The wind grew all-the-more louder and wilder outside. All you could do was huddle up in a small hole under a dense willow shrub. It was quite convenient since most of the snow couldn’t get inside with all of the willow’s thick branches weaving a roof. So the snow piled up top.

But unfortunately, you knew that the snow would eventually find it’s way inside, as the roof had holes in it. The snow was already starting to crowd the entrance of your burrow. Quite rapidly, actually. You just hoped you didn’t freeze to death.

You didn’t think you would go out in blizzard, of all things. Maybe you should have listened to your friends—if you even had friends anymore—and not travelled during leaf-bare. It was kind of stupid of you. But even though you were miserable and doubting your survival by the moment, you were still optimistic anyway. You just had to keep yourself warm until the storm was over. You could do that, right?

Curling up even more to keep warmth, you also pushed your back up against the back of the burrow. You rested your tail over your nose. Then you looked up at the entrance and watched the snow pile up. Letting your eyes slowly close, you found yourself asleep.

Your eyes shot open to a bright, white wall. Your heart pounded as you realized how stuffy it’d gotten! Oh no. You had been buried!

You struggled to your paws, only being able to crouch lowly inside the burrow you made. The snow looked bright and thin, so maybe you hadn’t been that blocked in, yet. You started batting in the snow, surprised when your paw went straight through the surface of the snow. Huh.

You drew your paw back inside and noticed that the snow was indeed thin. You could see the branches of the willow clearly. Slightly cautious, you padded through the hole, pelt rippling along your spine as you felt the numbness of the snow. You could tell it was still snowing outside. But the air was unusually calm, and you wondered if at least the wind had stopped. You sat down and listened in for the wind’s roaring.

But when you expected to hear the wind you heard... a voice? Some murmuring came from outside of the willow!

Uh oh. Did I set foot on some cat’s territory? You thought, a bit worried now. You knew it was highly unlikely that these cats were friendly, too. But who knew, maybe they were friendly.

Poking your head from out of the willow, you spotted a small, gray tabby she-cat stood upon the snow-covered ground, with an orange tabby tom. They seemed to be talking about something. Did they know you were there?

You shrank back inside your small hole, hoping that they wouldn’t scent you and trace it back in here. You closed your eyes as you heard paw steps come even closer to your location. Way too close. You were almost certain now that they knew you were in there. You knew what you had to do now. So you shut your eyes and drew in a deep breath, then, on the exhale made a dash, hoping that you would be able to run out and away from the cats.


You felt yourself crash into a rigid object and flip onto your side. And before you could even react or even recognize what was going on, you felt a weight pin you down. You blinked your eyes open and noticed that that gray tabby she-cat had tackled you. She was baring her teeth and growling with hostility.

“Ah! Please don’t eat me!” you begged, falling limp under the she-cat’s almost weightless body.

The she-cat’s face flickered from slight satisfaction back to hostility. “You’re on CarnationClan territory!”

“Oh. I didn’t know!” you responded apologetically, not really realizing what she actually said.

The she-cat got to her paws. “Go then.” She flicked her tail.

You got up slowly, wary that you would be chased or hauled by the scruff. But then you wondered why you were even afraid of this she-cat as you got a better look at her. You were twice her size, for sure. Also, did she say this was “Clan territory?”



You coughed, your throat was dry. You couldn’t help but dread the mean glare you were being given by this cat either. Probably didn’t help at all.

“But. It’s kind of cold out, and I’m sure another snowstorm is going to come soon... Didn’t you say this was a Clan?” You tried to find an excuse to stay around.

“Well. Yeah,” the she-cat muttered.

“Can’t I stay? Please?” You gulped, feeling that the cat would yell at you, but you continued before she could respond, “You saw my pitiful hole!”

“Well, I’m sure you can!” This time, it was the orange tom who spoke up.

“What— No!” the she-cat protested.

“C’mon, Bluewind.”

You watched as Bluewind gave a heavy sigh. “Fine.” She glared at you with an exasperated huff this time. “Follow me.”

The two cats turned tail and headed off in the opposite direction that they faced, and you followed.

The cats led you into a very snowy clearing and a ravine, divided by a stream with only a tree-bridge to connect them. They jogged across the bridge, which then opened up into a snowy—but not as snowy as the other clearing—clearing. The next thing you knew, before you could even get a better look around, was that you were being led into a den.

