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"Ride the breeze."


Clan: Snowclan
Rank: Apprentice
Theme Song: N/A Moons Old: 7
Mother: Cinderfeather; Rosefeather (adopted) Father: Unknown
Status: Active and Alive User: Taylordfairy


My mother, Cinderfeather, was in Snowclan and my father was unknown. Cinderfeather passed away soon after the birth. I have two brothers, Hailpaw and Duskpaw, the best brothers ever! Even though I never really got to know my mother, everyone tells me she was amazing!
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Name Breakdown

Name: Breezepaw

Past Names: Breezekit

Future Names: Breezepaw, Breezefeather, Breezestar (if becomes leader)

Prefix-Breeze- Long, fluffy fur that blows in the wind; Fast speed

Suffix-Paw-Rank, Age

Prefix Meaning- A small, slow, and steady blow of the wind

Suffix Meaning- Foot of an animal, such as a dog or cat.

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Main Pelt Color: Grey

Markings: Blue

Eyes: Blue

Scars: None

Pads: Dark Grey

Other: Long, fluffy fur
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Positive traits:


She is very good at making new friends and likes talking to new people.


She is very kind to her friends and cares for other kits.


She loves playing wit the other kits, especially Prairiepaw. She enjoys climbing and playing moss-ball.

Neutral Traits:


Around certain cats, Breezepaw becomes shy. She likes meeting new cats, but isn't always as friendly around them.


You could always find Breezepaw looking after cats, even those older than her. She really cares about others and puts others before herself most of the time.

Negative Traits

Goody Goody Two-Shoes

Breezepaw hates to break the rules. She would only break the rules if it were to save a cat in danger. She doesn't like to get in trouble either.


Even though Breezepaw is very nice, she can become annoying. She likes to talk, a lot!

Likes: Running, feeling the soft grass and snow under her paws, the smell of woodlands, having snowball fights with Prairiepaw, adventures

Dislikes: Mean cats, Watching her clanmates argue, The scent of mouse bile

Fears: Falling off of high objects, Being killed in battle

Crush: Prairiepaw

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Name-Trust Rate-Relation-Reason

Cinderfeather-101%-Birth Mother- Deceased-Even though I never met her, because she died during the birth of me and Dusk. Other cats tell me she was caring, loving, and very sweet.

Rosefeather-100%-Adoptive mother- I'm glad to have her as my mother because she's really kind and sweet.

Duskpaw-100%- Brother- He is really nice and helpful.

Hailpaw-100%- Brother- Alive- He is funny and playful, but can get a little out of hand at times.

Sharppaw-100%- Adoptive brother- He is very sweet. 

Patchpaw-95%-alive- Adoptive sister- She is really kind and playful. She can be a bit stubborn.

Sagepaw-95%- Adoptive sister- She is very nice.

Ravenfrost-95%- Friend- He is very stubborn but very sweet, and he thinks I'm annoying and childlike, but we are still friends!

Dogsplash-95%-Friend- He is funny, and playful, and sweet, with a touch of sarcasm. We are great friends.

Weaselkit-95%-Friend- deceased- He was very adventurous and daredevil-like, but overall very kind and sweet.

Prairiepaw-95%-Best Friend/Crush- He is very fun and sweet. I love hanging out with him, and we both really like each other!


Snowypelt 101%-Enemy- She threw me, Ravenkit, and Patchkit, in the river during Leaf-bare! Patchkit got hypothermia!

More to be added!

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