Silversnow (SANK!)(Seems like the snow has melted)

Gingerflower X Silverlight = Silverflover, Gingerlight, Flowerlight (MY TIME HAS COME AT LA-nevermind. -Ging)(I guess the flower wilted)

Lion X Blizzard = Blion, Lizzard (Maybe, I still ship it. ~Blizzard) (SANK. Lion died)(seems like poaching of lions took care of this-Mrotsdniw)'

Ripplepath X Nightstar= Ripplestar, Nightpath (EATS SHIP) (BURNS SHIP IN  THE FIRE ~ Tundra)(i guess the nightstar's path was changed-Mrotsdniw)'

Thistleheart X Sootcloud = Sootthistle, ThistleClod, Thistlecloud, Sootheart. (Sank. Tundra is sorry but the person who plays Tundra is NOT -Awww that's mean *cries* -Mist)(Looks like someone's got some thistles in their fur - Mrotsdniw)'

Firerise X Maple = Firemaple, Maplerise, Maplefire (Maple died.) (Yeah) (:,()


Nightstar X Firerise = Nightrise, Nightfire, Firenight (SANK, GO HOME)(Looks like the fire has been doused- Mrotsdniw) (OH WAIT, IT'S NOT SUNK ((horrible gramar intended uh COUGH)(SHUT UP MY DREAMS CAN GO ON - Mrotsdniw)

Icicle X Silverwish = Icewish, Silvercle (Silver died, may she rest in piece. NIGHTSTAR I BLAME YOU! -Icicle)

Icicle X Clover = Iceover, Clocicle (Hahaha... I broke her heart before she could break mine, so why does it still hurt? -Icicle) Sootcloud X Tundraflare = Sootflare, Tundracloud (SANK G O  H O M E)

>>Haven’t Sailed, Yet<<

Couples that have the possibility of becoming cannon or couples that will definitely become cannon, but haven’t sailed quite yet.

Sootcloud X Firerise = Sootfire, Firesoot, Firecloud, Sootrise (RIP, I have no idea)

Ashpaw X Rainpaw = Ashrain (I mean, they did both die, so they’re still together in StarClan, right?)(Oh, they're totally together in StarClan)

Maplekit X Springkit = Spple, Saple, Mapple

Toadskip X Squirrelpounce = Squirrelskip or Toadpounce (it's happening. the 8ball said so)

Lochpaw x Pepperpaw = PepperBreeze or LochFlar

Lostfall x Rhapsody = Rhall Losdy (credit to Clo lmao), Rhafall, Lostsody

>>Sailed Ships<<

Couples that have worked and are still working.

Cliff X Pale = Cliffpale, Palecliff  (sailing my dudes ~ Tundra)(hehehehheheheheheheh)(Someone fell off the cliff)

Mistfur X Tanfeather = Tanfur, Mistfeather ( Finally sailing <3)

Milk x Morningkit = Milkmorning, Morningmilk

Ashpaw X Rainpaw = Ashrain

HollowTree X Steal = Hollowsteal

Clover X Tundraflare = Clare, Clondra (FINALLY TUNDRA DOESN'T HAVE A MESSED UP M A T E)

>>Lost at Sea<<

Couples that have broken off their relationship, but still have sparks. Basically, we don’t know where they’re going.

Nightstar X Silverlight = Silvernight, Nightlight (Sailing again)(NVM IT SANK SILVER DIED)(Sorry, but dawn has come)

Silverwish X Snowtail = Snow-wish, Silvertail, Silversnow

Cloudfall X Willowspirit = Cloudspirit, Willowfall, Spiritfall, Willowcloud (oH bOi, This sank like the Titanic, except that the iceberg was Whitekit)

Sunnywhisker X Firerise = Sunnyfire, Firewhisker, Sunnyrise

HollowTree X Steal

  • Heavypaw X Nightstar (Sank)
  • Shadestorm X Stormclaw (Sank)
  • Redsnow X Meadowheart
  • Snowbreeze x Silverlight (Look who's got your man now, Night XD)
  • Maple and Firerise <3 Drawn by Bluemist. Sadly sank because Maple died :(
  • Bexley X Lostfall (Cannon/Unofficial)
  • Rhapsody x Lostfall by Lostfall

>>Joke Ships<<

Couples that have been shipped just for a joke. (You can ship your cats with anything here.

Nightstar X Spider-man = Spiderstar, Nightman! (Reference that only some people will get.)