A small, black she-cat stared at you in slight surprise. The orange tom whispered in her ear something you could not hear. You suspected that this was the leader of the Clan you were about to deal with.

How many runts are in this Clan? you wondered as you gazed at Bluewind and the black she-cat. You also noticed that the black she-cat's left eye was blind. Interesting...

“Hello,” the black cat suddenly spoke.

You blinked, before saying the same back.

“I’m Nightstar, and you are?” She eyed you warily.

Insert name here.”

Nightstar gave a short nod of acknowledgment. “Well, Insert name here. What are you doing here?”

You took a breath in, you knew she seemed uneasy about you. “Well, the storms... I was wondering if I could stay here for a bit. I almost died out there last night.”

Nightstar nodded, then took a long pause, before meowing with a slight sigh, “Alright.”

“So, is that a yes?” You were slightly confused.

“Yes. I won’t throw out guests. Not out in the middle of leaf-bare.”

“Th-Thank you!” you stammered slightly and dipped your head. “So. Just to clarify. You are the leader of this Clan, right?”

Nightstar nodded, then she tilted her head to the side, showing more wariness in her gaze. Then she shrugged. “Yes. Well— anyway. Welcome to CarnationClan then. You may ask Bluewind and Sunnywhisker for a tour—they’re the cats who led you here.”

“Alright! Thank you again!” you meowed as you got to your paws and left the den.

Basic Info

Neutral; heavily leaning to light
Role-play Style
Descriptive Traditional
Member Count
24 (41 OCs total)
Member Limit
Founding Date
Primary Religion
StarClan & The Dark Forest
Den Owner


>>RP Schedule<<

School Hours Weekends Summer Hours Timezone
11:30pm—4:30am 5:30pm—10:30am 8:30pm—1:30am GMT
6:30pm—11:30pm 12:30pm—5:30pm 3:30pm—8:30pm ET & AT
5:30pm—10:30pm 11:30am—4:30pm 2:30pm—7:30pm CT
4:30pm—9:30pm 10:30am—3:30pm 1:30pm—6:30pm MT
3:30pm—8:30pm 9:30am—2:30pm 12:30pm—5:30pm PT

>>RP Day Cycle<<

School Hours

Time of Day in RP GMT ET & AT CT MT PT
Dawn 11:30pm 6:30pm 5:30pm 4:30pm 2:30pm
Sunrise 12:30pm 7:30pm 6:30pm 5:30pm 4:30pm
Sunhigh 1am 8pm 7pm 6pm 5pm
Sunset 2am 9pm 8pm 7pm 6pm
Dusk 2:30am 9:30pm 8:30pm 7:30pm 6:30pm
Moonhigh 4am4:30am 11pm–11:30pm 10pm10:30pm 9pm9:30pm 8pm8:30pm

Weekend Hours

Time of Day in RP GMT ET & AT CT MT PT
Dawn 5:30pm 12:30pm 11:30am 10:30am 9:30am
Sunrise 6:30pm 1:30pm 12:30pm 11:30am 10:30am
Sunhigh 7pm 2pm 1pm 12pm 11am
Sunset 8pm 3pm 2pm 1pm 12pm
Dusk 9:30pm 4:30pm 3:30pm 2:30pm 1:30pm
Moonhigh 10pm10:30pm 5pm–5:30pm 4pm4:30pm 3pm3:30pm 2pm2:30pm

Summer Hours

Time of Day in RP GMT ET & AT CT MT PT
Dawn 8:30pm 3:30pm 2:30pm 1:30pm 12:30pm
Sunrise 9:30pm 4:30pm 3:30pm 2:30pm 1:30pm
Sunhigh 10pm 5pm 4pm 3pm 2pm
Sunset 11pm 6pm 5pm 4pm 3pm
Dusk 12:30am 7:30pm 6:30pm 5:30pm 4:30pm
Moonhigh 1am–1:30am 8pm8:30pm 7pm–7:30pm 6pm–6:30pm 5pm–5:30pm


Clan(s) Attending the Gathering Day of Gathering Times Location
Ohana Every Thursday 6pm PT; 7pm MT; 8pm CT; 9pm AT & ET; 4am GMT At xSnowfall’s den


[Leader (1x)]

Cat-Cat Guide-A ginger cat sitting in outdoors in the garden ready to explore

The leader watches over the Clan in its day-to-day activities. They receive their nine lives from StarClan, and they have main control over the Clan. Based on certain things, they can increase hunting or border patrols, or both. They know when to fight another Clan, they know when to do a ceremony, and well, they just make all the big decisions. They share dreams with StarClan when they feel the need to (or StarClan comes to them), and they can also receive prophecies. If disrespected in any way, a punishment usually follows.

