"The world is burning and I'm the one who set it off."


Current Name: Bittercloud

Status: Active & Alive

Sex: Female

Age: 58 Moons

Residence: SageClan

Rank: Warrior


Prefix: Bitter- Inherited from resistant and agitated nature of her behavior as a young kit

Suffix: Cloud- Traditional warrior suffix

Previous Name(s): Bitterkit, Bitterpaw

Future Name(s): :)

Nickname(s): Bitter

Gender Identity: Cisgender Female

Gender Pronouns: Her/She

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Date of Birth: November 16th

Zodiac Sign: Scorpio

Theme Song: Of Monsters and Men - Thousand Eyes


Allegiance: Warrior of SageClan

Succeeding: N/A

Former Rank(s): Kit, Apprentice

Future Rank(s): :)

Mentor(s): Someone idk

Previous Apprentice(s): None

Current Apprentice(s): Tatteredpaw


Appearance Summary: Bittercloud is a muscular, long-furred, light ginger she-cat with dark amber eyes.

Breed: Norwegian Forest Cat

Height: 9.2 Inches (At the shoulder)

Length: 2.3 Feet (Nose to Tail-tip)

Weight: 9.8 Pounds

Physical Build: Bittercloud is a medium-sized and slim she-cat. Her height is fairly average when compared to other she-cats. She is quite sleek-furred and healthy looking due to the steady supply of prey in SageClan's territory. Bittercloud is more muscular than many she-cats, but her muscle is average when compared to toms.

Facial Features: Bittercloud has a light ginger and white muzzle, nose, and slightly rounded ears. White markings dapple her face and dark amber eyes.

Coat: Bittercloud tries her best to keep her soft, high-maintenance long fur tamed, but it isn't her top priority; her fur sometimes grows unruly and tangled as a result of this. Bittercloud's large coat makes her look larger than she really is.

Scars: Bittercloud has a few minor, virtually invisible scars on her ears and muzzle from fooling around as a kit and visiting the rogues.

Voice: Cersei Lannister - Game of Thrones

Scent: Bittercloud's scent contains traces of the Stone Stream, mud and dampness, the Marshlands, the Woodlands, and her friend, Owl.


Positive Traits

Hardworking - Thoughtful - Intelligent - Observant

Summary: Bittercloud is quite hardworking and volunteers frequently for patrols and other duties. She is very thoughtful and observant of her surroundings; coupled with her intelligence, she is overall a respectable cat on the outside.


Neutral Traits


Summary: Bittercloud rarely excessively expresses her feelings around most cats, and it can be difficult to understand or befriend her as a result.


Negative Traits

Ruthless - Manipulative - Unforgiving

Summary: Bittercloud's true personality is not the one she presents on the outside. She has no empathy for cats she dislikes and is easily willing to break the warrior code multiple times in order to achieve her goals. Bittercloud has learned how to trick and manipulate cats into liking her and doing her dirty work. She is not one to forgive or empathize with those she has power over.


Current Physical Health: Besides the constant few minor scratches from hawk hunting and other activities, Bittercloud is currently in perfect physical health.

Physical Disorders/Disabilities: None

Strongest Skills: Being muscular, Bittercloud is very strong when it comes to hunting and fighting. She is fairly agile, making it easy to avoid attacks and catch prey quickly.

Weaknesses: Bittercloud has a heavy coat and happens to be a clumsy swimmer, so she doesn't do well in water. She also isn't the best at stealth, relying on brute force to take down her target.

Points of Weakness: Eyes, Throat, Nose

Previous Conditions: Assorted wounds from various causes

Current Conditions: None


Defense: 7/10

Reflexes: 7/10

Accuracy: 8/10

Agility: 9/10

Stamina: 7/10

Speed: 7/10

Stealth: 4/10

Hunting: 8/10

Swimming: 3/10

Scenting: 6/10

Hearing: 6/10

Sight: 7/10


Current Mental Health: Bittercloud is a malignant narcissist and constantly mentally unstable.