Brokentooth X Cowface= Brokencow, Cowtooth (Sank because Cowface died rip)

Littlemoon X Oakwish = Littlewish, Oakmoon, Littleoak (Just found this 'cause why not?) (Whose Littlemoon O,O -Oakwish)

Leafdew X Lonelyness = LonelyLeaf Dewness LonelyLeafdew (RIP)

Nightstar X Lonelyness = LonelyNight, StarLonely, Lonelystar, LonelyNightstar (also created by the same person who shipped Leafdew X Lonelyness ;) ) ((Rip my life)) (Sank, Nightstar is no longer forever-alone XD)

Nightstar X Fish = Nightfish, Fishnight, Night of the Fish

Mike X Oscar = Mike's car, Oscar Mike (WHO ADDED THIS? also whoever added this is bad at ship names XD no offense c:)

Oscar X Dustyleaf = DustyOscar, Oscarleaf (ITS MEANT TO BEEEE.) (Wait, who added this? I was about to add this one :C. I seriously ship it tho. Got a problem?-Dusty) (Mmmmm, LGBT ship at it's best XD)(I was removing ships, but this has to stay!)

Dustyleaf X Death = Dustydeath, Dusty's dead (RIP DUSTY :c)

Mistfur X Lonelyness = LonelyMist (she has no one! rip) (I see, Lonelyness has found someone already, ever since that divorce with Nightstar..)

Rainpaw X Mudstep = Mudrain, Rainmud, Muddyrain (This is what happens when your bored-Ice)

Silverlight X Jupiterstripe = Jupiterlight, Silverstripe, Silverjupiter ("I ship this" -Silverlight 2017) (It was a joke, yet a good ship.)

Mudstep X Sootkit = Sootmud, Mudsoot (Next LGBTQ ship XD most likely not but whatever XD)

Obsidianpaw X Hunger Games = Obsidian Games, Hunger Paws, Obsidianpaw is hungry (Haha)(The last name is why you don't give me the shipping job. -Ging)

Pinestorm X Death = PineStorm is Forever Alone, Nobody cares that she died

Silverlight X Mates = A list about 1000 cats long. (Love you to guys-Silver) (Thanks! x3 -Bumble)

Rose X Bluemist= Rose being depressed cuz she misses Bluemist. (SANK)

Silverlight X Silverstar (FC)= Skilverstor

Pepper X Almondkit = Pedophile Pepper, Almondkit run (O.O) (This shall be cannon one day.-Almond)

Night X Commitment issues= Silver/Ripple's kits.

Silverlight X Alderfur=Alderlight, Silverfur, Silveralder (this would make for a strange ship)

Dustyleaf X Alderfur= Dustyfur, Alderleaf, Dusty permanently hospitalized, lots of abuse (CAN I GET AN AMEN-Rose)

Windstorm X Bluepaw = Bluestorm, Windpaw (they're technically the same cat. LOL IDC LEZ GO)

Pepper X Orchid = Porchid, Oepper (If this happened then the pepper would be alot happier. And Orchid wouldn't be dead-)

Petalfall X Bluepaw = Bluepetal, Petalpaw, Bluefall, PetalBlue, lots of screaming and abuse, so much angST, more screaming (i mean its not like i like this HAHAHAHAH)(hard core agreeing from the Petal side man.)(SANK)

Firerise X A rock= Only true love

Alderfur X Alderfur = I care for no one, disappointment, overprotective parenting (Yup)(Sounds like it-Acorn)

Alderfur X Snowcloud =AlderCloud (wow okay~Cookie)

Echoflight X Seed = Echoseed, Seedecho, iNSaNiTY

  • The war has begun.

🌹 Secret Admirers 🌹

>>Dead Admirers<<

Cats that are dead, or no longer in the Clan.


I'll just admit it, I love you! You are my everything. I wish I could have you but I know you hold Nightstar's heart too close to your own. I will always love you Heavypaw, even from afar.

~Heavypaw's secret admirer

(Heavypaw died)


I love you. You're a brilliant cat. I know you'd never have me as your mate, but I love you!

