You ran through the forest. You were hissing in defeat under your breath. CarnationClan had just driven you out.

Your paws were aching from running all the way to the edge of your territory. Your desperation for water made you involuntarily pad towards the pond to take a drink. You were long off the carnation-scented territory, so you thought you would be safe. You were wrong.

When you regained consciousness, you felt famished. The lack of food made you feel heavy with fatigue. You looked up to see a massive tom alongside a smaller tom. You didn't know who they were, and you desired to ask them, but you were too tired.

The tom that was massive had sleek, silver fur with white fur on his four feet. His amber eyes shown harshly down on you. Next to him, was the smaller tom. He was a handsome cream tom with black colorpoints and alluring blue eyes. He seemed to be intrigued by you.

Your fur bristled. You wondered if these were CarnationClan cats. Though, they didn’t really smell of carnations...

After the long silence, the smaller tom spoke, "Hello, who are you?"

"I'm <insert name here>," you replied.

"Well <insert name here>, you look famished! Did those nasty CarnationClan cats drive you out?" the large tom somewhat sarcastically meowed.

"Who wants to know?" you responded, sitting down, and lifting your chin.

"I am Stone and this is Twitch," Stone introduced them.

"I'm leader of a Clan called LeafClan. If you wanted to join..." Twitch padded closer to you. His eyes sparkled with some sort of mischief. "You could. We have prey to give you. Plus shelter."

After a few moments of thought, you nodded. “Sure.”



Role-play Style
Descriptive Traditional
Member Count
17 (counting all OCs)
Founding Date
StarClan & The Dark Forest
Yes! We are recruiting only CarnationClan members.


•Camp Description•

After being driven out of the Twoleg Ruins by CarnationClan, LeafClan has found themselves on the outskirts of CarnationClan’s territory. They live in a large cave that goes deep underground. As you enter downward, you land in the Clan’s meeting area. Beside the meeting area is a large waterfall. Behind that waterfall and up a slab of rock, are the dens of the Clan. The leader’s den is a cliff that overlooks the meeting area. The cliff has high rock craved into the bottom.



•Each rank serves the same purposes as CarnationClan’s ranks•

{Leader 1/1}


OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mates/Kits Lives Left Theme Song
Twitch PreyHuntress A small, handsome creamy-white tom with a dark brown, almost black, colorpoints, and dreamy blue eyes. None None/Tide, Turleleaf & Honey 1/1 -

{Deputy 1/1}


OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mate/Kits Theme Song
Ember Xxrainbowdash27xx Ginger she-cat with dark ginger underfur and hind and left front paws. She has yellow eyes and a scar running from her left shoulder to left flank. None None “The Resistance” by Skillet

{Medicine Cats 1/2}


OC Name Username Description Mate Apprentice Theme Song
Mudstep roxyrose522 A fluffy Balinese tom cat. His fur is white with dark brown on his face, ears, paws, and tail. None Strike “Natural” by Imagine Dragons
TBA TBA - - - -

{Medicine Cat Apprentices 1/2}


OC Name Username Description Mentor Moons of Age Theme Song
Strike misstiger68 Strike is a dark-grey-and-black Norwegian Forest cat. He has long shaggy fur. Mudstep N/A -
TBA TBA - - - -

{Warriors 12/∞}


OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mate/Kits Theme Song
Ant misstiger68 Ant is a very small munchkin cat with ginger-and-white fur. She has very bright amber eyes. None None/None -
Oleander roxyrose522 A black she-cat with blazing green eyes. None None/None “Fading” by Blixemi
Marigold bunnycare30 A fluffy, orange tabby she-cat with amber eyes. None None/None -
Snakeheart PreyHuntress A tall, handsome gray tabby tom with green eyes. None None/None -
Dusk Roleplayforever72305 A dark brown she-cat with yellow and green eye None None/None -
Domino bunnycare30 A tuxedo tom with brown eyes. None None/None -
Honey Spottedflightchamp A golden pelted she-cat with light blue eyes and orange patches on her tail and ears. None None/None -
Tide roxyrose522 A small smokey-gray tabby tom with hazel eyes. None None/None “Trouble” Cage the Elephant
Freckledears Xxrainbowdash27xx A white tom with gray paws, spots here and there, gradient tail, chest, and belly; bright green eyes. None None/None "Undefeated" by Skillet
Turtleleaf Puffy A tiny cream tom with brown colorpoints and dark blue eyes. None None/None -
Apple AwaitingSnow A slender light brown she-cat with green eyes. None None/None -
Limelight sallieo925 A large, muscular she-cat with a long, tortoiseshell pelt and bright green eyes. She has an extra toe on each front paw. None None/None -