NOTE: You cannot apply for this rank.

[Deputy (1x)]

The deputy becomes the leader when the previous leader dies or retires because they are second in command. They organize all the patrols, including choosing cats to attend a Gathering with another Clan, and choosing cats to go on border or hunting patrols. They organize for the dawn patrol, the sunhigh patrol, and the dusk patrol, or any other patrol needed. If disrespected, a punishment may follow.

NOTE: Deputies are elected, not applied for.

[Head Medicine Cat (1x)]


These medicine cats supervise that the other medicine cats are doing their jobs. They choose the other medicine cat’s apprentices. They make sure that the Clan has herbs that they need most. They teach the medicine cat apprentices about the medicine-cat code. This cat is the most senior medicine cat, and should know the most of all the medicine cats.

NOTE: Head medicine cats are elected, not applied for.

[Medicine Cats (2x)]

The medicine cats are the healers of the injured and sick; they use herbs and other things that they can find in nature for medicine. They share dreams with StarClan and receive prophecies and omens. Medicine cats learn basic fighting skills but don’t fight unless it’s self-defense. They follow the medicine-cat code. These cats are well-respected, as they are the only cats that really know how to heal others.

NOTE: We are not accepting this rank!

[Head Warriors (5x)]


Head warriors are the most loyal and trusted warriors. They represent the Clan alongside with the deputy and leader. Usually, these cats are the most senior warriors in the Clan—it is very unusual to see a young warrior made a head warrior. They still have the duties of a normal warrior. These cats are to be well-respected by younger cats.

NOTE: Head warriors may not be applied for, they are only earned.

[Medicine Cat Apprentices (2x)]


The medicine cat apprentice is exactly how it sounds: they are the apprentices of the medicine cats. They learn about herbs and other things found in nature. They also learn basic fighting skills but can’t fight unless it is self-defense.

They train from six moons of age (or over). And unlike warrior apprentices, medicine cat apprentices—when they earn their medicine cat name—still remain an apprentice until their mentor dies. These cats can also share dreams with StarClan, and receive prophecies and omens. Just like their mentors: they follow the medicine-cat code.

NOTE: We are not accepting this rank.

[Warriors (∞x)]


The warriors are the fighters and hunters of the Clan. They go out on border patrols and hunting patrols, and they protect their Clan with their lives; they follow the warrior code. These cats are to be respected by younger cats.

[Apprentices (∞x)]

ForWeb Cat in field

Apprentices are mentored by warriors as well as the deputy or leader. These cats train from the age of six moons (or over) to twelve moons (or until they pass their final assessment). They train in the arts of fighting and hunting, sometimes climbing and swimming, too. Apprentices can attend patrols and other things that warriors can go to. They also do chores, such as: checking the elders for ticks and collecting bedding. These cats are not to leave camp unaccompanied by another cat and must respect their elders or higher ranks.

[Kits (20x)]


Kits (or kittens) are the youth of the Clan. They stay in the nursery until they are at least one moon old, but even then they have to be supervised very carefully. They also can’t leave the camp until they are six moons old. Kits are never to be hurt or neglected by any cat. Kits must also respect their elders.

[Queens (10x)]


Queens are she-cats that are expecting kits or have already had kits. When their kits leave the nursery or die, they have a choice to become a warrior again or remain a queen. A queen will fight for their kits when their camp has been invaded, but are never to be put in a battle outside of camp. These cats are to be respected by younger cats.

NOTE: Queens may not be applied for unless you are expecting or already have a kit.