Mental Disorders and/or Disabilities: Malignant Narcissism


-Atelophobia (Fear of imperfection)

-Athazagoraphobia (Fear of being forgotten)

-Atychiphobia (Fear of failure)


-Achieve absolute power

-Be feared by all of SageClan

-Destroy opposers


Leadership: 9/10

Ambition: 10/10

Intelligence: 9/10

Wisdom: 6/10

Sociability: 5/10

Mental Strength: 5/10

Emotional Strength: 8/10

Sensitivity: 1/10


Father(s): Ragingstorm

Uncles on Fathers Side: Breezesong

Aunts on Fathers Side: Warstar

Mother(s): Shadinghope

Uncles on Mothers Side: None

Aunts on Mothers Side: Scorchedthorn

Brother(s): Cincostrike

Sister(s): None



Son(s): Weaselpaw, Tatteredpaw

Daughter(s): None


[Relation - Name - Status - Trust %]

Father - Ragingstorm - Deceased - 30%

"He abandoned me, but I forgave him. He had no choice. After all, he did come back for me. I visited him frequently, to report various happenings in SageClan, and in return he'd train me. He made fun of my clumsy swimming when I was forced to cross the Stone Stream to get to Twolegplace, but I didn't care. He's the main cause of why I am what I am today, and for that I am grateful. However, he made a foolish mistake and got himself killed. I idolized my father, but in the end he was a disappointment." 


Mother - Shadinghope - Deceased - 5%

"She's weak. Took her own life."


Brother - Cincostrike - Deceased - 78%

"He let me down like everyone else."


Uncle - Breezesong - Alive - 50%

"He brought me to SageClan. He's kind, but not as weak as Ragingstorm."


Aunt - Warstar - Alive - 20%

"Weak, weak, weak. Spends all her time having fun with her irritating mate and deputy, Rebellingwing, in the Highrock. She invests so much time in him, I'm sure she'd be a walking suicide waiting to happen if he died. Ragingstorm got one thing right- Warstar is a fool."


Aunt - Scorchedthorn - Deceased - 20%

"Never really knew much about her when she was alive."


Son - Tatteredpaw - Alive - 90%

"My perfect, beautiful, moldable son. He is still young and as such not as strong as he can be just yet, but I have faith in him. I see him taking interest in Mintpaw as well.. I would discourage a true relationship, as it is the quickest route to becoming weak, but I feel that if their relationship were to blossom into romance, Tatteredpaw will have learned how to be strong by then. He will be in control, and Mintpaw will do all he says, I am confident. I look forward to more heirs."


Son - Weaselpaw - Alive - 85%

"Weaselpaw is promising enough, but he has failed to perform as well as Tatteredpaw."


Relationship Status: Taken

Current Mate: Owl

Previous Mate(s): None

Current Fling(s): None

Previous Fling(s): None

Currently Attracted To: Owl

Formerly Attracted To: None

Cats Currently Attracted to Bittercloud: Owl

Cats Formerly Attracted to Bittercloud:

Shippings: Bittercloud x Owl

Experienced?: No

Fertility: 100%

Physical Candy-Eye: Bittercloud favors long-furred cats with beautiful, dappled pelts and bright-colored eyes.

Personality Candy-Eye: Bittercloud prefers cats who are strong, both emotionally and mentally, and are not "weak" according to her standards. She also sometimes looks for mellow and timid cats, whom she could possibly exert power over.

Physical Turn Offs: Bittercloud hates visibly unhealthy and ragged-looking cats.

Personality Turn Offs: Bittercloud dislikes cats with deep emotional and mental weaknesses of any sort.


-Gain Owl as a mate



[Relation - Name - Status - Trust %]

Mate- Owl - Alive - 100%

”My mate... my Owl. My one and only. He is the most beautiful thing I have ever laid my eyes on. I love him more than anything in the world. He is mine. He is the father of the kits I carry. The thought of him, when I see him in my dreams, excites me. I can barely wait to watch our children grow up.”





-Owl's Scent

-The Marshlands


-Snow and Cold




-Twoleg Scent



-Sun and Heat


"I'm sure you've heard his name before. My father is Ragingstorm." -Bittercloud confessing her father's identity to Owl

"I'm not like him- not really." -Bittercloud denying her similarities with Ragingstorm to Owl

"I AM a clan cat. And before you ask, it's none of your business what I'm doing over here. Actually, since I don't want Warstar thinking I'm off breaking the warrior code to, um, see a random rogue or something, I'll tell you. My mother buried something over here a long time ago, and I wanted to retrieve it. Happy?" -Bittercloud defending herself for crossing over the border to Twolegplace during her first encounter with Owl

"Ugh." -Bittercloud, generally