{Apprentices 0/∞}


OC Name Username Description Mentor Moons of Age Mate/Kits Theme Song
- - - - - - -

{Kits 1/15}


OC Name Username Description Moons of Age Crush Theme Song
Maple-eyes superpowerpow A dark & light tan scottish fold tabbyshe-cat with a white belly and blue eyes. 1 - -

{Elders 0/∞}


OC Name Username Description Mates/Kits Theme Song
- - - - -

{Queens 0/5}


OC Name Username Description Mates/Kits Moons Expecting Kits Theme Song
- - - - - -




Tall-Tree Woods

Tall-Tree Woods is the forest in which contains camp. It's profuse with prey and herbs. It is known for its namesake. The trees are all tall and great for catching squirrels. The floor is shaded, with plenty of great shady spots to find mice and rabbits.



The Twisted Oak Lands

The Twisted Oak is an old tree surrounded by a desert. Legends say the tree is the burial spot of one of the most dangerous cats in CarnationClan. The desert itself is profuse with exotic herbs. It has prey here and there, but it is hard to stumble upon.



Seeing as this is a CarnationClan sidegroup, all LeafClanners must uphold to all of CarnationClan’s out-of-role-play rules.


In Character

Twitch’s Warrior Code

Due to Twitch’s carefree outlook, his code comes down to basic principles he believes every cat with good morals should follow. He’s so carefree that he’ll let anyone join LeafClan just as long as they follow these basic principles.

This code is currently in use

  • Do not kill on purpose, you may only kill in self-defense situations.
  • Do not harm others on purpose. This includes: kidnapping, stealing, and attacking someone with malevolent intent. This also includes: abandoning an injured, sick, or any cat unable to take care of themselves effectively to survive in the forest.
  • Kits are unable to fight until age of apprenticeship.



•LeafClanners may add to this section•



LeafClan, then known as Silverwish’s Rebellion, was founded!

Icicle joins Leafclan! We open her with open paws.


Autumn joins the Clan!


Birch, Flame and Peppermint have joined the Clan!


Ember, Ravenwatch, and Twitch join the Clan!


Silverstar meets with Nightstar with 4 other cats.

Aurem joins the Clan!


A war broke out between the two sides. Sadly, we lost Peppermint in battle.


Twitch was elected to be deputy by Finchstar.

Finchstar was killed in the invasion attempt to catnap Lilacpaw. This means that Twitch is the leader.


We welcome Ant, Stone, Seashine, and Mothlight to the Clan!


We welcome Fallentree!

Flame has decided to stay, despite being kidnapped before.


Poppypaw and Holly have entered LeafClan’s camp with supposedly news of Nightstar being “insane.” They have decided to take refuge here.


Cirruspaw has left CarnationClan and joined LeafClan! Stratuspaw wasn’t too happy when he found out. He got into an argument with Cirruspaw on the border between LeafClan and CarnationClan. Cirruspaw also revealed to Stratuspaw that she was pregnant.

Cirruspaw changed her name to Cirrus.

Turtlekit tried to run away from LeafClan, but Twitch stopped him when he was letting Cirrus join the Clan.


Twitch and Fallentree were arguing with each other. Fallentree was being devious, threatening to hurt Cirruspaw and Turtlekit in front of Twitch, though, not aloud. In camp, Fallentree revealed to Twitch that he killed Mousekit, Twitch’s son. Twitch snapped at Fallentree and attacked him, beginning a fight with tooth and claw between the two.

Firerise came back to the camp with the new refugee, Snakeheart from CarnationClan, and helped Twitch fight Fallentree. Fallentree ran away, but Firerise, Flame, Spice, and Twitch ran after him. Unfortunately, Flame was killed by Fallentree. Furious, Twitch ordered Firerise to kill Fallentree—as Firerise had had the tom in his grip already. Firerise allowed Fallentree to jump off a tree to his death.


Flame being now dead, the Clan needed a new medicine cat. Flame came back as a spirit to help the Clan figure it out. Spice has volunteered, but Spice isn’t quite sure about it.


The news died.


The news has been revived!

Turtleleaf has joined LeafClan!


Apple and Limelight have joined LeafClan!






Joining Application

OC Name-

AJ Username-

Brief Description of OC Appearance (must include gender)-

OC Personality-

OC’s Age (in moons; required only for apprentices and kits)-

Desired Rank-

Theme Song-



New OC Application

OC Name-

AJ Username-

Brief Description of OC Appearance (must include gender)-

OC Personality-

OC’s Age (in moons; required only for apprentices and kits)-

Desired Rank-

Other OC(s)-

Reason for OC (required only for third OCs)-

Theme Song-



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