[Elders (∞)]

Cat-1335645 orig

Elders are the retired cats in the Clan. Either they have gotten too old or they have suffered a severe injury. They are usually the wisest cats in the Clan with many stories to tell. They tell stories to kits and apprentices usually, and they stay in the elders’ den, though, sometimes they’ll leave their den. It isn’t a must, but it is preferred if they do not leave camp unaccompanied.

NOTE: If you are to apply for elder or have your cat retire, you must meet the age requirement: 132 moons or they must have a disabling injury.


{Leader 1/1}


>>Please inform Nightstar of any suspects of double-grouping<<

OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mates/Kits Lives Left Theme Song
Nightstar PreyHuntress A small, black she-cat with a subtle gray underbelly, and yellow eyes with her left eye blind...more None Mate: Firerise (formerly) Kits: Bluewind, & Dayfall. 2/9 TBD
  • Nightstar (minus the blind left eye).

{Deputy 1/1}


OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mate/Kits Theme Song
Mistfur roxyrose522 A beautiful, slender Russian Blue she-cat with deep ocean blue eyes. None

Mate: Tanfeather

“Viva La Vida” by Coldplay
  • Mistfur

{Head Medicine Cats 1/1}


These may not be applied for.

OC Name Username Description Theme Song
Bluemist 122clo122 A really small, short and scrawny Snowshoe she-cat with dark blue eyes...more N/A
  • Bluemist

{Medicine Cats 2/2}


We are no longer accepting this rank!

OC Name Username Description Apprentice Theme Song
Rosefoot misstiger68 A very fluffy white she-cat with blue eyes, and a darker grey, almost crown-like, pattern. Cedarpaw “Your Song” by Rita Ora
Creamwhisker Shadowolf107 A light cream tabby she-cat with beautiful green eyes...more Leafpaw Russian-Caravan palace
  • Rosefoot
  • Creamwhisker

{Medicine Cat Apprentices 2/2}


We are no longer accepting this rank!

OC Name Username Description Mentor Moons of Age Theme Song
Leafpaw roxyrose52 A dusty-colored she-cat with a white underbelly, dark brown markings, and hazel eyes. Creamwhisker 12 “Spring Day” by BTS
Cedarpaw bunnycare30 A Balinese tom with deep, cyan eyes. Rosefoot 10 None

  • Leafpaw

{Head Warriors 4/5}


These may not be applied for.

OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mate/Kits Theme Song
Tundraflare blaze41130 Tundraflare is a huge, all white she-cat with light gray leopard spots. She has some darker markings on her face, paws, and tail. Her eyes are a pale-cyan. Tundraflare has many scars but the distinct one is the one across her backside...more Cookiepaw None “Hope of Morning” by Icon for Hire
Split PreyHuntress A small, black-and-orange tortoiseshell tom with an even half of his face completely black and the other half an orange tabby, and the black side of his face has a green eye and the orange side has a blue eye...more None None Faith No More
Cloudfall Ponygirlcon A large, fluffy albino tom with bright red eyes...more None Mate: Willowspirit (formerly)

Kits: Fawnkit, Ebonykit, Birchkit, & Applekit

“Masterpiece Theatre 3” by Mariana’s Trench

Sunnywhisker misstiger68 A large fluffy orange tom with lighter orange stripes with a white paw, white nose, and blue eyes...more None None “Mad Hatter” by Melanie Martinez
  • Tundraflare
  • Sunnywhisker
  • Cloudfall
  • Split

{Warriors 14/∞}


OC Name Username Description Apprentice Mate/Kits Theme Song


Firerise Peach77779 A flame-colored tom with blue eyes...more None

Mate: Nightstar (formerly)

Kit: Dayfall

Icicle Xxrainbowdash27xx Light gray cat with white underfur, darker gray spotted tabby markings, and green eyes...more Applepaw None None
Echoflight Xxrainbowdash27xx White tabby she-cat with gray underfur, and a blue right eye and a yellow left eye...more None Kit: Blazekit “Mz. Hyde” by Halestorm
Blossomheart Roleplayforever72305 A caramel brown tabby she-cat with a light brown underbelly, and blue eyes. Swanpaw None “Birds” by Thomas Sanders ft. Dodie Clark
Clover 122clo122 A white, curly-furred she-cat with a pale tanish-orange and pale brown underbelly, and grayish-green eyes...more Ashpaw Kit: Cypressleap TBA
Ploverwing elysiangardens A tiny brown and white she-cat with pale blind eyes. None None “This is Home” by Cavetown
Cypressleap ponygirlcon A tall, skinny tom with white fur, large brown splotches around his body, and yellow eyes...more Fawnpaw None Star Crossed Lovers - "Yandere Dev", Andy Yoon
Willowspirit roxyrose522 A fluffy gray and orange/cream-colored she-cat with a white underbelly and emerald green eyes. Harepaw Mate: Cloudfall

