Our clan is active again!! Were fairly small and still working out kinks!



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Credit: Lunanight104



BitsyBoo11 (credit to Flakepool)
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Member Count

1.Cloverstar 2.IvoryFlame 3.Blossomsong 4.Mistystream 5.Honeyclaw 6.Foxclaw 7.Willowwhisper 8.Lightningpelt 9.Littlespirit 10.Hawkpaw 11.Featherpaw 12.Frostbreeze 13.Duskkit 14.Ivykit 16.Wishfeather

☼Warrior Code☼

1. Defend your clan with your life

2.Do not hunt or walk in another clan's territory

3.Prey is killed to only be eaten, don't kill prey for fun

4.A kit must be six moons or older to become an apprentice

5.During the gathering on the full moon their will never be fighting!

6.Boundaries must be marked and checked daily

7.No warrior can neglect a kit that is in pain or in danger, even if it is from another clan

8.The word of the clan leader is the warrior code

9.Do not kill another cat unless they are outside of the warrior code or if it is necessary for self defense.

10.A warrior rejects the kitty-pet life.

☼Clan Rules☼


1.Please no swearing, we want to make our page as kid-friendly as possible.

Harming a clan mate

2.Never harm a clan-mate! Were a tight-knit clan and if you can't respect one another than you probably shouldn't be in our clan.


3.Keep the drama to a medium and lower. To much drama is one, chaotic, and two, annoying. Were alright with some drama but to much drama is a no go.


4.Spam. Just don't go there and you'll be alright!


5.Battles are really unwanted. Please do not try to start a battle and if you do you can easily be exiled.


7.Powerplaying is one of the most annoying things ever. Powerplaying includes: nn, nm, kills in one active, and just being stronger than you should be. Please don't powerplay!


8.Please keep your oc limit down to 3. There are time where having more than 3 is accepted but not for long.

Editing 9.Editing the page. Don't do this unless you have permission too! The only people who are allowed to edit are cloverstar and___.


You relax as you enter a forest. The tall oak trees casted dancing shadows across the forest floor. Your pads were sore from running across the horrid thunder-paths. As you step onto the soft green grass it was as if you had stepped into a puddle of refreshing water. Your pads began to stop aching. You open your mouth to scent the air to the find the forest full of prey. There was an odd scent but you shrugged it off. You quickly follow the strong scent of a mouse, it was a couple tail lengths away. Once you finally came close enough you crouched, stopping your twitching tail. Out of nowhere a light gray cat pinned you. You let out a loud snarl and twisted and turned under their grip. "Let go of me!" You snap to your opponent. The gray cat let out a chuckle.

"You really think I'm a mouse-brain?" A she-cat voice responded. It was a kind of sassy like tone. You let out another growl and tried to leap back up and them but another cat approached. It was a cream furred she-cat. The cream furred she-cat glared steadily down at you and smirked. Her eyes had a small hint of empathy. "Willowwhisper what do you think we should do with this cat?" The gray she-cat unsheathed her claws slightly. The cream furred she-cat flicked her tail and spoke,

"First of all, Don't hurt them. Lets take them back to camp and see what Cloverstar wants to do with them." Willowwhisper, the cream she-cat, led the way to the camp. You were rather confused yet slightly relieved when the gray she-cat unpinned you. Sadly for you she still stuck to your side as you were guided to the camp. Who do they think they are? What is this camp? Whose Cloverstar? You questioned in your mind.

A few moments later you were talking with Cloverstar. The white she-cat with gray spots stood in front of you asking questions. "So, why are you in these parts of the woods? Do you have a clan?" You were lucky that she didn't ask anymore because you were already exhausted from the long walk.

"I ran away from my old home, and no I don't have a clan." Cloverstar seemed to smile but you weren't able to determine because she spoke again,

"Would you like to join Brightclan?" You nod and then were graciously accepted into the clan.



