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OC by HowaTheWaffle                                 Mon. 5 Feb 2018


(art of Blackbee would be greatly appreciated!)




Rank Warrior
Apprentice N/A
Mate N/A
Created 5 Feb 2018
AJCW HowaTheWaffle
AJ snitzel30626
Status Active
Gender Female
Sexuality Bisexual
Age 20 Moons



POSITIVE:  Open-minded / Friendly / Loyal

NEUTRAL: Clumsy / Sarcastic / Socially awkward

NEGATIVE: Impulsive / Forgetful / Gullible

Blackbee is known to be quite awkward around others when first meeting them, although giver her some time and she'll probably feel more comfortable talking to someone she knows. She is usually pretty friendly but a little forgetful and gullible, which makes her a perfect target for most pranks or jokes.


Blackbee is a slim Burmese with faint lighter brown stripes running down her back, resembling a bumblebee. She has a chocolate brown top coat and a darker brown undercoat. Her ears are usually always perked up, alert and ready for almost anything. Blackbee's eyes are large and round, a striking amber colour mixed with a light grey around the outside. She is quite small and her legs are short and stubby.


    = Base

    = Markings

    = Underbelly/Paws


    = Sclera

    = Iris

    = Pupil

Credits to ArkhamHood


Format Adapted by Apricate

Bullet Guide

Bulletpink.gif //Slight Crush

Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif //Crush

Bulletpink.gifBulletpink.gifBulletpink.gif //Love


Bulletred.gif //Trust

Bulletred.gifBulletred.gif //Envy

Bulletred.gifBulletred.gifBulletred.gif //Regret

Bulletorange.gif //Like

Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif //Respect

Bulletorange.gifBulletorange.gifBulletorange.gif //Idolize


Bulletyellow.gif //Slight curiosity

Bulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gif //Major curiosity

Bulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gifBulletyellow.gif //Interested

Yellowgreenbullet.png //Shy

Yellowgreenbullet.pngYellowgreenbullet.png //Nervous

Yellowgreenbullet.pngYellowgreenbullet.pngYellowgreenbullet.png //Discomfort


Bulletgreen.gif //Acquaintance

Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif //Friend

Bulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gifBulletgreen.gif //Close friend

Turquoisebullet.png //Unease

Turquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.png //Disgust

Turquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.pngTurquoisebullet.png //Aversion


Bulletblue.gif //Wants to get to know

Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif //Misses

Bulletblue.gifBulletblue.gifBulletblue.gif //Can't bear without

Bulletpurple.gif //Relatives

Bulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif //Family

Bulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gifBulletpurple.gif //Joint at the hip


Bulletwhite.gif //Slightly suspicious

BulletwhiteBulletwhite.gif //Very suspicious

Bulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gifBulletwhite.gif //Distrusts

Bulletblack.gif //Annoyed by

Bulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif //Dislike

Bulletblack.gifBulletblack.gifBulletblack.gif //Hate


Dead-0.png //Dead

Question-0.png //Missing/Status Unknown

Rose.gif //Family

Heart-1.gif //Mate

Roseblack.gif //Fling/Ex-Mate

Format: Character | Username | Bullet Points & Opinions


Status: Single

Cats attracted to Blackbee: None

Cats formerly attracted to Blackbee: None

Cats Blackbee is attracted to: None

Cats Blackbee formerly was attracted to: None

Crush: None

Blackbee in a relationship: Blackbee is very easy to convince and is definitely not the dominant one in the relationship. She easily falls into bad relationships because she is so submissive. Despite this, Blackbee would just love a simple relationship with somebody she can laugh, go on adventures with and just have a fun time.

Physical Turn-ons Blackbee isn't too fussy about appearance and focuses more on personality, although she is drawn to lighter colours, such as light brown, tan, ginger, white and grey. Lighter colours immediately make her feel more secure and safe, while darker colours tend to intimidate her.

Physical Turn-offsBlackbee doesn't mind cats taller than her, although considering her size, she can quickly feel intimidated by cats almost twice her height and will often feel very awkward and uncomfortable around them.

Mental Turn-ons: A cat who is caring, energetic and humorous is basically perfect for Blackbee, she loves to laugh and doesn't take life to seriously, somebody who enjoys exploring and having fun with her throughout her life would make her the happiest cat alive.

Mental Turn-offs: A cat who shows-off and is egotistical is an immediate turn-off for Blackbee, she most likely won't even talk to cats with these traits. Being confident is perfectly fine, but as soon as somebody tries to "sweet-talk" her, she will most likely lose all interest.