Kits: Applekit, Whitekit, Ebonykit, Birchkit, & Fawnkit

“Paradise” by Coldplay
Flightsong bluestarfirestar36 Brown-and-silver she-cat with emerald-green eyes, white paws, and white star on chest. None None “Anything You Can Do”
Specklednose Roleplayforever72305 A white she-cat with black splotches and light mint green eyes. None None “Would You Be So Kind?” by Dodie Clark
Dayfall misstiger68 A very fluffy white tom with bright amber eyes. None None N/A
Aspencreek Sillylillykitty Snow white tom with long, slender legs and black patches on his face, upper back, tail, and right leg. His eyes are a leaf-green color. None None N/A
Echoshine C4tastrophe A slim she-cat with messy gray fur, icy blue eyes, sharp claws, and a scar running across her left hind leg. None None “Spirits” by the Strumbellas

  • Willowspirit
  • Blossomheart
  • Specklednose
  • Ploverwing

{Apprentices 8/∞}


OC Name Username Description Mentor Moons of Age Crush Theme Song
Cookiepaw sparkswood12 Tan Savannah she-cat with deep blue eyes Tundraflare 13 N/A Rocky Theme Song
Fawnpaw Spottedflightchamp A light brown she-cat with amber eyes. Cypressleap 10 N/A N/A
Applepaw Shadowolf107 A large fluffy ablino she-kit with apple-red eyes...more Icicle 10 N/A “Hello/How Are You”
Ashpaw bluestarfirestar36 A gray tom with crystal-blue eyes, a white eye spot, a white leg, and a white ear. Clover 11 None N/A
Harepaw bluestarfirestar36 A dark brown she-kit with cream-colored legs, white paws, and icy blue eyes. Willowspirit 12 None “I’ll Be Complete” by Blixemi
Autumnpaw Imastegosourus22 A red-brown fall-colored tom with light blue eyes and a yellow spot on his tail. TBA 9 None None
Houndpaw Flooferss Dark grey she-cat with a white underbelly and one white paw. Dark blue eyes, (one’s blind) and a small bobbed-tail. TBA 10 Ashpaw “Teenage Dream” by Katy Perry
Pluie elysiangardens A runt she-cat with bright blue eyes and dark brown markings on her tail, ears and below her eyes covering her white pelt. TBA 7 None “La Vi En Rose” by Edith Piaf
  • Pluie

{Kits 6/20}


OC Name Username Description Moons of Age Crush Theme Song
Twigkit Spottedflightchamp A non-binary cat with light brown fur and darker spots on their pelt, and they have blue eyes. 7 None None
Cirruskit blaze41130 A runt, gray, and sleek furred she-kit, with dark gray tabby stripes down her back with a white underbelly, and dark blue eyes...more 4 None None
Stratuskit Peach77779 A seal point Applehead Siamese Cat tom...more 4 None None
Blazekit Xxrainbowdash27xx Pale orange tabby she-cat with white underfur and mint-green eyes. 2 None Fairy Tail Opening 21 “Believe in Myself”
Gingerkit bunnycare30 A ginger tabby she-cat with  emerald green eyes. 1 None TBD
Hazelkit Loaflygamer A small white sleek she-kit with splashes of orange all over her coat with crystal blue eyes. 3 None TBD
  • Stratuskit
  • Cirruskit
  • Hazelkit

{Elders 0/∞}


OC Name Username Description Mates/Kits Theme Song

{Queens 2/10}


Queens may not be applied for.

OC Name Username Description Mates/Kits Moons Expecting Kits Theme Song
Bluewind Ponygirlcon A tiny light gray tabby she-cat with a white underbelly, and light blue eyes...more

Kits: Stratuskit & Cirruskit

- “Love Like You” by Steven Universe (Rebecca Sugar)
Marigold bunnycare30 A slim, pale ginger tabby she-cat with white paws and hazel-green eyes.