-Leaders help keep the clan under control. Its important that you listen to them because, of course, they control the clan. They know what is right and what is wrong-



  • Cloverstar
  • (Ignore the collar)

Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Cloverstar BitsyBoo11 She-cat Flakepool(Deceased) N/A
Ivorystar Doesn't want her user to be shown She-cat Russet N/A


-Deputies are the second in command. They help the leaders. When the second leader dies/becomes first leader the deputy takes its spot. To become a deputy you need to have trained at least one apprentice-



Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice

-Medicine cat-

-Medicine cats are the healers. They learn all the herbs that are used for healing and those for killing. They also are able to talk with starclan and they also get prophecies. They are also high ranked cats, and the leaders respect them. Medicine cats are allowed to have mates but they are not allowed to have kits.



Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Blossomsong Littleladybug2007 she-cat N/A Twilightpaw

-Medicine cat apprentice-

-Medicine cat apprentices are medicine cats in training. They usually are picked from the medics because they show an acceptional skill in herbs or they have some sort of disability.-



Name Username Gender Crush Mentor
Twilightpaw N/A she-cat N/A Blossomsong

-Elite Warrior-

-Elite warriors are those in the clan who have been in the clan for awhile and have respected all the rules. They are hand picked and are more likely to become deputy. They still have normal warrior duties but guarding is added to it.



Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice


-Warrior go out hunting and they fight for the clan. Warriors are one of the most important ranks in a clan because they help by feeding and protecting.-



  • Mistystream
  • Lightningpelt
  • Tigerwing
Name Username Gender Mate Apprentice
Mistystream Lunanight101 she-cat N/A Bramblepaw
Owlfire Littleladybug2007 tom Viperstrike Hawkpaw
Willowwhisper New jammer she-cat N/A Featherpaw
Lightningpelt Happythoughts1212 she-cat N/A N/A
Foxclaw Snowyspirit51 tom N/A N/A


-Apprentices are warriors in training. They are taught fighting, hunting, and of course a few other life lessons-




Artist: Bramble

Name Username Gender Crush Mentor
Bramblepaw New jammer she-cat N/A Mistystream
Littlepaw fieryspirit50 she-cat N/A N/A
Featherpaw Taffyhusky tom N/A Willowwhisper


-Caretakers are kind of like queens. They clean out old moss from dens, sometimes take ticks off of elders, they learn herbs and help medics, and they watch kits that don't have mothers. They don't usually go out to hunt unless needed too and they don't fight either-



  • Dapplewing
  • Frostbreeze
  • Whiteblossom (eyes are the same color)
  • hot momma
Name Username Gender Mate Kits
Frostbreeze Embercarrot she-cat N/A Taking care of Dustykit
Dapplewing (shes a queen right now) BitsyBoo11 she-cat Lion (dead) N/A


-Queens are very important to the clan because they are giving the clan more clan members. Queens are commonly warriors who become pregnant with kits after there kits become apprentices they go back to their normal jobs-



Name Username Gender Mate Kits
Viperstrike N/A she-cat Owlfire Ivykit and Cherrykit
Dapplewing BitsyBoo11 she-cat Lion (dead) Not born yet


-Kits are the new start to a clan. When they reach 6 moons they will become apprentices-



(Though there aren't 8 kits in here its because they haven't been born quite yet)

Name Username Gender Mother Father
Ivykit N/A(getting user) Tom Viperstrike Owlfire
Cherrykit N/A she-kit Viperstrike Owlfire
Dustykit elephantlove21 she-kit Takin care of by Caretakers Takin care of by caretakers


-Elders are those cats who have stepped down from their rank or they got to old. Elders doesn't always mean their old sometimes it means the semi-old cats who have gotten disabilities.

Open 1/4

Name Username Gender Mate Disability
Daisypetal Embercarrot she-cat N/A Old


-Sometimes a cat just wants to come see their old clan again or wants to see how a clan is like! These are the cats who are currently visiting us-


Name Username Gender How long for staying Clan
Northpaw Smiletobehappy Tom 1-2 weeks None

☼Taking a Break☼

Sometimes you're family goes on vacation! Its important to let your clan know when you're leaving so that we don't accidentally exile you. Only do a form if you're going to be gone longer than 4 days.