-Jupiterstripe's Admirer~

(Jupiterstripe left/died)


Perhaps it's a joke. Perhaps it's not meant to be. Perhaps SOMEONE, not pointing fingers, wouldn't approve. But seeing this, only a silly little thing, it seems so real. Perhaps it's not true love. Oh, who am I kidding? <3

"Love does not consist in gazing at each other, but in looking outward in the same direction" -Unknown

-Tinykit's Secret Admirer-

(Tinykit died)


I will admit it, pure and straight out, I love you so much. I really do think so. I've found my heart sings when I'm closer to you. You simply make me want to leap out of pure joy. Though I hide it very well, my cheeks almost swell with the color of red.

-Gingerflower's Secret Admirer-

(Gingerflower died)


I love you, you know my name you probably don't notice me, but I cant hide my feelings any longer. I love you.

-Meadowheart's Secret Admirer-

(Meadowheart left)

Silverlight ,

You're the first clan cat I met, you welcomed me I know you like another cat but a she-cat can't give up hope.

- Silverlight's secret admirer

(Silverlight died)


I never thought I'd be falling for a tom, but look at me now. I love you, but I know you'd never have me.

~Obsidanwhisper's secret admirer

(Obsidianwhisper died or something)

Dear Pale,

I’m not sure what’s happening to me. But it feels like every time I see you I’m walking on air. I wish I could tell you how I feel to your face, but I’m afraid that you’ll reject me. I really like you, but I’m not sure if I’m good enough to even deserve your affection; this and your friendship sometimes. All you need to know is that you’re very much cared for

With a warm heart,
your secret admirer

(Pale left the Clan)


It seems we just got caught up in love. Well, I'm just beginning but this seems too familiar. I don't know if you notice it too, but I feel like there's a spark. It seems you have a love already, but I've bonded too much already. We probably aren't ready. This wouldn't go so steady, if it just began, with this single little note. But,

I love you, with all my heart, already

Wishing you the Best regards,

your secret admirer

(Silverlight died)


This is so strange. We don't talk much, but I just sort of fell for you. I know I hold no place in your heart, so I love from afar.

With love, Your admirer.


Hi. How are you doing?

Just wanted to say that I love you.

This is Stupid.

I'm Stupid

You're Stupid

~Your Stupid Admirer

(lol petalfall is dead :')

>>Living Admirers<<

Cats that are alive and in the Clan.


I love you. You reject me, but you'll always have a special place in my heart.

-Nightstar's Secret Admirer-


I-i see you around, helping cats, c-caring for your kits. You are just so l-loving and c-caring i cant help but a-adore you.

Don't know if you'll ever feel the same so.. y-yeah

Sadly my loves frowned upon. i-i wish we could just be together.With no j-judgement.

~With Love,

Your anxiety ridden, nervous, s-stuttery Admirer.



I guess you are sorta cute i guess i like you nobody needs to know but your cool you may never see this but i like you alot.                                                 

-A very brown cat


Hey *wave* straight out I like you... but I am a lot older than you I mean I'm already a head warrior! But you're cool... I can see us together. Uh bye

- fat orange potato


Hey you're pretty cute,Funny,outgoing.

And i love you very much.

But your an apprentice and im one too,but we'll just have to wait for it

~ Your lovely grey tom


You are cute, funny and make me smile, I never thought I would be saying this but I like you a bit...

~Secret Admirer


I know it's odd. We are both broken due to failed romance, but I think I truely love you. You dug me from a dark place, and You make my world a bit better. I know you will never feel the same, but hey.

~Secret Admirer


I don't understand, this feeling of love inside of me. Every time I come near you, think your name, or see you, passion burns inside me. This is awkward, I barely know you but we both know the truth about him deep down.

~Your fierce Secret Admirer


Now, just a disclaimer, I am not about to confess my non-existant love to you. No, none of that sappy BS here... but I do admire you... and find you extremely attractive—well, I mean, why would I be here if I didn’t? I find you to be intelligent and brave, and I highly respect you as a warrior. You’re probably even a better warrior than I am, despite being very misguided right now, but, I do have my own problems as well, so, I can’t really say much there.

I know I probably won’t get as close to you as I would love to be. I do hope that I can get to know you better for sure though. I hope you come back to the Clan soon... And that’s all I have to say.


Your Secret Admirer


Ack,i love you but im kinda old and your have a life to live.i don't

~your friendly friend


Hi c:

I dont have much to say, but you're pretty and nice. You make me blush and it's a nice feeling :D

Makes me forget my ambitious side and brings out my happiness!

Whenever I see you, I just..


Thank you for making me more positive!

-An apprentice bean :>