Kit: Gingerkit

  • Bluewind


Visitors are cats that are visiting the Clan, they are either from another Clan or a cat that is just trying out the Clan. You are welcome to stay however long you feel, though, we would like to know how long you expect to stay! If you seem to stay too long we will let you know! Enjoy your stay!

OC Name Username Description Rank Clan Expectancy of Stay




NOTE: 'We have gatherings with Ohana every Thursday at 8pm

Group Leader Leader’s AJ Username Leader’s Wikia Username Server
MistClan (Mythicaltwilight) Palestar Mythicaltwilight LynniaVelitia Alps
SnowyClan Applestar Caroch430 Caroch430 Asaro
Ohana Pueo & Honu xSnowfall (Pueo) & Snowpaw1122 (Honu) Pueo & Honu N/A
NightClan Fallstar & Ghoststar Nightdragon2006 & Cows147






Group Leader Leader’s AJ Username

Leader’s Wikia Username


Current Role-play Plot

“A bad moon is on the horizon as the sun rises shorter. Evil is imminent when hate is entertained. When tricked, righteous morality is clouded and driven towards unforgiving resent. Deceit is as close as the dead light of the longest night, so listen as carefully as a raven does, and don’t be a snake. Kin is turned against one another, but what if one is not kin at all? Picking a side helps decide but turns the tides against each other. If a compromise is made, newleaf will bring mist in the beginning of the day but not night at the end of it.”

“A prophecy that didn’t come true...”

“Or so we thought?”

{Insert plot description here}

Subplot: LeafClan:

{Insert Subplot description here}



1. Double-grouping

NO double-grouping. You may only join a side-group, but with permission from your leader or deputy. It is excused when you are going to a Clan with your friend, and don’t intend on staying there. But if you stay there longer to where you are actually apart of the Clan, then you will be exiled.

2. Tag Color

Always keep your tags red during role-play. Please do so, since it tells us that you are actually apart of the Clan.

3. Activity

You MUST try to be on for every role-play, and when you can’t, you must try and notify us on the page, or if you have days that you will be unable to role-play on. If you go over a week without role-playing (without telling us of your absence), you may be exiled.

4. A Week in Real Life is a Moon in Role-play

A week in real life is a moon in role-play. You MAY NOT fast forward through time so that your character ages. We are in a Clan system, it just wouldn't make sense for–if you were a kit or apprentice–to be ranked up suddenly to apprentice or warrior, especially if you were, like, 2 moons old or 7 moons old before.

5. Respect

It breaks one of AJ's rules to disrespect one another outside of role-play. It is not acceptable to do it in role-play either, but since it doesn't hurt your actual feelings and only your character’s, it does not necessarily break this rule. And please be aware of others’ feelings, too! CarnationClan wants to have a good enviroment, and it wouldn’t be fun if everyone hated each other, or made each other sad all the time.

And those that feel hurt by something, please, speak up so that way we may resolve the problem. Or if you see someone talking behind another’s back, report to a high rank immediately!

4. Drama

Drama is what keeps a Clan going, but please, don’t do something without your Clan’s knowledge. You should tell us that you are going to do something before you do it. Also, please keep the drama within the role-play. If it starts effecting anyone personally, then the plot will be put to an end immediately until the issue is resolved.

7. OCs

A maximum of three OCs are allowed! But to get three OCs you MUST have a good reason, as in example: if you want to make a plot, if you want to be another cat’s kits, if you are going to kill off one of your OCs soon.

If you go over the maximum of three OCs, then you will have a deadline to kill the number of OCs you’ve got over the maximum of OCs off.

8. Power-play

Power-play is PROHIBITED here. This is considered power-play: using the terms nn (no nothing), nm (no miss), and nd (no dodge), doing something to another person’s character without that person’s consent, and doing something that is completely impossible.

9. Punctuation

Please write with the best grammar you can during role-play. We aren’t as strict about this rule, but it is important if you want people to understand what you are saying. Also, don’t text-talk during role-play, using u, ur, r, etc. just looks unprofessional, plus, it isn’t proper, you should not be shortening your words. But when you aren’t role-playing, it is okay.