Name Username Gender How long you'll be gone Rank
ivorystar (and her characters) Asked not to be shown She-cat A week Leader/Warrior/apprentice/kit


Days Pacific Mountain Central Eastern
Monday 8:10-10:00a.m 9:10-11:00 10:10-12:00 10:10-12:00
Wesneday 2:45-3:30p.m 3:45-4:30 4:45-5:30 5:45-6:30
Friday 8:10-10:00 9:10-11:00 10:10-12:00 10:10-12:00

☼Dress Code☼

Fur colors

-X's mean don't use. Dark blues are accepted for Blue Russians. If you want red eyes you must be an albino-

  • fur colors allowed for top-coat and under-coat
  • Eye color allowed-Blue x's mean for albino
  • Pattern colors (might make acceptions)


-these are the only Patterns we accept-


-Avatars are the animals you can play as. These are the ones that we accept. Tigers are rarer to accept and are more for non-members-

  • Wolves are used for: Leaders, Deputies, Medics, Warriors, And elders
  • used for: Apprentices and smaller cats
  • Used for: Kits and if non-member apprentice
  • used for: Any rank, tigers used for non-members (if want too)


Head Neck Back Feet Tail
Fox hats leaf Neckalace Worns leg armor Diamond Encrusted Tail Armor
Flower crowns Spikes Diamond Encrusted Armor Spike wristbands Elf tail armor
Spring Flower Crowns Amulets Star cape Clover leg warmers Flower tail
Butterfly hair bow Fang Neckalace Sword Elf Bracelets Tail armor
Dragonfly Hair clip Mira's feather pendant Dual Samuri Swords Furry Cuffs Autumn tail leaves
Head Flower Ribbon Scarves Armor Holly wristband Feather tail

Clover Neckalace

Arrow and bows


Arm Cuffs Tail bows


Half Blind:
Half Deaf
Sectoral Heterochromia


We accept wolves as allies but we'd prefer felines!

Group Name Leaders Name and user Deputies Name and User Status Species
Eclipseclan(ilovefoxes1008) Piperstar/Ilovefoxes1008 Deersong/Transitioning Not very Active Felines





Active Felines


Server: Alps


Oak Forest (Sarepia Forest): The forest is the bigger side to Brightclan's territory. There is more prey and supplies. Prey: Mice, Bunnies, Birds, and voles.

The Swamp of Watermint (Temple of zios): The swamp of watermint is named after the fact that the land grows a lot (we mean A LOT) of watermint. Prey; Major: Volves and Fish normal: Birds and chipmunks.


Brightclan has moved camps many times before, but have stuck with the abandoned two-leg home. The two-leg home consists of 3 floors. The third floor is technically the roof but has a bit of coverage in one part. All of the dens should have a masterpiece saying what is which den.

-Slideshow put in here-

  • Clearing
  • Leader's den
  • Warrior's den
  • Nursery
  • Elder's den
  • Apprentice's den
  • Medic's den


Plots help make a clan fun! Plots can also bring a lot of drama along with them. This is where we keep the plots organized to help us out and make sure our clan runs smoothly. These plots include killing off a cat (if you want it to be serious). There is a max number of plots 2 major plots, 4 small plots, and 3 plots for killing off cats.

Major: 0/2

Small: 0/4

Killing cats: 0/3

Plot Name What is is Plot type Who it includes and effects When/how long
Bear A grizzly bear attacks and Dawn and Cherry will save the Clan Major Includes: Dawn and Cherry

Effects: The clan

Being Determined!


AJ Username:

OC Name:




Desired Rank:

Roleplay Example(at least three sentences):

Past Groups:

How many of the books have you read:


Picture of oc (optional):

Group name:

Leader's name/(AJ)user:

Deputy's name/(Aj)user



How can we benefit?:

How can you benefit?


Oc name:


Why you're leaving:

How could we improve?:

Oc name:

What you'd like to do on the page:

Coding example:

Oc name:







Prophecy name:

Major or minor?:


prophecy meaning:

When will this prophecy happen?:

Will anyone die in this prophecy?:

People involved?:

Oc name:


How long will you be gone?:

Reason?(if personal you dont need to expain):




  • Ivorystar's leader ceremony
  • Swan giving a life
  • Flakepool giving a life
  • Rose giving a life
  • Pebblepond giving a life
  • Life of persaverence
  • Rainpaw giving a life
  • Acornspots giving a life

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