10. Glossary

Follow this glossary.

Assorted Rules



You may not leave the nursery unaccompanied until three moons.

You may not leave camp until six moons.

You may not have a mate.

You must always respect your elders.

You may not fight or hunt for the Clan.

You may not attend Gatherings.


Follow the warrior code.

You may not leave camp unless accompanied by another cat.

You must hunt for the elders, queens, and kits before eating.

You must do these chores: check the elders for ticks, collect bedding, and replace old bedding with new bedding.

You may not eat before hunting or eat while hunting.

You may not have kits. You may only have a mate if you are about to become a warrior.

Medicine cats & medicine cat apprentices

You may not have kits, or a mate (this rule applies to both toms and she-cats).

You may not cross into other Clans’ territories unless you have a reason to.

You should always help those in need—it is your duty as a medicine cat to.

You should always keep the peace between your fellow medicine cats from other Clans, even if their Clan is rivals with yours.

You may not fight unless it is self-defense.

Your Clan comes first before anything else.

Warriors & Head Warriors

Follow the warrior code.

You may not eat while you are hunting.

Leader & Deputy

You must follow the warrior code.


Follow the warrior code.

You may not fight unless camp is under attack or unless—in desperate cases—is necessary.


You may never hunt or fight. (Unless under certain circumstances.)

Follow the warrior code.


Your punishment will always be unique depending on your situation.

Appropriate Attire


Screen Shot 2017-10-28 at 1.36.48 PM


There is an exception for the color pink. But that color is only for hairless cats. Any other color is prohibited unless they had Twolegs and the Twolegs dyed their fur permanently.



NOTE: Some of the accepted eye colors are for rare occurrences. Pink eyes are for the rare pink-eyed albino. The purple and red eyes are also only for albino use. The black eyes are for Black-eyed Russian Topazes only.

Eyes Shapes

If your character has no eyes, you may use a different eye that can blend in with the fur color of your character.


You may also have no pattern. You may not have any other pattern unless, i.e., your character has spots that look like hearts, so you may actually have the heart pattern.

Dress Code


Flowers, Fox Hats, Raccoon Hats, Skull Helmets, Flower Crowns, Spring Flower Crowns, or nothing


Pinecone Necklace, Leaf Necklace, Spikes, Scarves, or nothing


Swords, Worns, Elf Armor, Spartan Armor, or nothing


Elf Bracelets, Leaf Bracelets, or nothing


Elf Tail, or nothing



Bunnies~Kits/munchkin apprentices

Lynxes~Large kits/short apprentices/munchkin adult cats

Foxes~Apprentices/small adult cats

Cougars~Large apprentices/tall adult cats

Wolves~Tall, slender apprentices/average-sized adult cats

Cheetahs~Tall, slender adult cats

Snow Leopards~Large adult cats


Bunnies~Kits/small apprentices/munchkin apprentices

Wolves~Apprentices/Tall apprentices/Large apprentices/tall, slender apprentices/adult cats/slender, tall adult cats

Tigers~Large adult cats


The Twoleg Ruins (Zios)

Sacred Ruins ( Temple Of Zios)

The Twoleg Ruins

The Twoleg Ruins used to be a Twolegplace. Eventually, an illness killed all the Twolegs, leaving the Twolegplace behind. Seasons past, and the Twolegplace crumbled and became overgrown. Many things live here now, lizards as well as lots of herbs. A river runs nearby, filled with many fish. Beware, adders like to hide under the Twoleg rubbish.

Lush Woodlands (Sarepia)

The Sacred Forest (Saperia Forest)

Lush Woodlands is a very green forest filled with carnation flowers. A lot of herbs grow in this forest. Mice and many other animals thrive here. Beware, though, wild boars and other dangerous animals live in this area.

Shimmering Waters (Crystal Sands)

Shimmering Waters

Shimmering Waters is a beach with strikingly beautiful, blue water that sparkles when the sun hits the water’s surface. Water voles, reptiles, and fish are caught here. It is also a good place to sunbathe. The only dangers are snakes, and riptides that may form in the water.


More to come!




Founder’s Day


Founder’s Day is a day where all the cats of the Clan gather and have fun all day. We tell stories and play games. At night we look up at the stars and thank StarClan for guiding our first leader, Rosestar, here. The night normally ends with a prophecy from StarClan.


All Hallows Day


All Hallows Day is the day we celebrate the defeat of many Dark Forest cats. We tell stories of cats, like Tigerstar, Scourge, and many others. Beware, on this night the cats of the Dark Forest can walk in our world! This night normally has many Dark Forest encounters.


Spirit Night


This day is the shortest day and the longest night of all the seasons. Many StarClan and Dark Forest cats can walk the waking world during this night, kinda like All Hallows Day but more extreme. We tell stories, and cats usually boast, this is the one night where boasting about your achievements is truly acceptable. Cats often stay up late at night, too. But don't get scared, mad or sad! Bad vibes attract Dark Forest cats and scare away StarClan cats. This night is truly fun, and has many StarClan encounters. Evil is usually the most powerful during this night.


6 Days of Love


This quarter-moon event is an important and fun event that CarnationClan has every end of leaf-bare. It is a quarter moon dedicated to love and family!

Day 1~ Match-making event day: Cats list off their taste in cats. Those who are best-suited, get matched together! It could start some relationships, or some beautiful friendships!

Day 2~ Confession day: Cats confess to their crushes, or say their exact feelings to their loved ones!

Day 3~ Party day!: The big day! Couples, families and the ol’ single pringles will gather together and have a fun party! There will be sparring and romantic settings for cats to just chill and hang together.

Day 4~ Family reconnecting day: Families or friends get together to reconnect, and talk about their problems and new things going on in their life. It’s a very sweet event, that helps bring families back together.

Day 5~ Gift day: You plant gifts in someone you like/love’s nest. It can be your mate, your friend, or your crush! It can even be someone who you see around and want to be nice to! You catch some prey, or find something pretty or shiny that was lost, and you place it in their nest. It’s a calm day, all about the gift of love!

Day 6~ Ceremony day: The leader and/or deputy will host a ceremony/meeting to congratulate new and old couples, and put out positive vibes. It is a relatively calm day, where everyone has a chance to tell everyone about events that have happened, or advice they need. It is similar to a big therapy session, where everyone helps and loves and is there for each other!


Welcome to CarnationClan, where beautiful things truly happen.

–Nightstar welcoming you into the Clan in an introduction.

If it's meant to be, it will be.


We are our habits. To fix a bad habit, you have to replace it with another one, a better one.

–Nightstar to Heavyshadow

Some things you may hunt for, like prey and herbs, but others come when they're ready.

–Twistedoak 2017

If you must leave, leave as though fire burns under your paws.

-Spiderpaw 2017

Scars I have a few, some physical, some not. I dont mention them much, but they're there, I have them and remember every one, never forgotten, never leaving me.


Don't let your fears or your bad habits control you, you must master yourself to have true control over yourself.


Peace comes from the love and light we share as a family.

-Silverlight to Dustyleaf

No one’s born evil, Silverlight.

-Nightstar to Silverlight

Missing a piece of prey isn't a big matter. Practicing to prevent it again is.


We rise and we fall as one. We fell together, but today I promise you hurricane, we will rise again together, stronger than your rogues.

-Silverlight to Hurricane

Darkness sometimes conquers, but never truly wins.

-Orchid to Bluebell

Everyone has a monster inside. Some decide to show it, and give in to it. Just like you!

—Nightstar to Stormleg

Talk to me like a true warrior, because soon I'll be one.


Tears are like blood, you want to see neither


>>Joke Quotes<<

I'm too fat for this!

–Heavyshadow 2016

Yes, I am the voice of reason, come to me for all your help.


Help me guidance giver Night.

–Ivyheart 2016

I'm the giver of guidance not the giver of wishes!

–Nightstar to Shadestorm

I like potatoes!


I'm blind now, and I'm getting too old for this!


Sweet mother of Rosestar!


Your fatter than a Cinnabun.

-Silverlight to Bearheart. (I heard that!-Cinnamon)

Sweet mother of Nightstar!


I love my pregnant cat wife!


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  • Our first banner.
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  • Nightstar (AJ)
  • Nightstar
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  • Cloudfall, an ambitious warrior of Carnationclan
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